How does photosynthesis contribute to the production of proteins in plants?

Green plants are producers. This means that they can survive without animals! They can make lots of organic chemicals from a few simple inorganic chemicals. They need simple things like carbon dioxide and water and can make complex things like sugar, starch, fat, and proteins.

Plants get their nutrients from the environment. Carbon dioxide comes from the air (unless they are aquatic plants, in which case they get it from the water surrounding them). They get water from the soil. They also need other inorganic nutrients like nitrate, sulphate and phosphate. A few plants cannot get nitrate out of the soil so they have to eat animals to get the nitrogen which they must have for growth.

Animals are consumers; they cannot carry out photosynthesis. This means that they have to eat other things to get the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals which they need.

When plants are in the sunlight they can make a sugar called glucose. This is slightly different from the sugar (sucrose) which you put into your tea. Glucose contains three chemical elements:

  1. Carbon
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Oxygen</li

What is the best iPhone 8 (Plus)/X data recovery?

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Which are the best books for jee?

The first/basic step towards successful in any Preparation is selecting the best books for exam .

Now one thing that all JEE aspirants must keep in mind is that NCERT books should be studied first. Only then should you move on to other JEE reference books. Apart from studying the theory from NCERT Books you must also solve all questions of each chapter. Class 11 and 12 NCERT Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics books are essential for starting your JEE Preparation.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2018 is now a two stage exam. The first stage is JEE Main and Second is JEE Advance.

The highly recommended books for JEE Main and JEE Advance Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


  1. HC Verma Concept of Physics Part 1.
  2. HC Verma Concept of Physics Part 2.
  3. IIT JEE Physics by D.C. Pandey.
  4. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov.
  5. Physics for IIT JEE by Resnick, Halliday, Walker.
  6. Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov.


  1. Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd.
  2. Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon.
  3. Inorganic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon.
  4. Modern approach to chemical calculations by R.C. Mukherjee.
  5. Numerical Chemistry by P.Bahadur.
  6. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee.


  1. IIT Mathematics by M.L. Khanna.
  2. Differential Calculus by A Das Gupta.
  3. Class XI and XII Mathematics by R.D. Sharma.
  4. Trigonometry, Geometry Books by S.L. Loney.
  5. Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron.
  6. Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight.

There are more good books for the reference you can visit for it and also for the preparations.

Best wishes with the preparations !!!

If a planet occupies the same house in Lagna and Navmansa, is it in Vargottama? For Sag ascendant, Mars in 10th house both in Lagna and Navmansa (Virgo ascendant), what are the possible outcomes?

Planet is Vargottam if it occupies same sign in lagna & navamsa irrespetive of house position. In your case Mars is lord of 5th & 11th house so good for education , progeny and gains. Being vargottam Mats is first rate benefic.Mars is karka of courage and vitality also making the native master of positive attitudes. Best wishes.

What is the difference between fundamental frequency and natural frequency?

Natural vibrations of an elastic object refer to unforced vibrations of that object, rather than to forced oscillations.

The idea is: you strike the object, pluck it, blow on it, then stop. You don’t repeatedly vibrate the object using some machine or some fixed frequency sound wave. If you drive the oscillations repeatedly you’ll get a very different response from the object, depending on the frequency and amplitude at which you drive it.

In a natural vibration, you just excite the object once, briefly. Then it will vibrate for a while. Those are the “natural” vibrations of the object.

Strictly speaking you will never have just one natural frequency – whatever you do to the object will set up a number of different modes of free oscillation. So there won’t in general be a single natural frequency, though for many objects one frequency may be dominant over all the others depending on how it is built and struck.

Tuning forks are a very good example: they are built so that you will get almost only one single mode of vibration excited no matter how you hit them. The two sides of the fork simply oscillate away from each other and then back towards each other over and over again. So a tuning fork has a very well-defined natural frequency of oscillation. In fact for a tuning fork almost only the lowest natural frequency of vibration will be excited.

The fundamental frequency is just the lowest possible frequency among all the natural frequencies of vibration of an object.

For a guitar string, fixed at two ends and under tension, it is the frequency of a quarter sinusoidal wave along the string. There will be a whole series of overtones for the guitar string which are also natural frequencies, and you can excite at least the first of these by creating a node at the right place on the string, just by putting a finger half way down and then hitting the string. You’ll hear a higher note, an overtone.

But, to repeat: the fundamental frequency is the lowest natural frequency of vibration.

Who is going to the Quora World Meetup in Phoenix, AZ for a planned meetup during the week of November 6-11th?

I’ll be there most definitely. Over the years I’ve been able to work in Austin, Tx for about two months. Spent a couple months in San Fransico, a couple months in Portland, and a few months in Seattle. I’ve worked Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago Baltimore, Virginia Beach, D.C., New York City,, Waikiki Hawaii, Ontario Canada and even San Lucas and Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Mexico. Out of all of those, I’ve never been to a place that's better than Phoenix.

Throughout my entire life, this place has been growing, innovating, and evolving. When I was in HighSchool, Greenway Rd. ended at about 63rd Ave. Just ten years later and my Mom lives on 175th Ave and Greenway.

Real Estate Empires like Apollo Group. Financial Services Elite like, American Express, are also Headquartered here. Fortune 500 electronics corporation, Avnet, calls Phoenix home. Honeywell’s Aerospace Division is headquartered here in Phoenix as well. As is American Airlines, US Airways, Best Western, UHaul Int, Fortune 500 mining company Freeport McMoRan, Pinnacle West, Choice Hotels Int, Republic Services, University of Phoenix, PetSmart, not to mention the 12,000 employee strong division of Intel which is second largest in the country, and Amazon is on their way here as I’m writing this. Plus so many that I’ve forgot…

Couple all that with a low cost of living, and marry that to a State income tax that starts at 2% and peaks just below 5%.

Oh yeah.. and Phoenix is incredibly safe. We’re allowed to carry concealed handguns here in Arizona without so much as a license. So far sadly 105 people were murdered here this year. Chicago is at 519 murders for the year so far as of Sept. 30th. LA is at 296 and NYC is just over 300. All cities where handgun laws are very very strict and yet at the minimum you're a third less likely to be killed here than you are in those 3 cities.

Anyways, the point Im trying to make is that Quora couldn't pick a better city to hold an event.

What are some reasons to start smoking?

I can not say for everyone, but – I was smoking for 9 years, sing 19yo till 28, and most of my friends were smoking at that period of our life – and no one started smoking because of any reasons. It is well known that it’s a bad habit, that can kill you in a long-term, which makes your clothes smells like an ashtray and your teeth are yellow etc. So I don’t know anyone who decided to start smoking. It works differently:

You are in a bar with your friends, drinking beer, laughing and talking. Occasionally, couple of them stand up and say that they need to go outside to smoke. You don’t want to break conversation, all of you pick glasses and go outside. While standing there and talking (btw man standing in front of the bar with a glass of beer looks weird), a bright idea comes to your mind – “huh, I heard so much how bad smoking is, but I never tried myself. I know it causes death deceases, but hey, one cigarette can not kill me – Piter smokes two years already and still alive.” – So you turn to your friend and tell him – give me 1 cigarette please. And you try. It tastes like an ashtray and you feel like just ate some coal. But nicotine and alcohol works fine together. You feel light vertigo and cheerfulness.

Two weeks later in this bar again, you ask for cigarette again, you are part of the crowd and effect is quite funny. Why cannot they do smth with this awful taste – you ask yourself. Couple of months you are “occasionally smoker”, asking for cigarette here and there – in a bar, or during a morning coffee, or before hard interview. You smoke maybe 1 cigarette per 2–3 days. Next time you go to a a bar and buy cigarettes yourself cause now it’s your turn to lease cigarettes to your friend. Next morning you wake up with a headache and, while wearing your jeans, you find a semi-full pack of cigarettes in your pocket. No reason to throw them away, they cost money, I will keep them till next going out – you think. -and now, maybe, I take one cause I feel really bad and I deserve it.

From now and on – welcome to the club

Why is man walking?

The question carries many meaning.

Man in simple term is just man or it could be a soul.

A an could walk for many reason- to control his weight, he might be following someone, he just have the mood to walk, some one might have told him to walk.

In spiritual term it is duty of nature to keep everyone walking. Compare man with a passenger in train. The passenger has destination to reach. In the process he may get many station , many co passengers, many day or night, many taste of food and snacks. He has to move along with the path of his train. In mans life destination is death. In between he gets many relation such as mother , father, sister, wife , children , friends, co workers, enemy etc. The snacks and foods are the taste in our life.

Train is our society, many of us has to follow the tradition and norms of our society . Custom and culture etc.

Destination.. is fixed which is Death. No matter which way you are living , no matter you are born in safest city of world or in war torn society. Destination is same that is death. No one have lived for centuries be it Jesus, Muhammad, Ram or Krishn.

All the Great Soul has to walk as per the requirement of mother nature. Their life is full of crisis , their society throws many challange to them, which they effectively tackled and become leading example for their respective society.

Why Man is walking …because he has to walk. No one can live here without doing anything.

So please enjoy your walk to keep yourself fit and try to be cheerful.