What does it mean if you are so lonely you don't mind being catcalled?

I think maybe the person being catcalled could be needing to make real, true friends. Get busy doing things with people. That kind of attention is just based on external, not internal.

Or maybe it makes your self esteem boost a little because you may depend on others for validation. Lots of people have this problem. If it is a problem or just human nature! Nothing is wrong with a little self esteem boost, hopefully from within most of the time.

I've been lonely and I'm being honest about it being hard sometimes to make true friends. Start out a little at a time and say hello to people and talk about the weather at first.

Then maybe engage in small conversations and before you know it. ..you have the beginning of a friendship.

Love yourself and know you deserve not to be lonely. You see I've been there myself!!

Hope I was helpful!

How did you meet your significant other?

In my building.

I had shifted to Bombay to pursue my graduation sometime in mid July 2015. Since it was my first time away from home, Bombay felt very scary initially. And the building where I lived was even scarier. THIS!

But then I saw him for the first time. He lived right upstairs with his 3 other roommates. We took dinner from the same lady who lived right next to his apartment. My roommates and I somehow got to know that the boys studied in Narsee Monjee College and I was in Mithibai.

Narsee Monjee College has this amazing festival, Umang and they had Aayushman Khurana perform at the pronite then. I wanted the tickets badly. So I thought of arranging them from the boys upstairs. That was the first time we talked, on 13th August 2015. I asked for a couple of tickets and he managed to get them for us.

After a week, one night, around 3, I was going out to do something, I don't quite remember and as I opened the door, I saw two white balloons which had something written on them. It read, “Will you guys be our friends?” and some ridiculous cartoon face on it. My roommate and I just melted! So we wrote “we would love to be friends with you all” and kept that letter outside their door.

The next night, they gave us a letter again and that is how it all started. Through letters. Asking random stuff. Both of us kind off flirted (through the letters btw). Played truth and dare till 3 in the morning. This kept going on for two nights at a stretch and then finally we exchanged numbers.

Yes this was kiddish and so cheesy and filmy and what not. But since then I started loving Bombay more than ever.

Who is the best gastroenterologist in Jaipur?

Mangalam hospital jaipur is the best Hospital For Gastroenterologists In Jaipur Our Gastroenterologist is staunch to the management of diseases of the digestive and separability systems in children and adults. The hospital offer expert care in both surgical and medical gastroenterology.

In SRM will they say important questions for btech first year?

Not just for first year but for every year. Faculties throughout your engineering will be discussing important topics and questions of their respective subjects with you from exam point of view.

And in nut shell, I must state that scoring in SRM is actually easy. So don't worry much about it rather try to learn as many skills as possible that would help you in the future.

Which is the best headphone in Rs 6000?

Hello there 🙂

Hope you’re doing great

I’ve some recommendation for you

1.Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Black)

  • Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music(EDM)
  • 30 mm closed, dynamic driver unit for powerful EXTRA BASS sound
  • Portable, swivel folding design for listening on the go
  • Cushioned ear pads for long-wearing comfort
  • Tangle free flat serration cord for reducing tangling
  • Match your style with Vivid colours
  • Flashy metallic finish housing

2.JBL T250SI On-Ear Headphone (Black)

  • High-power drivers deliver JBL sound with bass you can feel
  • Lightweight construction of earcups
  • Self-adjust earcups for a comfortable fit
  • 3.5mm gold-plated connector for high quality music reproductions
  • High power magnetic drivers
  • 20 to 20kHz dynamic frequency range with 32 ohms impedance

Hope you liked

P.S. First one I’ve used.

Thanks for reaching here 🙂


How to feel about people using Quora to answer college questions and are you happy to help a good mark

I’m quite happy provided the questions and answers result in knowledge being shared and someone is learning something.

If someone thinks they will get a better pass by letting others answer textbook questions rather than attempting some themselves, they are just fooling themselves. Examinations will soon uncover how little they know.

However, if someone needs to see a worked example of a problem and then tackles similar problems themselves, then all power to them. They deserve every success for utilising the resources at hand for their own education.

Not only are they learning, but a resource able to be used by others is a by product.

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Is rhetorical hyperbole better than hyperbolic rhetoric?

“This hot day is going to kill me if I don't drink water soon”. My doctor advised drinking more of it my last visit, so you know it's what we should do instead of drinking all that soda on our lunch breaks.


My doctor told me that I need to start drinking more of it , so you know it's what we should start drinking instead of all that soda on our lunch breaks. “oh this water is such a life saver on such a melting hot day, now I feel alive again and able to work all night”.

I favor leading with hyperbole speech of my own in stead of the rhetoric which can be as recycled speech at times.