What tools/sources should I use/read/learn to become a cryptocurrency trading wizard?

I recommend you to buy a good cryptocurrency trading course on Udemy. You can take the time to read my review of two courses I did on my crypto blog.

Those Udemy courses are:

  1. Cryptocurrency Trading – The Course to Increase your Investing IQ
  2. Cryptocurrency Investment Course – a step-by-step Guide Review

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  1. Do the research on your own, i.e. analyze the project by looking into their website and whitepaper, follow news, events, influencers and social media. Stick to a few coins that you understand well and believe in. Here are some tools that may be useful for you:

    • Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare and Coingecko – for price tracking and other data on cryptocurrencies. I‘ve also recently discovered Coincheckup. It seems to offer more information on each project.
    • Tokenmarket – data on ICOs, kind of a coinmarketcap for upcoming/ongoing ICOs
    • Tradingview and Coinigy for charting. Tradingview is also useful for following top authors‘ technical analyses and forecasts
    • Cryptopanic – good for following news (aggregated)
    • Matchcoins info – good for evaluating the potential of a coin by comparing it to a similar yet more established coin
    • Daratus Chrome extension for getting basic info on ICOs (mine)
  2. There already is a cryptocurrency wizard out there. It is called CoinLoop.

    It has your news, charts, A.I. Signals (the real wizard), socials, catalyst calendar, portfolio tracker and everything else you need all in one place.

    Check it out – it’s the wizard’s best kept secret https://coinloop.io

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