How is #TakeAKnee perceived by politically conservative communities in the US?

And now, for a minority report, a libertarian view…

The Wholesale Destruction of Black Initiative
Let’s say that I caught you trying to systematically brainwash my daughter into thinking:

  • “You will never succeed on your own!”
  • “There are hoards of people out there who are dedicated to your destruction!”
  • “You cannot hide from them; they will easily identify you and will then target you!”
  • “Nothing you can do can stop them from destroying you.”
  • “You may as well not even bother to try!”
  • “If you vote for me, I will try to protect you from those evil people.”

I would be enraged!

I would rather you break both of her legs that instill this crippling mindset. Such victim mentality will destroy any ability for her to craft her future. Her legs would heal, and even while healing, she could still learn and proact and make connections and impress people. But were you successful in instilling a victim mindset, she is hopelessly lost, for the rest of her life. She will be a horrible cripple — her happiness, career, family permanently debilitated.

As much as libertarianism is about peaceful, voluntary, cooperative living, I would be very tempted to use violence on you. What I would certainly do is to keep you the frak away from my daughter, and keep a bat at the ready to ensure that you keep your poisonous words away from her.

That this is being done regularly and systematically to American blacks is a crime against humanity. That it is being done for the purpose of partisan politics is selfish and greedy. That people think that this is acceptable shows how we have lost our caring for our fellow man. That people can show their face in polite society after doing this shows that they have no shame.

Shame on them.

Undermining the Advancement of Freedom
My libertarian philosophy is focused on increasing human freedom, pole vaulting beyond the chattel slavery mankind has suffered for millennia, jumping past the “free-range slavery” we currently endure from rulers, to get to a place a true, individual freedom — where each person is able to live their life as they choose, in peaceful cooperation with their equally sovereign neighbor.

This goal is undermined when a victim mentality is instilled. These people turn back the clock — taking humanity back to a time when we subjected ourselves to our lords and masters, where we reject our inherent sovereignty, and we believe the lie that only by submission to our lords can we be saved from Grendel, racism, the volcano god fury, and all the other imaginary monsters.

The movement is regressive, superstitious, and anti-human.

Unfair Labeling
Elsewhere I have listed (see link below) how I am regularly labeled a “racist” – for crimes ranging from considering empirical facts to simply being white.

I find this so unfair, so rude. And frankly, I’m tired of it. I refuse to defend myself any longer from the true racists who incite race war for their minor political advantage.

The real racists are evident by their own projections.

Truth In Advertising
And finally, false advertising — broadcasting humongous lies right there to be consumed by every child and every adult.

It’s one thing if a company advertises a hair tonic that doesn’t actually cure baldness. It’s another when what they promulgate patently false statements about white on black murder, about cop on black murder. When they don’t even allow us to think clearly enough to solve the real problems of black on black murder and black on white murder, because, contrary to the false advertising, the truth is pretty much just the opposite.

But truth in this political war does not matter one bit. All that matters is winning at polls. Even it it results in the destruction of society.

My Bottom Line
So, I’m tired. I’m tired of the callous destruction of the black race for petty, selfish political purposes. I’m tired of the undermining of human freedom by hypocrites who just want to subjugate us. I’m tired of being falsely accused of something I have fought against my entire life. And I’m tired of all the bald-faced lying.

So, if my favorite game in the world wants to invest its goodwill into the destruction of society, well, I guess I’m tired of football as well.

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19 Replies to “How is #TakeAKnee perceived by politically conservative communities in the US?”

  1. I’m not exactly politically “conservative” or “liberal” as defined in modern American politics. I served in the armed forces. In my personal opinion, the flag should be respected.

    However, the mass media attention started with Colin Kaepernick. He originally sat down during the anthem, but a veteran and fellow player told him it was disrespectful to stay seated. He decided taking a knee was the best compromise. Many conservatives have no problem when a player takes a knee after a touchdown down(or prays before a game). He modified his actions to show a level of respect and honor the sacrifices made to get our country where it is at. He also wanted to continue his personal “protest” against racial disparities in the justice system. He knew as an athlete on a national platform that he could use that platform to call attention to something he personally cared about. His protest is neither violent(such as “Antifa”) and was a compromise between disrespect and the traditional action expected.

    A march in the streets temporarily interrupts people’s daily commutes. It’s does that to call attention to a cause by both the numbers marching(a collective voice is louder than a single one) and to get those who’s daily life was interrupted to think about the issue. The same march could be considered by some as disrespectful to those just trying to get to work or school. However, protest is a first amendment right under our constitution so long as it is peaceful. I have no issue with Kaepernick or ANYONE else kneeling, locking arms, etc… before and during the national anthem. I may not agree with the message, but I will defend ANYONE’s right to “say” it. I don’t agree with racism, but will defend a white supremacist’s right to march. I don’t agree with Black Lives Matter(mostly my disagreement is about how they approach the situation), but I will defend their rights as well. The left seems to no longer support “free speech”, but rather acceptable speech. The ONLY exception to “free speech” according to the SCotUS is speech used to intentionally cause harm(yelling “fire” in a crowded room, telling people to act violently, etc…). This is not what is occurring here. Speech may be harmful(bringing up memories of tragic past events), disrespectful(nightly calling the PotUS names on late night T.V.), abhorrent to the majority(Nazis), but as long as harm is not the intent(proven in court by cause and reasonably expected effect) then it must be allowed.

    I don’t agree with Trump’s use of language(due to the fact I believe even young people should learn civics), but even as PotUS with the loudest platform, he still has the right to his opinion(one I do not share). I do think if a player is let go for the action of kneeling, it IS the owner/owners’ right to do so(and either side’s right to sue if the feel their contract was breached). Linking arms with players and standing during the anthem is a form of protest as well(showing solidarity against the PotUS who has a megaphone and saying “No, we have a different opinion than yours on this issue”). It also shows Colin’s actions were correct in that it has called more attention to his cause. However, this is now the point at which the PotUS should instead of saying “knock it off” should be saying, “What can we do to change the situation so that these players/coaches/owners no longer feel the need to kneel?”

    P.S. Nazi’s are bad. (Just figured I’d throw that out there before I get racially motivated hate comments).

  2. It is perceived as an insult to America itself. In addition, most conservatives are confused as it seems unrelated to the complaint. If the problem is racism, make a protest against that. If the problem is Trump, attend a protest against him. However, understand that conservatives revere the flag and the anthem. We generally see it as a symbol of what is right in America. I mean right as in correct and not right wing. It is the symbol of this because it is the symbol of our military and their sacrifices made over the years. This is particularly offensive because the military is perceived as non-racist by conservatives. The reason the military is non-racist is because of the large number of racially, politically, and socially diverse people in the military. To a conservative, #TakeAKnee is simply spitting on that symbol. I am trying to draw a liberal parallel here, but I am at a loss for words. Perhaps if you saw this as a equivalent to a “peaceful” Pro Nazi Rally, only on a national scale, lead by a major sports organization. That may be a good parallel to the visceral rejection this #TakeAknee causes. They literally push back against fans in a hurtful, and confusing manner that is similar to what they are fighting against. Most conservatives feel that deeply about the flag and the anthem. This is also why burning the flag is found to be offensive.

    Here is why: I was raised to revere that flag and see if as my symbol of hope for this nation. Kneeling when I was taught to stand; or destroying it respectfully is being disrespectful toward what our fellow countrymen died for. Acts such as this spit on my hope for this country. It insults all of our family heritage. Thats is why a lot of conservatives hate, and I do mean hate, the acts. It is a devisive act to many of us.

    As far as the NFL is concerned: Why should I watch a sporting event where the majority of the players seem to make a stance against the American Flag itself? They should be grateful for an environment that allows them to celebrate freedom like they get to. They get to play a game for a living. WOW. and then for the emotions listed above to boil out before that game. Oh the horror; I just have no words. None can express my shock and anger. Perhaps I feel as Rachel Maddow did when she described Trumps victory after the election. I feel betrayed, as she apparently did, and we will probably feel that way for some time.

    As a result, I am turning off my TV. I am done with the NFL However, this is not the only reason for my decision. This is the latest in a string of very bad choices. I will count the litany of their sins now (this is just over the last 10 years or so):

    • The Illegal land grabbing and property seizing to build a stadium.
    • The thuggish, wife beating, murdering actions of a few players
    • The drug scandals – both illegal and performance enhancing
    • The deflate gate , tape gate cheating scandals
    • The Concussion scandals – the league knowing they were putting players at risk
    • The ref scandals and accusations of game fixing

    You get my point. They have been going downhill for some time. Great question by the way. It really helps to articulate my feelings like this to someone who may or may not feel the same way. Perhaps in this way, we can be part of the healing process for each other, together.

  3. I found out recently that originally, Colin Kaepernick intended to sit for his political protest. But advisors told him that a more respectable way to make such protest was to take a knee.

    My initial take was that this protest was already happening via different branches of the African American and Brown communities who felt disenfranchised and oppressed by the American way on many levels. I thought that Colin would have been aware of the varied voices within the minority communities that had a more strategic means to disseminate the message.

    Whether he was aware or not, he decided to use his Football player platform to launch this protest. Additionally, knowing about the football player’s previous successes and steady decline as a football player during the time of the protest, I couldn’t help feeling that his personal crises and frustrations on the Football field contributed to his sudden intense political passion and desire to bring attention to himself in such a grand manner.

    The protest felt as though he didn’t think everything through in terms of the feedback pro or con that it was going to yield. So there’s a feel of brashness, immaturity and carelessness behind his approach and actions that preceded the protest. If one is going to launch a socio-political protest, one must do the things that would bring respect for the one behind the protest. Not voting during the Presidential Election and wearing a “Police as pigs” socks did not help to bring respect to the protester.

    However questionable and rather immature that I may find Kaepernick to be with his timing, preparedness and approach, it is a legitimate protest even though Kaepernick would not be my choice as a messenger for any kind of protest. We can also question whether a sports event serves as the best platform for this message. On the other hand, one can also question the idea of making a nationalistic statement of idolatry with an anthem and flag salute during an entertainment event. Nonetheless, all of the issues that he mentioned are real in America. And such issues have not subsided enough to the extent that we aught not be reminded of them once in awhile.

    America and the flag is not a fundamentalist religion free of human oppression, racism, corruptions, and divisiveness. Nor is one’s allegiance or protest against the National Anthem and Flag is to be considered a prayer to the almighty god/Emperor of a country given the flaws and incomplete nature of the American way. America is a work in progress. It is not a “DONE DEAL”. With Donald Trump elected to the Presidency, we collectively took several steps backward against reaching the goal of actualizing what America was supposed to be.

    Such protest is not a cry against America as many Conservatives myopically interpreted it to be. To stubbornly believe this idea is not only cold, indifferent and insensitive to the plights of the victims of America’s varied injustices, it is an attempt to reject the freedoms allowed by the Constitution for the people to cry against America’s self-inflicted wounds.

  4. It is your right to bend the knee to “protest”, but I’d argue that as person leaning more towards the conservative side that this whole protest is choosing the wrong symbol and the wrong methods.

    To illustrate this, look at what the Flag symbolizes. Red is for courage, for hardiness, it symbolizes the blood of the countless who left their blood staining the ground upon which they fought for the freedom of our country and its people. Courage because the people of this country have never been shy about standing up for what they believe is just and right. The Blue is justice, the basis of our country. While it is true that America has a lot of problems, the Flag does not symbolize the problems that have cropped up. If you’ll look at the documents that founded our country such as the Declaration, you will find that it makes no mention of one group standing above another, but rather that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    I recently read an article that was reporting an act of extreme disrespect at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington. A young man took a knee in front of the Tomb while Taps was played. Everyone else, of all colors and stripes was standing silently, with hands on their heart. But this young man demonstratively knelt in imitation of the disgraceful football players of the NFL. Picture of man kneeling during taps at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is sparking outrage following NFL protests | American Military News .

    Protest the Flag and the Anthem if you like, but never forget that in protesting the Flag and the Anthem, you are protesting against the very freedoms that generations of men and women and fought and died for, so that you might have the freedom and the right to spit on their sacrifice.

    • “Red stands for courage, hardiness, and bloodshed. Courage because our country is based on the courage of separating from what we once knew, courage of starting over, courage of fighting for our freedom. Hardiness because our founding fathers believed our country will outlast the land that we came from. Finally, blood shed to honor all those who lost their life for our freedom and our country.”
    • “White stands for purity and vigilance: purity because our country is independent and is not corrupted by any other country. Vigilance because our country needs to be alert and careful in the choices we make.”
    • “Blue stands for justice and perseverance: justice because it is the basis of our country, and perseverance because although our nation is young, we will stand strong against all opposition.”
  5. Just another fad that will soon be forgotten. But more importantly yet another example of how Trump plays 4D chess with the media.

    The funniest part is the contradictory nature of the kneeling compared to what it is supposed to portray.

    It absolutely is hysterical watching Trump manipulate the media and his enemies day by day.

    Don’t believe me? Seriously, watch the next time he puts out some controversial decoy statement. Everyone on the left will pounce on it like wolves on meat. Meanwhile, Trump quietly gets some important work done.

    We can certainly keep this game up for 8 years! Keep doing what you’re doing, #nevertrumpers!

  6. As a rational person, this has been a ridiculous waste of time. It has accomplished very little because the vast majority of the conversation is about “who” is doing it, not the “what” it was originally supposed to be about.

    It might have done long term damage to the NFL, maybe not irreparable, but lasting.

    These athletes, in many cases have resources most of us only dream about. Money, fame, connections. They could raise millions of dollars, and a mountain of awareness through commercials, combined efforts with sponsors and the league, and on and on.

    The problem though, while police brutality is a real problem, how big of a problem is it? Which of the following is more likely to happen:

    • Shark attack
    • Struck by lightning
    • Unarmed black person shot and killed by police

    I would think that if the players wanted to get attention to a more prevalent problem, they would draw attention to the shootings in south Chicago.

    Imagine if an employee at GM showed up to a company meeting with a shirt that had the logo crossed out or turned upside down.

    When confronted..

    GM Exec: “What’s going on here? What is this shirt about?”

    Employee: “This company built the Corvair, and people died. And right now these cars are killing people by polluting the planet, and more people are dying while driving these cars, especially the lower cost models with less safety features. The president of GM… what a disgrace; he thinks our cars are the best, which really means that he wants more people, especially the poor, to die.”

    GM Exec: “Are you saying that we are all murderers?”

    Employee: “Well no, not ALL of you. Only the ones who don’t wear shirts like this one I’m wearing right now today.”

    GM Exec: “OK, you’re wrong, and you are fired.”

    Ex-employee: “What! Haven’t you ever heard of free speech? I have the right to say what I want about this company, and still work here! I need my paycheck and especially my benefits! I have a family to support.”

    GM Exec: “It is true that you have the right to say what you want about this or any other company. But, you do not have the right to work here. We have the right to separate any employee who does not have the company’s best interests at heart. Besides, it doesn’t make sense for you to stay here, given how you seem to feel, and how you are willing to express it. How do you think your coworkers would feel about working with you?”

    Ex-employee: “Who cares how they feel? They are either complicit in the problems, or too blind to see what is really going on in this immoral company. I am only trying to help them see the truth.”

    GM Exec: “Well, I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. We have employed millions while helping people attain affordable transportation. We’ve had problems and made many mistakes in the past, and as a company we still have areas where we can do better, but it doesn’t mean that everything we do is horrible, or immoral, or done out of malice. Why didn’t you just raise specific problems of safety or emissions and try to address them individually?”

    Ex-employee: “Because the problem is bigger than that. We need a president who believes that we need to build cars and trucks that have zero pollution, and all of the necessary safety features to ensure that no one is killed in a crash. It would be even better if this new president had lost someone to either a natural disaster caused by climate change, or a car crash, because that would make them more qualified to lead us.”

    GM Exec: “Cars and trucks like that would not be affordable. No one would buy them, and they wouldn’t do any good. The company would go out of business and we couldn’t pay pensions.”

    Ex-employee: “Whatever, you don’t know what you are talking about because you are part of the problem.. you fascist Nazi. I’m going to sue you for wrongful termination. I have rights.”

    GM Exec: “Ok, best of luck to you.”

    Ex-employee: “Am I going to get a severance, and be paid for unused vacation time?”

  7. I've read many of the answers where posters expressed their 'Disgust' and 'Anger' at the Lack of Respect for a Symbol of: a) The Military, b) The Country, c) Our Freedoms …. and I couldn't help but note how paradoxically, the unfurling of a flag or the playing of this song should NEGATE an expression of this Freedom to Protest, no matter whether you think it useful or otherwise.

    As a Black Conservative (Registered) Republican who believes in 'Conservative' Fiscal Values– I would first ask: What is meant By the Word 'Conservative' in this question's context? That spectrum is quite wide.

    As a Black Conservative Republican, on the Respect for the Military, I remember the Vietnam War. I am old enough to remember being a Young Teen when the Draft was Still Active and the Draft Card came in the mail on your 18th Birthday. I remember the people whose Families were wealthy enough to take off for Canada or Europe. I remember the Families who had access to Doctors who immediately scheduled for that all-important Doctor's apt to Medically Disqualify. And Most of all, I remember filling the card out and dropping it in the Post Office.

    As a Black Conservative Republican I remember the Black Veterans who came back from Vietnam to an America that did not even bother to thank them for their Service. I remember the America that made sure to remind the Black veteran that "Things Didn't Change Around here, so don't think you can get Uppity…" And as a Black Conservative Republican, I remember when the Press and the Country Conservatives only getting upset over protesters spitting on White Veterans at the Airports.
    That's what I remember when I read posts here about how the sacredly Flag represents: "The Many United as One."

    Fast Forward to Today– As a Black Conservative Republican, I am very much aware of how many Homeless, How many Mentally Ill, how many Impoverished Veterans we pass by every day on our streets & Highways. And how many of the Poor veterans have criminal records because their desperation led them down a bad path that involved burglary, drug abuse or an attempt to rob a bank. There are So Many of them: Black & White. Financial Desperation does not segregate.

    So as a Black Conservative Republican and as an AMERICAN, I do what I can, which means I give regularly to certain charities that focus on Veteran Homelessness and one that trains Service Dogs to help Veterans disabled by Injuries and PSTD. I can show the Receipts for my Donations. But if I were to ask any of the 'self-proclaimed' conservative associates what THEY did to help…they would immediately respond: "I support the Troops"….although I suspect that that 'Support' amounted to little more than a $1 Bumper sticker that was Made-in-China…and that's being generous.

    This is what I think of when I read posts here about how the sacredly Flag represents: "The Many United as One."

    And Lastly, there is the notion that a Kneeling Player is an Affront to a Game Viewer…when the Kneeling doesn't interfere with the Game, it doesn't interfere with the Office Pools, it doesn't interfere with Money the Team Owner garner from Advertising and Sales. There is the notion to these 'Conservatives' that Protests should only happen where THEY won't be inconvenienced by them. That means they are telling us that Selma should never have happened. They are telling us that Rosa Parks should never have happened. They are telling us that Kent State should never have happened.

    All Bow heads and hands over heart…and remain silent: Out of the Many…One Silence.
    The Flag is a Symbol. Behind that Symbol is NOT the Military…it's the Constitution, which enshrines the Right to Protest…concomitant with the COST of DARING to Protest, because nothing of Value comes without a Price.

    Obedient Silence buys nothing but Servitude.

  8. I can't help but think about a video clip from several years ago:

    Usain Bolt is not an American. He is from Jamaica, he is in my opinion the greatest athlete of modern times. He is an amazing person, he performs at a high level but he shows respect and humility. He is a true role model for Jamaicans and everyone else.

    When the players go out on the field and take a knee for the national anthem, they are still respecting the nation. Its an acceptable way of making their statement. I may not agree with their statement, but I support their method of protest.

    What I can't respect is the players who won't even acknowledge the anthem. And the fans who are busy getting a beer or whatever. While the anthem plays, you stop what you are doing and give a moment of silence and respect to the nation.

    I am not much of a sports fan, I dont go to games. I rarely watch games on tv. My brother is a huge sports fanatic though. When my brother takes my kids to a hockey game, he makes sure they show respect not only to the American national anthem, but also the Canadian national anthem. Its just the respectful way to behave. The anthem is a representation of the nation, and by extension all of its citizens. By honoring the anthem you are showing respect for all the people in attendance as well as yourself.

  9. The last I checked, the statistics of Americans that feel this is disrespectful- is at around 70%.

    While people know the reason for the kneeling, they feel it is inappropriate and disrespectful to the country. Protests such as flag burning, have been occurring for decades, and I can't really think of one instance when they actually invoked change. (The Vietnam conflict was unpopular-that war ended because the majority of Americans did not support it, it did not end due to flag burning)

    Kneeling is not seen as heroic, and conservative American people do not like to see the country disrespected. It seems insulting to everyone that has served in the military, or held a folded flag at a funeral. Kneeling is not helping fix the racial problems. Mostly because it is not the right venue to protest. It is unrelated to the problems they want to highlight.

    Change has to happen at the problems’ source. Police Brutality should be approached in neighborhoods, with better captains, neighborhoods willing to sit down with police and police doing things in the community, besides issuing tickets and arresting people. (For instance, a once a month community service project, cookout. etc. Better government leaders at the city and state level, better laws to protect. More accountability to actually get to know the residents of these communities.

    Kneeling at a football game, doesn't do anything except increase ratings at news outlets. And alienate 3/4 of America.

  10. Let me see if I’m crystal clear on this issue.

    People attend a free speech rally where white supremacists are present, peacefully. If Identified in a photograph doing this on their own time. They lose their jobs.

    People sharing their political opinions at work. Completely acceptable and oh so brave.

    Sounds legit.

    Guess that only works when the political opinion aligns with your own.

    Not really conservative. Libertarian mostly. There you go.

  11. Honestly? It confuses me. What are you protesting?

    The American flag is the banner of our constitution, our rights, and our beliefs.

    The American flag does not represent our government, our politicians, our political parties.

    So what are you taking a knee to? Are you protesting the American way of life? If so, then I wouldn't call you truly American, but at least I’d understand why you aren't standing for the flag.

    Are you protesting the administration, racism, or oppression? Then why are you protesting the American flag, which represents freedom?

    Just to underscore what about these protests confuses me:

    "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

    I hope the pledge of allegiance makes it clear.

    I'm barely on the conservative side of the spectrum, and I'm honestly confused by what this movement is trying to prove.

  12. It’s stupid.

    Apparently these idiots think that they’re protesting against “systemic racism” or something.

    To me, it seems like your usual moronic SJW attention seeking tactic that people will forget in 5 seconds.

    All you need to know about why NFL players are taking a knee and where it came from

    This is a quote from one of the lead protesters:

    I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color

    To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street, and people getting paid leave, and getting away with murder

    It’s painfully self righteous. It’s like one of those “feed the starving” hashtags on twitter with a picture of a malnourished African child. They think that they’re doing something noble, but they’re not.

    If they really wanted to fight racism, they would’ve actually fought against racism. Not pulled stupid attention seeking stunts like this.

    If you have a political opinion, fine. Just do something productive with it instead of disrespecting a flag and an anthem.

  13. I am not certain that it is simply “politically conservative” communities that scratch their heads over this demonstration.

    This whole situation was instigated by a benchwarmer last season at the end of his career, that took up the cause of an Unarmed Black Man Being Shot By a White Police Officer. This is of course, a complete fabrication by the LEFT.

    Sounds a little different when you call it for what it was, A Large Black Man Assaulted a Police Officer After Matching The Description Of A Robbery Suspect… And Was Shot. From there, spawned the BLM organization, righteous in its charter, by varying in its cause. As has been appropriately pointed out, if BLM was so interested in saving Black People, it should focus on improving the quality of Black Communities. When did BLM clean up a neighborhood? Put lights in a local park? Help Law Enforcement apprehend a Black Criminal?

    So, now the NFL players somehow see this cause as representative to the issues that affect them, when nothing could be further from the Truth. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, is a misdirection. It is a scape goat to redirect attention away from the real issue and tailor a issue that better fits the narrative that Blacks are Oppressed in the US. NFL Players, being largely Black Athletes, somehow see this is a cause they need to put their celebrity clout behind, when the whole thing is based on a fabrication of truth and a dereliction of the Media, to portray a falsehood as truth.

    Any thinking person can see that this is simply an out of touch class of elites, acting as if they care about an issue that is far removed from their lives. In fact, there is no issue. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot is a cartoonish portrayal of a non-existent agenda within law enforcement, the claims to send White cops to kill Black Men, without cause. It has now been portrayed a National Epidemic, deserving of the Nation’s empathy and attention.

    Ratings for the NFL dropped like a stone last season when a non-starter became the sell anointed apostle for this cause among Professional Athletes. I doubt the Conservative Community is the only one turning off the boob-tube and cutting its lawn rather than watch the farcical demonstration.

    Huff Post might wish to portray it as a symptom of disconnected conservatives, but the slack in TV ratings proves it is not only the Right that sees something Wrong with this picture.

  14. Very badly.

    The NFL is a company, and the players are its employees. If the NFL want the players to act a certain way, they are fully able. If the players don't like it, they can leave.

    Football is generally a patriotic sport. After all, we are really the only country where it's popular. It's called American football for a reason. Taking a knee during the national anthem is incredibly disrespectful. Besides, what is it supposed to accomplish? They usually say that they do it because of police brutality, which when you look at the facts, is really not an issue. The media highly publicizes it, but it really isn't a widespread issue.

    I found this excellent pictures that puts it into perspective.

    Now back to taking a knee:

    Again, it's just plain disrespectful, ignorant, and ineffective. It's shameful to the NFL and I actually do agree for the most part with Trump on this issue. #TakeAKnee is a disgrace.

  15. Take a knee. You wish to protest in the middle of the National Anthem and the honoring of the Flag of the United States of America which many brave American military men have given their knees in combat. The same flag and Anthem that defeated the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan. The same flag and and Anthem that fought a civil war and ended the abomination of Slavery. The same flag that brought millions of immigrants from other nations and gave them the hope to build a better life for themselves and their families as Americans. The same flag that Law Enforcement Agencies all over this country respect and take an oath to serve and protect the civilians in their communities for. You want to draw attention to yourself in protesting the treatment of men who have been injured or killed by policemen while in the process of being apprehended for actions that in many cases they have every reason to be stopped and questioned by the police for, but instead of acting in a way that would allow their peaceful questioning or apprehension they perform some sort of aggression or try to flee from the authorities. You say that this is a protest of an unfair system, but one that rewards you for your atheletic talents in figures that reach millions of dollars per year even though you maybe other than Caucasian. How do you account for that? Is it really because of your race or my race or the race of authorities that are sworn to protect innocent civilians from the behavior of persons that are or appear to present an acute danger to others that people who in the process of resisting arrest or making actions that appear this way in many situations are injured or killed? How would you deal with the same situation differently? Does the title of Professional Athlete instill some magical ability to second guess the actions of Law Enforcement Professionals who are out there everyday trying the best they can to protect their communities? What kind of message are you sending to the youth that have grow up in crime threatened communities all over this nation “Don’t trust the cops?” “Don’t honor the symbols of your Nation?” “Don’t try to work with the system?” How is that really going to help these young people? Don’t disrespect the very nation and system that allows you to make potentially millions of dollars doing nothing but playing a sport. There are many different and appropriate ways to voice your articulated grievances, but essentially spitting on the Flag, disrespecting the National Anthem and sacrifices of the men and women of the military and law enforcement community in such a misdirected and undefined way is nothing but the most infantile and ignorant behavior and it is very much unappreciated by those who would call themselves conservative.

  16. I view it as a constitutionally protected act (as far as government intervention is concerned) that is prohibited by the NFL Operations Guide.

    Does the NFL Require Players to Stand for the National Anthem?

    I believe it is in poor taste as it says to me “I hate the ideals of America”

    I do not believe that the words of President Trump can in any way be constituted as to be a threat to their freedom of speech. He, President Trump, never once said the government needs to stop these acts, rather he directed the words to the owners. I would say you would have to be a complete and utter imbecile to believe differently.

    I know there are a great many people who are sick of theatrics and want real solutions to the real problems our country faces.

    I KNOW beyond a doubt there are race relations issues in this country.

    I know based on evidence that there are lies from both sides of the issue.

    I know inaction is not going to fix anything.

    I know the wrong actions aren’t going to fix anything.

    I do know that Mr. Kaepernick has brought much of his “lack of a job” on himself by opting out of his contract. I know, as a business owner, that the actions of his girlfriend aren’t helping him. This is the taking the wrong actions discussed above.

    I know that he, Mr. Kaepernick, has put money into communities that need help. It remains to be seen how effective his actions will be, but as a human I am hopeful they bear positive results.

    We did not end up in the situation we are in overnight and we won’t fix it overnight. We won’t fix it by hitching our wagons to proven lies, we won’t fix it by hitching our wagons to false hopes.

    We will ONLY fix it by knuckling down and actually doing the hard work that is demanded by the situation. To me this is more about “look at me” than “how do we actually work to fix this.”

  17. First, it is about the flag. It's about people who see the flag and all they think is racism and slavery. I feel sorry for people who can only think of America in the context of racism, especially since a lot of these NFL players were fast tracked into the 1% because the majority of Americans liked what they had to offer to the world of sports.

    Now onto the kneel itself. Why do they kneel? The fact is it isn't because of racism. It just isn't. If that were true they'd have knelt every game of the Clinton and Bush administration, two presidents who are viewed as racist (despite the fact that neither are). It's to protest Trump. Even with Kaepernic it was based on false assumptions, specifically that the US is a racist country with racist police. This has widely been debunked by independent studies, one of which put Black Lives Matter advocates in the place of the cop and found that they would have fired in a lot of these cases too. Or they had independent investigators compare, for example, the rate of offence with the rate of arrest, the rate of resisting arrest with the rate of police shootings, etc. Don't expect Kaepernic to actually look into this though. The more recent take a knee thing has been more about Trump going after Kaepernic than anything. Let's just be honest here, Trump isn't popular and he's even less popular among minorities, even less popular among celebrity minorities who have the clout to make an impact on the national level.

    I don't think they should be forced not to I just think they should have the decency not to. And no, it isn't in any way because most of them are black.

  18. I feel it's stupid, foolish, lazy, unimaginative, and overall, it deserves all the scrutiny it has received. My problem isn't the fact that these people are upset with the state of the union. I don't think there is one person that is 100% in agreement with the political climate that we are in right now.

    That being said, I do believe there are other ways of showing your disapproval that doesn't involve disrespecting our anthem, our national identity, and on top of that, our values as a nation. There are better ways of raising awareness of problems that you feel need to be addressed that don't involve polarizing a sport and further dividing a the country.

    What annoys me is that a lot of people in this movement claim that this is how they want to show their patriotism. Yeah, kneeling during the anthem is so patriotic, I don't see anything more patriotic than calling American society racist and disrespecting the lives of those who died an ocean away to defend your rights to free speech.

    You see, if any of these people were competent, they would at least aspired to be like a real leader. Take Gandhi for example.

    While in South Africa, he saw the disgraceful treatment of minorities and began a stand against the oppresion. One of his most notable actions (what people should do instead of kneeling) is setting up a speech rally where he talked about the injustices under British society. There just so happened to be a group of British soldiers standing amongst the crowd, probably waiting for things to escalate and start arresting people. However, Mahatma didn't back down, instead he would finish his speech and quite surprisingly, ask everyone to recite a pledge of loyalty to the queen.

    Yes you heard right, he had these groups of minorities pledge loyalty to the woman who treated them like second class citizens. But why?

    Well you see, when Gandhi asked this of the groups, the guards were quite befuddled as to what their next move was. If they didn't pledge their loyalty, they would appear to be traitors, and if they did, this would seem to agree with Ganhi’s speech! It was quite a pickle but at the end, Mahatma has achieved what he wanted. He had made these guards appear one in the same as the minorities, unified in purpose! A great insult considering blacks were considered inferior at the time.

    The same needs to be said here, if you want to stand up against racism, don't go protesting unifying figures, you'll only deepen the gap! Try to find a common ground in which everyone can agree and work from there.

  19. This is my take as a football fan and a conservative.

    • I know there are problems that need to be worked out.
    • I understand there are grievances that can and should be addressed.
    • Yeah, the world is unfair and some things could be done to fix that I get it.

    However, as much as I may understand how ugly the world and society can be, I just wanted a few hours a week for a few months a year as an escape. That was football for me and of course someone just had to take it away.

    That’s what pissed me off the most. Fucking hell man… movies, sitcoms, “comedy shows” all have the social commentary stuff going on. Football was a refuge that no longer exists. I’m sure there are some SJW jackasses out there hugging themselves with glee over this stuff but all it did was cause more divisiveness and alienate some people who just wanted to watch a damn ball game. Was that really asking so much? Does everything involving a camera, stage or microphone have to be a platform for some cause? No it doesn’t.

    As for the players I’m fine if they are for some cause and agenda. That wasn’t the time to do it and it wasn’t the best optics. You are suited up on the field making salaries wage workers like myself can only dream of. Not the best time and the best look man…

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