Should I ignore my narcissist ex when he texts me?

Unless you have a business you are running with your ex or you have legal matters to clear up yet, or you have children together, I would recommend that you ignore your ex.

You made him your ex for a reason – that hasn’t changed, has it? Therefore, treat him like your ex. Don’t respond.

If you have kids or some sort of relationship that requires interaction, then interact on that basis, but ignore everything else.

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  1. Yes ignore him. Little good if any at all will come from communicating with you ex and a big potential for more manipulation and hard feelings. You cannot heal with fresh wounds coming on and old ones reinjured.

    No matter what the narcissist says to get you back, they are incapable of any lasting change. They know your soft spots and just what to say to lure you back.

    No contact is highly recommended by everybody for a reason. It keeps you safe.

  2. Defently yes. If he texts you it means he needs something from you mentally or physically for his own selfish needs. You need to think about it with no feelings like he does- that's the only way you won't get hurt. The question is if you can do it? You are not a narcissist so it should be difficult for you- I know I couldn't do it so I would have stay out of contacting him at all.

  3. Yes of course you can ignore him.
    Also try to find out why you started a relationship with a narcisist person in a first place.
    "We will find happiness as soon as we stop blaming others" 😉

  4. In a word “yes.” If he is truly a narcissist he demands attention, positive or negative. The way to defuse a narcissist is to ignore them entirely. It sends a message to them that they are no longer important to you. Use this advice carefully if this narcissist is violent/aggressive because this could make them lash out and I would hate for my words to put you in any danger. You know this person better than I do so please keep that in mind

  5. Should he be called as narcissist even when he text's you after break up? I don't think so.

    Just try to know the reason, if the reason is satisfying for you continue speaking orelse tell him your thoughts directly.

  6. What is his reason for texting you. If it's just to commiserate about something that doesn't have a value on you moving forward or if he just wants to just bitch about being the way be is being treated that doesn't have any purpose. Communicating with an ex doesn't serve any useful purpose

  7. Narcissists crave attention. They want to be the center of your universe. If you want to be independent, I would not. Listen to your gut! Good luck!

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