Why can't Nazir be a companion in Skyrim?

I assume you are talking about Nazir of the Dark Brotherhood and by companion you meant a follower. If you are talking about The Companions, The short answer would be Nazir is more of a assassin than a warrior. Assassins focuses on stealth rather than just bludgeoning someone to death.

If you meant why not a follower, I believe Nazir takes care of the sanctuary when you aren’t around going by the role play. Especially when you are off adventuring, completing all those backlog of quests and more in your Misc. quests, it will be days or even months when you finally visit the sanctuary again. The sanctuary does need someone to cater the daily business.

The Companions can be your follower as there are quite a lot members within and someone will be present to look after the faction. The apprentice mages from College become your follower as they don’t have any responsibilities and don’t mind an adventure.

Hope this answers your question.


Has anyone started with their BA or BSc at the age of 21?

Is it important to know? If anyone wants to start it at this age there is no problem at all. Say, someone was sick and due to that he/she couldn't continue his studies that’s not his/her fault. Now if he /she wants to resume his/her studies they definitely can.

I can tell you about lot of my friends who dropped 2–3 years after class 12 and prepared for various medical entrances held in our country. Eventually some could qualify and others didn't. But after they realised that they have tried their best and maybe can do something else, they joined other courses. I can tell you that there are people who are sitting in first year classes at the age of 22. There is nothing shameful in that. The whole thing revolves around knowledge, you need to gain it, whatever may be your age. People in India are trying to get into medical colleges even when they are 23 or more. They end up being successful doctors. Others who don't qualify join bsc or ba colleges and all do well if they learn from their failure and still want to succeed. My friends are really doing well. Cheer up buddy! You can too.

Does Bible allow Christians to use condoms and other contraceptives?

There is no specific prohibition against it in the Bible, no.

The Catholic Church (which is pretty much ground zero against birth control, no Protestant Churches that I’m aware of are against it,) bases its opposition on the notion that it violates Natural Law — it turns an action that should potentially lead to new life into something that is more about self pleasure.

How are people supposed to defend themselves while travelling when they need it the most when firearms are not allowed out of state?

How to defend yourself in most cases, with nothing but your wits. I read this years ago. I recommend it.


I am not a large or strong man. I am not fit. I haven’t run in about 20 years because of my legs. My concealed carry permits are accepted in 34 US states where a permit is required. Numerous states I may want to visit or have reason to visit, like Pennsylvania or New York, do not accept my concealed carry permits. Check maps like these, and check local laws regarding transport and storage of weapons.

Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps – USA Carry

I had luggage, so I left my walking sticks at home. Philadelphia has laws against carrying knives without a legitimate purpose, so I left them at home. I planned on doing a lot of walking, so I left my heavy steel toed boots at home.

All I travelled with were my tactical pen and compact flashlight. Last ditch defense and a distraction, at best. They were allowed in my carry on. I was in town long enough to order pepper spray to arrive at my hotel. Now maybe I could reach threats out to 10 feet and have more room for escape. I kept all three on me. Sometimes I walked with something concealed in my hand. No one noticed, even police I often passed on the street. I didn’t need to use them.

Prior to taking my son to university, I did a little research online about places I may want to avoid like South Philly, no offense. I was relieved to see when I got there the situation was not as bad as I thought. I spent considerable time in run down looking parts of town, because I had to pass through to get to the WalMart stores located in the west and east parts of town. I had to get off buses and trolleys to make transfers, and walk for blocks at a time.

We stood out like sore thumbs because many times, everyone else was Black. No offense, but there are less than 300 Black people out of a population of 75,000 where I come from, and not school aged children, so I didn’t grow up with any. I believe people took no particular notice of us, and any interactions as when asking for directions, seemed normal. I had my eyes and ears open for suspicious behavior like people talking about us or moving closer to us. They weren’t. No problem.

I was surprised to see so many homeless and street people near the center of town. There were more street people on one section of street than entire encampments back home. Panhandling was not aggressive. People were polite if I did not give them what they asked for. Often I did give small amounts of money. Nobody followed us down the street.

We walked through long lonely underground passages and sometimes came upon areas closed for construction. I searched around and led my family out. I told them not to do what I was doing if they were alone because there would be no witnesses and no one to help them. All I had was my tactical pen, my light and my spray.

The biggest issue I had was Saturday night, the weekend before class started. Bars and clubs for blocks around was packed with loud young people drinking. It was the night of the Mayweather-MacGregor fight. It seemed there was also a game against the Cubs that weekend, because fans dressed in Cubs caps and attire were out. Outside one large raucous bar with standing room only and a crowd spilling out onto the sidewalks, a young Caucasian man was standing in the middle of the street eating out of a bag of chips while shouting a conversation with his friends on the crowded sidewalk. As I passed to look at this oddity, our eyes met. I was wearing a fedora. He yelled out to me, “Hey, don’t look at me, Mr. Top Hat Man!” Note he did not make anything of my race, which I would have expected if he were dangerous. I simply ignored him. He said something to his friends and laughed. The end. No problem.

A few blocks away I was walking north on a rather dark, deserted street. Not a good idea. I simply kept aware of places where people could hide around me. Philadelphia has many dark alleyways. Nothing. There was a young Caucasian man who appeared to be drunk sitting on the sidewalk, leaning up against the wall. As I passed, he called out “Jap! Jap!” as he kicked at my legs twice as if to punctuate his outburst. I was out of reach.

This was most peculiar. How did he know I was Japanese, in a college town of Chinese, Indians and Koreans? He was alone. He appeared impaired. He appeared smaller than myself (170 lbs), and I could have kicked or stomped the shit out of him where he sat. I should have given him more space as I approached him. I just kept walking.

I continued walking the streets of central Philadelphia for about five hours, including a pitch black historic area with streets so narrow, cars could not pass. No street lighting or exterior house lighting whatsoever. Most peculiar. An impaired looking African-American man who appeared to be in his 40s was also wandering the darkened streets. He approached me and asked the time. He thanked me and walked away. A while later on another street, he approached me again and asked if I was looking for something. I said I was just admiring the historic homes (I could see what I wanted in the dark). He walked away again. He approached me yet again and asked if we could walk together.

I was not fearful, but asking a strange man to keep company while walking in the darkness was most peculiar behavior. I demurred and left him. I was approaching the end of the street anyway. I took some photos of murals on better lit streets and went back to the hotel about 2 a.m. I can’t find that historic block of homes on a map. It was somewhere south on the way to Big Gay Ice Cream.

I survived my walking tours of Philadelphia and Manhattan just by taking precautions and being aware of my surroundings. If something really bad had happened like me walking into gang territory or someone tried to ambush me, I probably would have been a victim.

If there are about 16.3 million concealed carry permit holders, in those areas where permits are required, it means there are about 300 million other people in the US walking around without guns. I realized that as a man with a defensive mindset, I had the advantage over most women, and certainly most children, who did not. Even unarmed, I do not appear to be as easy a victim as they are. That is the way that most women have to live. I can do the same if I have to.

An attractive male coworker told our group that he didn't want kids and some people began saying how it's sad he won't pass on his handsome genes. That's a silly reason to have children, why would they say that?

Maybe they were trying to take the piss out of him but either way, Tell them that just because someone is good looking doesn’t mean that their child will be pretty.

Trust me, I have seen lots of attractive couples with average and even ugly children. Genetics are a strange thing and it doesn't matter what the parents look like.

Actually the vast majority of people with attractive children is when one parent is average looking and the other husband or wife is good looking, their kids tend to be attractive maybe because they got the best of both worlds without the strong facial features being overdone.

It doesn't usually turn out well when both of the couple are attractive.

How does one overcome the 'You need experience to have a job to have an experience' cycle?

It’s called “bootstrapping”.

I did it by consulting while I was in college.

A group of us did contract work for local businesses, and for the U.S. Forestry Service, among others.

These days, it’s not difficult to get an internship, and most internships are paid.

The bottom line is you get experience either by having ridiculously low prices to begin with, so that you can get hired to have something to put on your resume, or you do it through internships.

There is no shortcut to a high paying job.

The potential payoff for hiring you has to have a higher value, times the probability that it will be successfully completed, than what it costs the business to hire you to do the job.

If you get a reputation for getting the job done, you can charge more for your time.

If you get the opposite reputation, then you may want to consider what career you want to go into instead.

What are consider alternative investments in finance?

Your standard investment portfolio often will contain the following: cash(duh), bank saving (very safe and insures by the FDIC), bonds (a bit less safe, and a bit more return), stocks (a bit risky, but good return) and real estates. These are the bread and butter of an average investors.

In addition to these, you have other odd investment options that are very good for storing value: woodland and farmlands, gold and silver, expensive wines and paintings, antiques and coins,…

Then there are the professionally managed/ hold-your-money-for-a-long-time options: hedgefunds, private equity, venture capital.

And lastly are the types that are pure financial instrument: financial swaps, financial derivatives, commodity spot, futures and options, cryptocurrency,… anything short of literally horse race betting.

Have fun!

What is the best way to improve your writing style?

Expand your reading comprehension intake. Read more.

  • Read a variety of genres. Each genre most definitely differs significantly from one another of which includes the style, tone, literary devices, etc. An author may write differently depending on the recipient, the centralized topic for which the writing is based on, or even just to merely signify a difference in style.

Mimic others, to begin with.

  • You are perfectly apt to explore this particular criteria. Look around Quora. I would recommend popular Quorans as they are “popular” for a reason – their writing, let alone their embodiment of humor, brevity, dexterity, and such. However, I wouldn’t entirely equate followers as the degree of refinement in writing.

Bear in mind and make use of phrases.

  • Study the sequence. Letters, Words, Phrases, Predicates, Sentences. Letters, tick. Words, tick. Phrases comes next. There are many useful phrases in which I would personally advise in order to better refine your exercise in the field of writing.

Learn these punctuations.

  • Use a variety of punctuations to intertwine your sentences into a mellifluous bridge of doves; if you lack these, you’re DOOOMEDI’m kidding! Or am I? Ok….I’m done.

Perseverance, Persipicuity, and Pragmatism gets the job done.

Be open to observe new things in the world around you. Tune in carefully upon every conversation henceforth; study the speaker’s style. Decode writing structures and styles of any and all passages you come by henceforth in any shape or form.

If you encounter an unknown phrase or word, make a side note, look it up, and ideally…learn the phrase and use it in your own day to day conversation.

You’ll be just as good as I am in writing in no time. I’m kidding…

I still has very many stuffs to overcome an palish.

Should I write my college essay about how I turned into an atheist?

“Should I write my college essay about how I turned into an atheist?”

(A2A) Know your audience.

Your topic is risky: remember that sex, religion, politics are good topics to stay away from in life in general if the person might not agree with you.

Your reader might have strongly-held religious views, and your essay would shift that reader into hostile-audience mode. Attempting to persuade (or win over) a hostile audience is a difficult task, and you have enough odds stacked against you. I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you feel emboldened because of the challenge, I’d advise you to check your ego: you wouldn’t want to wonder if you were rejected because you turned the reader into a hostile audience. The goal of the college essay isn’t to take a risk and show that you are a bold young person: it’s to persuade the reader that you are a worthy scholar and a diligent student. Sure, be creative, but don’t risk challenging the reader’s personal beliefs.

Instead, look at it as a rehearsal for study at that specific college in that specific department. Research the hell out of the department where you’re applying. Write about the work done in the department, how it relates to you and your specific academic goals. Get your head into the college program now. If I were reading these essays, sure, I’d look for great writing, but I’d want to see a definite commitment to the department that I work for; the discipline to which I have a great commitment.

Be with your reader: don’t risk being against your reader.