Which course should I pursue as an MS for data science and AI?

What do you mean by “course”? If you mean degrees, you should probably try Applied Mathematics with a CS Minor, Statistics, or Computer Science.

If you mean courses as in classes, you should learn about Machine Learning, R, Statistics, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, and maybe even some Data Viz courses.

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  1. You should pursue courses that meet and surpass your application. You can prepare a general curriculum to meet the job requirements, graduate school applications, or entry into a related field. You and most people know mathematics courses, native language courses, and relevant skill based courses provide the most conservative preparation. They meet the minimum and expected background for all applicants into any application. You can view your coursework during the master’s in data science and AI as an investment. In fact, you should view it this way if you have not already, since your curriculum gives you course credit for a career. You can apply the coursework by your transcript to your job or another program. It means that you take the required courses for your degree and class. You should take related courses to the required courses. This develops a stronger core. You can explore a few different or riskier courses. These explore new areas, develop less developed courses, or provide you information. The courses you select can also provide a skill based development. This gives you skills relevant to your application, hands on credit, and implementation experience. If you have skills, you do not need to talk for your job. You simply do and achieve the work with relevant skills. This presents a career oriented way to view your degree. It applies a professional intention to plan, develop, and complete your degree toward an application. It also suggests course selection and investing in new areas or developing weaker studies. In whole, it treats your degree and academic experience as a career and investment in your application.

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