Do you think a $10 million networth is rich? What lifestyle can one live on that?

I would certainly consider a net worth of $10,000,000 USD as being rich. For the purposes of this answer I will convert to GBP as I am British and will base the answer as living in England.

$10,000,000 USD at current exchange is approximately £7,500,000 (rounded up).

As perspective my current net worth is less than £50,000 and I would consider my self to be comfortable, (I'm young and have only been working just over 2 years).

If you assumed you could get a very modest return of 2% per annum after inflation and taxes on the 7.5M your net worth would be increasing by approximately £150,000 a year before expenses.

So at an exceptionally conservative rate you could spend £150,000 a year and maintain your 7.5M net worth indefinitely.

£150,000 a year post tax to spend as you wish.

I would consider someone who earned £150,000 pre taxas being rich and this far exceeds that.

Here are things you could do with £150,000 a year or £12,500 a month.

Live in an 8 bedroom house with a pool and view. ~£6,500 a month.

Only £6,000 a month left to spend, might as well lease a car… as an Audi fan boy I would take an Rs7 or S8+. Approximate cost £1,000 per month.

£5,000 left per month to spend….

I guess I would probably spend the remaining £5,000 on travelling and experiencing the world.

This is far too

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