Is Hong Kong better developed than Sanghai?

In terms of infrastructure & Public transportation

Shanghai is gaining ground quickly in the last 10 years, this is also the most visible aspect which is why you will hear the narrative of shanghai catching up to Hong Kong quickly all too often

In terms of Business frameworks and maturity

Hong Kong’s basic law & long Colonial influence provides businesses with strong mechanisms to be efficient, standardized, structured & legally protected while Shanghai still lacks this. This is also where HK and Singapore still possesses significant advantages over Shanghai

In terms of the quality of live

While Shanghai is catching up quickly in all the material aspect of commodity accessibility. There’s still huge discrepancy between the health systems, education systems & transparency of law enforcement and court rulings between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Hong Kong still has a clear upper-hand in this regard.

Who was the greatest conqueror in history?

“Who was the greatest conqueror of all time?”

That depends on how you want to define ‘greatest conqueror’.

If you want to talk OG conquerors, Sargon of Akkad formed what is probably the first grand-scale empire – the Akkadian Empire – around 2000 BCE. It stretched from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

In terms of land area taken, Genghis Khan had the largest *contiguous* land mass under his control in the Mongol Empire. It’s estimated to have covered over 24 million km²).

Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered several burgeoning empires almost 1900 years before the Mongol Empire came to be. Unlike many other previous and future rulers, he wasn’t a dick – those populaces that he subjugated, were permitted to keep their customs and religions. However, the Achaemenid Empire was an oddly-shaped territory, owing to who and how areas were conquered.

If you want to look at some of the most famous, take your pick from Napoleon (tried to conquer, exiled, tried again, ruled something like 720,000 km² in land area); Alexander the Great (took over 2 million km², was tutored by Aristotle, created the grandest library the world has ever seen, was named THE GREAT); Gaius Julius Caesar (sought power by any means, conquered Gaul because he was broke, poet, plus that whole stabby-stabby thing); Cyrus the Great (founded the Achaemenid Empire, was seen to have conquered so much that he was also named King of The Four Corners Of The World); Hitler; Genghis Khan; Tamerlane…

And that’s just on Earth. Who knows what campaigns have played out across the stars.

What is a good small business I can start in Pakistan, especially Karachi?

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What if a friend says mean things about me then acts like nothing happened?

It’s not a friend.
You have 3 options:

1 – If it’s someone you’d like to have as a friend, put your boundaries in place. Explain it without a doubt. If boundaries (which include bad naming) are not respected, person is not a friend, is an acquaintance.

2 – Remove completely from friends circle.

3 – If socially you need to keep this person in your circle (like it’s a colleague, a mom of your kid’s friend, a neighbor), you can “play dumb” enough to allow the minimum cordial coexistence. ah and careful with the information you share in such circle.

How many of you have had threesomes with a close friend? And if so, did you remain friends after?

Yup, still friends with one of them 20 years later. Others have drifted away, but that had nothing to do with the threesomes – just life taking people in different directions.

As long as everyone is secure with themselves, their sexuality, and their relationships with the others involved, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s when jealousy and posessiveness comes in that people run into problems. Or the “guest star” not understanding that they are just a guest, and it is not a competition. I haven’t had problems with this, but I can see how they could happen.

Can head injury cause borderline personality disorder?

No – I believe you have the cart before the horse with this question.

Borderline Personality Disorder is a form of emotional disregulation that occurs under certain specific circumstances that affect a person during their childhood, and usually becomes apparent in late adolescence. It is not something that could/should be self-diagnosed – getting a correct diagnosis provides for optimal opportunities for treatment/recovery, rather than the person trying to randomly fix what they believe to be wrong with them.

See : BPD OVERVIEW – Borderline Personality Disorder

Also see : Elinor Greenberg who is a qualified professional who posts on Quora and treats patients with BPD – she has MANY (expert)posts about Borderline.

It does not occur as a result of a head injury per se; however (in my NOT expert opinion) sometimes after a person has received a head injury, depending on what part of the brain is affected, that person may develop personality changes, along with other brain damage. But this is not BPD.

If the greatest Roman army in history fought the forces of Genghis Khan in Khan's time, who would have won?

Genghis Khan. Hands down. Purely because of technology difference, and partly because of numbers. Let’s look at the numbers first:

Romans: 375k

Mongols: somewhere between 100k and 500k (estimates vary heavily)

Now, let’s look at what the armies compromised of:

Romans: sheilds, double sided swords, and some archers


I’m not sure if you’re aware of how hard it is to kill horse arches, but to put it in modern terms, imagine you’re a grunt soldier and you and your squad have been sent to kill the American Marines backed by the American navy, you’re outnumbered and only have some AK-47’s. That’s what it was like for an army that was fighting them in the 1200’s. Now, the Roman Army maxed out at around 100 A.D. so let’s adjust this simulation. You are now a militia unit armed with stones fighting the same thing. You don’t stand a chance and neither do the Romans. Sure, testuido helps, but there’s just about no way the Romans can do anything to the army. The mongols would just laugh at the pathetic attempt but up by the Romans to kill them.

Who is dominant in the relationships between Chinese females and non-Chinese males? Are Chinese girlfriends aggressive?

It might depend on the culture of the target male and his personality.

On the other end, China is very big and cultures such as that of sichuan, hunan, northeast, guangdong promote different sets of behaviors.

And you should know that even if culture promote certain behaviors there are always individual that will respond by certain degree of conformism or innovation to this culture and thus develop a different personality.

Who owns the questions and answers we read on Quora?

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…User Content

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Is playing video games a waste of time?

I am a father of 6 children.  Throughout the first 12 years of my family life we owned a computer but had no game systems.  During this time I played few games on the computer, Everquest and an online first person shooter.  I spent about 30 minutes 3 times a week on the shooter game and 1-2 hours 3-4 times a week on Everquest.  This was pretty much a maximum amount.

During this time I also worked full time, assisted with family chores, did significant home improvements, and built a small business selling promotional products.  I also organized and planned activities nearly ever weekend with the kids; road trips, camping, museums, conventions, fairs, parades, community activities, charities, and as they got older I became a youth sports coach in soccer, baseball, and football which the boys all played.

The kids were allowed to play kids learning games that taught numbers, letters, etc until age 5 or so.  At about 5 my oldest son (born in 1995) wanted to play Everquest, too.  We made the agreement with him that when he could read the conversation that was shared in this online game (no headsets at that time), he would be allowed to play.  He drove himself to learn to read in less than a year.  And he began to play Everquest.  Though we limited him to 1 hour on school days and 2 hours per day weekends.  My other two boys' early years went basically the same. 

During this time my wife played Everquest a minimum of 6 hours per day.  She worked at different times as a part time bank teller or stayed home after giving birth to each of the boys.  Her time on the pc was mostly after 11pm and would sometimes last as much as 8 hours.  Then she slept.  Until noon or later.  Kids?  Well, the supervision was minimal and housework lackadaisical.  This created some relationship stress.

After the third boy was born (2000), others 5 and 2 1/2(1998), my game play declined dramatically.  I spent less than an hour a week after that for maybe 2 years.  By the time the youngest was 2, I played a few minutes once in a while with the kids, but that was it.  Sports began taking precedence of my free time when the oldest was 8. 

Kids habits were still the same, still shared 1 system between 5 of us.  Home life was pretty good.  We were active, healthy.  Grades in school were strong.  Social interaction for both adults and kids was strong.  Wife/Mom still maintained many gamer hours.  Though it improved when she went to work full time in 2003.

In 2005, my wife suggested an Xbox.  I vetoed the system.  This was an adults only conversation, not a tyrannical demand.  She agreed.  (She had equal veto power.)  2006, the idea came up from the kids regularly,  but my wife and I still chose no.  In June 2006, we had our last child, a daughter.  At Christmas in 2007, an X box showed up under the Christmas tree.  A gift to the boys from her father. (He knew I was deeply opposed.)  Significant discussion ensued.  I wanted to return it.  Mom did not.  Kids were ecstatic.  It stayed.

The worst decision of our entire family life.

By 2010 we were divorced.  My now 20 year old is a 6th year senior finally got a job at Goodwill, my 17 year old (straight A student and varsity basketball player college bound) molested his now 9 year old sister when she was 6, my youngest son strives to be like his oldest brother, and my daughter is struggling with problems stemming from the abuse and her parents divorce.

Did all of this come directly from game play alone?  No.  But it was the beginning of the cascade.  Watching Mom so devoted to games that she could barely supervise her kids, have no motivation beyond the screen, and finally cut behind Dad's back with Grandpa to get the X box completely undermined the family power balance.  Dad becomes the enemy.  Family activity boring.  Anger and rage are fueled by violent games, later movies, that Mom ceased limiting to the kids.  2 of 3 boys have been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  Mutual raising of the kids now degenerates into Dad trying to keep up the family while Mom repeatedly gives into increasing monopolization of all screens by the kids.  She no longer games except Candy Crush on her phone (hour after mind numbing hour).  But the kids now own TV, X box, PC, her work laptop, and each a "smart" phone.

Devistated.  Oldest is completely addicted to games now and will sit and yell at the games.  He is 20, very strong, happy, smiling, good looking and at least average intelligence.   But he has no progress in his life.  Lives rent free with Mom.  Rarely visits Dad.

Next oldest, is a felon.  Victimized his sister.  No longer a top level basketball player, and his grades now average C+.  He barely speaks to me and blames me for his situation and takes minimal responsibility for his crime.  Feels entitled to college, but refuses to work for me in my Landscaping business or keep his grades up.  Will not, by choice, see Dad.  Cannot be around his sister or 4 yr old half sister (Dad's).

Youngest boy is ok when he is in my home most of the time.  But idolizes the oldest and mimics him at Mom's home.  Average grades, minimal social life.  But a good, well rounded, respectful young man.  He spends 50% of his time with Dad.  Few outbursts.

Daughter:  struggles to get attention from everyone.  Always left semi-supervised at most in Mom's house.  Never allowed a turn at screens.  Just wants to be liked by all.  Lives with Dad full time, but misses Mom terribly.  Generally a good kid, sad about what she is being forced through.

Were there other factors?  Yes.  Many.  Were games all bad?  No.  There was some good in them.  They learned early childhood milestones more readily with access to appropriate children's games in moderation.

So what went wrong?  Limits were ended.  The day the X box arrived it became a constant battle to balance some time playing with the rest of life.  But without help from Mom, it was a losing battle.

How to avoid it?  Tie in computer/gaming system to real life connections and limits.  Homework done? Chores?  Room clean?  Yes?  Then 1 hour on appropriate games.  For every hour playing, spend at least 1 hour learning to use the computer or about life; hardware, productive software, programming, research, or learning games.

Above all:  Keep a written log of time and type of activity on screens.  Since an entire 50 year career can be spent on a computer, it is not all bad.  But at least most of it must be productive in some way.  And not productive in leveling in the next game, but "LEVELLING" in life.  Good luck.  Pray for my kids.