What are some of the reasons people should follow you on Quora? What types of people do you follow, and what types of people should follow you?

This should be interesting to write.

If you are interested in technology, want to learn more about it, and/or have questions about it, I feel that I can help. Although I can be useful in other areas of technology as well, a lot of my tech knowledge is with Apple. I am a registered Apple Developers in both the iOS and OS X departments; I've used Mac OS Classic since OS 9 and iPhone OS since 1.1.1, so I know not only a lot of inner-workings of the platforms but also the history of them. I follow Apple Press Releases and watch all the Keynotes either live or as soon as they are available online to watch.

If you are interested in photography, I may be only freelance but I know some things that I can help with. I am also fairly well experienced with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Aperture. I also follow news for the company my DSLR is from, Canon, so I can help in some areas there.

If you are interested in religion — specifically Christianity — I am no expert but I've been a Christian my whole life and can do my best to help in areas involving Christianity and matters related to it.

If you are interested in relationships, both romantic and non-romantic relationships, I am definitely no expert but can share experiences. I have been with my girlfriend for three years as of November 2012, and even though she's the first serious girlfriend I've ever had I see myself marrying her someday without a doubt. If I can help without sharing personal details I don't wish to share, I will be glad to do so.

Lastly, if there is something I don't know about or not quite enough to answer about, I will do my best to gather information to help answer a question I am asked to answer. If I feel confident to answer it, I will do so to the best of my ability and I am open to conversation in the comments. I love to help people, so I feel at home with Quora. I'm nobody spectacular, but I strive to improve myself wherever possible.

I hope this has interested you and you will give me a follow!

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  1. As of writing this answer, I am 24 years old.

    I’m not particularly good at anything, and that didn’t bother me at all in one point. I had been walking the path where many city folks are expected to these days:

    1. Get a degree (a “useful” one)
    2. Get a job (hobbies stay hobbies)
    3. Save up (buy a house)
    4. Retire

    One day in the cubicle I was working at I asked myself this question, “Is this really all there is?

    It isn’t.

    I’m at a stage where I’m trying to find things out. Eventually I envisioned a person I’d like to be like.

    I want to become someone I can look up to.

    As such, I am right now on a path of change.

    And I wish to inspire that in you too, as others have inspired me.

    I want to remind YOU to:

    • Remember hobbies aren’t just hobbies
      They say the level of respect you get comes from what your career is.
      And yet, all my “career” lead me to is an existential crisis.
      I’m more inclined to let my drawings show who I am.

      Your hobbies define you, choose them well.

    I drew this. Even I couldn’t believe it sometimes.

    • Look back when you can’t look forward
      It’s easy to lose sight of what you have done when it’s always eyes-on-the-prize. Just because nobody seemed to bat an eye doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing, in fact that’s what keeps you in a direction to begin with.

      I ran a half-marathon on a whim.
      After a while, nobody cared.
      But hey, I ran a freaking half-marathon.

      Cars have rear-view mirrors for a reason.

    Even if sometimes it’s a reminder to floor it Grant dammit.

    • Walk the path, because I’m walking it with you
      You have to be constantly moving.
      It doesn’t matter which direction you are moving towards, so as long as you are constantly moving

      This is a phrase a friend once told me. I never forgot it.
      I’m not someone doing much better than you are, I’m a person trying to figure out the same shit as you.

      What I do is an alternate reality to you, a perspective of someone probably from another continent.

      You have just as much to tell me as I to you.

    Ever noticed how Homer’s panel is shaped like a half-eaten donut?

    • Listen to my neat stories
      I’ve dated a girl who changed my life.
      I’ve met the most interesting person ever by almost missing a flight.
      I also got crucified for having video games dominate most of my life.

      Storytelling is one of the things I do without thinking much about, and for that I’ve launched a personal journey of change by going to work in Spain.

      You may follow my whacky shenanigans on Keepsake Knapsack, but even if storytelling is not your thing…

    You’d still like to see what I write on Quora.


  2. You should follow any person on Quora whose content interests you.  Mostly that means that they write good answers, but it can also mean that they upvote good content, which will also show up in your feed.

    I write a lot of answers, and some are better than others.  The topics I write in the most are Speech and Language Pathology , Speech and Language Development in Children , English Grammar , Cats (domestic) , Dogs (pets) , Accents , Parenting , and McDonald's (fast food chain) .  I also contribute to some blogs, including Why, Women? , Why, Men? and SCIENCE!!!!!

    Some of my most popular answers have been

    Quora User's answer to My sister always introduces me as her "little" brother to her friends. I’m 20 and she is 22. I'm a little bothered by it. I feel like she is trying make herself seem superior to me. Maybe it's just habit? Why does she do this?

    Quora User's answer to What's the worst (or even funny or awkward) thing a boss has ever asked you to do for your job?

    Quora User's answer to What is one interesting thing about you that most people who know you do not know?

    So if you're interested in those topics or those answers, then you might want to follow me. 

  3. What will you gain by following me?

    Considering I have to showcase myself here, here goes:

    – I am passionate about sports, in particular football. So if you are a football fan, do follow me as I will answer all queries related to the beautiful game.

    -I also am a computer science student who is learning various aspects of the subject, like Machine Learning, website making and various data structures. As I learn more and gain experience in this subject, I will answer more and more questions in the field.

    – I am also passionate about finding the little facts that we don't know or find easy to forget. I will be writing more answers on such amazing facts.

    – And finally I may write some answers about some issues I will feel strongly about. It does not imply any political alignment as I have a strict neutral policy of not committing to any ideology but I just appreciate the positive aspects of each ideology.

    Who do I follow?

    I follow those who:

    -Tell good stories

    – Do write ups on things that we should know

    – Write about my passions.

    Who should follow me? Anyone who relates with what I have mentioned above. 🙂

  4. I sincerely discourage people from following me!

    There are only two reasons to follow someone on Quora:

    1. Writes Good Content: I do not write anything intelligent over here. Everything that I type it out did not take me more than a few minutes of my time and it’s basically humor, sarcasm, stupid advice. Nothing you don’t already know.
    2. Upvotes Good Content: I rarely upvote highly upvoted answers. Most of the time, I am one of the first upvoters of that answer. So you will most likely also have a crappy feed if you follow me.

    What type of people I follow:

    Again I suck at following people. Even after being on Quora for about three years, I follow very less people. Blame it on my feed, I don’t see variety much. There is also a conflict of opinion between me and what many people write. I somehow dislike a lot of people.

    I think I follow a lot of cute girls though. [See I am also very sexist!]

    I pretty much suck at Quor -ing!!!!

  5. I will use reverse psychology for this answer.

    Do not follow me, if you don't want to have an insight of real life in Mexico its culture, food, music

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What are the foods usually eaten for breakfast in your country?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What are some of the most mind-blowing facts?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What is a unique job that you've only seen in your country?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What are some types of traditional Mexican music?

    Do not follow me, if you don't want to know which rumor about Tijuana is true and which one is not. Or if you want to know where is the best spot to have a drink or grab something to eat. Or simply what is it like living a border city such as Tijuana.

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What is your hometown or city famous for?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What would happen if the USA opened its borders to all Mexicans?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What does your country's border look like?

    Do not follow me if you don't want to see the word TACO in almost every answer of mine. Yes, I love tacos. This is true also for other delicious

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What food best represents your country?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What is a good fish taco recipe?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What's the difference between quesadillas, tacos, fajitas and burritos?

    Do not follow me if you don't want to get a few recommendations on the latest (or classic) ThrashMetal, Power Metal and Heavy Metal albums and bands.

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to Does heavy metal music influence people in a bad way?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What are some modern day heavy metal bands that I should listen to? Fan of the big 4 and classic thrash metal.

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What lyrics of thrash metal bands are. the best?

    Do not follow me if you don't want to know about food science, biochemistry or geeky stuff.

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What is the primary reason Pringles are so much more expensive than other popular potato chip brands?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to What are the top things you should never google?

    Cristian Montes de Oca's answer to Does energy drinks contain bull semen?

  6. A2A

    Thanks for asking this question to me, which gave me an opportunity to assess and realize few things about myself.

    Following points are the reasons to follow me:

    Interest in Physics:
    I realized that I am a person who is mostly interested in Physics specially Astrophysics, QM and Relativity. My most of the answers are related to these topics.

    Indirect Quality Content:
    Indirect content is that content which will be shown in your feed based based on my upvotes, and I really upvote very wisely. But my feed is mostly a mix of physics, Python (programming language), and other interesting stuff. As I said I vote wisely, so an answer on most embarrassing moments of your life, or best 3 worded story or what x thinks about y and such atrocities won't end up in your feed.

    Own Content:
    If you like an answer which is not a copy paste from wikipedia, some other websites or articles then you are at right place. My answers are 100% plagiarism free, as I prefer:

    • Concepts explained in simple own words which a 10 year old kid can also understand.
    • Answers written in bullet points, important words highlighted and supported with images where ever required (mentioning image credits/source) because

    Image Source: Office for English Language Serives

    • Answers with real life examples if necessary.

    Driven By Curiosity:
    I have these three words as my general bio on Quora because I believe in being curious. Curious to know whatever I find interesting. So, frequently I also read/upvote/write on topics which are interesting, less known to people and mysterious in nature.

    Researched Content:
    I do not simply write an answer just for writing. I research about the topic, then gather the required knowledge if I don't know about certain things, collect images if required, create examples, formulate/decide a way to write the answer and then post the answer.

    Not Hungry For Upvotes:
    Neither I write to get any upvotes, not I am hungry for it. I write to express my views, my opinions, share my knowledge and make the question answered or make certain things simpler for OP. I do not write if the question is already having good answers, and if I don't have anything significant to add to it.

    Thus, if I get just one upvote from OP then I get the feeling that purpose of my answer is fulfilled and I feel satisfied. I have answers which have zero upvotes and answers which have 1000s of upvotes, but none of them with a post upvotes ceremony to thank all the upvoters by adding an edit section.

    You might be wondering that I have mentioned here mostly about my writing style, and not about myself. But, if you think about it again then you will realize that all these points gives the hint about what I am as a person. So, the ball is in your court to decide about my personality, because we might never meet face to face but we may know and understand each other based on what we follow and what we write.

    I may not be famous or might not have knowledge as compared to other famous Quorans like Balaji Viswanathan or Robert Frost or Richard Muller or Brian Bi or Jimmy Wales, but what I do have is my own thinking, my own perspective and my own wisdom which makes me different, while learning from great people mentioned above.

    That is the power of Quora. Learn from others, grow yourself, then make others to learn from YOU.

  7. Here’s why you should follow me:

    1. I have been an enthusiast in international politics and affairs for nearly 3 years and have been reading texts from around the world regarding the same. So high probability that I shall help you out with them.
    2. If you are at Quora for Indian politics, then I’m one of the best who could help you out (>implying I’m an Indian)
    3. I’m also good at explaining different beliefs and ideologies. Personally, I am Centre but I shall answer anyquestions relating to Far left or right political ideologies
    4. I’m an avid MUNner, thats what majority of them call themselves. So kinda help you out with any of doubts you have
    5. I have lived nearly 3 years in a society that has been patriarchal and oppressive in nature. I have seen how “backwards” have been treated (Alas! I’m not one of them but still). So I shall help you out with any societal questions relating to inequality and gender gap
    6. I’m firm at my beliefs, and not easy to get along with. So I think following a person whose beliefs don’t change with time is actually benefitial
    7. Good that I have been following cricket and football for years. Cricket, be the best. I am also an enthusiast in tennis, hockey and squash. So I shall address any of your questions regarding the same
    8. I am a class 11th student and have been preparing for IIT-JEE (incidentally, majority of Indian engineering students get along this way). So I shall handle any of your doubts relating to its preparations and any questions (if I’m able to solve them)
    9. Last but not the least, I’m a person who loves sarcasm. That’s why I have been following many of such pages on different social media websites.

      If you need any help with respect to Science, Fiction, International affairs, Foreign policy, political ideologies etc, feel free to contact me 🙂

  8. To get a relatively unique perspective

    Random Person – “What do you mean unique perspective? There are tons of teenagers on Quora”

    Me – “I'm glad you asked Random Person, well how many Irish teenagers do you know on Quora? I only know one other Irish teenager, Quora User.”

    If you want the perspective of an Irish teenager as opposed to that of an American (or any other nationality, but Americans ate the majority here) teenager the you can follow me.

    Random Person – “Well what type of people do you follow?”

    Me – “I follow a lot of teenagers and people who have something to do with science. Here are some people I follow

    • Emily Goldblatt – I follow her because one day she commented on one of my less optimistic answers and she cheeref me up. She's also from Germany which means that she has a different insight into life than a lot of people in Quora.
    • Quora User – She was the first person I ever followed, her answers kept popping up in my feed AMD annoying me the I decided to just get it over with and follow her.
    • Robert Frost – He's a flight controller at NASA and I'm interested in space, need I say more?
    • Richard Muller – I'm really interested in science as well, especially Physics.
    • Jake Williams – His answers kept popping up in my feed and they were really interesting.
    • Quora User – Her answers kept popping up as 'X upvoted this’ and I really liked them so I decided to just follow her and ‘cut out the middle man' as it were.

    This isn't everyone who I follow on Quora, just an example.”

    Random Person – “Well, who should follow you on Quora?”

    Me – “OK Random Person, you're really starting to annoy me now, this of the last question. I'm pretty sure I've already answered this. Well, I'll answer it again, people who should follow me are people who want to get an Irish teenager's perspective on matters.”



    If somebody wants following things for their answers then he /she should follow me. Few of these you may be able to view in this answer too.

    • QUALITY CONTENT– Writing is my passion and I do it with my full self means my heart, mind & soul work together for the same which delivers my best which is best of all a large chunk of times.
    • DEEP RESEARCH -I don't write just for the sake of writing. I do a good research which when clubbed with my experience make the answer great.
    • LOGICS & DATA -I use Logics and data wherever applicable which makes the answer more realistic & acceptable.
    • SIMPLICITY-I use simple language and relevant photos for easy understanding.
    • PROPER FORMATS -I use formats that make my answer easily readable & understandable. Like I use numbering , highlighting ,caps, bold ,italic etc for headings, subheading & Important points.
    • EMOTIONAL ASPECT-I read question and try to understand the same from perspective of the asker .Then I put myself on the place of that person and and try to answer accordingly. This helps in framing of answer quite near to the questioners expectations.



    If somebody wants above level of answers related to following fields/topics then he/she must follow me.

    1. I gave a TED Talk about How To Improve Situations Of Farmers? So, if you want tips about speech, follow me.
    2. Though I am Farmer, I am extremely rich. My Net Worth Is INR 4 Crores. So, if you want tips on being rich, follow me.
    3. Currently, I am a Sarpanch (village head) of my village. So, if you want tips on leadership, follow me.
    4. I stood second in my school in SSC with 85% marks. So, if you want tips on exam preparations, follow me.
    5. I live in a Village. So, if you want to know about village life, follow me.
    6. I am a Farmer. So, if you want to know about farming, follow me.
    7. I have many failed relationships in my account. So, if you want advices about relationships, follow me.
    8. I am A Poet. So, if you want to read my poems in future, follow me.
    9. I am from Porbandar, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. So, if you are curious to know about that place, follow me.
    10. I have a Working Brain. So, if you want some original content and clear stand on anything, follow me.

    Are these reasons enough to follow me?

    They Should Not Be.

    My Profile Clearly Says,

    ‘Don't Follow Me Based On Just One Answer’.

    No one should follow anyone based on their profile, achievements or just one answer.


    As I faked about myself in Point 1 and 3, anyone could fake it the same way.

    The only reason to follow me should be Just My AnswerS.

  10. This question is like a wake-up call for me. There are no good reasons as to why one should follow me. I’ll try anyway.

    • You a Friends (TV series) fanatic? I have a hardcore quiz for ya! Drop a message and you’ll be entertained for sure.
    • Like movies? I have spent half of my life watching movies. If you need some unique and wicked suggestion, HI!
    • Haven’t seen a single solitary episode of Game of Thrones?(And possibly never will?) You’ve got yourself a match. We can not talk about it all the livelong day.
    • Like poetry? Well, me too. ( Now, I ain’t no jargonist. I just like it)
    • If you like reading about introverts.
    • By any chance, have you been admiring Vegeta and not Goku? You’ll be in a nice company, I tell ya.

    If you like this answer, here’s the link of my other answers.

    Hate this, don’t ya? Same here.

  11. Oh! You shouldn’t. This is not a self deprecating rant but utter honesty. Do read.

    If you want me to explain why you should you follow me then it is pretty evident that either you haven’t read my answers or you have but you can’t see any thing striking enough to follow me. AND, that my friend is the key here.

    Quora is filled with impressive writes with knowledge and experience but you as a person have a very short span of attention to offer and even shorter memory retention and hence, you should be careful and cautious about who you should follow.

    Do you think my Quora answers which are more concentrated on Quora , Tata Consultancy Services (company) or often House of Cards (Netflix series) is of any use to you ? If not, I do not think there is any good point in following me. I have a dead blog which I soon plan to restart but even if you like the blog 500 words a day project., doesn’t it make more sense to follow the blog instead of me.

    I will suggest you to take these parameters to every person you think you should follow or as it usually happens, the feed gets super cluttered with all kinds of answers you don’t want to read.

    Hope that helps.

  12. If you follow me, you stand to read about –

    • I write about law. Indian law mainly.
    • I write about philosophy, psychology, India, her politics and mine, music, reading, Mahabharata, religion, movies, love, relationships and human behaviour.
    • I write often and I give my perspective.
    • I do not write things you can google.
    • I do not search for trending topics to write on.
    • I only write that which I know. I only write things I believe in.

    What type of people do I follow –

    I follow the people I find interesting. These people are usually the ones who write about interests similar to mine. Other than that I also follow people who write about science in a way that I would understand.

  13. Well these are the topics on which I primarily write, so if this is something of your interest, you are welcome to follow me. One thing I am not really an expert on any topic, I just share my views per se. These are the topics that interest me, and I share whatever I know about them.

    Movies( 295 answers)- From classic cinema to modern day cinema, from hard core pop corn, masala stuff to more artsy stuff, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from World Cinema to regional cinema, anything related to movies, I am willing to answer. One thing though, is that I tend to give my own take on movies, often write reviews. And if it helps I have my own blog on movies Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover here. If you are seeking insights into movies, feel free to follow.

    India(252 answers)– India is a topic that is too vast, too complex, to even comprehend in one’s life time. And it is something that fascinates me always. From history to culture to states of India to traditions to religion, anything related to India, I am willing to share my views and whatever I know.

    Computer Programming(106 answers), Programming Languages(43 answers), Software Engineering(28)– Writing code for a living since 2000, sharing my insights on Programming, OOPs concepts, Java, J2EE from my experience. If you are into IT, feel free to follow me, for some insights.

    Life and Living(83 answers)- Again if you are looking at some self help, get rich quick tips, I am not the right person. I give my insights on life and living based on my experiences, and leave it to people to take what they want from it. I don’t believe in spoonfeeding people, I just put my views in front of them, and the rest is up to them.

    History(80 answers)- I am an amateur historian of sorts, I have my own history blog at History Under Your Feet and also a self published author written a book on the Vijayanagar Empire City of Victory

    Again I cover a wide range from World War II to Presidents of US to Middle East. Though of late my focus is more on Indian History, and also attempting to understand history of East Asian nations, mainly China, Japan.

    Hinduism(56 answers), Epics of India(47 answers)- From it’s philosophy to it’s traditions to it’s culture, and the great epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas, this is a topic that fascinates me. And I have answered a good number of questions on this here.

    Also I am a Most Viewed Writer in these topics, and if any one of those topics interests you, please feel free to follow me


    Some more things about me

    1. I generally am an Introvert, and have answered good number of questions on how it feels to be one. So if you do happen to be an Introvert, and are looking to reach out to some one, feel free to follow me.
    2. I don’t usually spoon feed people. I generally give my views and expect people to interpret it in their own way.
    3. I have people messaging me for advice on their career or writing, so if you are seeking the same, feel free to follow and do the same. However if you are seeking advice on dating and relationships, I am not the right person.

    Well that is about me, if you are still interested feel free to hit the follow button.

  14. Wow. Ha.

    Here’s why you should follow me:

    1. I know a lot of useless trivia. Take mythology, science facts, movie facts, history, art history. I know it all. I will tell you things you had no idea you wanted to know, but will be glad to know them.
    2. I’m from India, and I know much about the culture and everyday mindsets of people.
    3. I’m bisexual, and I understand my almost comical situation because of 377. I answer questions about my sexuality, but not a lot. As I’m not out to my parents, I prefer to keep this a little at bay for the time being.
    4. I’m 16, so I can answer questions about teenage life in India and generally. I mean, I’m no Morgan Evans, but hey, I can get there.
    5. I’m funny AF. Trust me, I call myself Mother Sarcasm. I’ve also done a few standups.
    6. Movies. I watch too many of them. Too many.
    7. Books. I’ve read too many of them. Too many.
    8. TV Series. You name it, I’ve seen it.
    9. I write poetry, which I sometimes share.
    10. I’m a fiery feminist (I have a shirt that says that.), I work for this Blog called Feminism in India. I’ve also volunteered with Humsafar in the past. If you have any questions about it, holler.
    11. I’m in 11th right now, preparing for the Law exams after 12th, I answer questions related to that too.
    12. I’m a foodie, so some weird ass anecdotes there too.
    13. I curse a lot. Fuck you for judging, if you are.
    14. Existential Philosophy is DA BOMB. I’m married to Nietzsche, and I also have a side thing going with Kierkegaard. Camus is the one that got away.
    15. I worked for Microsoft for a while. So I have deep knowledge about their plans, their tools, life there etc.
    16. I love coding! C is bae.
    17. I like learning new languages. I know German, English, Hindi. I know French, Spanish and Italian enough to impress you.
    18. I’m an avid MUNer, been doing that shit for 4 years now.
    19. I've been living with my non verbal autistic brother for 12 years. I know some stuff about autism, and I would love to help families understand and be comfortable with it.
    20. I have amazing taste in music. Panic!, TøP and AM are some favourites.
    21. I’m new, show me some love.
  15. While I cannot in good conscience suggest that anyone here follow me, as opinion sometimes rides along with the data in my answers which might not be entirely politically correct, I would still like to at least partially answer this question.
    I have found that there is really only one attribute that the people I choose to follow need to have in order to make my own experience here at Quora one that is always rewarding. And that one common denominator is: they are all in one way or another (often in several ways at once) extraordinary. Plain and simple.
     The great George Carlin’s viewpoint and opinions regarding “the average person” bear a resemblance to my own that is nothing short of phenomenal, considering that I have not (and now, never will) had the good fortune of meeting him or knowing him personally. So I follow un-average Quorans, and have never had one reason to complain.

  16. Bert.

    Are you convinced?

    Bert is like the number one reason you should follow me. He’s important. He changes lives.

    I suppose there are other reasons you should follow me, too.

    I guess we’ll start with who this “me” character is.

    Um, hello. My name is Jordan. I’m an awkward 18 year old with a love of cats and leggings.

    And cat leggings.

    I’m all about maximizing efficiency by combining things I love.

    Unless those things are sex and queso. Do not recommend.

    People who enjoy reading about nothing in particular might enjoy what I write.

    Sometimes I write about living life with depression or as a bisexual woman or as a college student or as a depressed bisexual college student because I’m all about combining life’s complexities, too.

    Someone once told me I write with sophistication but also with a childlike innocence.

    So if you like sophisticated children, you’ve come to the right place.

    I’ve also been told my writing reminds people of Allie Brosh and Dushka Zapata and someone today told me I look like Amy Poehler.

    So if you like them, you just might like me.

    I can’t tell you that you should follow me, because I don’t know you. I don’t know what topics you like to read or what styles you prefer or if you even like Amy Poehler.

    But if you enjoy words and sass and a gentle dose of humor, you ought to give me a read.

    There’s a 50/50 chance I will not disappoint.

  17. You are an adult, yes?
    You can make your own decisions. 
    I ask and answer questions because it’s fun whether you follow me or not. I have no sales pitch for you.    And, I don’t need a specific pitch as to why I should follow you or anyone else.   The writing IS the pitch.
    HE follows me.  He follows me not. 
    I follow you because most of your questions and answers don’t appear to be written under the influence of narcotics.  I like my reading to be more sober than not.
    I follow and unfollow people depending on what I’d like to see in my feed.  THIS SHOULD SOLELY GUIDE YOU, as far as I am concerned.  

    But some other good reasons to follow someone are:
    Your face grows distorted as you read more and more.  
    A smile, a crinkle in your brow, a drop in your jaw, swollen eyes from tears of laughter or in knowing someone else shares your experience.   The more distortions, the better.   I find people who establish persona’s on any multi-user platform get really boring and predictable after a while.  After a shortwhile.  You can almost guess what their answer might be; no fun in that.  
    You cannot believe the outlandish and absurd things that are being said, and your compulsion to right the world is irresistible.  Note I said, good reasons to follow; good reasons to engage does not apply here.   You might write a comment.   You might be silent at first, but then come back inspired to write a rather unexpected question or answer session that sends you reeling into the Quora Digest, and into the eyes of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. 
    They post occasional hot pictures of themselves. 
    No explanation needed, is there?  You know those fitness peeps I’m talking about.   I like to peek now and again for a new rip here and there.   The before and after pictures are sometimes worth the trouble. 
    Positivity Go-To
    I like to escape a stressful day by reading some of the more positive and upbeat writers.  I have a couple of favourites.  I may not always upvote them, but I really enjoy their stuff. It makes me happy.  And just because they are generally happy doesn’t make them boring to me.  I take my dose or overdose as needed. 
    Ying your Yang
    I balance it all out with a sprinkle of dark here and there.  I have my go-tos on the otherside: the wildside, the darkside.  I also take occasional comfort clicking the all too familiar  "gloomier" avatars just the same.   Life in all it's beauty isn't about just one particular anything. 
    Do as you wish.  And mix it up, often.

  18. If you like:

    • Answers with references and links, along with book suggestions
    • Random, obscure facts
    • Medicine and healthcare
    • Funny business
    • A fresh perspective on just about everything
    • Nice pictures (though Bigfoot said, today: "you are amazingly creative in abstract in your words and thoughts, but never your drawings. It's always: This is an apple. Apple is pretty. The end." :D)

    Thanks for your A2A, Yash!

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