Would you please use the word 'fallow' in a sentence?

In the Middle Ages, villages in England normally followed a three-year crop rotation system, alternating round grain, legumes like peas or beans, and roots; however, they found it was better to have a fourth year in which the field was allowed to lie fallow, not growing anything for harvest but simply resting.

When do we use 'wondering' and 'wandering'?

“Wondering” means that you are speculating, or otherwise thinking about something. You are perhaps wondering about possible outcomes or likelihoods.

Example: “I was just wondering if you’d like a cup of coffee.”

“Wandering” means to be walking, meandering, or just moving about by whatever means, usually without clear intentions or positivity about one’s destination.

“She was wandering all over the park in a daze when I found her.”

How is the word 'fortitude' used in a sentence?

The word “fortitude ” is derived from the root “fortis,” which means a symbol of strength. Therefore, fortitude means strength, mental or physical, especially during times of hardship.

A usage sentence can be “ With perseverance and fortitude, a common man can move mountains.”

How would you use the word 'tryst' in a sentence?

At the time that the politician Newt Gingrich was publicly assailing President Bill Clinton for having an extramarital affair, Newt was having trysts with a woman other than his wife. There is no doubt at all that these trysts involved adultery.

What is loose, lose and loss?

I'll give 3 simple examples-

1.Hey Sam your tie is “loose”

2.Hey Sam due to your loose tie you are going to “lose” the fashion walk competition

3.Hey Sam , do you know how much “loss” your loose tie created to our company..

Very next day Sam got fired, don't be like Sam…

Do you use 'a' SJW or 'an' SJW?

You need to use ‘an’ before SJW.

It’s not about the vowel or consonant in the beginning of the word; it is about how the first letter of the word is pronounced.

SJW – es-je-double-yu – Starts with a vowel sound – requires an ‘an’ before the word.

MBA – em-bi-e – Starts with a vowel sound – requires an ‘an’ before the word.

Manager – ma-ne-jar – Starts with a consonant sound – requires an ‘a’ before the word.

Europe – yu-rop – Starts with a consonant sound (y) – requires an ‘a’ before the word.

PhD – pe-eich_de Starts with a consonant – requires an 'a' before the word.

I have found a good link on appropriate article use in English. How to Use Articles (a/an/the)

How can the word 'perambulate' be used in a sentence?

To quote Sir Alec Guiness, as the character Obi Wan Kanobi in the first Starwars movie. . .

That's a [word] I haven't heard in a long time.

Actually, the only time I ever remember someone using that word was in some gigantic software behemoth. It contained A module called “Perambulator.”. I remember looking the word up in a dictionary (yes, it was that long go) and thinking “eeeeewwww, aren't we clever?”