How to invest Rs 50,00,000 to get 25,000 per month

Sir, the best way to generate good return as well as to get the amount you want on monthly basis is to get diversified first of all between MIP means monthly income plan which is a kind of mutual fund but is a debt investment and out some portion in Balanced fund from there you will be getting around 8%p.a as withdrawal on a monthly basis which will be around Rs 33k a month and apart from that around 2% of capital appreciation.

Best part is your money is free whenever you want back unlike Fds where you have to pay penalty for premature withdrawal and your tax liability will be much less.

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  1. Get a Monthly Income Plan from Post office. You will get more that 25000 Rupees per month income.

    My uncle is post office agent, and I have discussed with him a lot on the said topic, since I am more inclined to Mutual funds and property. But with All the great(read heated) argument, he won, and Now even I believe the the safest, and easiest way to park money and earn handsome return is Monthly income Plan of Post office, Since the process of pulling your 50 Lakhs is easier than farting. And the interest you earn is more than MIP of banks by 0.5% and also involves less formality.

    Another way is to buy a pension plan from LIC (jeevan Akshay), only if you are more than 40 years old. The return are less compared to postoffice, but the per month amount, that you will get for first month, will remain constant (or may increase if you opt increasing plan) through out, even if our country develops a lot, and interest rate fall to 1% or 0.5% like Japan and US.

    Note:- Don’t take one MIP of 50 Lakh, instead take 5 MIP of 10 Lakhs, or even 10 MIPs of 5 Lakhs. This will help you in breaking them in case of an emergency in parts. Also you will not need to carry big amount to and from post office, thereby protecting yourself from the eye evils of postmaster and thieves.

  2. Invest at Neemrana Central, an operational commercial complex in Neemrana, Rajasthan. The project is complete in every sense and there are several retail as well as commercial operations running successfully. The developer is offloading some prime inventory (Shops and Studio Apartments) and is offering 7% rental for 3 years.

    The best part is that Loan facility is available and the rental can take care of most part of your EMI

    The Management team is very strong, consisting of IIM, IIT and LSE alumni.

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  3. Hi!

    I have a farm, where we grow prawns. You can contribute to our project, and earn returns in the order of 24–36% ROI. So, 50 Lacs will earn you 12–18 Lac in a year, much more than 25K per month.

    You can contact for more information.

  4. Buy lic Jeevan Akshay policy of pension, if you are at age 30.

    Plan : LIC Jeevan Akshay VI

    Annuity Option : [F] Annuity for life with return of purchase price on death

    Age :30

    Sum Assured : 5000000

    Single Premium : 5090000

    Annuity :

    Yearly : 343250

    Halfly : 168125

    Quarterly : 83188

    Monthly : 27542

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  5. If you want to invest money…I would suggest you to invest it in something which's worth investing in such as cloud mining of the crypto currency Bitcoin which is sure to give you returns more than you expect it to.

    For instance, if you have Rs. 50,00,000 to invest, then in cloud mining you'll definitely get twice the amount you expect per month i.e. around Rs. 50,000 per month for 21 months!

    According to me, this is the finest investment for investors 🙂

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  6. Simple. You give it to me.

    Your question will then be : What will you do with INR 50Lacs?

    Now in hope that you will give this answer an upvote I will let you in on my secret.

    I will invest in in a Fixed Deposit an earn an annual interest of 6.9%.

    So I will will be able to generate :

    50,00,000 X 0.069 = 345,000 pa = 28,750 pm.

    I will return your desired 25,000 every month. And guess what since you seem like a nice guy I will not charge anything extra. You will surely get 25000pm and your principal 😉

  7. You are asking for too less with such a huge amount!!

    25000 per month amounts to 300000 in a year ie you are asking for a return of 6% per year and that's too less.

    Fixed Deposit can provide you a return up to 7.5% with no risk.

    Better diversify your fund for good wealth creation .

    Investing in quality shares will provide you with more than 25000 in a month.

    Better go to a financial consultant who will guide you with your finances. Use your funds properly atleast try beat the inflation. Best of luck!!

  8. All the fraud idiots here are giving their contact numbers and promising you to give 1 lakh rupees per month and some are even here to provide consulting services. Dont follow these idiots. I will tell you a simple idea, buy a two bedroom flat in the Hyderabad or in chennai and I am sure it will be in your budget and give it on rent for 20,000 per month. Make sure the location should be near the amenities. Later, you can sell it for the good price because price of the real estate never depreciates.

    Good Luck and Bad Luck to scamstets and fraudsters, Shame on them.

  9. it is very much possible to earn Rs 1 lack per month by investing Rs50lacs, by equity delivery,/ intraday, F&O intraday or for holding 2–3days, but you must have sufficient understanding and knowledge , and investments will be done very gradually and not in one go but very slowly, market will correc. Now the market is very hot it will correct, if you are interested take a guide if you don,t have understanding of the subject

  10. Put in bank deposits. These days some banks like digibank are offering really good interest rates. With this you can expect anywhere nearby 4, 00,000 per year. Which is equal to 33,000 per month. Take the 25,000 you require and the rest put in nifty50 mutual funds and voila see your money grow.

  11. 6% return shall get you Rs 25,000 PM i.e Rs 3,00,000 PA.

    There are so many banks in India who are providing this return for savings account where your money is safe and accessible any time .

  12. Not t much hard actually only if you have a solid plan of any domain.

    With 50,00,000 you can earn more than 25,000 a month.

    I tell you my story, i have created a tool for crypto with just 5,00,000 investment and i am selling currently at approx 2,000 per license. Approx i get 2 request daily, thats 4k daily. So in a month i get around 20 requests on an average, still i make 40,000 monthly.

    If you are interested in investment please contact me at

  13. Go to Indian post office they will give you more than 8%return on your savings. Do it in MIS (monthly income schemes).This way you will earn 4 lacs per annum on 50lakhs. Dividing 4lacs by 12months you will get 33333.33 per month. That is higher than 25000.


  14. lif u are a trader invest some portion in to equity market , if u not invest in some good dividend yield funds where you will be paid monthly . Or if u want to get 25000 income monthly invest in real estate in tier3 4 cities where u will get good building with rents you can get 25000 easily

  15. If you want to have safe way invest as fixed deposits or buy land.

    Now a days if you can invest try your luck in vitamin or ethreum for more profits.

    You can also setup your own mining.

  16. Hi , I think first and foremost Point that you will have to work out is to access what is your return expectation based on which work out a plan. Current expectation which you stated works out to be 6% which can achieved by debt mutual fund. Over to you …

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