Could Umbridge abuse the students not only physically and mentally but also sexually?

Could she have? I think so. It appears that she had little to no oversight and her superiors gave her no checks and balances or anyone to monitor what she was doing. The fact that the entire power at the school rested in the hands of the headmaster shows you just how fragile and poorly designed the school was. Like a dictatorship, the power to do a lot of good was there, but also the power to do a lot of harm.

There is no indication she did sexually abuse the students though. It doesn’t really appear to be in her nature.

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  1. I agree,

    I tell you I had a scare in half blood Prince when Dumbledore was suggesting to Harry to “let slughorn collect him”. I thought oh he'll no

    This bumbling potions master is a paedophile and not only that he had sexually exploited Lily potter, The whole Black family minus Sirius?, Lord Voldemort (for crying out loud) and now poor Harry.

    And to make it worse Dumbledore was not only okay with This, he actually wanted Harry to “take one for the team?!


  2. Dolores Umbridge could have sexually abused her students, but one of the things I love about the Potter world, as written, is sex isn’t something needed to make that world a good story. Sure, sex is everywhere, and that’s why I’m tired of hearing about it.

    Umbridge acted horribly. She did abuse her students and broke many rules designed to protect the kids at Hogwarts. Remember that she gave them veritaserum? That’s huge no-no.

    I personally don’t believe Umbridge was terribly interested in sex. She had other things on her mind, and hurting the students through physical punishment was enough for her. The ministry backed her completely and I don’t know where the governors of the school were at this point, but Dolores was a horrible person who delighted in power and the abuse of that power.

    She’s a pathetic person really.

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