What is the US interest in Afghanistan? Why doesn't the US leave the region even though they clearly can't win?

In long term, it is Afghanistan stability, and to counter China’s One Belt, One Road and Pakistan’s terrorist sponsorships.

The US knows Afghanistan has no resources. There is no resources in Afghanistan at all. The US didn't lose, but they knew what happened after they left South Vietnam and Iraq – all of them collapsed. So they tried to help Afghanistan.

Lucky for us, Afghanistan has a similar strong interests like the US and the strong legacy by Ahmad Shah Massoud, thus Afghanistan, like South Korea, is capable to handle themselves better.

In a long run, Pakistan (and China hiddenly) are interested in destabilizing Iran, Afghanistan and India such as sponsoring Taliban or other terrorist armies, so it is quite safe for the US to stay a moment.

Also, I think Trump must stop his Iranophobic sentiment. Iran is also an important partner because Iran has a role for safety of Afghanistan and they aren't North Korea. Thus if Iran can participate on rebuilding Afghanistan, it will bounce Sino-Pakistani strategy because Pakistan will not dare to attack Iran unless a Saudi-Pakistani alliance try to sue it.

It is the best to have friends like Afghanistan, who is not bowing to terrorism unlike Iraq.

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  1. For the same reason warriors have been fighting in that GOD forsaken land for 6,000 years, they can. Europe didn’t like cleaning up after WWI & WWII and have shown it by pretty much not having any more majors since. After the Iron Curtain fell some of these countries have had to learn the price of shelling your own cities but except for those few all the rest of the wars have been fought in countries that do not have a GDP. This is perfect for not disrupting the average investor/financier. Of course it has sucked for these poor third world countries but it seems it is the only way to get modern technology to these places is to move in a Army Corp of Engineers and wala clean running water, waste treatment plants, cable/satellite tv and soda is everywhere. So the secret is, you see a big country coming with tanks and infantry, pop up some satellites and a mall and they may just keep going right by.

  2. REE’S

    For those that don’t know what that means, it is the trillions of dollars worth of Rare Earth Elements that are located in the mountains. China, which controls some 85% of the REE’s today has a keen interest in expanding their monopoly by locking up these deposits and the USA obviously does not to see that scenario come to fruition.

  3. We clearly could win. But the Afghanis would really hate what that entailed. What everyone, including the United Sates, Russia, England and others are doing in the region is preventing the set up of a terrorist network which would flourish if the west left.

  4. The US primary interests is in the terrorist that were responsible for 9/11. Atleast as far as I’m tracking.

    The reason we can’t just get up and leave can be found in Iraq. That being said we are trying to fully withdraw. A lot of it has to do with creating a competent military and government to sustain. Its a little difficult given Afghanistan is extremely diverse and not very united.

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