Why is my hairline receding, and why do my gums bleed every time I brush, and am just 20?

Aminu Danjuma Liadi , you claim to be in Medical School, yet here you are on Quora asking questions whose answers can be found in your institutions library.

With a little curiosity, and diligence, both which are mandatory traits in a medical student, you should be able to come up with an answer by yourself! If you’re lazy, just ask your medical seniors or medical lecturers.

But I’m going humor your lazy ass.

There are multiple reasons to why a person may have receding hairline so early in life. For the sake of simplicity and because I’m going out for lunch soon I’m just going to state the common ones.

First, genetics. That’s self explanatory right there so I don’t think I have to elaborate on this.

Next, we have the continuous excessive production of dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) , which is a male hormone. In med school, if you haven’t learnt it already, you’d know that once 5-Alpha-Reductase acts on testosterone, it will produce DHT which kick start your puberty and secondary male sexual characteristics.

Normally, DHT should taper out and slowly cease production as you grow older. But in some cases, production persist and excessively. Over time it deposits in parts of your body, and in this case, namely your hair follicles. Over time, too much of it accumulates and kills of the hair follicle leading to your receding hairline.
As for the other reasons, get your ass to your library and start reading.

Next , gum bleeding when you brush ??

In my practice, the most common cause would be inflammation of the gum margins also known as gingivitis. And what cause gingivitis ? Plenty of reasons, most common cause is poor oral hygiene.

So get your ass a dentist and have your oral condition checked out and maybe cleaned as well.

Also, I checked out your profile and frankly, some questions are disturbing. Like What if I attack the UN General Assembly and take all world leaders and other members hostage, would the world be in my palms?


Why am I sexually attracted to little girls and even babies?

7 Replies to “Why is my hairline receding, and why do my gums bleed every time I brush, and am just 20?”

  1. Aminu, I am only answering your question because you puzzle me.

    You claim to be at medical school: surely of all the people on the planet you are the best placed to answer your question for yourself, either by diligent research in your school's library, or by picking the minds of your tutors or senior students.

    But to point you in the right direction …

    1. Male pattern baldness can begin at an annoyingly early age. One boy in my final high school year was clearly losing his hair at the tender age of 17.
    2. As a retired dentist I can tell you that bleeding gums in a young person is not a good sign. It may only be poor oral hygiene that has resulted in simple gingivitis. But it could be one of many types of leukaemia, most of which can be survivable if caught and treated early enough. It you really are in medical school, what the fuck are you doing asking for advice on Quora when you have far better qualified help close at hand?

    I must say, in conclusion, that some of your other 32 questions raise deep concerns about how nice a person you actually are. For example: Why am I sexually attracted to little girls and even babies?

  2. I don’t know why your hairline is receding. Do remember this, though, hair loss is inherited from your mother. So, check out your maternal uncles. If they have a receding hairline, chances are that’s where you got it.

    As far as your bleeding gums is concerned, bleeding is usually a sign of gingivitis or in some cases, periodontal disease. You must consult your dentist and have your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Once that is done, and with future regular appointments and diligent home care, the bleeding should subside.

  3. Your hairline is receding is likely due to your heredity. It’s usually genetic. It may be stress-related.

    Gums bleeding can indicate gum disease, or that you are brushing with other than a soft toothbrush. If you are, try using a soft or extra-soft toothbrush. Then see your dentist to be sure you don’t have gum disease.

  4. It sounds like your diet is missing vital nutrients. Consult a doctor for a blood test to determine what you are deficient in.

  5. See a doctor. Gums constantly bleeding can be a sign of gum disease, and balding at 20 is more than likely caused by disease. See a doctor!

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