What kinds of reaction do people give to pain? Does screaming really reduce it?

I am not really into hormones, so I dont know if screaming makes the brain release a hormone.

But lets imagine that you are alone, and you hit your arm to door. You would probably blow some air from your nose, trim tour eyes, and walk on while rubbing your arm.

Now imagine the same situation, but with someone you love (Girlfriend or boyfriend would work better). After hitting your arm, you would probably start moaming, or scream a litlle bit. In that situation, the thing we are trying to do is not making our brain release some hormones. We are trying to take the attention. In cases like this, the attention is the main reason we are moaning. We are all human, and we all ned that kind of attention from time to time, there is no need to hide it.

Another theory I can make is screaming against pain is a primitive reflex. Maybe our ancestors did this to ceasefire an enemy, or to call help when being attacked. If this was a defense mechanism and it worked well, our ancestoes with this gene managed to survive against violative situations and were able to spread their genes.

I give less chance to last theory. Since everyone screams different from each other, this makes me rhink that it’s a learned reflex. You can observe this difference best when you think of different languages and cultures. For example only English speakers say “Ouch” (It might be so for just me though).

I think, we can understand if a scream is primitive or attention-seeker one by checking it. If it is something like “Ouch”, we can say it is not primitive (Because Primitive reflexes are capable of suppressing the other ones). But if it is something like “Argh”, it was probably a painful crush.

Why can't America have universal healthcare like Canada does?

Why can’t America have universal healthcare like Canada does?

Because America is a very different country than Canada and Americans have a very different concept of what they want for medical care. The large majority of Americans are used to timely medical appointments, the latest and greatest technology with nuclear medicine this and robotic that, private not shared hospital rooms, the most highly trained doctors in the world, and access to all of the newer pharmaceuticals.

Unfortunately that costs a whole lot of money.

How is Canada and America different? Canada has 35 million people. America has 325 million people. Yet Canada has a very restrictive immigration policy (not unlike Australia). To immigrate to Canada, the large majority have to demonstrate their ability to be more than self sufficient. The impoverished immigrant to Canada is the exception, not the rule.

As we know, in America the large majority of new immigrants have been poor, often undocumented and most commonly uneducated.

You always hear the argument that Canada’s experience doesn’t scale. I’m not sure that is the way to look at it. California has 38 million people. Let’s take a look at that comparison of similar population numbers

California just attempted to pass a universal care law, which by the way Governor Jerry Brown expressed skepticism about even before the analysis (“I’m not sure how we can pay for something like that.”)

Sure enough, the analysis showed that universal care would cost California $400 billion. The state budget is $140 billion. Op-Ed: Democrats' single-payer health-care dream just became a nightmare

Universal care in California obviously couldn’t be done economically without a big cost reduction.

How do you get a big cost reduction? You ration care, which is what Canada does.

You decide that people of a certain age can’t get certain treatments or are put on waiting lists that continue year after year. For example, very few elderly patients in Canada get elective hip replacement or spine surgery. Of course if you fall and break a hip, you get fixed. But having to walk around in your older years with a bad hip is poor quality of life. You can also decide that there are certain medications or chemotherapy that is too expensive to be used. Waiting lists for MRIs can take more than 6 months and sometimes more than a year. When it comes to waiting for health care, Canada is last in line – Macleans.ca

Americans are not ready for that. As Paul Krugman, liberal economist for the New York Times commented, universal care in America would more closely approximate Medicaid, America’s healthplan for the poor, rather than Medicare, America’s healthplan for older Americans. That is how the economics of medicine pencil out. Health Reform Is Hard

What games do you recommend I play in my laptop?

It depends on what kind of laptop you have (Windows/Apple/High-end/Low-end). But taking the average, here are a few games that in my opinion are very good and will run (relatively) well on most laptops:

Team Fortress 2 (free): if you are looking for an FPS game, but don't mind slightly less-detailed graphics, Team Fortress 2 (or TF2 for short ) is a great game which offers lots of character customisations, many weapons, maps and (for me) best of all; a great community (YouTubers). There are many gamemodes with many different objectives and you can also join Community servers to play with each other. Although you can mess around in the game quite a bit, you can also play competitive in competitive mode or Mann vs Machine. It runs on basically all machines, since it is quite an old game (2007), so it looks a bit cartoonish. I play this game every day on my laptop and I don't see myself stop playing it in the next couple of years either.

Asphalt 8(free): Asphalt 8 is both a mobile arcade-racing game and a Windows game (Microsoft Store on Windows laptops (or through bootcamp/VMware on Mac)). I've been playing this game for about half a year now and I'm really enjoying it. The graphics are very good and lag is nowhere to be found (since it will also run on mobile devices). Good cars are quite easy to get, although the very good cars require more resources, which in my opinion should be fixed since they sometimes are too difficult to obtain, without hacking the game or waiting 49.33 years. The game includes a lot of cars and many race-locations. One thing I don't like about the game is that it is, unlike TF2, not really skill based. Most of the time you win a race because you've spent a lot of time upgrading an expensive car, not by skill. Luckily there are many cars which are great and cheap to upgrade, thus still making the game enjoyable.

Poly Bridge (€11,99): if you want a puzzle-simulation game Poly Bridge is a great game on laptops (when played on the lowest settings). Your goal is to build bridges that hold cars using wood, steel, ropes, cables and hydraulics. The minimalistic look and feel is pleasing for when you are not in the mood for FPS games or other games that require attention. Overall I often play this in the evening when I would normally read a book or solve a puzzle.

These where some of my picks for laptop gaming. I play on no other machine than my 5 year old MacBook Pro 13″, which runs all of these games with ease (on lower settings). Other games like CS:GO and Skyrim (or similar older games) are also playable, but I personally like the ones mentioned above better. Of course Minecraft is always an option too ; )

How to be perfect in any chapter so that I can do any question related to that chapter only for JEE Mains (not Advanced)

This is Easy…

Thinking is the most important thing.

Once u think that u have to do it then u can achieve anything in life with your hardwork.

Considering mains as ur target..


  • Read ncert thoroughly. Clear every doubt you have (with ur teachers, internet). It helps a lot.
  • Follow the same pattern in ncert chapter wise given . Solve the exercise.Check your answers.
  • Any doubts in chapter for clearing concepts… Search YouTube Ashish Arora sir physics Galaxy.
  • When ur done with this then take DC Pandey revise the summary and start solving level wise questions.
  • Make some short notes and stick them at your study table.


  • The heart of jee students is very easy and you can do it with maximum efficiency and accuracy with sufficient practice.
  • Read nce

Why were white women in the 1970s so extremely white?

It must have been from all those floppy hats and big collars they wore. Or, maybe it was drug-induced pallor.

(Did you know that the “SPF” standard was introduced in 1974? In those days, “2” was pretty good.)

I think fashion and reaction to the changing racial landscape were at the root of this perception.

A lot of Sixties and Seventies fashions were dedicated to looking backward and re-using items from the past. The velvets of the Carnaby Street fop look. Granny glasses. Long hair on men. Peacock feathers and potted ferns. Halston’s Greco-Roman silhouettes. Pasty whiteness in women was considered retro. It recalled the sheltered lives of upper class white women of the past even as women of the time were asserting themselves in all arenas, often acquiring tanned skin in the process. The old pedestal of white womanhood, which included white riots, unreliable birth control, and mi

How to use my own anecdote in a third-person essay

It’s no longer ‘your’ anecdote

See, there was this guy see (not me) – anyhoo, this Dude was out strolling downtown late at night and he was Blasting … I mean this gentleman was long past staggering but still on his feet… just making his way teetering and tottering back to his hotel (not my hotel). So on the way, he just happens to have to walk by 5 police cars, lights flashing, police everywhere, walkie-talkies cracking …and HE FREAKS OUT … yeah like they’d send 5 cars after one walking Inebriant ?!? … doesn’t matter – he calmly …sure right…calmly … walks across a four lane road ON A RED LIGHT … in front of 5 police cars and police … like THAT was supposed to make things look better

They just watched … they were after some real criminal not a falling down guy. He was STARING at them … and trying to be nonchalant though completely wrecked and then he WAITED for the ‘walk sign’ .. why? He didn’t know … or just realized he crossed on a red in front of the Authorities …who didn’t care … or he just needed a