What are some of the crazy things you have done when in love or infatuated?

I find myself highly qualified to answer this question. I have done some really stupidly crazy things for my so called love-interests. I should warn you in advance that this is going to be long.

The first stupid thing I did that I consider mentioning was when I was in 12th. Love affairs were considered clandestine business during those days(Though it was only 6 or 7 years ago). I got infatuated with this one girl in my class.This was the first time when someone had actually returned my affections so obviously I fell head over heels for her. At that time, mobile phones were a luxury only few had. Generally, we talked when she got her mother's phone.(That's what she used to tell me. It was a long time after, that i found out that she had her own cellphone.) So both of us had decided to have a fixed time when we could text each other. She used to text me first and then when she had to give the phone back to her mother(Or when she got bored of me), she texted me “a single full stop”. That used to be my cue to stop texting. So, one day in the morning we were talking and I texted her “I'm so madly in love with you.”

Now, the telephone services at that time weren’t known for there prompt message delivery. And I had a BSNL number. That day too my service provider kept up its mantle of Late Deliveries. My message wasn’t delivered. What more was that I received another message from her containing “the dreadful full stop”. I got a bit scared, thinking about the consequences that I might face if someone else reads the message. Now this girl had an elder brother. And he had a very bad reputation. And I was a teenager back then with no experience of quarrels and street fights. So, naturally I was scared of him. I was getting late for school so I pushed my worries aside (because the attendance takes priority over all the mortal affairs of a student) took a bath and was changing when the phone rang. I picked it up and all I heard was someone sobbing at the other end.

Me: H..Hello…Kya hua? (What happened?)

Her: (sobbing) Sab Khatam ho gya.(Everything’s over.)

at that moment I felt like someone has churned my gut in a blender.

Me: Kya hua? Btao to. (what happened? Tell me.)

Her: Bhai ko pata chal gya. He read your message. Tum kaise itne bewakoof ho sakte ho. He wants to meet you. Ghar aao warna wo ja rhe hain tumhare ghar. (Brother has come to know. How could you be so stupid. Come to my house or he is going to yours.)

Now, one thing about me, I am afraid of many things but the most scary thing that trumps everything else is a phenomena called “My Parents”.

Me: Wait, ask him to stay for a while. I’ll come after school.

Her: Tumhe meri fikar nahi hai. Tumhe bas school ki fikr hai. Bhai ja rhe.(You don’t care about me. You only care about the school. Brother is going.)

So, I did what a perfectly sensible, parent-fearing teenager would have done. I picked up my bicycle and raced to her home. What actually had happened was that his brother was playing SNAKE-2 on her phone when my service provider thought that it was the right time to deliver the love text. So, I had practically sent a love confession to her brother. Anyway, she lived near the school so I still had a small minuscule hope that I’d be able to get out of this in one piece and will miraculously enter my class like a boss.(I’m pretty optimistic and very much influenced by the Indian cinema. And I consider myself no less than Akshay Kumar in International Khiladi.)

So, I went to her home. Alone and scared. Her brother opened the gates and allowed me in. I tried to gauge the atmosphere and my chances from is face. I failed. We sat in his room. He sat across me. I noticed one other person in the room. He was his friend. Both were staring at me as if they were contemplating how to cook me so that I could be palatable to the very least.

Bro: Kuch bolna hai?(Anything you want to say?)

I remained silent.

Bro: Mauka de rha hu. Bol le.(I’m giving you the chance, so speak up)

Me:(still silent)

Then something totally unexpected happened. His friend took out a gun(It was a pistol) removed its magazine, and started counting the bullets. There were 5 in it. And then my stupid brain froze.

His Friend: To tumne decide kar liya hai kya? Kaha le jaoge body?(So you’ve decided? where are you going to take the body?)

Bro: We’ll see. I’ve thought of something.

He loaded the magazine and gave him the pistol. I was frozen on my seat.

Bro: Bol ab bhi mauka hai.(Speak. You still have a chance.)

Me: (I don’t know what came to me, I blurted) Bhaiya, sab meri taraf se tha. I had saved that message in my drafts. I sent it by mistake. Maine jan k nahi kiya kuch. Wo to baat bhi nahi krti mujhse.(Brother, it was all from my side. I didn’t do it intentionally. She doesn’t even talks to me.)

Now, this is the stupidest thing that I had ever done. I could have told the truth and saved myself. But instead I chose to give him a lame lie to save that girl.

Bro: Beta tu din gin. Tu to gya. Bol to abhi khatm kar du. Usne kaha ki tu use text karta hai.(Son, you’re gone. Count your days. If you want I can finish you now. She told me that you text her.)

I wasn’t able to comprehend his last words. I thought I heard it wrong. How could she not stand up for me. I don’t know what happened to me then. Maybe, I went on auto pilot.

Me:(even I was surprised by my words and the way I was acting at gunpoint) Marna hai to mar hi do, main kya kar sakta hu ab. Ab to ho gya. Aage se ni hoga that I can promise you.(If you want to kill me then kill me now, what can I do about it. I can promise you that it won’t happen again.)

Even those two were shocked to see the way this chubby teenager was talking to them. The discussed something among themselves. Meanwhile, I felt very calm.

Bro: Get lost from my house. And start counting your days. I won’t kill you so easily.

That was my cue. I got up and left the room, took my cycle and walked slowly to the corner of the road. It was already late for school. So, I sat up on my bicycle and pedaled hard, like satan himself is chasing me. I made up some excuses for my parents. But that was when I realized that how stupid I was to think of this as love. I had my friends and elders, who were way more powerful than him. So, he never even got to scratch me. The girl tried to talk to me again and really begged to get back. And then I did something stupid again. I got carried away. But it didn’t last long. It was later that I came to know that she had a few more guys like me as her boyfriends. Well, she was my first love and I took a stand for her. Didn’t get much in return though.

Years later I did another very stupid thing for a girl I fell for in college. I fought with my best friend over her. And I pushed her away for that girl. On her birthday I did something that I never had done for anyone in my life. I planned her birthday party. And I made her a string art. It was a 3 ft x 1.5 ft wooden plank on which I wrote her name with nails and tied threads on it. It was beautiful. But it didn’t work out well. For some reasons. Things got complicated. I got royally FRIENDZONED. Then, I decided to end things.

It was something like this but instead of “dream” I had written her name.

These and some other things were few of the most painful and scary things I had to face in my life. But, they taught me something. And even though I don’t know about other but I’m sure that I have had an interesting life till now. And I still have a long way to go. And all these experiences have taught me something or the other. So, I am really thankful to everyone involved. This post has become too long and I don’t want people to consider me stupid so I will now stop recounting my foolish encounters in life. Though I still feel that they’re very interesting.

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  1. Since I have been infatuated by soooo many girls, let them collectively call P (Wink)

    Bathed even in Winters

    I never even bathed during summers before going to school, but P made me a clean boy *Wink*. The guy who did not even bath in summers, started bathing in winters too before going to school.

    Started Writing

    I was not a born writer, I never used to write. One day, I wrote a shayari at back of my notebook. P read it, and said it was beautiful.

    Result- I started writing poetry and shayaris. This helped me later, as I began to express myself through them.

    Started Studying harder

    I started studying the hardest in class X.
    So that this girl P if asks me something, I am able to answer it, So that she would not have to go to someone else (Jealousy?, ehh maybe)

    P.S.- She just asked the most difficult sums of Physics and Maths.

    Behaved Properly

    I am short tempered. I always used to shout at my friends when I got angry due to any of their action. But later, I kept calm at the time when she was around.

    P.S.- I blew out my anger once she wasn’t around *WINK*

    Sacrificed Sleep/Time

    P told me that she wasn’t well so she would sleep early. I knew the fact that there are -100% chances that she would come online, I used to keep myself awake till 3 a.m. thinking, that if she wakes up and comes, she would find me available.

    (Manic? Uggh Maybe)

    Attentive towards looks

    “Bhai baal theek lag re hai naa?”
    (Brother, are hair looking fine?)


    “Aise rakhunga to zada acha lagunga, ya vaise rakhunga tab?”
    (If I keep them this way, will I look good, or if I keep them the other way?)

    “Takla karalega to zada acha lagega”
    (You will look good with bald head)


    “Bhai, Yeh bata, vo shirt me patla dikhta hu, usme bhe dikhta hu, kuch bata yaar kya pehnu?”
    (Brother, I look skinny in that shirt, I look skinny in other shirt too, what should I do?”

    “Khaana Khaa bc”
    (Eat food)


    “Kuch mehek raha hai?”
    (Can you smell something?)

    “Haan, Did you fart?”

    “BC, Deo daala hai”
    (I used Deo)

    Typing speed Increased

    Increased by infinite times.

    Available 24*7

    Needs no elaboration.!

    Prepared Song

    I heard her saying, “He sings so well”

    Result- Started practicing singing in spite of ruined lungs and heavy voice. Sigh.

    And finally”

    Learned To lie.

    “Arjun, If you are jealous then….”
    “No no, Jealousy and Bura lagne ka to feature he nahi hai mere me”
    (I do not have the feature of getting jealous)


    “Ache lag rahe hoo?”
    (Am I looking good?”)
    “Haa bahut. Mashallah!”
    (Ofcourse, that too a lot)


    “Jhut bol re ho?”
    (Are you lying?)
    “Jhut bolne ka to feature he naa hai”
    (I do not have the feature of lying)


    “Aaj meri uss ladke se baat hue der tak”
    (Today I had a chat with that guy for a long time)
    “Are waah, Good good 🙂 :)”
    (Wow, that’s nice)

    Ban gaya kutta (Wink)

    Spread love!

  2. I stalked her on quora.

    Yep, simple.

    One fine day when everything was going perfect in my life, a hurricane decided to knock me off my senses. Yep, that was her!

    Twinkling eyes, beautiful face, child like smile! Ufff!!

    Found her name out from the office database. Yes, same office. Zero guts. Decided to stalk her on social media.

    Alas! I don't have an fb,Insta or twitter account. One last try on quora. Yep, I found her! with that heavenly smile of hers. I was too scared to send her a message and also she did not seem very active on quora.

    0 answers, 0 questions, had upvoted a few answers, that too very rarely. Was very disappointed. But decided not to give up!

    Would check her profile everyday in the hope of some activity and intention of sending her a message. Could never muster the courage.

    Finally one fine day, some activity! She had asked a question, a very simple one which in my head had an equally simple and to the point answer. But No, I wasn't going to let this chance of drawing her attention towards me go by with a simple,forgetful answer. Nope!

    I researched. Spent days and came up with a mind blowing(in my opinion) answer hoping it would blow her mind off and she'd die to be friends with me.

    Alas! None of this happend. It's been a month with zero upvotes to that answer.

    All I needed was that one upvote!

    Boys stalk on Facebook. Men stalk on linked in. Legends stalk on Quora!

    A ; )

  3. Woah. A perfect question for what i’ve done.

    You all know about reputed IIT coaching centres in India, one of them was Narayana IIT Academy. For god’s sake my father joined me there. I wasn't interested in JEE at all. Our branch(Madhapur,Hyderabad) used to have 8 blocks. Out of them one block was for girls. Whenever we get outing we just walk past the girls block like Rajnikanth , ogling them and what not. During 11th board (inter 1st year) exams the seating was such that some % of students from each block of these 8 blocks were in one centre.

    In my exam centre was this girl named Kavya. Man, she was so pretty. It was maths exam, dude I couldn't take my eyes off her. I didn't get the chance to talk to her after exams. Finally I counted the bench she was sitting and calculated her hall ticket. Put that number in the exam-website and got to know that she is from girls block of our college. I was in cloud nine. Along with me, my friends too found their soulmates at the centre. Haha !

    The craziness we did was too epic, there were so many incidents but look at this

    Yes, this is the OMR sheet we get to bubble for Mains Mock tests which were held weekly. One of my friend did this and he got it signed from the Invigilator. ( They were so chill then)

    Then one day we posted it on Facebook when we were high. I didn't get much positive response from the girl but after that my Facebook flooded with girls requests from that block who called me cool :’)

    Damn, inter days were the best.

    PS : My nickname was Rikki

  4. It was 2006. We met in a Yahoo Chatroom. I was studying engineering in Maharashtra and she was in Delhi. We were hot and heavy, the connection was pretty strong. It had been 2 months since we were talking on the phone 24/7 and it was quite clear that we liked each other a LOT. The only thing that remained was we didn’t meet till then.

    So one night we were talking over the phone and she asked me, what if she tells me something about her, would i still keep loving her? I was pretty sure, that nothing could change my love for her so i said absolutely! . She had been with few guys before me but nothing serious, few guys she met online and had sort of made out with them and had sex with one of them, she was quite embarrassed when she told me all this but all she wanted to be was honest with me at the very start of this relationship. I was little taken aback by this and didn’t know how to respond. So i went blank for few seconds. Next, i hear her sobbing on the phone. I tried to convince her that, my stand on our relationship hasn’t changed and this won’t matter in future but she keeps crying. I try everything to calm her but to no avail. It was around 4 A.M in the morning, i told her that i’m feeling sleepy and i’ll call her when i wake up.

    So i packed my bag and traveled from Maharashtra to Delhi in general coach in December winters without ticket, i used to live in a hostel and money was a rare commodity. I reached around evening and called her, she couldn’t believe that i am in Delhi. She had been trying my phone all day but it was switched off due to low battery.

    She came to meet me. To this day,she remains the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. There was this stupid smile on her face that i can never forget. We spent next 7 days together, loving each other crazily, i proposed her officially on my knee while walking around IIT Delhi right in the middle of the road. The love i felt was surreal, it was so fuckin strong that every time i saw her for those 7 days, it gave me goosebumps. We made out everywhere, in the parking lot of Delhi Haat, in CCD in theatres and in autos without a care in the world if people saw us.

    I know it sounds stupid but that love was something i had never experienced before and i am thankful for this.

  5. Warning:It might not sound crazy but this is the only thing I have done which I can remotely relate to the question.

    One night I was watching the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) in my hostel room(I am an Engineering Junior). It got over by around 11 30. Needless to say, the movie was epic.
    I was exhausted and had initially planned of crashing after the movie. I don't know if it was the movie but right after the movie got over, I put some romantic songs from my playlist and was making my bed. Then, I got this sudden urge to see her picture. I had a couple of pictures of her performing in my college cultural festival in my laptop.Then I logged into my Facebook account to see her other pictures. ( She is my Facebook friend). I browsed through her pictures ( for the 200th time I guess ) with the romantic number playing in the background.
    Then I saw one particular picture of her in which she was wearing a black saree and was looking stunning as usual. It was 12 20 am and I got up,took an A4 sheet of paper and a pencil and started sketching her 😐 (Yes, I do a bit of pencil sketching when I am utterly bored and highly enthusiastic – very rarely. )It was impulsive and I didn't feel the tiredness I was feeling sometime back. It took me 2 hours to complete the sketch and satisfied with my effort I slept at 2 30 am that night.
    P.S I proposed to her a year back and she gave me a No ( Not her fault.Not mine either ). Waiting for an Yes with lots of love and hope 🙂

    Sorry if I've disappointed you.I just couldn't resist answering this question.

  6. Their was this girl in my college I grew very fond off with time. I always wanted to make her feel special. She was a big fan of Theo James. So after planning months in advance I got her an signed autograph of Theo James, to be gifted on her bday. Believe me I never worked so hard even for my boards.

    And the d-day arrived gave her the gift.

    She : Thanks. (and left.)

    Me : Oh! ok Bye… (WTF…., atleast talk to me for few minutes. I deserved it.)

    (Though we had many long conv.. afterwards.)

    So college ended, and her bday was about to come, I had to plan something much different, Then started working on an AI assistant, couldn’t complete it by her bday, but eventually made a working model named it after her, then showed her.

    (Here are a couple of screen shots of the app.)

    And my luck was so f**king bad. She was using an Iphone and I made an Android app. (I didn’t know she was using an Iphone, we stopped talking due to some reasons.) But yeah! I hope she used it in any other device.

    Believe me had I worked so hard on my startup it would have been worth millions by now. (ok.. jk.)

    I was so bad in giving surprises that I always used to end up telling her everything before hand. Got her many different things on many occasions but hardly gave her any. Used to be available to her whenever she wanted. Maybe that was my mistake. Now whenever I think of all that. I feel idiotic.

    Its amazing how our human brain develops emotions and feelings for someone, which sometimes makes us not have control on what we say or what we do. And how it causes pain in times of distress. And in time when u realize that nothing matters in this vast universe. You feel elated and enlightened. 🙂

    Their are guys out their girls, who silently care and do things for you that others wouldn’t even dare to try. Treat them nice.

    Edit : A user asked me, whether I hate her now. No I don't, till the end I supported and cared for her, I did feel f***ed up for a few weeks. But what's the point. All I wanted was her to be happy. I wish her a bright future and hope she achieves all her dreams. (I still feel very stupid when I remember all that.)

  7. For most of people reading this question will make them think of something romantic but when I write, I am referring to the love I have for my baby brother(he is 20 years old now, but will always be a baby brother to me).
    It was a birthday party of one of our relatives hosted at some fancy restaurant, we went there early so that we could start munching on the starters….undisturbed. If you go after a crowd has already set in there will always be someone beside you who has less interest in eating and more interest in gossiping….:/
    So there we were waiting for the cake cutting session…you see we couldn't start the main course before that..:P
    Finally we started the main course, we lived far from that place and had to start early. Suddenly I realized my brother was no where nearby. I started searching for him. I even risked going to the danger zone..where people had gone haywire dancing madly just so that I could find my brother and we could start eating and damn my phone network…apparently there was no network inside the restaurant which was inside a mall. I didn't even think of going outside to call my brother because I was thinking that he was somewhere inside, I needed to find whereas all the while THE IDIOT was outside because he couldn't whatsApp inside.
    I was really angry and wanted to slap him but instead shouted and asked him to start eating, we already had started.
    Now comes the important part, the bDay cake was kept along with the sweet dishes, so whoever finished first took a separate plate to have it.
    Now my brother is generally not really fond of bDay cake with lots of cream, but he just asked me is the cake good. I had an opportunity of tasting it when my cousin completed her cake cutting ritual.
    I said it was pretty good.(It had to be good it was a chocolate cake from French Loaf)
    I could see from my brother's face that he wanted to have it. I glanced at the queue and the number of pieces of cake that remained on the container. I didn't need me to be Einstein to see that by the time my brother finished his meal the cake would be finished. So I did which I never I thought I would do. I had already had one round of sweet offerings, darshan, bDay cake and ice cream. I bypassed the people standing on the queue and went near the ice cream container as if I just wanted a second offering of ice cream and promptly picked up the last piece of bDay cake along with the pieces of chocolate that remained for my brother..:P
    I didn't even look at the people at the queue, very probably they were annoyed…it was the last piece.
    My brother looked at my plate and asked "you having another piece" I gave him a cat like smile and said
    "This is for you….:)"

  8. When I was in 8th grade, I was totally over the moon with this cute girl. We were good friends. The incident happened on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

    Yeah, yeah – go ahead and judge me :P, I was young and stupid, I still am.

    Valentine was a new concept and I knew whatever I could gather from television and Hollywood movies. I decided I should give her something.

    I shared this with my best friend and we all know how best friends are.

    He advised me to go anonymous and send her the gifts. In case, if she did not like the gifts, then nothing will come back to me and in case, if she likes them, then I can tell her it was me.

    I bought some really expensive chocolates, a Paco Rabanne perfume, a greeting card and a poem copied from the internet. I got the items gift wrapped.

    On the eventful day, I was the first one to enter the school; I carefully kept the items on her desk and disappeared from the crime scene. I came back after some time when the classroom was little occupied. As soon as the teacher enters the classroom, her friend shouts out ‘Ma’am, X got valentine gifts from her LOVER’, yes, she said ‘LOVER’.

    My crush was visibly very embarrassed.

    During the recess, she pulled a chair and sat near my desk and asked me, ‘Would you know who send me these things?’ I have no idea, I said. She said, at least we get to eat chocolates. She said, although I like the gifts and the gesture but a name on the card would have better rather than not knowing who really likes me, plus her friend made the situation embarrassing for her in the morning. She said a few more things, but I was lost over her cute nose and dimple cheeks.

    She was just about to share some chocolates with me and at that moment, from nowhere, my best friend comes in and says ‘oh, he told, it was him’; ‘you guys make a cute couple’. Her face turned red, she withdrew her hand, looked meanly at me, got up, sat her at desk, gobbled up all the chocolates, came to me and said, as a punishment you need to bring me some more chocolates tomorrow. In the meantime, all of my classmates came to know, it was me and X has shown interest in demanding more chocolates.

    I was called ‘Romeo’ until the end of the semester.

    Yes, I got more chocolates for her, had to borrow money from my little Sister, my kid sister spitefully gave some money from her pocket money.

    X and I are still good friends, she still looks like a million dollar Barbie. And, we still share a laugh about this incident. After finishing her school, she moved to Australia for further studies and then got married there; we try to keep in touch.

    I feel I liked being called ‘Romeo’ back then :P.

  9. There are many. Some of them are:

    1. Walked 3 miles to and fro to get Maftal Spas from Drug store (tablet consumed during period) for her to relief her from pain. (Didn’t have bike and no public transport around 2 AM).
    2. Had put up Birthday wishes on a billboard size of 28*14 foot at a junction near her apartment to surprise her.
    3. Travelled 90 miles with medicine from Mumbai to Pune out of affection and love to be with her whenever she had fallen ill.
    4. Decorated her room with 300+ balloons on her birthday.
    5. During deputation in Accra, travelled 43 miles daily from work to see her and have dinner with her and then back home by early morning.
    6. Sold my old phones to buy her GMAT books. (yeah she could buy all herself but I could not say NO when she asked despite being jobless then).

    Being crazy in love is awesome but its crazier when its reciprocated.

    No Matter How Good You Are, Remember You are always Replaceable !!

    Peace !

  10. I told her to confess her love to the one she loved.


    I’ll try to keep it short and won’t dig too deep.

    I feel in love with my best friend around 5 years ago but never confessed it. I always thought that she deserved a better person than me. Couple months later she told me that she is attracted to a childhood friend with whom she was still in contact with.

    She grew up in a conservative family and has never been in a relationship before. I told her to go for it if she wants to.

    She did.

    I always thought that someday in the near future I would tell her the truth and just walk away if she was happy in her relationship.

    They had been in a relationship all along but recently she told me that she doesn't feel the same way. How he was not the prince charming she always fell he was. Moreover, she confessed that she might have some feeling for a co-worker of her. We discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that the first relationship she had was a product of infatuation mixed with bad decision making. She left the city for her post graduation and now she usually tells me how she misses the company of her colleague still being in the relationship with the childhood friend. She is too confused to take any decision so I told her not to get stressed about it and we will deal with the situation once I move there for my job.

    Being good guy sucks sometimes.

  11. “What's your seat number?” I asked him after we had been allotted our berths for Hyderabad school trip.

    His was 23.

    Mine was 2.

    But I knew how to make things right.

    (Background: I studied in the school owned by my parents. We live on the 2nd floor and the school's office is at ground level.)

    I discreetly logged in through my Dad's computer at home, opened “Documents” of the Office's computer (connected through LAN) and searched for the seat allotment file.

    It was an Excel sheet which took me about a few minutes to edit and place me & my friends quite nearer to my crush.


    So, to all the students who believed that I would top the exams by hacking into the Office's computers; the only time I did so, was to get a freaking berth near my crush. Sorry to disappoint you.

  12. N.B.: It was unrequited.

    • Phase I: The beginnings
    • Search for moments just to be able to talk to her.
    • Act all crazy and not me in front of her just to see her smile.
    • Ignore my friends and go to her and talk.
    • (Initial days) Stare at the wall for prolonged hours, wondering if she likes me. Why did she laugh so hard at my joke? I'm sure I saw her pupils get diluted!
    • Spend hours searching Google/Quora for “What kind of boys do girls like?”, “How to know if a girl likes you?”, “How to make a girl fall for you?”
    • Ruin my studies and think of her all the time. (No this was not under my control)
    • Leave the exam hall earlier because she does the same, and be able to talk to her, for like, 35 seconds.
    • Got angry because she told me about her boyfriend. Fuck! She has a boyfriend! Why didn't she tell me earlier? I'll never talk to her again!
    • Stalked her on Facebook, Instagram to be able to find any evidence of her having a boyfriend. Didn't find any.
    • (Should've stopped there, but nope.) She's lying. I don't think she has a boyfriend.
    • Went to college next day, to find chances to be able to talk to her, kept on doing this.
    • Phase II: Messaging
    • Started texting her during the semester break.
    • Would find reasons to text her. Someone's texted her without a reason, “Hey! How was your day?”
    • Would wait eagerly for her replies, which would come after 3–4 hours.
    • Get elated when she texted first.
    • Became a night owl, because she was one!
    • Listen to her. Everything. Even when she spoke about the time she spent with her boyfriend.
    • Ask her for movie recommendations. She'd recommend emotional movies, and I'd reply to her about how the movie was.
    • Phase III: Depression
    • Realised that she'll never be mine.
    • Started having panic attacks. Her thoughts would come to me everyday. She was killing me.
    • Decided to move on. It should be easy, wouldn't it?
    • Battled anxiety. The overwhelming sadness that I'll lose her. Dumbass who asked you to get attached so much?
    • Cried! Cried! Criiiiiied!
    • Stopped talking to her, but would still like her pictures. (Would like her pics within 0.245 seconds of uploading. We provide the best service in the world.)
    • Unfollowed her everywhere. Archived the chats.
    • Now she doesn't talk to me. She's found new friends.
    • Most important thing I did: Followed Aasees Kaur. Learned the importance of success. Trying to love myself and focus on my studies, so that the price tag doesn't bother me anymore. Maybe I'll find someone along the way… you know, lots of fishes in the pond.

    So, these are the stupid things I've done. PS I still think about her everyday. It's not in my control. I wish I'd read Aasees Kaurs' answers before.

  13. This makes me laugh so hard every time I think about it.

    I was in 12th grade, and I was studying in a boarding school. I came home for a couple of days to take the SAT, as the testing center was close to my house. I had been in touch with one of my friends from my previous school. I'd text/talk to her every once in a while whenever I came home. Let's call her Natasha for the sake of the story.

    When I came home this time, I texted her like I normally do and we caught up on what we were up to of late. But this time around, being slightly curious, I started to flirt with her a little, just to see where the conversation would go. Well okay, finee, I liked her. She was cool and you know, I wanted to see if she'd reciprocate any feelings at all.

    So the night before my SAT (which I bombed :p, got a 1580/2400, and it was my second time taking it), I was texting her, again. I really really wanted to meet her once before I left. It was around 8:30 in the night and our homes were quite far from each other's. I asked if she wanted to meet up. She said, “yeah righttt, there's no way you'd come this far at this time.” to which I responded, “What if I do?”

    She said, “Man, even if you do, I can't stay out more than 10 minutes, my parents are home!”. “I'm on my way!”, I said.

    So I drove all the way to her place on my motorbike and met her. And man she looked absolutely stunning. I just HAD to tell her that I like her. But I was too tensed. What if she doesn't like me? What if this makes things awkward between us? What if this? What if that? Shut. Up. Nishant, I told all my inner voices. So we talked. Talked about the stress from prepping for tests, memories from our school days, and yeah, we talked, talked, and talked.

    After those 10 beautiful minutes which I wished never came to an end ended, Natasha said that she has to go back home. I told myself that it's probably not a great idea to confess my feelings. You know, things are great the way they are, why complicate them, that sorta thing.

    As she was walking back, I just felt this sudden adrenaline rush, that this is the moment, that I'm not gonna see her for a while again and I just have to tell her how I feel. I sprinted towards her and yelled, “NATASHAAAAA!”. She turned around and said, “Hey!”.

    “I have to tell you something”, I said.

    “Yeah, what?”

    “I have feelings for you.”, I confessed.

    “How does that change anything?”, she said.

    To put this into context, I was gonna go back to my boarding school the next day which is why she said that, asking how it would even work.

    I got her point, and said, “I understand, but I just had to tell you.”

    I can’t quite remember the exact words we said to each other after that, but we ended the conversation on the note that it wouldn't work, at least for now. We remained friends and things pretty much stayed normal after that.

    So what's even more crazy about this whole adventure is that Natasha happened to be dating one of my friends back then, when this happened. He later became one of my closest friends and we shared a good laugh when we talked about it last year.

    What happened after that, you ask? Well, I moved to Dallas soon after I finished my 12th, and we didn't really keep in touch after that.

    Did I make a clown of myself? Probably. Was it worth the experience? Hell yeah!

  14. I met her and went out with her 2 months, then we had a serious motorcycle accident. I woke up 7 days later in a hospital with friends and family around. First thing I did is asking the fucking question "how is she?". I remember the look of my mother, saying by itself that things are more complicated for her, that she may even never wake up.

    So I rebuilt. Knocking down reeducation in this hospital by 2 weeks to go back home, still weak, but strong enough to go see her in her little brain-injured room. Then I understood that, indeed, things were more complicated for her. I kept coming back oftenly to hold her hand, hoping that my presence made her feel good in her sleep. I even started to learn guitar to be able to play songs she used to sing.

    Three months passed in this deeply dark side of the life. Then something changed. She started to react to things around. At the start it was just her eyes which followed something, then it became an index finger pointing something. Little by little, nerve after nerve, months after months, she came back to the reality, making her a child for the second time of her life by having to re-learn everything a life is composed with.

    I stayed in total more than 2 years at her sides, while her mother hated me through her veins. She was still walking with crutches and had difficulty to talk, but her brain was here. Then i left.

    For a 2 months relation at start, I often thought it was a waste. But while she was re-born and had to re-live her childhood, I realised with time that, for me, I was just born there.

    The craziest thing I did by love? Actually I'm still doing it each days, and that's believing that my actions in the world will fully cure her.

  15. Having Crush in School time is a special feeling. I came across so many Crushes through out my life. But, one incident is very special for me.

    I want to share one of my memories here,

    When I was in 9th Standard, I had Crush on a girl. She was 2 years Junior to me.But, I was very scared of her. I can’t even make eye contact with her.

    I informed about her with my friends. They encouraged me, but my fear didn’t let me propose her. Few days later, I got a passport size photo of her. I hid it safely and daily I look at the photo and was feelind very happy.

    One day I thought to keep the photo under my pillow while sleeping and see har face when I woke up in the morning.

    According to plan, I kept photo under pillow and slept. I woke up in the morning and Guess what ?

    I didn’t find the photo under my pillow. I started searching but, I didn’t find anywhere.

    After sometime, My Mother called me and asked,

    Mother: “Who is that Girl ?”

    Me: (got shocked) “Which Girl ?” ( somehow managed to cover)

    Mother: “I saw that photo..”

    Me: “I don’t know about any photo.. ”

    Mother: “Really ?”

    Me: “Yes”

    Then She showed me photo and asked again

    Mother: “Now tell me. If not I can find out from your friends”

    Me: “Oh ! She is my classmate. May be she misplaced her photo in my bag. Give me. I will return her tomorrow.”

    Silently took the photo and escaped from the situation and She never found that photo later. Not only my Mother, even I don’t know where that photo has gone.

    I remember that I kept in my Books. But, later I didn’t find it.

    Thank You for reading..!


  16. When my now wife and I met at nineteen she lived with her parents who moved here from another state for work. About six weeks after we met, my then girlfriend's parents told her they were moving back home.

    We were both in shock because even though we had only known each other six weeks we knew we were meant to be together. The week she told me she was moving we verbally said to each other that it sucks, but because of our age, school, and economic situation we had very limited alternatives.

    I spoke to my parents and told them my girlfriend, the one they had just recently met and liked very much, was going to have to move back to Oregon. My dad, seeing the desperation on my face, said that she should stay, if that's what I wanted. She could stay with us (I lived with my parents) until we saved enough money to move out on our own.

    So I sat down, and taught myself how to play "You are so beautiful" by Joe Crocker on my acoustic guitar (which I really didn't know how to play). I then picked a day when I knew her dad would be home and she wouldn't and went over to her house and asked him if I could marry her if she would have me.

    Afterwards, I knew she would be coming home soon so waited outside in my car until she went inside her house, and from below her second story bedroom window I started playing my guitar and singing:

    "You Are So Beautiful, Too Me, Can't You See,
    You're Everything I Hoped For,
    Everything I Need,
    You Are, So Beautiful, To Me".

    It was the most amazing, and embarrassing thing I've ever done. Her neighbors were outside in their backyard having a BBQ unbeknownst to me, and by the time I got done they were applauding and hollering while my girlfriend blushed, smiled, and giggled from her window.

    She stayed, and we got engaged a couple of weeks later. Within six months we saved enough to buy our first house, and were married within two years of having met. Twenty nine years later she still teases me about that damn song!

  17. Written a song from her perspective.

    I had a crush in school. For more than 12 years. Nursery-2 to 11th standard. I am not even kidding.

    We sort of grew up together. She was the most extroverted person that would ever exist on earth, and me the exact opposite. Excellent in academics, singing, art, quizzes, eloquence — you name it. The bubbly chubby class monitor with a flair for being bold, outspoken and outright crazy. She was Goddess in my eyes.

    Let me not digress. I have gone at lengths to help her in her studies when she was falling back growing up, listening to her boyfriend-problems, saving up from precious pocket-money to help her buy stuff that she wanted to, etc. I would do anything I could do to ensure that her existence on earth was better.

    There was a time while growing up that our sections changed (my school was big, each class was divided into 2 sessions, each session into 8 sections). Which meant I would not see her in general. So I pretended to make friends with someone in her section so that I could visit the section in the tiffin break in the pretence of sharing my tiffin with him and discuss about studies. During the exams, I used to find out her hall via him and go wish her before every single exam (we were “friends”). It used to make me feel good.

    I made several slambooks (we had this thing before Facebook came along) again and again just so that I could make her fill mine. In each slambook, there was something new and innovative so as to address some query I had with the one before that and also pass on as an excuse to have another. I never had enough of her.

    In my high school days, I self-taught the guitars. In my eleventh, I had a band. It was not one of those high school bands in many ways, but in some ways it was. That was the thing those days. I still like to believe that we were good with the originals.

    As I said before, she was a good singer. She was a regular in the school band, in which I had never even auditioned. Anyway, once I had shared my songs with her and she found them nice. That smile! That genuine smile saying, “You know, this is pretty good.”

    I tend to get carried away. Anyway, so she sort of expressed a vague desire to sing for us. There was an obvious problem — my songs were from a male perspective. So I decided to write a song from her perspective, and give it a shot.

    Wasn't a cake-walk. The result of the few days' effort was that I had a song that I thought would be quite relatable to her. I still think so.

    Anyway, she of course didn't have the wish to do that. The next time I mentioned it, she expressed a sort of mild disgust at the utterance of such a prospect. Oh, how could I even think she would actually…? A vague wish is something, a commitment another. (Ironic, since we are talking infatuations here…)

    So that was it. At least I tried to get her on board. That was the best I could do. (I didn't ask any other girl to do the song with us. I had written it with her in mind and it was best to let it go.)

    You call this infatuation? I call it dedication.

    I am not in touch with her. She probably is not on Quora, but I didn't bother to check.

    By any chance if you are reading this, I have one thing to tell you: Thank you for existing! Today I know what a human should not do for another (s)he thinks (s)he loves. For someone who was so ephemeral as you were. In spite of appearing permanent. You lost a friend, not me. You were never my friend, it was always about you.

  18. Starting in eighth grade . . .

    • I counted down to their 16th birthday for about a year and a half because they had mentioned in a conversation that they would start dating when they turned 16. I had a whiteboard in my room on which I wrote the number of days remaining every single night.
    • I kept everything they ever gave me in a box (besides a banana, for obvious reasons). That box is still in my room somewhere.
    • I dreamt about them. Literally.
    • I wrote a poem about them. But I made it very obscure with symbolism that could only be understood if you knew some very specific details about that person.
    • There was one day in which I just stared at the ceiling in pain and longing.
    • I went on a field trip for no reason other than that this person was going. I even missed a track meet, which I never did if I could help it.
    • I developed theories regarding how best to predict their every move.
    • I sat next to them every chance I got.
    • I was much more likely to come into the band room for lessons if I knew they would be there.
    • Over summer vacations, I would randomly text them sometimes even though I virtually never texted anyone else.
    • I partnered with them every chance I got in tenth-grade Spanish. If they’re reading this, they probably know who they are at this point.
    • I stayed up for hours the night before their sixteenth birthday making a very detailed birthday card and an origami dragon to bestow upon them. They definitely know who they are at this point.
    • When I sensed that they were losing interest in me (my crush had started because they were interested first), I plotted vengeance.
    • For my final Spanish project in tenth grade, we had to make a children’s book. I asked this person to be my partner, but they told me they were already working with someone else. So I worked alone. My story was about a boy and a girl who used to do Spanish projects together, until one day the boy didn’t want to work with the girl anymore; she sought revenge and eventually forced him to apologize and say that he was wrong. Their names were quite similar to the names of their real-life counterparts.
    • I scowled whenever I say this person talking too much with someone who wasn’t me.
    • I remained bitter and vengeful over the summer.
    • I murdered my feelings for them when I finally admitted to myself that they weren’t interested. I felt like murdering them for a little while, too.

    At some point I put all that ridiculousness aside. We were able to develop a normal friendship by my senior year.

    I’m not even sure if they knew I liked them in that way. Well, now they know. But to that person, if they happen to be reading this: I do not have any lovey feels for you anymore. I’m definitely happy to have you as a friend, though.

    Let this also serve as a warning to any future suitors.

  19. I was in my B.Tech 4th year. It was a regular day. My semester exams were going on. And on the very next day I had an exam.

    As usual I started to study 5 hours before the exam, and since I was preparing for GATE, I used to put minimal effort for semester exams.

    After studying for few hours I thought of calling my girlfriend, as everyday before sleeping I used to call her. And then I sensed something unusual. She wasn’t doing well. She was unwell and since it would disturb my studies she wasn’t even telling me.

    It was around 11 and I thought of taking her to emergency. And then my friend came into picture. He suggested me for on-line consultation. And without wasting any time I did the same. I got the prescription through mail and forwarded that to her roommate. But to my dismay, every shop was closed till that time.

    I was stressed and wasn’t able to figure what to do. It was around 11:15 and the only option left was to fetch her the medicines, since we had 24 hours medicine shops at our end.

    The main issue was of transportation. I used to live in a place in North Kolkata called Agarpara and she used to live 3 Kms away in a place called Belgharia. The distance wasn’t of that big deal. But the only transportation that was available that time was EMU train. The last train was at 11:45. Belgharia and Agarpara are one station apart. I had 30 minutes in my hand but that wasn’t enough. And the problem was, by any means if I miss the last train the only option was to cover the entire distance by walking.

    Then out of nowhere my friend said,

    Chal, jo hoga dekha jayega

    Translation: Lets go, we can handle any situation.

    And I felt a sudden relief. He was like a messiah at that time. The entire time it takes to go from my hostel to Agarpara Station, from Agarpara to Belgharia Station and from Belgharia station to her PG was around 25 minutes and coming back to Belgharia station from her PG takes 10 minutes. And that too if we get trains on time.

    In the meantime, she was calling me repeatedly and was asking not to come. Since it was too late and tomorrow I had an exam. I ignored all her calls and determined to execute the plan.

    Usually EMU trains are distanced somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes i.e. after every 10 minutes one train comes. So we rushed out of hostel and bought the medicines and headed towards the station.

    At station it was 11:23 and by god’s grace we got a train within few minutes. We reached station and from there we went to her PG. Now the problem was they weren’t allowed to go out after 10PM. So it was not possible on her part to receive the medicine.

    She used to live on first floor the only option left was to throw that to her. I tried twice but it wasn’t going that high. Then my friend suggested me to put a stone and throw. And finally it was all worth. The smile that I saw on her face was worth the trouble.

    But things were not going smooth in all directions. It was around 11:35 and the last train was at 11:45. We rushed towards the station and when we reached the station it was 11:44. The last train was yet to come. And we patiently waited for that.

    That day I realized what love is. My girlfriend was ready to bear pain and suffer but she wanted me to do well in exam. My friend was ready to sacrifice his studies because I was in stress. And all I wanted was her health. On that day. I created a friend for life. And that incident created a man out of a boy.

    Me and my girlfriend. We’ll celebrate our sixth anniversary on August 14.

    My friend and I. Brother from another mother. The photo was taken of 22nd September 2014. I have many photos but I like this one the most.

    Edit 1: Thanks one and all for 5.5k+ upvotes and 144k+ views. This is the best thing that can ever happen to someone’s first answer.

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