How to create a professional video? What is a free tool for creating and editing video

If you want to create a professional video and at the same time save your time and money then I have a great option for you. The tool I want to advise you is Renderforest. It has both free and paid versions. Here you have an opportunity to create your own videos for free using ready-made templates from any category.

Some of them you can find below:

Diamond Slideshow Pack

This template is the guarantee of your elegant slideshow. Featuring floating diamond stones and inspiring music, this template is perfect for fashion intro, awards opener, wedding day slideshow and many more.

Company Story Promotion

Choose your own images and pick the music you want to present your company and its story with the help of this template.

Watercolor Slideshow

It is a great video project for weddings, anniversaries or any kind of photo project that need a professional touch.

Inspiring Promo

Inspiring Promo template, featuring beautiful illustrations of Space, urban and rural scenes and many more, is a great way to promote your company, business or any service. Just upload your logo, text and enjoy the video.

Business Character Promotion

This template is perfect for creating videos for business, education, startups, infographic, corporate presentations and more. Template supports your own videos and images you need to upload and have your professional video ready.

Renderforest is free to use but when it comes to exporting a video you need to pay. Prices are quite reasonable here.

Here you can also order new handcrafted videos, which will be made specially for you in very affordable prices

Hope this was helpful:)

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  1. If you are looking for a free video editing tool, but here is my list:

    1. ContentSamuraiPro
    An awesome tool used by a lot of Internet marketing professionals. It is like a swiss knife that allows you to edit videos, create videos,spin videos, download, upload videos, all rolled into one.

    2. VSDC Free Video Editor

    3. Windows Movie Maker

    4. VirtualDub

    5. iMovie (for mac)

    6. Why not try high end softwares such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, and AfterEffects?, well there’s a way out… these can be generally downloaded for a 30 free day trial run officially.

    In case you are looking for software editing as part of an explainer video creation project, we would like to present our offerings – SurrealVideos – An awesome explainer video company.

    an example..

    Hope this helps:)

  2. Well..It depends what kind of quality you want to achieve if you want to get a professional, picture perfect kind of video than there is no tool available in the market but if you want to compromise with quality than you can do the shoot by your own mobile, all the smart phones have resealable good camera intact at the back side, apple i phone could be a great option, i am sure you would get good quality shoot. Be careful there has to be enough light during the shoot alternatively you can plan an out door shoot in the broad day light but there should not be burning sun on the object. It would give great quality if weather is cloudy. You should have a portable tripod to rest your mobile set on it otherwise shots would be jerky and would not be of any use. You can buy a lapel mic which can be intact with your mobile set or use another phone to record just the audio track separately. Once you have recorded the footage its time for the post production, download any editing software on your laptop if you do not have editing skills than go to youtube and watch tutorials of the editing and just edit it. You can use royalty free music as well which you can download from royalty free websites, youtube free music website and google music website. If you are producing a corporate video you can end the video on the logo of the company. Try to find out a good music which may match your visuals and find a proper tail where you can end your video. If it is too complicated for you try our services, we can be contacted through our website which is corporate film makers in Delhi | Corprate Video makers in Delhi, ad agencies in Delhi, Cheers

  3. lately i fall in love with davinci resolve. yes its free. this is a full editing suite now. not just a color grading suite. the best feature is the color grading tools ofcourse. if your footage is good theres a good chance it will become awesome!

    one of the reason hollywood movies look great is because of the color grading/correction process. and color grading never been this easy with other software. i used apple color back in the days, and davinci resolve is better.

    good luck!

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