What does it mean if you are so lonely you don't mind being catcalled?

I think maybe the person being catcalled could be needing to make real, true friends. Get busy doing things with people. That kind of attention is just based on external, not internal.

Or maybe it makes your self esteem boost a little because you may depend on others for validation. Lots of people have this problem. If it is a problem or just human nature! Nothing is wrong with a little self esteem boost, hopefully from within most of the time.

I've been lonely and I'm being honest about it being hard sometimes to make true friends. Start out a little at a time and say hello to people and talk about the weather at first.

Then maybe engage in small conversations and before you know it. ..you have the beginning of a friendship.

Love yourself and know you deserve not to be lonely. You see I've been there myself!!

Hope I was helpful!

2 Replies to “What does it mean if you are so lonely you don't mind being catcalled?”

  1. It means you are severely lonely. It also likely means you have very low self-esteem. Would sexual assault be next in the scheme of things you’ll accept to deal with your loneliness?

    Asking the question indicates you already know that this isn’t a positive, self-affirming situation. I can’t say why you have such difficulty meeting people and socializing and forming attachments that would alleviate your loneliness. For tis, I would recommend a mental health professional or a life coach who specializes in social anxiety, performance issues, and self-esteem.

  2. It could mean a variety of things

    1. You could be ok with being catcalled
    2. You found those who catcalled you attractive
    3. Your self esteem is very low

    Those are my ideas as to why. Moving onto the lonely part.

    I understand how it feels to be super lonely. It fucking sucks. You end up craving attention. You feel bad if you went the day without any contact with the desired sex.

    But with time, positive thinking and determination it gets better.

    Keep your chin up

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