How frequently does the F-15 reach their top speed of Mach 2.5?

THE F 15 can reach mach 2.5 with a complement of air to air missles but otherwise, clean. Few missions require a fighter to excercise its top speeds. The F15 c’s on alert at Langley AFB would exceed mach 2 on some intercepts but generally not 2.5. The Eagles rapid acceleration makes it easy to go mach 2+. However, after a paint job there was a “burn-on” mission for a real hard paint which could be cured by the heat resulting from mach 2.5 and slightly over. It was done for that. That was the only mission I am aware of where 2.5+ was called for…not sure if they are still using that paint anymore… That paint was very, very durable, but extremely hard to strip off from a maintenance standpoint, it took lots of extra work.

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  1. Never! Operational aircraft have a VMax switch that boosts engine thrust(it is not allowed to be used), and was installed so the plane could reach it’s design speed of 2.5 M. In reality M2.0- 2.2 or so is the best you will see in an operational Eagle.

  2. Very rarely. I would suspect that it would only be on an operational mission with a really sweet target vector!

    Or maybe any real target vector if that target had also been passed to an F-16 or F/A-18! Nothing can get the fangs out and through the floor quite so quickly as the possibility that someone else will get the kill! LoL!

  3. No fighter usually reaches it's top speed mentioned on paper. For that to happen, you would need to be at very high altitudes, have a clean loadout, full AB and less fuel than you might be comfortable with. In a dive, maybe. But the ground comes into view rather quickly, and G-forces are a problem when pulling up at high speed. Most of the top speeds on paper are theoretical anyway.

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