How to pass the 1st year in engineering easily

Your experience may vary, but if your schooling is anything like mine was:

  • Manage your time well. Read your textbooks before the lectures and write down any questions you have. In class, don’t write down everything your professors say; even if they don’t put their lecture notes online for you to download, most of it is probably in the textbook. Do your homework as soon as you can after it’s assigned, and pay attention to the answers you get wrong. If you learn the material when it’s taught, you won’t have much studying to do when your exams start.
  • Understand algebra inside and out. Understand how to manipulate units; you’ll need to know that for physics, chemistry, and probably the major-specific classes you’ll take later on. For an easy example, how many square centimeters are in one square foot? (It isn’t just [math]2.54 \times 12[/math].)

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