How to get my deleted photos back on my phone

What phone are you using?

If the photos were stored on an SD card on your phone, you can connect the SD card to a computer and get a photo recovery tool which comes as a free demo (to help you see if all pics can be recovered before making a purchase). Remo Recover Photo software works just fine. Download Free Demo Version of Remo Recover .

On the other hand, if the pictures were deleted from the internal memory of your phone, you will have to root your phone to before performing recovery.

Hope it helps!

Is it better to mine SHA-256 or Scrypt on Hashflare?

Surely SHA-256 is much more profitable now!

I have made comparison table with forecast profitability of HashFlare cloud mining service for different mining contracts to make it more easy for you to choose.


  • BTC mining difficulty isn’t growing recently, because there is lack of ASIC miners available for sale, ever several cloud mining companies have stopped selling mining contracts till spring!
  • So, combining two factors: stable mining difficulty and huge grow in interest to bitcoin from investors, we can await it’s future price grow and cloud mining be more profitable than usual!
  • Moreover, maintenance fees are counted in $, so with high bitcoin price they are low and mining ever more profitable!
  • Bitcoin is now best investment with good profitability and investment return time.
  • Dash cloud mining is worst investment now, because the difficulty increased dramatically after hardware miner was developed.


  • All incomes counted for 1.000$ invested
  • For BTC & LTC cost of mining is excluded from the day income, so it's clear income AFTER maintenance fee, not before as you see in HashFlare panel.
  • LTC is automatically converted to BTC, so in table there is BTC values in LTC columns.
  • All contracts are for 1 year long.
  • BTC & LTC contracts have maintenance fees, ETH, ZEC and DASH – no additional fees.
  • For BTC & LTC contracts if profit became less than maintenance fee, HashFlare guaranty to work 21 days before close them. Maintenance fees (in %) are quite low now, because BTC price is high.
  • Profitability in my table is counted like (income – invested)/invested


  • Forecast doesn't count increasing mining difficulty (and changing of block reward in some cases) over time, so on long period income in coins will be smaller than forecasted, may be ever much smaller!
  • Price of coins is volatile, none can grant that it will continue to grow up, not down, so it's risky investment!
  • But ever if price will drop, this doesn't mean it won't raise again, ussually much bigger than was before – so patience is your weapon!
  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments, so don't invest more than you are ready to lost in worst case.
  • Price and profitability for different coins can change over time, so it’s smart idea to diversify your investments into different coins contracts.

Lucky mining, folks!

Why is it necessary to learn difficult vocabulary?

Guess what? It isn't! You can have your way around things even without difficult vocabulary. In fact, I agree with a previous answer; simple things are indeed beautiful. Unless you plan to build a career in this field, simple language would do just fine.

The need for a vast vocabulary arises because even the so-called synonyms differ somewhat in their meaning on basis of their usages. I would like to suggest you to understand the subtle differences in the meanings of words and you would definitely start appreciating the reason for having so many words. Moreover if you need to enhance your language for formal usage, then it ought to be the simplest one the technical jargon notwithstanding.

Should I write a fan fiction or a one-shot?

I feel like this is some sort of trick question. A one-shot is just a short story with only one chapter, and it can be a fanfiction. A fanfiction is a story based off an already existing idea, usually a fictional work, and fanfictions can be one-shots.

It’s always best to write in the format you think will suit your story best. Are you trying to show a small, emotional scene between two characters? A one-shot will give you the right amount of time without going overboard. If your characters are going on a huge adventure, it’s a bad idea to try and fit it into a one-shot.

Is Baleno Alpha 1.2 (petrol) worth a wait of 4 months?

As an owner of Baleno Delta 1.2 I advice you not to buy the Baleno…specially not the Alpha, it's not worth the price.

Baleno offers it's best value for the Delta model. It has the following demerits :-

  1. Week body :- Observe any Baleno on the road, older than 6 months, it would have some damage or the other. Mine had a dent on the second day when my uncle leaned upon the front fender (just above the front wheel) ,………………………………………… pulled it out with a PLUNGER, it was okay, but was a heartache to see my new car in this condition, …………………………….. neither should it be so easy to damage with a person leaning.
  2. Airbags:- You are paying 8–9 lakhs for just two airbags, you and your family deserve more safety, buy a car with more airbags and it would be worth your price and wait….. if you can't afford safer car save your money for 4 months and buy better and safer car. Hyundai, Ford and may be Honda have safety packs which you can add to the variant of your choice, and offer 6 airbags…..

If given a chance I would not buy the Baleno, and would have bought i20, jazz or amaze….wouldnt be buying any maruti Suzuki product in the future too

… If you still want to buy Baleno Alpha…please buy a dedicated “plunger” to remove dents on your car…

What are the benefits of using ERP?

In this technological era its very important to manage your business efficiently with new technology. Its always better to access all the modules from one software and save time, probably ERP does it all. Implementing ERP always bring an impressive transformation to any type of business.

Benefits of using ERP:

  • Secure and better organised data
  • access to information at any time
  • enhanced business performance

I Hope this helps, please let me know if you need any further assistance. To know more about ERP Software, you can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at ( for free demo and consultation.