Did the Germans respect British WW1 cemeteries after they occupied France and Belgium, and did the Allies respect German cemeteries?

Yes, there was mutual respect on both sides. I read that Hitler issued a decree which expressly forbade soldiers from desecrating allied war graves not least because he had a soft spot for the soldiers of the Great War.[1] Not that I think the average German infantryman was inclined to do so anyway. Most were actually religious, and many were superstitious. Desecrating graves was / still is a big cultural taboo.

(This is Hitler visting the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge. This was a PR stunt to disprove propaganda put out by the British that the Nazi’s were desecrating war memorials)

Having visited allied cemeteries in North East France, I recall the guides suggesting the German soldiers were actually very respectful. Most monuments and graves were completely untouched. Some did exhibit signs of war damage, though there’s no suggestion this was intentional.

There were isolated incidents of them destroying some memorials though. The Cross of Reconciliation at Lizerne is one example[2]. The memorial recognised a chemical gas attack by the Germans in 1915 which killed French soldiers. The wording on the original memorial described the Germans as Barbarians which the occupying troops obviously took offence at. Another Australian war memorial at Mont Saint Quentin had an Aussie soldier bayonetting a German Eagle. The Nazis smashed the memorial[3] .

The other most notable example was the Compiégne Wagon[4]. The railway wagon in which the armistice was signed marking the end of WWI and German defeat in 1918. The wagon became an important national symbol for France and was moved to a museum. When the Germans invaded France in 1940, Hitler chose the exact same wagon in the exact same location as the place in which to sign the second armistice (you can imagine the mischievous grin on his face when he dreamed that one up). The wagon was moved to Germany, but was blown up with dynamite when the Allies began advancing into Germany.


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I have been texting this shy guy friend of mine. How can I tell if he likes me through text?

If he replies quickly, that’s a good sign. Whether he likes you romantically, that’s more difficult to gauge. Especially since he’s shy. As with most things, time will tell.

When I don’t see someone in person, I prefer to keep in contact through Facebook, email & sometimes text. Having had social anxiety growing up (it still manifests sometimes, but, mainly with the phone), I understand the importance of making sure someone is at ease. If someone feels pressured, they’ll become overwhelmed & shut down.

Whose idea was it for him to teach you about Marvel/DC? Regardless, maybe add a new topic, now & then. Perhaps, about a class you share or a show you like. When you’re both together with friends, is he more of an observer, than participant? If so, do you try to include him in the convo? Again, keep it low key.

After you feel he’s becoming more relaxed, you could either suggest a group activity (whatever is available & popular in your area) or going for coffee/tea. Just the two of you. I don’t know how it is in you

What is the best deal you ever got on a car? (new or used)

I got a 12 year old convertible with ~120k miles and in a good condition for $1,450.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, cars don’t come cheap. I spent a month looking at cars at ~10 years with a decent mileage, and they all came to the $3,000 – $4000 range at best.

Until I came across this car on Craigslist, which was going for $2,400 – a 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, with 120k miles. That sounded like a super good deal, one that is good enough yet not too good to be true.

So I took a trip down to the guy selling it. Red flag #1: Turns out it was a used car dealer (listed the car as private party on CL). Red flag #2: His dealership office is literally a shipping container with a plastic door, a table inside and a cabinet and a printer, that’s all. Red flag #3: Checked them out on Google Maps, they are rated at 1-star. Wow what? I was pretty worried now – this all looks like a huge scam. But since I was already there, I might as well give the car a spin, right?

Took it out for a quick run around the neighborhood – the brakes are almost completely worn out, and the suspension is weaker than it’s supposed to be, but the engine sounds (and is) AMAZING, and everything else works as supposed. The bumper is cracked, and some scratches here and there, which I didn’t care about.

Now I have, on one hand, a dealership that set off every alarm in my head, and on another hand, a car that checks out with me. I was going to call my best friend who knows a lot about cars, so I told the dealer I wanted to think about it. He immediately dropped the price down to $2,000. I said, ok I’ll consider it, and walked off (To call my friend). He quickly dropped it to $1,800. Now, I’m more alarmed than happy, since something MUST be wrong. I ran through what I experienced with my best friend, and he said it checked out with him.

Went back to the guy, and asked him to let me bring the car to a mechanic to a pre-purchase

What are the legal steps involved in starting an online business?

For any kind of business you need to register your company first [Pvt ltd or LLP which ever suits your business including all paperwork]. Buy a domain of your choice from godaddy/bigRock. If your selling something, as per new law obtain GST, Trademark your brand name for safety. If your selling exported/imported goods have necessary documents. I think these points should see your new business up and running.

All the best.

Have you ever in a situation that make you feel people are just using you because you are too nice?

Did you ever consider the possibility that you are manipulating other people by pretending to be what you are not just to get their approval?

It is you doing what you don’t like to obtain something in return…

If you just stand your ground, you will be surrounded by people that like you as you are. The other people are not your people.

It feels great to be who you are! And it comes with self-respect!


Why would a doctor refuse to give an urgent repeat prescription?

If “it's just a skin cream”, then it is unlikely to be an urgent refill.

A refill means obtaining access to the chart, reviewing the medical condition for the patient, determining the duration of treatment to date, assessing the response to date, checking to be sure that the prescription is not being requested prematurely due to excessive use, checking that no prescription has been added that would interact with the cream, then submitting the prescription refill to the pharmacy, then notifying the patient and arranging follow-up, then documenting all of this in the chart. The above work delays the physician's departure from the office and limits his time with his children.

Play fair. Keep track of your medications, and schedule office visits as needed.

What are the best short term courses should do during MBA for good job in India?

Here are some of the best courses /additional skill sets which are useful for both your career as well as life.

  1. Joining toastmasters or any organisation which forces you to make lot of public speaking.
  2. Learn a foreign language.
  3. Learn graphic designing / coding
  4. Learn statistical software like SPSS, SAS, R,
  5. Any internship in sales ( Best option out there and sales internship are easy to get- this is a big plus point when u sit for campus placements and can confidently tell the companies how hiring you is going to help them make more money.
  6. Certificate course in Import / Export
  7. APICS / Six Sigma Certification / Kaizen for SCM/ Operations Students.
  8. Join advanced courses on PPT and effective presentation.

Would you choose to cure cancer by 50% and everyone knows you did it or cure it by 100% and nobody knows it was you?

2 is the obvious choice. I read this question a few times to make sure I didn't misunderstand it. My 3 year old son has cancer and forget fame, I'd give my life to take this horrible disease away from him and guarantee a normal life. Absolutely no one I've met hasn't been affected by this disease in some way, and the risk of getting cancer at some point is now increasing with our increasing lifespan…