How should I start preparation for UPSC at home?

At first, for UPSC preparation there must have some mental strategies

  • At first, you must have a passion for being a civil servant.(your passion or your interest is the father of your determination). Try to love what you are working for.
  • Self motivation is very important rather than being motivated by following someone or toppers.Your passion, your interest, proper reason for what you want to be in future are enough for your self motivation.
  • Your attitude, your movement must be positive always.
  • Next part is that you have to work hard ruthlessly for making your dream come true because in every year around 8–9 lacks candidates appear for this exam in average but among all of them 1–2 thousand candidates get selected and your competition must not be with those who don’t get selected rather than your competition must be with those 1–2 thousand who get selected or who have a greater probability to get selected
  • Find the proper reason for why you want to be a civil servant in future.
  • You must control yourself from getting distracted from your target.
  • Try to stay alone until you can’t achieve your target.
  • Go underground for a few years.
  • There is no need to go into the argument with those who try to say that UPSC exam is very tough, you should try for less tough exams, you are wasting your time or money etc. There is no need to raise your voice against those. You should keep one thing in your mind and that is today’s silence will speak for yourself tomorrow.
  • Control yourself over social media like Facebook/Whats app/Instagram/Twitter etc. Use social media for your academic purpose otherwise be detached from social media for a few years. Because if you seriously dream of being a civil servant in future, try to respect your dream by giving it as your first priority than anything else in your life.
  • Try to follow a routine properly and you should continue that properly until you can’t be successful in this journey.
  • Try to make a proper time table for your study. Here one thing is very important and that is how many time you are providing for your study is not important but the time you are providing for your study must be utilized properly in a systematic format. As for an example, today you have studied for 15–16 hours, next day you studied for 4 hours and the next day you studied for 6–8 hours………… you should not do this. If you are capable of studying for 15–16 hours ( though it is not necessary and if you do so, you may become mad or your brain may crash or your health may break down), continue this till the last day of your preparation, otherwise if you are comfortable with studying for 6–8 hours, you should follow this time table properly until you can’t get success. In short to say, move as per your capacity but you should keep yourself under a specific routine or a proper time table.
  • Take little steps and complete those successfully. Don’t take a huge load. Fix a target for every subject and try to complete those with clear conception and here one thing you should remember that our confidence depends completely on our success. Suppose, i have set a question paper containing ten questions for you and you answered correctly to two questions only out of ten questions and if this results continues for some days more, automatically you will loose your confidence and your interest too but on the hand hand if you can answer correctly to all the questions or if you can answer correctly to eight questions out of ten questions and if this performance of you continues for some days or some weeks, automatically your interest or your confidence will be developed in that particular subject. So, in short to say, take little steps and become successful in your fixed target for that day and if you continue in this way automatically you will have much interest in this exam as well as you will have enough confidence for clearing this exam too. So, move by step by step with systematic strategy.
  • Never ever think of your future. The more you will think of your future, the more probability you may have to get tensed or to get feared for this exam or for your your performance too. So forget your future and pay your keen focus on what you are doing at present. One thing you should remember that whatever you will do for today, today’s action or performance will give you the same result for tomorrow as well.
  • During this preparation time some kind of frustration, depression, feeling of boringness happen almost with everyone, you can watch some motivational videos/ good movies or you can listen to songs or you can do something creative. In short to say do something which can refresh you or can boost yourself for a new start.
  • At first, when you will start your preparation, you will face many problems or many difficulties and it happens with everyone but if you stick to your target and if you fight with those problems consistently, after sometime everything will start to become easier.Don’t think that UPSC is not your cup of tea but you must be optimistic in your every single approach. If you can’t solve anything properly now, leave it for now and try it in the next day or for the next time but never loose hope. Because in every success story there are many problems successful man has to overcome to have the taste of success.
  • In UPSC there are many subjects and among all the subjects everyone has some disliking subjects and it’s common to all. But if you are a serious aspirant and if you seriously want to become a civil servant, you have to do everything by which you can become a civil servant in future. Here i am giving an example that is suppose, your UPSC exam is like a fever and becoming a civil servant is your healthy body and all the subjects under UPSC exam are your medicine and if you seriously want to recover your fever (UPSC exam) for having a healthy body (becoming a civil servant) you have to take medicines (studying all the subjects with proper interest).
  • Always pay your focus on the matter of quality but not quantity. One thing you should always keep in mind and that is whatever you are doing is not important but how well you do those is more important and the probability of being successful is completely standing on the matter of quality but not quantity.

And always remember one thing – “ Success is not an accident but it is your hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love for what you are doing.” – by Pele

Some preparation strategies

  • At first, try to make your base strong in every subject. If you are not strong in your base, when you will go in depth, you will face many problems there.
  • Whatever you are reading, try to highlight important areas, important portions and repeat those for several times and when you will start to read a new chapter, try to follow everything in details, don’t leave any line or any portion untouched. Follow everything line by line.
  • Next part is according to our current UPSC pattern maximum portions are related with current affairs. So you must follow news paper regularly, you must make yourself updated with current govt. policies/development/schemes etc as maximum questions are related with these facts.
  • UPSC exam is not only of objective types but also is of descriptive types too so you sh

What does it take to be a Special Ops or Special Forces operator?

Col John Boyd (USAF-ret) used to ask his guys “do you want to be somebody or do you want to do something?”

By which he means, everyone wants to look cool. They want the title. They want the cool hat or badge. But they don’t necessarily want to do that work or put in that effort.

Everyone would love to be a firefighter. Not everyone wants to run into a burning building.

What makes an operative "special"?

James D. Kiras approaches the question of ‘special operations’ with his definition, “Special operations can inflict disproportionate moral damage, in conjunction with strikes against material resources, by virtue of their ability to accomplish what was previously thought impossible.”

Unfortunately, Kiras’s definition is too generic and leaves open the possibility that air power in m

What is the easiest and simplest way to get rid off cough and cold?

I’m sure you’ve heard there are no cures for these viral conditions including antibiotics that are used to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections.

I can personally tell you some things I do to shorten, or inhibit them when I feel them approaching. The minute I get the signs and symptoms of an impending cold, cough, or other issues (for me these always are preceded by burning sensations in my nose and or throat with a slight bit of congestion in the back of my throat); I load up on supplemenrts of Vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea. The products I use that help me are Cold-ese products, Hall’s suppliment lozenges, and Zicam products. Read all possible side effects and ingredients, possible allergic concerns, and recommendations prior to using any over the counter agents. I can truthfully tell you that they work for me personally by having prevented, shortened the length of time of the condition and/or warded off or l

If advertising was truthful, would sales decrease significantly?

Honesty is often “in the eye of the beholder”. There are various compilations discussing possible branding revamps based on common conceptions and mockery toward various brands – you can find some of the popular ones in this thread:

How would companies advertise their products if they were to be totally honest?

Generally, I would classify the popular brands into two separate categories based on the type of advertising and the product category:

  1. Decent businesses that are generally helpful but fail every now and then
  2. Brands that sell products that may generally harm the humankind in the long run

Really Useful Businesses

The first category are often service businesses or products that are overall healthy, motivate consumers to engage in sports activities, and the like. That also includes car brands, airlines, digital businesses, various means of communication or transportation which people use on a regular basis.

Let’s review a couple examples.

LinkedIn is often criticized given it’s poor communication element. Notifications are far from perfect, their feed is chaotic, HRs add each and every prospect that could help them land a deal. Groups are often used for spammy content and don’t spark helpful conversations.

Based on a recent research, LinkedIn reports over 500 million users and somewhere between 220M and 260M monthly active users. They list more than 10 million active job posts as well.

Despite of the common backlash toward LinkedIn, it’s still the most active business social network out there. It provides opportunities for tens of millions of employees interested in new job offers. There are various ways to leverage the network for prospecting (thanks to their Sales Navigator), advertising, business networking.

It can probably work better for a larger percentage of the users but it also comes with a certain set of processes that can generate better results. The fact that some users are frustrated doesn’t make the network horrible – and there aren’t plenty of viable alternatives generating better results right now.

IKEA is know to cause frustration when assembling furniture at home. But each and every attempt of mine assembling anything else purchased by a competitor leads in several extra hours of hard work, sweating, and a ton of profanity.

There’s the popular joke that job interviews in IKEA start with one of their packages for a brand new chair that the applicant has to assemble before starting the interview. While being funny, the affordability and ease of assembly (as compared to many competitors) are hard to argue with.

Overall, that category includes businesses with large communities that strive for the even better customer service or further simplification. They are not necessarily justified. Alternatives are available but their results are often worse when looking at the bigger picture.

Brands You Can Often Avoid

This category includes “win a lottery” businesses, soft drinks, candies, or other guilty pleasures that hundreds of millions of people purchase several times a month.

Due to various government regulations, brands rarely risk with false misinformation or they get hit with numerous fines and following lawsuits.

Some of those ads are a bit extreme. Providing 100% chicken in fast food is hard to grasp – or fresh vegetables for their salads bought from a farmers’ market. Those are the ones I’d be careful with.

Other than that, the thing with this category and their promotion is less of a deception and more about personal preferences.

Sure, Toblerone is a chocolate bar brand available worldwide. It’s indeed available in all airports I’ve been to. There are often fancy packages suitable for gifts when flying back home or various local variations that are not necessarily available to all markets.

That doesn’t make the standard advertisement incorrect or dishonest. On top of that one would argue the healthy benefits of the chocolate bar – and those come with a “quantity cap” as well. Sharing a bar once a month could be a great family activity. Eating a couple “two-feet” large ones a day is not going to support your healthy diet for sure.

I have to admit that I’m in the “Coca Cola” camp even though I have vastly limited the amount of intake over the past couple of years. Whenever a restaurant serves the PepsiCo variety of beverages, I usually go for a bottle of water or a coffee.

But some of my friends are truly Pepsi fans. They would grab a snack from a place that also sells Pepsi rather than picking a better meal packaged with Coke.

Pepsi Cola’s global market share is behind Coke’s but they have a large following in certain countries around the world. While cola’s taste is complying with the same secret recipe, the taste of the local water may affect the taste a lot. When traveling, you can distinctively identify different tastes in Pepsi or Coca Cola produced in different countries.

Not to mention that PepsiCo owns 22 billion-dollar brands in its portfolio (often in food markets and not solely beverages).

Overall, brand perception and advertising is not necessarily incorrect or deceiving. Customers are often told a story that resembles the core business goals and direction.

Some brands can be better and could do a better job as a corporation. Other brands like soft drinks are trying to enter the healthy market due to the global concerns and reports from the World Health Organization blaming soft drinks for sugar and other ingredients.

Nobody is forcing people to eat a breakfast in McDonalds along with a Coke or Pepsi and grab a Toblerone on their way out. But affordability, fast delivery, and taste are often leading factors before the lunch break or on the way back home.

With time, brands may become more cautious regarding the long-term health impact and create new, healthier categories as well. Existing healthy solutions may become more affordable as well and tastier (often a problem with different healthy drinks and meals). Then advertising would definitely be challenging and may lead to misconceptions and misinformation.

What does the term 'Planetos' mean? (I've seen it used lately in many GOT discussions)

Its a fandom created name for the planet where the world of ice and fire takes place.

The western continent is called Westeros. The eastern continent is Esso. There's also a southern continent called Sothoroyos.

You can see why they would jokingly called the planet itself Planetos based on the naming scheme.

Otherwise we have to awkwardly keep referring to it as “The World of A Song of Ice And Fire” (like in the beginning of every Alt Shift X GoT video) or “The World of ASOIAF” which the latter is more accepted to those who dislike the Planetos name.

Why do many opera performances nowadays set the time in 1900s or modern time regardless of the original libretto?

Because setting these out of date operas in newer settings “typically” attract younger audiences and the opera audiences are literally dying.

When I go to the opera, I'm usually one of maybe 50 people or fewer under the age of 60. We’re talking at least 500 patrons over the age of 60. Opera is going out of style, which is personally DEVASTATINGLY! Setting operas in modern times with unusual themes tends to draw in younger audiences who would normally never go see an opera in the original written setting.

Example: Rigoletto in a Las Vegas casino in the 1940’s. If you haven't seen it, please watch it, it's AWESOME.

What is the logical reason for Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell to commit suicide?

Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

– Worldwide
In general, if you're outside the US, numbers for your country are here: Help a friend – Befrienders Worldwide. You can also e-mail to talk to someone or go to… to speak with someone.

– United States
Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Para español, llame al 1-888-628-9454.

– Canada
Locate a crisis centre in your area and at The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (link to: Find A Crisis Centre). For youth under 20, you can call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

– India
Visit AASRA or call their 24/7 helpline at +91-22-27546669 or +91-22-27546667. You can also e-mail

– UK 116 123 (to reach the Samaritans in the UK)
– France (33) 01 46 21 46 46
– Australia 13 11 14

How is chicken stock made?

We love making chicken stock in our house!

Here’s our recipe:

  • Put one whole chicken, two beef bone marrow bones, 4 carrots (peeled and halved), 1 onion (peeled an halved), 4 celery sticks (cut into thirds), 4–6 cloves of garlic, a few sprigs of parsley, and water in a pot.
  • Bring everything to a boil. Skim any foam off the top of the pot for the first 30 minutes. Reduce to a simmer for at least 90 minutes. Ideally though, 4+ hours.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Optional: we like to roast the beef bone marrow in the oven (at 400F) for 10 minutes before putting it in the pot. We’ve also experimented with adding one parsnip (peeled and cut up) in the pot and have loved it, too.

Here’s the issue we always faced when making chicken stock. How do we store all the leftover stock? The tl:dr version is that we didn’t love any of the current options available to us so my boyfriend and I designed our own freezing tray.

Together with friends, we’ve brough it to Amazon. The freezing tray is called Souper Cubes™. It’s made from food-grade silicone, is dishwasher safe, and is BPA-free. Each freezing tray can make up to four 1-cup (or 250mL) ice cubes (4 cups of broth per tray). And they’re stackable!

We love using our own home-made chicken stock for risotto, enchillada sauce, and tomato soup! Though often, my boyfriend will just take a one-cup cube of stock, put it in a mug, and then drink it (3 minutes in a microwave and its nice and hot!).

What I love doing is taking all of the chicken from the stock, shredding it with a fork, and then putting it in the Souper Cubes™ freezing tray. When it’s time for posolo verde soup or enchilladas, it’s really great having measured amounts of shredded chicken.

Here’s a link if you’re interested: : Souper Cubes Extra-Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray – makes 4 perfect 1cup portions – freeze soup broth or sauce

We love hearing from our customers! Let us know what you think. Here are a couple of pictures from our own freezer.

When did you discover what NPD is—during or after living with family who have this 'illness'? I learned after I left just how screwed up he is!

I too discovered NDP after going no contact with my narcissistic family but for the second time leaving. The only way to have a clear view is to leave.

I started therapy soon after. It wasn't to deal with my family, it was to find away to deal with my ex husband. I had just been told he is psychopathic by one of his family members after our divorce. In short, the therapist started questioning me about my childhood, my parents, siblings. In short the reason being more often than not, someone who has suffered any type of personality disorder abuse of any kind end up with the same, which is why he chose to investigate my childhood. My

It was a relief to find out the truth. For years I had been blamed, shamed and guided so naturally I felt it must be me that has a problem. I'm far from perfect that I definitely know, but I know I'm not mentally unstable like I was told by my parents. Knowing has made things become crystal clear that my family is one hell of a mess and that I won't be going back to.