Is it true that 9 government banks are getting closed?

Yes and No.

The whatsapp messages that are being spammed everywhere that 9 banks are being closed down and you must close your accounts to save your money is rubbish. Those messages are fake.

The only thing that is true in those messages is that the 9 banks being highlighted are either making loss or are stacking up Non Performing Assets.

There is a move by the Government of India to merge Public Sector Banks for managing the banks in loss, adjusting capital adequacy, for better efficiency in performance and to provide nationwide coverage along with better products and services to the public.

This doesn't mean a bank is getting shut down. The business of the bank will continue. It will simply have a different name and the service will certainly be improved.

Do not fall for the fake messages being forwarded and please do not forward them either.

If fun can't be used as an adjective, then what word should I use instead?

Above is the explanation of the word ‘fun’ given by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Another fact is, even a noun can be used before another noun as a modifier, as in ‘science department’, so it does not matter much wether ‘fun’ can be an adjective or not, you are allowed to use it anyway.

By the way, in the example given by Jesse Breaux in his answer, the ‘fun’ is worked apparently as a noun.

From where can we get solutions for Aakash objective materials?

If you are an Aakashian you can simply borrow the solutions book from the library for the subject you need. However I feel having the solutions on your phone is much convenient and easier. You must have already received your login credentials( username, password) on your registered mobile number. If you didn’t, just contact the institute for the details- they’ll give it to you. After that go to this website:

User Account – AESPL

and login using your credentials. You can simply find the package solutions on the left hand side of the page and download the ones you need.

Why do I suddenly feel my husband is being sneaky and hiding things from me?

Probably because he is. Go with your gut, and find out what it is. I don’t mean invade his privacy, but there are quiet ways to do it. Figure them out. He’s up to something, be sure of it.

Yes, I’ve been there and yes, I was right. Married 7 years, now divorced for over 20. Never had that feeling about my present husband and I trust him implicitly.

What are the perks of travelling alone?

Traveling alone is one of the best things one could do to themselves. I know there are risks and issues that will come on the way but there is always a solution to it. On the other hand there are are so many positive things one can achieve while travelling alone.

  1. Traveling alone means you have your and only yours to care about. You have responsibility of only yours which is a great position to be in. You don’t have to care if your companion is sick and waste a day on that. You’re on yourself and problem solving skills do improve in such situations.
  2. There are so many things we all still don’t know about ourselves or we are still figuring it out, as cliche does this might sound but you discover yourself. You realize the fun in being alone and you’d never be scared of walking alone in a crowd. Find a New Perspective That Can Last a Lifetime.
  3. Traveling alone lets you have a control on the budget, with friends you’d ed up having food in a restaurant and saying in a hotel, alone you ca adjust with some nice street food and staying in dorm rooms or hostels. Skip Your Friend’s Boring (or clichéd) Bucket List!!
  4. You make new friends and some great memories. I mean we would all remember to when we made a new friend in a cafe far away from our lands or the time when we were jamming with some favorite songs with some guys you met while you were on road. Possibilities are endless!!
  5. There is no one to judge you, not like you should care if people judge you cause that’s what people do but when you are traveling alone there is no one who can judge you. You can wear the same clothes repeatedly and no one would notice, you can have all the food in the world and no one would care. Bragging with street vendors, who doesn’t love doing that but at times we’re judged for that, well in these situations when you’re travelling alone there is no one who cares enough to judge you!!

So pack you bags and take a trip and follow your bucket list and your heart. There’s no stopping !!

Which resorts in Negril, Jamaica offer destination wedding packages for couples?

Negril is specially known for offering destination wedding packages for the travelers as well as the adult only resorts. There are plenty of resorts in the Negril which offer customized package for the couples as well as the family. I am listing some of their names which are popular:-

All Inclusive Destination Wedding Packages in Negril, Jamaica

All Inclusive Jamaica Weddings

Jamaica Weddings | Negril Wedding Resorts | Destination Wedding Resorts Jamaica | Wedding Packages Jamaica

If a cockroach suddenly grew to the size of a human, what would it do, would it run away as usual, or follow it's instinct to eat us as prey?

It would die. Pretty quickly, in all likelihood.

If you’ve never heard of the square-cube relationship, allow me to introduce you. If you scale up an object by, say, a factor of 100, the volume of the object increases by 100³, or 1,000,000, but the cross-sectional area increases by 100², or 10,000. In other words, the volume increases 100 times more than the cross-sectional area. That relationship holds for whatever scale factor you choose. So if you scale an object up by a factor of 200, its volume increases 200 times more than its cross-sectional area.

Why is that important? Because the weight of a critter is directly related to its volume, but its strength is directly related to the cross-sectional area of its muscles, or whatever muscle analogue it has.

The typical adult household cockroach is about 4 cm long, and the average adult human is about 165 cm tall. In order for a cockroach to become as long as a human is tall, it would have to scale up by a factor of 165/4 = 41.25. Assuming the same density, the mega-roach would be about 70,000 times heavier than the original, but it would only be about 1700 times as strong. In other words, its strength:weight ratio would have decreased by a factor of 41.25.

If a normal adult cockroach is able to lift 41 times its own body weight, then the mega-roach might just be able to get up and move around. However, I doubt that would be the case. I went looking to find out how much weight a normal roach can carry. The only reference I could find said that a cockroach can lift about 20 times its own weight; however, that information comes from another Quora answer. The person who gave the answer did provide a link, but the link seems to be broken.

Insects: How weight much can a cockroach lift?

If that person’s answer is accurate, then our human-sized roach won’t be able to move, let alone run. It won’t be able to get food, but starvation is not going to be its cause of death.

Cockroaches don’t have the same kind of respiratory system that humans and other large land animals have. We humans breathe oxygen into our lungs, where it diffuses through moist membranes into the bloodstream. From there the oxygen is transported to the rest of the body.

Cockroaches do not have lungs. They inhale air through body openings called spiracles. The spiracles open into a network of tubes called tracheae, which deliver oxygen-rich air directly to the cells. The oxygen diffuses through the walls of the tracheae into the cells. This works fine when the cockroach is small, because every cell is within a few millimeters of a tracheal tube, and oxygen can easily diffuse the short distance from the nearest tube to the cells that need it.

If a cockroach were to dramatically increase in size, many of its cells would be too far away from the nearest tracheal tube for oxygen to reach them. Without oxygen, these cells would start to die off. The insect would die of hypoxia long before it died of starvation.

Even if a cockroach could survive as a human-sized monstrosity, it wouldn’t eat us. Cockroaches are scavengers — they only eat dead and decaying organic matter. They don’t kill and eat living organisms. A human-sized cockroach wouldn’t become the scourge of humanity — it would feed on our scraps, just like it does now but at a much faster pace.

What are the different types of Pressed Steel Double Coupler?

Pressed Double Coupler

A ninety degree, inflexible coupling by Strongforge, utilized for associating two 48.3mm tubes at right angles. This fitting is designed for use in a wide range of scaffolding construction and furthermore in lighting apparatuses, arranging and monitor rails.

Drop Forged Single Wrapover

Forged single coupler by Strongforge, associates two tubes at right points. This fitting is intended for interfacing board underpins putlogs to ledgers in scaffolding and furthermore utilized as a part of lighting apparatuses, organizing and watch rails. Single couplers can likewise be utilized to secure toe sheets on a scaffold. This fitting is not designed to be load bearing – utilize a twofold if that is the thing that you require.

Pressed Sleeve Joint

Pressed sleeve coupler by Strongforge, utilized for associating two tubes end on end. This fitting is intended for use in a wide range of scaffolding construction and furthermore in lighting apparatuses, arranging and protect rails.

Drop Forged Swivel Coupler

Fashioned swivel fitting by Strongforge, used for associating two tubes at any point. This fitting is intended for use in a wide range of scaffolding construction, regularly utilized where corner to corner propping is required and furthermore in lighting rigs, organizing and monitor rails.

Pressed Joint Pin

Pressed Joint stick by Strongforge, utilized for associating two tubes end on end. This fitting is intended for use in a wide range of scaffolding construction and furthermore in lighting rigs, organizing and monitor rails.

What makes Chinese rulers territorial and fight all their neighbors?

China wants to establish itself as the sole superpower of Asia. What else can you expect from a communist nation, apart from an isolationist foreign policy?

China is unable to digest India’s rise, hence it keeps on neglecting Indian interests. From keeping India away from prestigious international organisations like UNSC and NSG, China has also started violating India’s teritorrial sovereignty by building projects like CPEC and OBOR.

When it comes to Japan and other nations in the South China Sea, China wishes to establish its dominamce via dint of its military might. The fact is not hidden that China’s continuous support to terrorist and violent nations like North Korea and Pakistan, has become a point of concern for the whole international community.

The desire of having more land is what fascinates Chinese rulers. I’ll divide the reasons, why they indulge in a brawl with their neighbours in two parts:

  1. Western intervention: China wishes to see an Asia that can rise without any Western help. They fail to understand that the world is a community, it has to rise via collective efforts. Isolationism can lead to nowhere. China cannot digest India’s closeness with America and other Western nations. Neither does China can digest the Western influence in South China Sea, where Japan amd Vietnam have sought help from the West. In fact, China’s support to North Korea are mainly aimed to keep America, Japan and South Korea at target who have been wary of respecting Chinese interests
  2. Teritorrial ambitions: If China continues to act like the erstwhile USSR, it may have a similar future: disintegration. China is continuously building illegal islands in South China Sea, which were even criticised by a UN tribunal court. China is also looking into the teritorries of smaller nations like Bhutan and Nepal. The situation befame very clear in the past few days, when Chinese construction of road in the Doklam region was seen as a threat by both India and Bhutan. Alongside, China has also affected all those nations who have shown interest in joining its project OBOR. It is a project majorly aimed at extracting natural resources from those nations, without giving them the actual pay.

China’s regional expansion should be seen as a threat by not only its neighbours but the whole of international community. Rising communism will go against the interests of everyone, except China. The world has already lost many lives and resources in the fight against communism. We cannot afford to loose more. If we don't stop China now, the consequences coupd be more harsh in future.