How to get a free prosthesis leg in Germany

If you’re insured that should be easy, just go see a doctor.

However I would go a different way, which still would cost me a bit of money depending on how I go about it.

c-base >>> Raumstation unter Berlin has 3d printers and great people who are very tech savvy, there are many free prosthesis designs which are vastly superior to those you would get prescribed/constructed and they’re considerably cheaper.

However insurance only would pay for the inferior and expensive ones, while for good and expensive ones you would have to pay yourself.

Thinking of the bionic prosthesis’ one sees so many beautiful girls with on reddit, twitter or imgur.

To get those for free you have to be a beautiful girl, since they’re also partly advertising for the companies and quite state of the art.

So to those people it’s only worth investing into someone if they are beautiful enough and have the right gender.

There are also people with 3d printer who decided to offer their services for free to people in need.

I personally imagine it would be rather easy to create a cost efficient bionic prosthesis with the help of nice people at c-base or similar communities.

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