Would it make any significant difference to climate change if roads (asphalt) and shingles (roofs) were white in colour (shade), instead of black?

Bring up Google Earth, give it a spin until it stops, and then zoom in (Page Up) until you can tell whether the center of the screen is on a road, a roof, or neither. If you repeat this 1000 times I reckon you’ll be lucky to land on a road or roof more than ten times and probably a lot less. Fluctuations in global cloud cover will have a much larger influence on Earth’s albedo (how much insolation is reflected back to space without heating the Earth).

Furthermore once you’ve whitened all the roads and roofs it’s only a step function and not one that can be repeated. In the meantime CO2 will continue to rise and global warming will continue to raise the temperature.

How are the acidity of bases and basicity of acids determined?

Thanks for A2A.

Acidity of base:

The acidic strength of a base is determined by the ability of base to donate OH- ions, means it is the number of replacable OH- ions.

Basicity of acid:

The basicity of an acid is determined by its ability to donate H+ ions, means it is the number of replacable H+ ions.

Take the example of HCl. It has one H+ ion and thus it is monobasic,that is basicity is one.

Take the example of NaOH. It has one OH- ion and thus its acidity is one.

Hope this helps.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying apartment in Bangalore?

Well it all depends on location, builder, budget and need but to generalize below are few pointers-

Let’s start with Advantages-

  1. Cheap- You can get a decent 3 BHK society flat as low as 45–50 lacs, rates are as low as 2600 per square feet in IT hubs like Electronics City. In comparison Hinjewadi, Pune rates are minimum 5500 psft.
  2. High rentals yields (yearly 3 to 4% of property cost), much higher then Mumbai and Delhi where it is 1%, Pune comes second with 2–3% rental yields per year. Rentals have increased by 40% in last 5 years while property prices increased by 13%
  3. 10–12 months of rent as deposit for me was biggest lever which pushed me towards purchasing.
  4. Own house is own house- YOU OWN THE PLACE. More freedom


  1. Supply is more then demand- close to 82k unsold inventory of flats. Builders are offering pre-launch at construction cost ( around 2400–2600 per sq ft.) resulting little or no appreciation in most of the areas
  2. Reduces your disposable income in case bought on EMI, rentals is 25% cheaper then current EMIs of similar flat price
  3. Not so liquid investment, secondary market has literally no investors only end users active. You would not get fair price in distress sell
  4. Lot of small builders, builder floors are available at half cost of reputed builders for same area.
  5. Perceived notion against older flats, unlike Pune/ Mumbai. Localities prefer new constructions


Is it wise to swim on a college team while trying to pursue a career in law?

Definitely. Undergraduate law study is not even needed to get into law school. She could major in English or communications or anything, really, and get into law school.

Some studies say that athletes actually have higher GPA in-season than off-season, perhaps because sports teaches time-management skills and sticking to a tight schedule. There’s also less partying in-season.

But is it sad for her, or sad for you?

If it’s sad for her, she should know that she may regret someday not continuing her sport through college. Also, it’s a lot of fun going on a team bus, staying in hotels, etc., with your teammates.

And it’s a great way to make friends outside one’s major.

If it’s mostly sad for you — you’re the one who invested so much money into this, and time — realize all things come to an end.

Why are Gillette Mach 3 cartridges so expensive for just a pair of razor blades?

Sure enough, Gross Margins on the Handles are large and far bigger than what P&G might make on Detergents for example. This is primarily because of the unique market position it holds in the market. The classic Handle and Cartridge business model, Gillette subsidizes ( or works with lower margins) on the handle and over time builds up a massive consumer handle base. And thereafter sells replacement cartridges at more than healthy margins.

Why can’t competition break in to their strategic position?

a) Given Gillette’s massive patent base, no other competitor can make a cartridge that can sit in their handles.

b) Which means competition will really need to invest and build their own handle base thats massive.

What are the 3 most important criteria when looking for a life partner? Looks, anyone?

In college, I met a guy who said that he would never settle until he found a girl that had three requirements, and a lack of any of the three was a deal breaker: beauty, brains, and emotional stability. I thought it was a pretty good system and I still wonder if he ever found a girl that met his standards.

I think what it boils down to is personal preference.

In my life I've never really had a “type”. I have dated many different types of guys. From shy, smart video gamers to handsome jocks. From men twice my age (at the time) to a few years younger. I have dated extremely attractive men and some men that weren't attractive at all. Men who were kind, mean, peaceful, volatil, protective, emotionally abusive, you name it! Probably the only thing that has been consistent in the men that I have dated is that we have fun together. Usually the fun fades when is when I got bored and threw them away.

Right now the man who I have been dating for 3 years and plan to spend the rest of my life with is not a thing all like anyone I have ever dated. In fact, I didn't want to date him at all at first. My cousin convinced me to go on a date with him for a free dinner and I went. This is a guy I had known for years and I actually dated his best friend when I was younger, but I had never felt a connection with him.

That first date was extremely awkward: our waiter knew him from high school and wouldn't leave us alone. When she did leave we would start talking only for her to come back and interrupt us again. This was so funny though because it took a lot of the pressure off of our weird date and gave us something to laugh about and just made it fun. We had fun together on that awful date

For me he is a great fit because he is kind, hilarious, easy to talk to, caring, selfless, understanding, and gives me my space. The most important reason that I stayed with him before I loved him was that we just had fun together. Now, on top of the fact that I enjoy spending time with him, I love him and can see how much he values me. I can't imagine anything being more important in choosing a partner for me than choosing someone who is kind and who I have fun with.

Which is the most critical element in the project plan?

There are many elements of a project [management] plan. I would say there is no one element that stands out. Project Management Plans should cover the ten knowledge areas outlined in PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, which you can buy on PMI | Project Management Institute or on Amazon and probably other places as well.

If you are talking about a Project Schedule, which many people erroneously call a Project Plan, I have an opinion about how they should be structured if you are using a predictive method. That is, they should be deliverables-driven, with the activities to produce the deliverables identified in a detailed format under the deliverables summary task, dependencies assigned between those activities, resources assigned at the allocation that is possible, and resources levelled.

I call this deliverables-driven because the focus is on what you create, not on what you do. In this way, reporting on progress becomes very concrete – you either produced the deliverable, or you didn’t. it is not longer about what you did. It’s clearly about what you (and your team) accomplished.

So – what is the most important element in a project plan? Good solid deliverables-based planning, tracking to and reporting progress based on that plan.

If the Southern US hadn't seceded from the Union, would slavery still exist today? How long would it have lasted?

As the Bill Clinton campaign said, “It’s the economy stupid!” The transcontinental railroad was being built, technology and infrastructure were growing at an exponential rate in the North. Even if the “agreement” had taken place the south could not have competed on the national stage much less the international. An agrarian society , with a much lower growth & educated populace could not have kept pace with it’s sister to the north. The slave trade was moribund and dying. The only measure to keep the work pool existant was “breeding”.Union & British navies were already patrolling the Atlantic to stop slave ships. Keeping slaves uneducated in servile jobs meant that a great number of skills and jobs could not be filled.

Imagine if you will that the north had not expended much of its young lifeblood in the war. Also imagine that billions of dollars had not been used to kill rather than to move west for fame and fortune.

As opportunies grew in the north you would have see a “brain drain” of talented young scholars, inventors & entrepreneurs moving away from Dixie. An interesting historical fiction book is ‘THE UNDERGROUND AIRLINE” showing a divided country that allowed five of the Hard states in the south to retain slavery. So, the answer to your question is a resounding no.

What is the most poweful super power?

Control over reality or Reality Warping

You pretty much are unbeatable, can give yourself any power or any ability you want.

  • A villain with super strength is wreaking havok in New York; you warp his powers out of existence.
  • Your child fails his exams; You warp reality so he aces them and for added benefits give him a full scholarship to Harvard
  • The world is about to the explode; with a thought it no longer is
  • etc,etc.

Reality Warping is insanely powerful