Are you toxic?

There are over 84,000 chemicals in use in the US. Many of these we are exposed to daily and most of them are actually in our homes!

Some of these toxins come in our air fresheners, Teflon, toothpaste, makeup, shampoos, home cleaning products etc.

Obviously, not all these chemicals are dangerous but how many may be affecting your health?

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One Reply to “Are you toxic?”

  1. Sometimes. I was raised in an emotionally toxic environment. I've learned to question my own knee-jerk reactions, as I did learn how to be an adult by following the examples of parents who had kids when they were in still in their teens.

    I am way better off, emotionally than my siblings. I was the black sheep who questioned the sanity of our family’s ways. I was treated as a scapegoat and it caused me a lot of grief, initially.

    That trauma led me to therapy where I leaned all about toxic families and Narcissistic Abuse. I had some narcissistic traits, too. Fortunately, I don't have the incapacity to feel empathy or accept criticism.

    I cut off contact with my mother and the one remaining sibling who was talking to me once I started therapy. Toxic families tend to discourage visits to a psychologist.

    The narcissistic traits became recognisable and manageable very soon after that. Toxic behaviour is contagious in a family where one person is puppeteering everyone else. Playing narcissistic games becomes a survival trait.

    It feels strange for a while, living in a world where you no longer have to be affected by manipulative game playing.

    So now my Dad and I are outcasts together. We get along with some of the extended family and have healthy relationships outside the toxic, immediate ex family.

    I’d be naive to think I no longer have toxic tendencies. I continue to try and evolve.

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