What are some of your advices to Quora?

It really needs to do something about the BNBR policy. It’s far too subjective and open to abuse. I have just recently found it absolutely impossible to get a straight answer about how something I posted violated this policy. Some people are way too thin-skinned, and seem to view almost any kind of dissent as “not nice”.

They should also be more transparent about how the adjudication of the rule is undertaken: Is it a panel who ultimately decides if someone is banned or just one person; who is doing the reporting? I realize this is a privately owned website, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a page from real law and make reporters public. How do we know the reporter doesn’t just have a “hard-on” for people of a particular political or religious bent?

Grow up. Sometimes, a good answer might be a little uncomfortable to hear; guess what? Life’s hard. I am personally very reticent about reporting either questions or answers, mainly because I value spirited discussion and I am grown up enough to shake the dust off my feet and move on if someone gets personal or a little nasty. I am also perfectly willing to face those whom I do report without resorting to the cover of anonymity. Quora is more than welcome to publish every instance of reporting I have taken.

Why is hydrogen a gas at room temperature?


The forces that tend to hold Hydrogen molecules together are very small. If two molecules are stuck together, themn work is needed to pull them apart.

Work = force x distance moved by force.

The force is very small as just stated and the distance they have to move before they are free is tiny. So the energy required to separate them is very small indeed. So even at temperatures just above absolute zero, Hydrogen molecules have sufficient energy to break free. If they have enogh energy to break free that means that none of them will be stuck together for more than an instant so it is a gas.

What are subtle signs of bipolar disorder?

I feel there aren’t separate subtle signs, but rather a spectrum of intensity from mild depression to extreme mania.

I am answering this question based on my experience, taken from a section of my Disability Studies doctoral dissertation entitled, “Beyond Words: Discovering the Bipolar Impaired Self through Visual Imagery.”

My answer focuses more on the manic phase, while alluding to the depressive phase. Directly below is artwork I did while I was manic. It's how I felt when I was manic before being on medication, when I somehow managed to escape the black hole of depression, just anticipating making up for lost time. It’s called, ”Mardi Gras in my Mind.”

“Ah, mania, sweet mania. It's a 'natural' high that can't be measured by ordinary means. Why not? Because it is the opposite of it's evil twin, depression. How do you describe the opposite of total personal emptiness? How do you explain the feeling that what was previously dark and void and extremely emotionally painful is now incredibly freeing, with limitless happiness, confidence, creativity, and the amount of energy, the equivalent of chugging a gallon of Red Bull, twenty Starbuck Grándes and downing two dozen Krispy Kremes, all in one sitting. Now, just like its opposite, depression, mania can last hours and days. Days without sleep, and days filled with doing things you likely would never have done, had you not been 'blessed' with the presence of bipolar disorder. Typical behavior and feelings associated with manic phases are pressured speech, feelings of grandeur, overly confident, spending sprees, sleeplessness, drug and/or alcohol binges, extreme impulsivity, hypersexuality, irritability, verbal aggressiveness, sudden obsessive interest and immersion in religion and spirituality, social inappropriateness, and denial of one's own malfunctioning behavior. “

One of the most subtle signs of mania relates to the person experiencing it. We are often the last to know we are manic because we are part of it and it becomes part of us. We’re like a lobster boiling in its own pot, not realizing its plight. Bipolar mania (and depression) merge with our previously asymptomatic self, to become one entity. We become aware of it after the fact, either once we come to realize how much social and interpersonal damage we caused or by another person who knows us asks during the manic episode, “Uh, did you remember to take your meds? You’re not acting like yourself.” It could be annoying, but I really do think is an act of caring, which just might save us from ourselves.

How to get CPS, AKA social services, to give my kids back and leave me alone

If CPS already has your children here are some tips…

  • They can take your kids permanent after 12 months
  • CPS wants to see accountability, to see change. Do not deny issues that come up through the case, instead say “that is concerning, I want what is best for my child, what do you recommend I can change in my behavior to resolve (issue)”
  • Give them authority, they will come to you with problems and delays in the case, DONT TRY TO SOLVE, instead give them authority. State you understand and agree you want the best for your child (don't need to agree to issue/allegation), then ASK what can I do to resolve, what would you recommend is the best approach, etc. Give them authority and control.
  • If both parents are part of the case one parent can bring down the whole case. Separate until the case is done. Then after you have rights to your child back you can do as you wish. After the case ends there will be “mediation” between parents for custody. You are not required to put a custody order in place.
  • Record every interaction with social workers. Check with your state re: if it's a one or two party state. If it's a one party recording state you don't need to tell CPS you are recording them.
  • Interact via email. Then there is a record.
  • Read the CPS manual for your state/county. It's online. Do research and know the rules the social workers must follow, they lie. For example: if you have unsupervised visits they may say anyone driving the kids need to be fingerprinted and background checked, or anyone around the kids (nor convienent if your child has a birthday party to attend). The manual will state this is not true and you can RESPECTFULLY quote the line number. Pose as a question. I'm confused, I want to follow your directives, yet I'm confused because section 8 subsection 10 of the county handbook states (this).
  • when information is twisted, stay calm. Again give them authority and be confused. I'm confused you associate my son wetting himself hours after our visit as a traumatic visit, our visit was wonderful, could you tell me what actions MAY have caused this so I can change the behavior based on your recommendations?

Good luck!

If it was theoretically and practically possible to measure the temperature of a black hole, would it be hot or not?

Suppose that the black hole is made up of loops of circulating particles which move faster and faster as you go towards the center of the hole. At the very center, the particles are moving at close to the speed of light. If a stationary observer were to look at a radial slice of the black hole near the center by using a powerful microscope, he would see that the particles are practically frozen in position relative to one another, despite the fact that they are all collectively moving at close to the speed of light. Their energy spread relative to their energy is small, therefore the center of the hole is cold compared to the particles in the observer’s stationary hand. But if the stationary observer tries to touch the black hole, he will get quite a shock and will say it is very hot because it has collective movement which is much faster than his.

This is similar to how a high energy electron beam is theoretically very cold if you don’t touch it, but it is practically very hot if you do touch it. This is not that profound. A live wire is cold if you don’t touch it, but hot if you do. Or perhaps you might be uncertain about whether or not a wire is live unless you touch it. This provides a nice combination of relativity and the uncertainty principle.

Is the black hole hot or cold? That is is relative to your uncertainty about how hot it is.

If Renault supplies good engines to red-bull, then why isn't the Renault F1 team itself using it?

Do you mean to say that why aren't Renault succeeding themselves, since they are supplying engines to Red bull?

Red Bull has been Renault's permanent customer since 2007. These engines are supplied by Renault, but they are branded by TAG Heuer since 2016.

Why Renault has been unable to make a mark in Formula 1 is because they are relatively new, as they took over from Lotus after the 2015 season which were powered by Mercedes engines. As they switched over to Renault power units, they hadn't been able to get their combination of chassis and power unit working to the optimum level and they are still struggling to get the right combination.

The same thing is happening with Red Bull racing. Remember when Sebastian Vettel won four championships on the trot, and Red Bull won the constructors championship everytime? That was because of Adrian Newey's artistry with the car where he was able to incorporate the engine with the chassis in a way no other team could (Of course the double rear diffuser was his idea). Then the hybrid power units were introduced and Red Bull is still struggling to get it right with their chassis. Mercedes is dominating this era.

So with changing rules, it becomes quite challenging to get everything right in the initial years. Other thing that matters is the engineers. Redbull have a team of young engineers, Adrian Newey has stepped back a bit, and the struggle is evitable. Ferrari lost their charm when the trio of Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne departed.

There are many reasons which only the team knows, and they must be working on it. Renault will definitely bounce back but it will take time.

Thanks for A2A 🙂

Reporters say the Las Vegas mass shooting has the highest number of deaths of modern times. What mass shooting in the US had the highest number of deaths of all times?

I am going to skip past the atrocities committed against our American Indian friends, because I am sure the context of this question was to find a comparison to what just happened.

And for that, I honestly do not know. Where has one person, or even a group of people, killed that many others (excluding the Army or other military organization)?

Nor do I know what the media is referring to when they say “modern times”

NOTE: I am not saying Wounded Knee and other similar atrocities are right —but they were committed by a military organization following lawful orders. VERY different from what Paddock(and other mass murderers) have done.

Are the symptoms of bipolar disorder different in men and women?

The symptoms are no different, but how those symptoms present themselves might appear different.

Here is a brief example: [some details changed to preserve identity]

I had an older gentleman (70s) who was referred to be a client of mine when I was practicing. His family said he was “unbearable.” He was grumpy, mean, agitated, and didn’t want anyone to be around.

He was profoundly depressed.

His wife had been in a car accident a year ago, had a head injury, and was in a wheelchair. All the things they loved to do together and wanted to do in retirement – travel, etc..had to change.

At first he did everything you should do to try to help her get well. They went to physical therapy, to a number of doctors, and consulted every specialist you could imagine.

It took some time, but eventually he came to the conclusion that this was just going to be his life now…and the life of his wife. That she was going to be fairly impaired, and he missed her – the life they shared, the life they planned for, and the relationship they had. Their dream was gone.

He talked about this at great length…how it wasn’t going to be like they planned it.

Mean people are not always “mean” …sometimes, they are quite sad. In this man’s generation, men didn’t cry when they were upset – they got angry, and that’s how he experienced his sadness.

But he was isolating himself, would actually cry by his report (when no one else was around), and felt helpless, lonely, a loss of control, a sense of mourning for his impaired wife, and overwhelmed.

He had even thought about ending his life.

As a psychologist, you have to be aware of not just “textbook” presentation of symptoms, but cultural factors that can impact how those symptoms will look.

I was so thankful to have been his therapist…he was a lovely man.

Bipolar disorder is comprised of both mania and depression…I hope this gives you an idea of how although the symptoms are the same for everyone, they might present quite differently.