What are some examples of the sacred writings of Christianity?

My observation is that there is a stratification. The New Testament, as the addition to the Bible that is specific to the Christian faiths is the core text. But within that New Testament there are subdivisions called books. The first four of which are called the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Not of the Catholic church, but having observed a number of services, it was interesting to see that the priests are particularly proprietary over those four books. While lay readers from the congregation (selected before hand) were allowed to participate in the service, reading from the Old Testament or later books of the New Testament, a reading from the gospels was always reserved for the ordained priest. A religious text cannot get much more sacred than to be under tradition or dogma that forbids anyone but an elite religious leader from reading the text aloud.

An incomplete sampling of Protestant denominations did not find a similar exclusivit

What dangers are associated with gamma radiation?

Tissue damage, cancer and death. But as with everything, it's dose dependent.

Gamma radiation, unlike other types of radiation stemming from radioactive decay, isn't in itself charged particles. Instead, it's highly energetic electromagnetic radiation, like X-rays. Because of this, it's much more difficult to shield against. Highly active sources must be contained using thick layers of metal, concrete or soil to be safely stored.

When gamma radiation interacts with matter, the highly energetic photons knock loose electrons from atoms and ionize them in situ. As a result of the ionization, the atom’s bonds to other atoms in its vicinity are broken, and a free radical is formed. If this happens in the wrong place, for instance in an organism’s DNA, it may lead to damage that either causes the cell to die or to develop cancerous characteristics. It may also be repaired.

Depending on the dose received, the outfall of a radiation event can be no effect, an increased risk of cancer, radiation sickness and an increased risk of cancer or radiation sickness and certain death.

Why does New Zealand have a housing shortage problem now? How bad is it?

The reason for the shortage is that many more people want to live in Auckland than the available housing.

Why do people want to live in Auckland? Principally because that’s where all the jobs are. The government tried to create jobs in the provinces a couple decades ago, but since the 90s has believed in letting the market decide. The market seems very slow to change its opinion. Apart from jobs, there’s friends and family. With more people, you’re likely to have more ties here. Lastly it’s the biggest city in NZ by a long way so international brands naturally choose Auckland if they’re choosing NZ.

Why are there insufficient housing? Because the council doggedly followed their zoning plan even when it was painfully obvious to everyone involved that it was no longer suitable. The council plans in 25 year blocks, and some 25 years ago they had planned for a quarter century of modest growth. The successive councils chose not to address Issues such as fixing the public transport system, creating family-friendly apartment areas, building a second harbour crossing, etc. It didn’t help that the problem was too big for local council but central government claimed to want to leave regional issues to local councils.

Another complicating factor is that most people in power have done very nicely out of the housing crisis thankyouverymuch… Houses have increased from $250k to $1M in the last twenty years. That means most of the civil servants have made almost a million profit. Those in more senior positions would have made twice that thanks to subdivisions. I’m not accusing them of corruption exactly, more choosing to not to give full weight to the plight of anyone that has left home or moved to Auckland. Recently an attempt to improve the situation by providing high density accommodation near the city centre (in one of Auckland’s richest suburbs). This was shot down by residents concerned it would reduce their property values.

Using myself as an example, I left Wellington in 2011 and moved to Auckland. That meant selling a $400k house and buying for $740k. At this time I’m not happy with Auckland house prices – they’ve set me back $340k. Just five years later my house has almost doubled in value – if I sold then I’d gain over $500k above what my old house is now worth. Essentially I’ve been paid $80k/year for choosing to live here – more than the median household income. Of course I’d have to leave Auckland to realise that gain, if I decided to move closer to work within Auckland due to the increased traffic, then I had better hope the growth continues as I’d have to borrow an extra million from the bank.

To give you an idea of how out of control the situation is… A typical house in Auckland costs NZ$1M. The mortgage payments on that house are $50k/year. The average Auckland family takes home $48k/year after tax. The average Auckland family cannot dream of owning the Average auckland home. That situation is only possible because the majority of ordinary families already had some equity, it is completely unsustainable long-term. I don’t know what’s going to happen longer term: maybe a meaningful number of people will leave for the provinces, and maybe higher density housing will become manageable for families, maybe public transport will be fixed and 30km commutes will become common.

As a teacher, how do you get all of your students to respect you?

I doubt that I'll ever get ALL of my students to respect me.

I work really hard at my job, try to give thoughtful answers to their questions (which often means firing back with a different question, or choosing not to give a direct answer), push them hard, ask more of them than they're accustomed to giving. Try to be strict, but fair, at all times. Don't accept excuses, and don't make them – in general, don't be a hypocrite.

I don't give busywork, and I don't show movies when I'm feeling lazy. Try to make every class count. Share my enthusiasm for the millions of amazing things you can learn in science. Be honest when I don't know the answer. Admit when I make mistakes, and try to make amends when I really mess up. Try not to be a jerk all the time, even though that's my default setting.

I think a fair number of kids, even if they hate the subject I'm teaching, will respect me for some of those things. Some of them never will, but that's ok.

Full disclosure: I'm lucky to be at a school where the kids are generally well-fed and polite. Maybe all that stuff above goes out the window at an inner city or poor rural school. Not all kids will be moved by basic human decency. That all depends on their parents!

How does one excel at inbound sales?

Here some tricks that worked for me and my clients in the past:

  • Incorporate strong Calls-To-Action (CTAs) into every (or almost every) piece of content on your site

Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do next, whether that’s clicking a button or filling out a form. Very often we also recommend placing big phone number to your helpline, so a potential customer feels welcomed to contact your company.

  • Test variations of your CTAs

Your "Request a callback" or "Schedule a consultation" form may perform quite differently depending on where it’s placed, what color the font is and how big it is. Test out several variations to see which ones perform best.

  • Pay attention to your headline

Your headline is perhaps the single most important element of your landing page. Brainstorm at least 10 possibilities before choosing the strongest one.

  • Get your visitors excited

Use emotionally-charged language and amazing storytelling to get your visitors eager and excited to try your product or FOMO (fear of missing out).

  • Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ad

If you’re using AdWords or another form of PPC ads, be sure to send these visitors to a dedicated landing page

  • Use inbound sales software like LiveCall

This tool helps you generate more inbound leads from your website. A customer clicks on the widget and enters his phone number. LiveCall automatically calls your sales manager and the customer and connects them in a single line (in less than 25 seconds). This increases conversions on a website up to 75% and can be integrated with landing pages to automate follow-up and shortening lead response time.

You can learn more how to excel your inbound sales on LiveCall blog – livecall.io/blog.

Which is better, Naruto or One Piece? Why?

this is the question which you can’t find answer unless you watch both of them yourself but as a guy who watched both of them i’ll share my views ..!

let’s talk about “NARUTO” first .,

naruto is about a kid who lost everything including his parents but chose to live as one of the good guys ., even though he’s stubborn and mischevious he always chose the right side …!

even though everyone hated naruto ., he didn’t choose a violent path instead he aimed to become hokage just to gain respect of everyone in the village and ended up earning respect of the entire world ..,, i mean that’s one hell of a dedication .

naruto has a great story line with a matured plot , we all knew that naruto is going to be hokage at the end right after watching the first episode but that doesn’t let you hurry for the end, as the show goes on you’ll love every aspect of the show well except some fillers .., if anyone says naruto is a great show with a huge pile of bad fillers then he/she might not have watched a lot of fillers ..! yes it’s true that there are some really bad fillers but which anime doesn’t but i’ll guarantee that half of them are really good..!

the greatest thing about naruto is it doesn’t just run around naruto each and every character has an important role ., naruto is famous for it’s storyplot which leads you to a surprised twist and then reveal everything we have missed..! naruto has a large number of great characters like kakashi , itachi , shikamaru , sasuke , jiraiya , obito .., i can go on and on but i assure the list would be close to 50 by then ..,

i mean you gotta love sasuke’s epic lone ranger stage , shikamaru’s wise words , kakashi’s coolness , jiraiya’s epicness etc..,

naruto is one of the greatest long anime ever there’s no doubt about it but the only drawback is filler placement , there are fillers throughout the series but they didn’t seem relevent to place them at the place they had placed ., and the shinobi world war feels like it’s dragging but when naruto enters the battlefield it gets really serious and just when you’re enjoying everything little thing about that war they hit you with fillers so hard that you won’t be able to enjoy those fillers .., it’s a good thing i skipped them and watched them later i finished the series .,

my rating :- 8 / 10

now let’s talk about “ONE PIECE” .,

it’s about a guy who wanted to become a “PIRATE KING” .., i bet that everyone would think that he’s going to become the so called pirate king for sure as he’s the main character of the show but as the show goes on you’ll doubt that if he could become pirate king or not but then you’ll become sure that he would become pirate king for sure ., that’s the beauty of one piece it will always keep you guessing ..,

i bet 70 percent of one piece would agree with the fact that they truly believed in luffy about becoming “the pirate king” right after “ENIES LOBBY” arc .., until that arc all luffy did is fighting with his stretching abilities which might make you enjoy but “it’s not enough to become the pirate king” i’m sure this is what everyone thought but when luffy used GEAR – 2 & 3 it blows your mind that luffy just improvised his technique and got stronger in mere seconds ..,

and the thing that i admired in onepiece is the concept of bounties ., bounties are given to the pirates based on their threat to the world government ., i can still remember every moment when the straw hats got a rise in bounties …!

bounties of luffy from the start ..,

the current bounties of the strawhats

the best thing about luffy is once he decides something he never backs off and whatever luffy decides , i mean how dangerous it might be there’s a guy behind him who is the badass character of the entire one piece universe and his name is “ZORO” ., the man who wants to become the world’s greatest swordsman .., there is a huge list of one piece characters who are great and the storyline , plot , action .., everything is perfect about one piece ..,

you’ll love everything about one piece ., i mean everything …! the best part about one piece is it doesn’t get repetitive like ever and the fillers are good too ., you’d get to watch new characters every arc as it’s a journey of emotions and when i say journey i mean literally ..!

unlike many shows the protagonist in one piece is not the strongest one ., if you think about it he might not even be in the top 30 strongest characters in the one piece world but his policy about getting stronger is the one that will make you fall in love ., he wants to get stronger because he doesn’t to lose his friends ., luffy is the character you’d be obsessed with and for those who didn’t watched one piece yet i definitely recommend it ..!

my rating :- 8.5 / 10

for your kind information i love both the shows equally but if i have to pick any one of them i would have to pick “ONE PIECE”

What can I say when my friend is sick?

I assume that he/she is your close friend and if that is the case, you can say anything. Literally anything. Visit your friend wherever she is and bring food especially the ones that he/she likes if her sickness does not ban her from eating those foods and just talk about things just like a normal day. Make your friend laugh. That will make him/her feel better. 😉

Is current liabilities bank loan 'short term debt'?

It depends on the term of the debt. A loan which is payable within the current year is considered a short term debt, whereas a loan which is payable over a period of more than one year is considered a long term.

For the purpose of preparation of cash flow statement, proceeds from loans regardless of terms are cash inflows. Payments of loans such as monthly amortizations during the current year are cash outflows including the interests and other related expenses in securing the loan.

How could I start my own award like the Nobel Prize?

In simple terms: First you have to have a considerable amount of money. Alfred Nobel made his money on dynamite, gunpowder and weapons. Without money there would have been no Nobel Prize – at least not a famous one. Today there are other prizes with higher prize sums like the Breakthrough prize. You also need a staff of trusted scientists to select the winners (except for the Peace Prize which is more political).