How many more times likely are you to be shot by police in the US than any other first world nation?

Unfortunately George, you replied, then for some reason blocked any replies from me! I will therefore post my response as if it was an original answer.

Simply, the fact that people die from other causes does not negate murder and all the accidental deaths and injuries due to firearms use.

on 9/11 around 3,000 people were killed. Heart disease US last year 614,348. Cancer 591,699, COPD 147,101

So do you reckon that terrorism is not worth worrying about since cancer killed 200 times as many, heart disease 197 times as many, COPD 49 times as many?

If you think that last year 671 children under 11 were shot, but that is negligible because more were run over, then I question your sense of morality and proportion.

As to cancer:
George Garrick

32m ago

OK Paul, won’t argue with you on the number, but MOST of those 1000 were justifiably killed. Only a very small portion were unjustifiably killed. And of course it’s terrible that anyone gets accidentally shot. But why do people like you obsess over only ONE THING as a cause of occasional wrongful death when there are SO MANY OTHERS? I would bet you that the day that Australian woman was shot, a dozen innocent people including children were killed by drunk drivers. So, why aren’t you questioning drunk driving laws??? Why do you pick on guns, when it’s a very small cause of wrongful death? FAR LESS than auto accidents. If a horrible accident kills one person, do you really want to change the laws affecting 300 million people? Especially when 95% of the time the cops are doing their jobs, protecting and saving lives? Do you understand the concept of balance and reasonableness? And finally, you live in Sussex. Why don’t you just worry about what’s going on in your own country? Don’t bother with us, you have plenty of problems of your own over there and you do relatively little to help the world at large. I don’t recall many cancer cures coming out of there.

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6 Replies to “How many more times likely are you to be shot by police in the US than any other first world nation?”

  1. As long as you don’t do anything stupid, don’t threaten the officer, don’t point a strange object in his/her direction, and generally don’t give him/her a reason to defend him/herself, the odds of being shot are approximately 0%

    Thank you for not treating this answer like a joke, because it’s not. Our officers are armed, yes, but for the most part they’re trained NOT to use their weapon unless given no other choice

    EDIT: To everyone in the comments bitching me out for stating that the odds of being shot by the police in my home country (yes, it’s the United States of America) is 0% so long as you are cooperative, you can kindly stop now.

    I have a serious question for you: would you rather I blindly condemned an officer that has about half a second to determine whether the object pointed in his direction is, in fact, a firearm, and whether the person pointing it at him/her has the intention of pulling the trigger, for discharging his/her weapon? Because I refuse to go there. It’s immature, among other things.

    The general conclusion that’s safest to come to, regardless of what country you’re in and what the officers are carrying on them, is if you don’t want an officer to harm you, then don’t give them a reason to think that they’ll need to harm you to protect themselves and others.

    So peace out, and don’t be stupid! Have a good one, y’all

  2. From my point of view, about the same odds. Just remember, the police in the USA do a good job. There have been some city governments that have created a mess for everybody else.

    Open season ha been declared on police officers. And, yes, while they did volunteer to become police officers, they did not volunteer to be targets.

    If you were a police officer in the USA, the fact that you might be killed in the line of duty has become foremost in their minds, while many years ago it would be in the back of their minds.

    Violent criminals in the US have in some circles been lauded as heroes for shooting police. People who deserve to be arrested, resist arrest and are being lauded as heroes.

    There are bad people and weak links in every profession, in every country. And, there are people being shot by police in every country. Nobody cares, unless it happens in the US.

    The main difference is that in other so-called first world countries, when the police shoot somebody, the people assume without reservation that it was for good cause, and that their police are better than everybody else’s.

    The fact is that the job of being a law enforcement officer in the USA has never been more dangerous. And, criminals are taking advantage of the environment.

  3. About twenty times as likely.

    You can see the data at Police firearm use by country – Wikipedia

    If this was prompted by the death of Justine Damond, its probably relevant to compare police homicide rates in the US and Australia.

    The US has about 1,000 police homicides per year, virtually of them with guns. Australia has 3. The US has about 15 times Australia’s population, so on a population equivalent basis Australia would have 45 deaths. So the death rate per capita from police gun use in the USA is over 20 times that of Australia.

    Of course, Australia has far more stringent conditions for police gun use that the US, because there is way less chance they will be confronting a criminal with a gun.

    In particular, the Australian rules of police engagement do not allow police officers to shoot unarmed women dressed in their pajamas reporting a crime.

  4. The answer mostly depends on the color of your skin.

    If you are black in the US, you should be terrified by the police, because they have sovereign immunity and there is lingering institutional racism.

    If you are white in the US, well, not much.

    And that is a shitty system, and a good reason why we need to restrain the various abusive practices of police at all levels of government.

  5. That depends entirely on whether or not you have committed a serious crime and subsequently posed a further threat to the public or the police attempting to arrest you.

    Otherwise your chances of being shot by a policeman, while not zero, since mistakes do happen, are still very close to zero.

  6. It’s interesting that several people answering here believe that as long as you behave around police then you won’t get shot. Their attitude tells you all you need to know really, that US police are very dangerous.

    No first world country can even come close to the numbers shot and killed by US police. In fact you could probably combine the police killing in all first world countries and still not come close to the numbers killed by US police.

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