Why is my hairline receding, and why do my gums bleed every time I brush, and am just 20?

Aminu Danjuma Liadi , you claim to be in Medical School, yet here you are on Quora asking questions whose answers can be found in your institutions library.

With a little curiosity, and diligence, both which are mandatory traits in a medical student, you should be able to come up with an answer by yourself! If you’re lazy, just ask your medical seniors or medical lecturers.

But I’m going humor your lazy ass.

There are multiple reasons to why a person may have receding hairline so early in life. For the sake of simplicity and because I’m going out for lunch soon I’m just going to state the common ones.

First, genetics. That’s self explanatory right there so I don’t think I have to elaborate on this.

Next, we have the continuous excessive production of dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) , which is a male hormone. In med school, if you haven’t learnt it already, you’d know that once 5-Alpha-Reductase acts on testosterone, it will produce DHT which kick start your puberty and secondary male sexual characteristics.

Normally, DHT should taper out and slowly cease production as you grow older. But in some cases, production persist and excessively. Over time it deposits in parts of your body, and in this case, namely your hair follicles. Over time, too much of it accumulates and kills of the hair follicle leading to your receding hairline.
As for the other reasons, get your ass to your library and start reading.

Next , gum bleeding when you brush ??

In my practice, the most common cause would be inflammation of the gum margins also known as gingivitis. And what cause gingivitis ? Plenty of reasons, most common cause is poor oral hygiene.

So get your ass a dentist and have your oral condition checked out and maybe cleaned as well.

Also, I checked out your profile and frankly, some questions are disturbing. Like What if I attack the UN General Assembly and take all world leaders and other members hostage, would the world be in my palms?


Why am I sexually attracted to little girls and even babies?

Is there any rational argument for mass gun ownership?

Let’s play a game.

Imagine you need to walk to your car in the dark. There are 100 men in a grocery store and you will see 10 of them separately on the way to your car. And you know one of the 100 will try to rape you if he sees you in the dark.

Simply walking yields a 10% chance of being raped. Pretty terrifying.

If you ask a random person to walk with you it might be inviting the rapist to accompany you! That’s really scary too. You’re actively giving the rapist the access to rape you!

But rationally, you’ve reduced the probability of rape from 10% to 6% (including the 50% * 10% probability that the non rapist stranger will lose the fight in the parking lot).

If you invite two strangers you double the chance that you invited the rapist! But the probability of rape falls to 3.5%. Three and you get a 1% chance of rape. If you invite all 100 shoppers with you the chances fall to near zero.

“Mass gun ownership” is like inviting people to walk with you. There’s a chance that you’re inviting a rapist along, but statistically the more people are “armed” with access to you the less likely rape is. And as terror attacks in Europe have proven, Guns can either be obtained illegally (Paris) or other means can be used (Nice). Both those attacks occurred in a country with far stricter gun control than the US, and both claimed more lives than the recent Las Vegas attack.

How to pass the 1st year in engineering easily

Your experience may vary, but if your schooling is anything like mine was:

  • Manage your time well. Read your textbooks before the lectures and write down any questions you have. In class, don’t write down everything your professors say; even if they don’t put their lecture notes online for you to download, most of it is probably in the textbook. Do your homework as soon as you can after it’s assigned, and pay attention to the answers you get wrong. If you learn the material when it’s taught, you won’t have much studying to do when your exams start.
  • Understand algebra inside and out. Understand how to manipulate units; you’ll need to know that for physics, chemistry, and probably the major-specific classes you’ll take later on. For an easy example, how many square centimeters are in one square foot? (It isn’t just [math]2.54 \times 12[/math].)

How frequently does the F-15 reach their top speed of Mach 2.5?

THE F 15 can reach mach 2.5 with a complement of air to air missles but otherwise, clean. Few missions require a fighter to excercise its top speeds. The F15 c’s on alert at Langley AFB would exceed mach 2 on some intercepts but generally not 2.5. The Eagles rapid acceleration makes it easy to go mach 2+. However, after a paint job there was a “burn-on” mission for a real hard paint which could be cured by the heat resulting from mach 2.5 and slightly over. It was done for that. That was the only mission I am aware of where 2.5+ was called for…not sure if they are still using that paint anymore… That paint was very, very durable, but extremely hard to strip off from a maintenance standpoint, it took lots of extra work.

What is J. Cole like in person?

Met him in May 2012. Willing to come interact and hang out for 15–20 minutes before hitting the road again. Very personable and relaxed – did not come off as arrogant or thinking he is better than anyone else. He’s human.

Does anyone like rap rhyme schemes?

Sure. I, for one, find it extremely interesting.

Check these rhyme schemes:

Some rappers who have some amazing rhyme schemes are Eminem, MF Doom and Big Pun. Check out Eminem’s “Insane” and “Legacy” rhyme schemes.

What is the US interest in Afghanistan? Why doesn't the US leave the region even though they clearly can't win?

In long term, it is Afghanistan stability, and to counter China’s One Belt, One Road and Pakistan’s terrorist sponsorships.

The US knows Afghanistan has no resources. There is no resources in Afghanistan at all. The US didn't lose, but they knew what happened after they left South Vietnam and Iraq – all of them collapsed. So they tried to help Afghanistan.

Lucky for us, Afghanistan has a similar strong interests like the US and the strong legacy by Ahmad Shah Massoud, thus Afghanistan, like South Korea, is capable to handle themselves better.

In a long run, Pakistan (and China hiddenly) are interested in destabilizing Iran, Afghanistan and India such as sponsoring Taliban or other terrorist armies, so it is quite safe for the US to stay a moment.

Also, I think Trump must stop his Iranophobic sentiment. Iran is also an important partner because Iran has a role for safety of Afghanistan and they aren't North Korea. Thus if Iran can participate on rebuilding Afghanistan, it will bounce Sino-Pakistani strategy because Pakistan will not dare to attack Iran unless a Saudi-Pakistani alliance try to sue it.

It is the best to have friends like Afghanistan, who is not bowing to terrorism unlike Iraq.

What is the average amount of candidates that appear in the UPSC exams, and how many of them pass it?

See Friends, that we cannot calculate that how many candidates appear in the exam and how many of them pass the exam because its depend on person to person. If they are seriously giving the exam or only for see how many question they attempt and the passing of exam is depend upon according to the seat, how many seat is available. For more information visit laksh career academy or UPSC/GPSC/IAS/PSI/BANK Exam Coaching Classes In Ahmedabad or contact us on:-9913153337.