Which course should I pursue as an MS for data science and AI?

What do you mean by “course”? If you mean degrees, you should probably try Applied Mathematics with a CS Minor, Statistics, or Computer Science.

If you mean courses as in classes, you should learn about Machine Learning, R, Statistics, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, and maybe even some Data Viz courses.

Trump's approval rating is roughly 36%. Could the polls just be wrong?

The polls are almost certainly somewhat wrong, but not by much. (Some are politically biased as well, but that’s a separate issue and the biases are often in favor of the GOP.) All polls use statistics to quantify how much wrong they could be. When a poll reports “Trump’s support is at 37% plus or minus 2.0 percentage points” (as did the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll), then that true value is between 39%–35% with the most likely value being 37%. Some polls or news reports don’t report the error range, which is unfortunate and deprives you of useful information.

If you want to know how that error value is calculated and what affects it, you’ll want to study statistics and understand how that works in some detail. More detail than I can answer in this question.

Why do I feel like binaural beats work for me?

Perhaps they do. I was trained from the age of about 3through university to hear those beats and associate them with playing the wrong note, or at least an off key note, so I doubt that I would feel the same things. It would probably make me agitated and irritated rather than sleepy. I don't listen to sounds with the same sections of my brain as people with no musical training ( or training in a different scale system). That's not better, just different. Just like people who learn a language from birth use a different section of their brain to process that language from people who learn the same language as adults. Not better, just different.

So it doesn't surprise me that it works for many people. I fall asleep with the TV on. So we're different. Good! Life would be dull if everyone were the same.

Should I be angry that my parents bought my sibling something that they made me earn?

Yes, this sucks and you are justified in questioning why. And I think you should ask your parents about it. But be cautious. You don't want to accuse them of anything, instead you would like them to explain.

“Mom, dad, when I asked you for a PS4 you made me earn it. I was able to achieve my goal and that feels good. But when sister asked for a PS4, you bought her one. Would you please explain so I understand your thinking?”

There are a few possibilities:

They forgot they made you earn one (Yes it happens)

They made an arrangement with your sister that you don't know about. (a reward for a goal, a loan)

Double standard might apply

When your parents discuss it with you avoid reacting if you get upset. Parents aren't always right but they may resist if you point it out by yelling. And in my experience you won't be able to make them change what they do. You goal in asking is to clarify and understand so that you can put your mind to rest on the matter.

Now, if it turns out your parents expect more from you than your sister, even though it's unfair, you are better off in the long run. As much as it sucks your parents are teaching you a valuable lesson in finances. Your sister is not getting the same lesson and that fact will bite her and your parents in the butt in the long run. Your sister is just learning to be dependent. You are learning to stand on your own two feet. Whatever unfairness there is in not supporting you the same way they do your sister, is more than made up for by your independence.

What does a Marine think of Trump now after betraying Sessions and setting up Mattis to take the fall for Afghanistan in the WH press gaggle by SH?

It’s like when Mafioso or drug dealers kill each other. Who cares? They all deserve it. When that vulgarian, incredibly rude liar Spicer got it…. I felt “serves him right.” Should have happened earlier. Donald Trump Jr. is suffering a bit? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. What I’m scared about is when innocent people get hurt…. and they will.

How many more times likely are you to be shot by police in the US than any other first world nation?

Unfortunately George, you replied, then for some reason blocked any replies from me! I will therefore post my response as if it was an original answer.

Simply, the fact that people die from other causes does not negate murder and all the accidental deaths and injuries due to firearms use.

on 9/11 around 3,000 people were killed. Heart disease US last year 614,348. Cancer 591,699, COPD 147,101

So do you reckon that terrorism is not worth worrying about since cancer killed 200 times as many, heart disease 197 times as many, COPD 49 times as many?

If you think that last year 671 children under 11 were shot, but that is negligible because more were run over, then I question your sense of morality and proportion.

As to cancer:

George Garrick

32m ago

OK Paul, won’t argue with you on the number, but MOST of those 1000 were justifiably killed. Only a very small portion were unjustifiably killed. And of course it’s terrible that anyone gets accidentally shot. But why do people like you obsess over only ONE THING as a cause of occasional wrongful death when there are SO MANY OTHERS? I would bet you that the day that Australian woman was shot, a dozen innocent people including children were killed by drunk drivers. So, why aren’t you questioning drunk driving laws??? Why do you pick on guns, when it’s a very small cause of wrongful death? FAR LESS than auto accidents. If a horrible accident kills one person, do you really want to change the laws affecting 300 million people? Especially when 95% of the time the cops are doing their jobs, protecting and saving lives? Do you understand the concept of balance and reasonableness? And finally, you live in Sussex. Why don’t you just worry about what’s going on in your own country? Don’t bother with us, you have plenty of problems of your own over there and you do relatively little to help the world at large. I don’t recall many cancer cures coming out of there.

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Are you toxic?

There are over 84,000 chemicals in use in the US. Many of these we are exposed to daily and most of them are actually in our homes!

Some of these toxins come in our air fresheners, Teflon, toothpaste, makeup, shampoos, home cleaning products etc.

Obviously, not all these chemicals are dangerous but how many may be affecting your health?

In A Hurry To Rid Toxins? Go Here To Buy the 30 Day Cleansing System

If a window type air con freezes and it doesn't give out cold air anymore, what can be done?

Basic problem is the regulation control in the conditioner that moderates air flow and compression has probably failed. The alternative is the air flow is somehow being blocked.

If the latter, check filters and access to the unit.

If the former, your will need to replace the regulator control. It is time to call in and get an estimate for that. Not being an air conditioner specialist but knowing there is a wide range of equipment, both in size, age, and quality, you must call one in. The alternative is to replace the entire unit.

Cost of repair and replace varies, but you will pay $200 to $700 which ever route you take.

Could Umbridge abuse the students not only physically and mentally but also sexually?

Could she have? I think so. It appears that she had little to no oversight and her superiors gave her no checks and balances or anyone to monitor what she was doing. The fact that the entire power at the school rested in the hands of the headmaster shows you just how fragile and poorly designed the school was. Like a dictatorship, the power to do a lot of good was there, but also the power to do a lot of harm.

There is no indication she did sexually abuse the students though. It doesn’t really appear to be in her nature.

How to get into a varsity team for track and field in college

This is only my opinion, so please don't let me deter you from your dreams. But this is based on my experience…

Walk-ons (non-scholarship, volunteer players) are accepted onto many college sports’ teams. I don't have any experience with track. I did play collegiate softball & we had walkons, but they all had experience in their sport; some were quite good. Very few ever got to play in games, however. Track may be different, I don't know if track teams carry reserves or practice players. In some sports, walk ons may not even dress for events- they are strictly for practice. If you are a natural runner, etc you may be fine to have no competitive experience. Sometimes, walk-ons are starting players and maybe move on to earn a scholarship. All you can do is ask the program- they will let you know if they have open tryouts for walkons.

If you are at a smaller college that perhaps needs numbers to field a full team, your chances as an inexperienced athlete to make a team probably aren't very good but would be better than at a major university with a fully-funded and staffed program. Bear in mind that if you make a team, colleges have to pay to feed you, equip you, & transport you to competitions (I’m not talking about scholarship athletes, who get also some form of tuition, room & board, and books assistance), plus coaches will have to invest time with you in offseason/preseason/regular season workouts. There is a limited amount of funding to do that. They are probably only going to accept athletes who can help them succeed in the meets to justify the expenses of them being on the team. And this should probably have been mentioned first… student-athletes are supposed to be students first. Travel for college events is almost always out of town. It is difficult to maintain your studies with weekly absences due to sporting events (even more so for walk-ons who usually also have at least a part time job to pay for college).

If you aren't at the top of your game but love to play and want to participate in sports in college, I suggest looking into intramural or club programs. Many schools have them in a variety of sports, including some that are not offered at a varsity level, with recreational leagues and events open to the entire student body.

Having a love of the game and the heart to work hard (and college sports can be a lot more like a job vs a recreational activity) plus a willingness to be part of the team instead of being a starting player are all qualities that help teams succeed and are welcomed by coaches.

If college sports are your dream, go for it, but realize that it will be a difficult journey and will require a lot of luck and the right situation. Even without being on a team, please continue running- try some local 5Ks or other races, and keep running because you love it and it is important to you. Good luck.