What movies did you think were going to be bad but ended up being really good?

‘La La Land’ (2016)!

The first scene was a bunch of people getting out of their cars in a crowded highway and singing to a tune. People are jumping on other people’s cars, there’s a random band inside the back of a truck (what were they doing inside?), and no longer does anyone care about traffic. Yeah the song was awesome and stuff, but I thought to myself, ‘is this like the Fox television show series, ‘Glee’?’ As my girlfriend and I sat through what felt like an hour of our time, we were gaping and flabbergasted at what we’ve witnessed with our eyes.

I motioned her that it’s not too late to leave, despite me being the one to want to see it. In the next 5 minutes or so, there’s another breaking out into song! I’m not a huge fan of musicals, so I thought this was going to be a LONG night.

However, as the story progressed, it became more and more interesting. The music, that was once annoying, became lovely and somber. It set the mood and the setting for the story. With each step the main characters took, I took with them. This movie took me on an unexpected journey across Los Angeles. By the middle of the movie, I was entranced.

And by the end, I fell in love. I knew once I’ve finished that this movie is going to be remembered for ages to come. This was a revolutionary movie. This was a masterpiece.

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  1. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (some spoilers below)

    I really enjoyed Man of Steel, but I had zero enthusiasm for what I heard about the sequel. Literally everything I saw in the trailers and heard behind the scenes told me it was going to be a bad movie. The reviews told me it was going to be a bad movie. I went to go see it, just to see how bad of a movie it truly was, expecting an incoherent, rushed, messy pile of garbage…

    I walked out of the theater with my mother (who had also been hesitant about seeing it), with both of us having thoroughly enjoyed it through its entirety.

    I was shocked at how awesome it was. They didn’t turn Superman into a bad guy, they had Batman (who’s probably my favorite Batman of recent memory) “beat” him in a way that made sense, the “vs” part between the heroes didn’t take up the entire movie, and the only time I felt it was overtly “crammed” was when Wonder Woman opened that email. A pretty solid superhero movie, that I would probably call my favorite out of the current DCEU films.

  2. April fool’s day (1986)

    Nine college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool's Day weekend.

    Spoilers ahead

    At first it seemed like another slasher film; all the suspicions fell on the hostess, who started acting weird and withdrawn while the dead students’ bodies started appearing. Towards the end of the film, the remaining living characters were drawn to the conclusion that their friend and hostess had a twin sister who had murdered her and then had started killing off her friends one by one.

    What made me doubt the quality of the movie was the bad special effects as regards the aforementioned dead bodies. Also, the quite predictable turn of events that circulated the murders.

    However, it turned out that the presumed bad effects were deliberate because it was revealed that the hostess had pulled a prank on all of her guests. There was no twin sister, just a twin brother who helped her carry out the fake murders. As each of her friends thought he was being attacked, they would explain him the plan and would induct him into the prank.

    This twist is what made this movie one of my favorite horror films.

    1. Olympus Has Fallen.

    It should be terrible. It is freaking awesome! Gerard Butler brings the pain.

    2. Dredd.

    As a child I loved judge dredd and 2000AD comics. The Stallone judge dredd film was so terrible I honestly didn't hold out much hope for this new version. Instead, it was the only film in years that I immediately started watching a second time as soon as I finished watching it the first time. It is basically The Raid in MegaCity one.

    3. Zulu

    I really had low expectations here. But by gum does Orlando Bloom bring it all to the table here. Stellar performance in a brutal, brutal film.

    4. Fantastic mr Fox

    Again: beloved childhood book. Fear it will be ruined by favorite director who went off the rails in India. Instead: saw it three times in the cinema. Comedy. Gold.

  3. There have been two:

    A Christmas Story. One of my roommates went to see it with her fiance, and couldn’t stop laughing while she was telling my other roommate and me about it. We two decided to check it out at the dollar theater, sat through it, thought it was so stupid, and on our walk home, started telling each other what was so dumb about it. By the time we got to our front door, we were staggering and breathless from laughing so hard.

    I believe the other one was Beat the Devil. It was shown at a college campus movie night (various clubs and associations showed rather old movies in lecture halls as fund raisers). It was a Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre black-and-white movie of unsuccessful con men. My date and I sat through the thing, wondering why other people were tittering and laughing. A short time later, we were with other friends, describing the movie, and we started to crackup, and then I had to get down on the ground on my hands and knees, I was laughing so hard.

    Okay, three:

    The Wizard of Oz. I finally sat through it and watched the whole thing, after I outgrew my fear of giant hogs, bad weather, witches with withering feet, tornadoes, helium, scarecrows, sentient robots, hormonal cats, talking trees, dirty acidic mopwater (was Aunt Em a good witch? she made cookies, but she wasn’t pretty)…and my jealousy that Dorothy’s dress was prettier than any one that I owned. As a child, I knew that the movie was fraudulent, as my mom quit reading the book to us after the Tin Man told of his arm being cut off, and a school teacher read us the book where the Vegetable People were cut in half with swords. I have since read the whole original book series, and can appreciated the movie through the lens of knowing about set creation and sound sets. Even better, I’ve read The Baum Plan for Financial Independence, which has explained the whole thing about the weird workers who never got a dime for their labors. I still think it had a lot to do with the poppies.

    More to read. Because you really don’t want to get off the computer and clean house, do you?

  4. Dracula’s Daughter (1936) – Gloria Holden and the rest of the cast made this a better movie than it should have been.

    Speed (1994)-Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock teamed up in this action flick that has stood the test of time. Some references and technologies might be dated, but I hear more about this motion picture today than I do Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True Lies.

    Wonder Woman (2017)-No excessive use of computer nerds, ridiculous one-liners, over-the-top attempts at humor, or plot holes occupied the content of this movie. Another film that is better than it should have been. This is a critical and commercial triumph for DC Comics. The people at a Marvel should take note.

  5. King Arthur!

    Omg I just saw it probably 2 months ago before we started our final exam and at first, I rejected the idea about seeing it because I thought it was gonna be horrible and boring and predictable with all the usual parade of kingdom-ish plotline with the estranged prince finally becoming the king and blah blah.

    I also stupidly thought that Charlie Hunnam who of course portrait King Arthur himself is not quite good looking as I would want him to be in pictures (and since he was also supposed to star as Christian Grey but cancelled to do so and I was so grateful for it since I thought Jamie Dornan is a whole lot handsome than him) but God!!!! When I saw him in the motion picture of the film he was breathtaking and so handsome…

    I totally took back my words afterwards and his acting is quite smashing either and he also starred in some other awesome movies.

    The plotline of the movie turns out to be not as dull as I thought it would be, although I know the ending would be King Arthur finally becoming king after being estranged for so many years but, all of the processes and intricacies of it all prior to becoming the king is really touching and not boring at all. It’s actually quite amazing and unpredictable.

    So I quite recommend you guys who haven’t seen the movie to see it asap! 😀


    It’s OK if you haven’t heard of it. It’s like one of those movies that are made by aspiring directors with money borrowed from their friends or relatives.

    Minor Spoilers

    I stumbled upon this while browsing IMDB. My favorite Thriller genre, 7.7 rating and just 90 minutes of run time convinced me to give it a shot.

    It went fine for the first 15 minutes but then progressively became less interesting reaching the point of mind-numbing dullness at the top of the hour. The whole hour is a lumbering plot building up to the killing of five people who go down without a fight in less than five minutes in the most uneventful ways possible.

    The only reason I decided to sit through the next half an hour is to see how it would fill up that much time to show the killing of the sixth guy. I was counting on my favorite movie cliche, where the last villain standing is always the smartest and the meanest. With whole 30 minutes for the next guy, I looked forward to a more engaging finish.

    But then sixth guy turned out to be the most docile and the cleanest of all. And with that I thought movie killed its last chance of redemption.

    And then movie did a remarkable U-turn.

    What happened next left me completely stunned. Movie just delivered one of the most powerful endings I have seen and made up for everything that came before it. Anything more would just spoil the plot but in short I loved this movie.

    Later on I looked it up on Wikipedia and found some impressive facts about it. Following is an excerpt.

    The film was ranked number 180 in Empire magazine's "201 Greatest Movies of All Time" feature in the March 2006 issue. It also made other appearances in the magazine's 2008 list of the 500 greatest movies of all time where it was ranked at number 462 and in October 2011 where it came 27th in the "100 Best British Films Ever." In celebration of their 200th issue in October 2012, Total Film named it the twelfth best film of the magazine's lifetime. It was ranked number 92 in Time Out’s list of the 100 best British films.

  7. Oh, MAN. In the last few weeks, I’ve had two grab me by the throat and slam me up against the wall and yell “LOVE ME, YOU BITCH.”

    I took the kid to see The Lego Batman Movie because he wanted to go. I am almost entirely unfamiliar with the entire animated Lego franchise, including having never seen the (fantastically-reviewed) first movie. I just sat there with my jaw on the floor at how much of it was not aimed at the kid. So, so many in-jokes that went all the way back to the Adam West series from the sixties. Really sharp writing, impeccable comic timing. I almost didn’t hate myself for liking it when Roy Lee and Steven Mnuchin’s names showed up at the end as producers.

    Thrillist played up I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore last month, and I liked what they wrote, so I sat down with it a day or so after it came out. And it was pretty good. And I started thinking “hey, that lead bad guy looks kind of familiar”, and so I looked closer… and then I fired up Facebook and posted…

    If you don’t know who David Yow is:

    He sang the last great old-school three-chords-and-a-snotty-attitude punk song back in 1992. (The rest of that album is just as good.)

    He’s done some interesting acting work recently—I really liked him in Southbound a couple of years ago—but this is by far the meatiest role I’ve ever seen him in, and he was sterling. Methinks Mr. Yow is going to do as well in his new profession as he did in the last one.

  8. Starship Troopers (1997)

    I didn’t know anything about this film on release apart from seeing it’s TV spot trailer, and it looked like a load of S.F.X reliant, badly acted and goofy crap. Once my friends told me they had seen it and how awesome it was I quickly did some research. Once I found out it was directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Ed Neumeier (whom I predominately knew as the makers of one of my favorite ever films ‘Robocop’) my curiosity was soon aroused.

    I was however too late to see it in the cinema by that point. So once it was out on video I was watching it about three times a month on average. This was because it is indeed an awesome film in many ways, and every house I seemed to visit had it playing on their TV.

    Chopper (2000)

    At the time I knew nothing of the Australian criminal Mark “Chopper” Read, and knew nothing about this movie apart from the first poster I saw of it. Lets just say it wasn’t as eye catching as the one above, but was still similar to it. It gave me the impression of a cheap knock off of a Guy Ritchie movie.

    How very wrong I was. I realized this once I saw it at a friend’s house on DVD. I was hooked on this well made, well acted and hilarious film for months.

    The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

    I think it was the strange ass name and look of this film that put me off. Even the all star cast didn’t grasp my interest. When I first saw it I was among a lot of friends, and we were all talking etc so I still wasn’t a fan of it even then.

    Then one day a few years later, and whilst alone, I caught it on British TV. That was when I first realized this films utter brilliance. It is a truly amazing piece of art. The acting, direction, cinematography, editing, script, musical score and sound effects, and pretty much everything else about this movie is flawless. I may have just been too immaturely narrow minded at the time it was released to give this film a chance. I still consider this as Wes Anderson’s best work. At the time of writing this I am still yet to see The Grand Budapest Hotel or The Darjeeling Limited, but I sincerely doubt they are better than this Gene Hackman starring masterpiece.

  9. Oh well, Short Term 12.

    To be honest I first thought this movie was going to be a shitty one, but god I was totally wrong. I mean it wasn’t anything special in terms of directing or cinematography, but it is definately on of the most powerful movies I ever saw.

    It perfectly describes one aspect of our lives that we usually take for granted, our childhood, and how tough it can really be.

    Powerful performances and very emotional content. A masterpiece.

  10. Breaveheart

    The reason I thought this was bad cause I had only seen the half movie and from the cinematography I concluded that this one is worth it then again after a year I got to see this movie again this time I saw the full movie, the ending made me so emotional I told this is the best drama I have ever seen and hated myself for prejudicing.

    2001: a space Odyssey

    When I first saw this epic si fi of its time I slept in 30 min of the movie then again I began after a month, again, I slept. It so happened that I had seen all the movies by Kubrick only this was left and after watching his other flims I thought this man is a genius. So that thought motivated to finish the movie and yes I was stunned.


    Same thing here, slept, I don't why?.

    The thing is David Fincher begin his movies on a slow pace then one be one he reveals the plot and it gets interesting. I slept in this 4 times and yet to this day I didn't finish this movie but but I have seen other masterpieces by David Fincher and I believe this movie is good. I hope I will finish it someday.

  11. Quite a few movies. But the ones that truly took me by surprise were-

    1. The Disaster Artist (I think it is the best movie of the year!)
    2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them (J.K Rowling is still clutching on to that world a little too hard.)
    3. Snowpiercer (NEVER thought that Chris Evans had more to him than being Captain America.)
    4. About Time (What a lovely movie!)
    5. Limitless (There is so much more to this film than Bradley Cooper’s beautiful blue eyes. Like his acting chops and a great direction and Robert De Niro.)
  12. After Spider-Man 3’s disappointing conclusion of the Sam Raimi series, and the disastrous Marc Webb duology, I was certain that the era of good Spider-Man movies was long gone. I didn’t have high hopes for Homecoming, but I did enjoy Tom Holland’s performance as Spidey in Civil War, so I gave it a chance just for that.

    While it’s by no means a perfect movie, I couldn’t help but have an absolute blast with it. Tom Holland was amazing, as was Keaton. I thought they really nailed what made the character of Peter Parker tick while taking him in new and interesting directions. It reminded me why I loved the first two Raimi films and the character in general so much.

  13. Interstellar

    Having been a big fan of the first Batman, I found that Christopher Nolan movies soon became almost painful to watch (especially “The Dark Knight” and “Inception”). I was pleasantly surprised how the film (2 hours and 49 minutes) had sense of momentum and purpose throughout the entire film. If you've been avoiding the film, I highly recommend watching it. However, I will admit, I did watch it in two sittings which I think helped me enjoy it more.

  14. House of love

    Amazon.com: Playboy / House of Love [VHS]: Catalina Larranaga, Tracy Ryan, Susan Featherly, Kitty Mitchner, Kira Reed, Regina Russell, Kelli McCarty, Darron Johnson, Jim Tin, Peter Gaynor, Henry Taggert, King Hummus, Steve Curtis, Paul Logan, MC Tahina, Uncle Mustache, Dollar Store Cowboy, Funk Munk, Tom Lazarus: Movies & TV

    yep… by playboy. In a brothel. Sound crap? I thought so too.

    I don’t even know what possessed me to see it. It was late at night and I had too many coffees and had nothing to do.

    The movie was a emotional drain to sit through and is abit slow. However, there is a strange effectiveness about it all, if one sees how this can be intentional.

    It’s ultimately about innocence and the desire to escape. How is it such people continue? How do they manage living on edge for soooo long? Can you overact a desire for freedom like this? Aren’t YOU drained because they are too?

    With all the pouring out of emotions.. if you buy into it, the film is quite good. One can’t help but be sympathetic to the characters and even relate them to people you might know who have no chance of success in life.

    I consider it a hidden diamond.

  15. Mothman Prophecies.

    I didn’t particularly care for it the first time I saw it in theaters, partly because I could not absorb the storyline. But my opinion of it took a complete 180 the second time around! The only reason I saw it the second time was because a friend wanted to go and see it and I relented. I was pleased I did!

    It’s a very abstract film so it isn’t for those that like things that are more or less spelled out for them. It is also VERY creepy and contains many layers.

  16. The secret life of Walter Mitty!!

    When I first saw the poster the I thought it was one of the boring movies of been Stiller. Starred and directed by Ben Stiller himself, I was expecting it to be the same crappy movie as his other movies.

    But boy was I wrong. What an incredible masterpiece this movie was. Stunning visuals and plot, this movie is everything a person needs in their life at least once. Not to forget the amazing background music. this movie filled me with happiness.this movie gives us a sense of freedom that no other movie gives. I'd definitely recommend this movie to everyone out there.

    This movie had my full respect it deserved after the delivery of the below dialogue.

    Beautiful things don't ask for attention.


  17. I recently watched the movie Get Out. To be honest, when I first saw the trailer I thought this was going to be some sort of floppy parody dark comedy movie although the genre is Horror in its entirety. So I watched it without any high expectations. But, Get Out totally exceeded my preset opinion! It was highly unpredicatble and the pase was surprisingly good. I totally recomend you give it a shot.

  18. Arrival.

    I thought it would be boring and corny, but it turned out to be unique and honestly great.

    Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner killed it. I absolutely love these two as actors.

    The twist was cool, and the aliens looked quite unique.

    I never though I’d be entertained by a montage of aliens learning language, but fuck it, I loved it.

    All in all, was expecting 2/10, gave it an 8/10 by the end.

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