How should I prepare from October to get AIR on the IPCC May 2018?

Hey there,

If you wanna get AIR in IPCC May ’18 then,

  1. Take your phone, open all social media apps settings and go to Profile tab, there is an option ‘Deactivate Profile’, just hit that button.
  2. Try to complete all of your syllabus upto February end and keep the month of March amd April for revision.
  3. Make a daily lifestyle schedule, set weekly and monthly goals of studies.
  4. Try to do ‘Time Study’ (one of the principle studued in 12th standard business studies) and remove all the unnecessary activities from your schedule.
  5. Keep at least 1 hour a day for your physical and mental fitness.(I mean to say do some exercise and meditation.) This will help to prevent yourself from diseases and your efficiency will increase day by day.
  6. Stop Day Dreaming(A very big hurdle in studies!!!)
  7. Don’t forget to do every single question of Study Material, Practice Manual and Revision Test Paper issued by The ICAI.
  8. Do something to remove nervousness from yourself. CA students often get nervous and forget everything in exams.
  9. Make notes of formulas of Cost Accounting and Financial management and, different points of tax, Standard of Auditing, IT amd SM points, a list of Accounting Standards.

I hope by following the above points, you can score an AIR in IPCC.

Feel free to ask any further question.

Thank you

P.S.-I don’t know anything about economics as I am student of old scheme of education of The ICAI. So take steps for economics as you think right.

What would Batman's contingency plan for Goku be?

Goku has weaknesses, just not physical ones. They are pride and gluttony. Goku desires to prove he is the best fighter. He also has never found an all he could eat buffet.

As Batman my plan for beating Goku. Distract him with food. Have all the best chefs in DC make a huge meal. During that time talk to him about the largest mixed martial arts tournament on an uninhabited planet that I was planning to host. Tell him you are gathering the strongest fighters in the universe. Tell him about Superman’s strength, Flash’s speed, ect. Remind him that it would be like any other tournament he has ever been in cause of the variety of power sets. Start the prep work for the tournament. Let him know all his friends can take part. Provide transport and include a clause that leave the transport or tournament grounds results in immediate disqualifIcation. After the ship has left, make an offer to Prof Briefs about working together on a joint Wayne/Cap venture. While at Capsule Corp steal the dragon radar. (I could figure out a way to build one myself but this would be faster) Gather the Dragon Balls. Summon the dragon. Wish Goku returned to pure hearted self.

How to dry NMP (N methylpyrrolidone) in an oven without polymerizing it

The recommended ways to dry NMP are to use stir over CaH2 for 12 hours, distillation (not bad as it distills at 202 ºC and does not form an azeotrope with water), store over 4 angstrom sieves. If I really wanted to dry NMP, I would first dry over CaH2 and distill, collecting over freshly activated 4 angstrom molecular sieves.

If Zeus and Hades, by some cosmic coincidence had a child, with a single mortal woman, what powers could be given to that child?

Are we talking a sort of Gilgamesh thing where the kid has 1/3 mom’s genes, 1/3 one dad’s (Zeus) genes, and one third other dad’s (Hades) genes?

(Yes, it was a thing and they did believe that if a woman had sex with another man while pregnant, the baby would get an extra dad. It wasn’t seen as bad, heck getting extra from a strong second dad was seen as a good thing per Gilgamesh. It’s a case of technology and medicine has moved on from myth….)

Well… if we go by already existing Greek myth, we’d get someone like Dionysos.

Let me explain and bear with me because the timeline and rebirth part is going to be a doozy.

According to Orphic traditional myth, Persephone had a son named Zagreus.

The myths vary in whether Zeus (disguised as Hades because he’s a horny asshole, as per usual) is the father or if, due to a misunderstanding of the title, Hades was the father.

While it wouldn’t be out of character for Zeus to be that petty of an asshole and horny enough to rape his daughter, I’m more personally willing to bet Hades is the father for two reasons:

  1. Zagreus has many associations with Hades and the underworld beyond the fact that his mother is the Iron Queen of the Underworld herself. There’s even epic poems that refer to him as an underworld god of a high order, almost a possible successor to Hades, as “night-ranging Zagreus, performing his feasts of raw flesh.”
  2. When they speak of the union, Persephone’s partner is referred to as Chthonic-Zeus. Chthonic literally means "subterranean", but the word in English describes deities or spirits of the underworld, especially in Greek religion. So, basically, if Zeus controls the skies and Poseidon the seas, then Hades is the king of the earth and everything underneath it (hence why his Roman name is “the Rich One”). Since Zeus, being King of the Gods, is sometimes used poetically as a synonym for King, then it wouldn’t be out of place for “Chthonic-Zeus” to be a poetic way of referring to Hades, King of the Earth and all the treasures underneath it.

So, for the purpose of this exercise, let’s assume Hades is Zagreus’ father.

Zagreus was caught by Titans who dismembered him and boiled him in a cauldron in order to eat him. They ate everything except for his heart.

Apollo finds it and takes it to Mount Olympus.

Myths vary over who ground up Zagreus’ heart, put it in a potion, and slipped it to Semele’s drink (some say Apollo did, some say Athena did, some say Zeus did, some say Persephone had a hand in it…), but the end result is that Semele gets pregnant through that and now carries Zagreus’ soul in her fetus.

Of course, the problem is that Semele was also Zeus’ flavor of the week, and we all know how Hera reacts to that.

She promptly sent a lightning bolt Semele’s way to show her displeasure at Zeus screwing around and getting another mortal pregnant again.

Zeus managed to salvage the fetus but not the smear on the ground that used to be Semele. He then had the fetus sewed in to his thigh so he could carry it to term, then had a sort of c-section on his thigh when baby Dionysos was ready to be born.

(Yes, the thigh is a weird place, just go with it)

As a result, by being Zagreus reincarnation through the soul and through magic genetically preserving a part of his old body while adding Semele and Zeus’ genes, Dionysos is the manifestation of mixing Hades and Zeus’ genes and powers together (plus Persephone’s).

He’s the god of wine, ritual madness, rebirth, sex, the harvest, fertility, winemaking, theater, lack of inhibitions, and religious ecstasy.

That’s a pretty neat combo.

How can one believe in spirituality?

“In contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid.”[1]

Dr. James Watson, Noble Prize in Science
Co-Discoverer of DNA, The Double Helix, 1968

Many years ago, I set out to write a book along the lines of Pulitzer-prize winner Studs Terkel’s nonfiction book Working, exploring how Americans related to their jobs. He interviewed everyone from gravediggers to corporate magnates.

I wanted to write a book entitled “Believing in God,” exploring how Americans from different religious perspectives justified their faith.

I was going through an atheist/agnostic period in life, though I had a few experiences preventing me from disavowing spirituality. In the end, money (rather its absence) stopped me from writing the book. During this time, I interviewed three liberal, Episcopalian priests, asking the same question:

“Do you really believe in God?”

After they chuckled and pointed to their collars, I replied. “Now I worked next door to Harvard’s divinity college for three years. I happen to know there are a lot of atheists wearing collars out there.”

They all agreed. But I did not receive the kind of responses I expected.

I thought people would reveal their “epiphanies” – compelling personal experiences that led them to believe or embrace spirituality. Instead, I received three different responses; and the third one stuck with me.

  1. The first one confided he was not sure. He reached the conclusion, more or less that he could not eliminate or justify it, but it provided a satisfying moral context in which to live. He did not embrace the idea of a personal God per se, but “please don’t tell my parishioners.”
  2. The second one said he could not separate his need for God from his belief in God. I could not accept that argument at the time. Your need to believe in something does not justify that belief, but I have wavered. The need to believe justifies taking a leap of faith, following Kierkegaard's knight of faith argument, provided you don’t become intolerant.
  3. The third priest was older, nearing retirement, and he had traveled a rocky road in his life. But he did not blink, when I posed the question.

    What was his response?

    “Because faith works!”

    Now that’s a reason to embrace spirituality and it defines why I came full circle from a reluctant atheist to an honest seeker, who embraces and practices spirituality, recognizing Christ as a deeply embedded icon of a universal divine. I used to suffer from horrible religious anxieties, and now I don’t. Believing made all the difference.

  4. Of course I struggle, especially with the problem of evil. As we learned in my sophomore philosophy of religion class, there is one exemption from the problem of evil: personal experience. Science cannot – and will likely never – explain all of my personal experiences.
  5. I also came to this conclusion, working on my second novel for the past three years. It lead me into theories of the mind and consciousness. I realized – and my experience has only confirmed the original epiphany – that I absolutely cannot trust science. It fails the truth test more often than not. It’s just as full as dogma, fanatics, corruption and personal agendas as any religion. It labors under the delusion of self-correcting objectivity, but it does not practice it.
  6. The works of the mystic poet William Blake have appealed to me since high school. I am not kidding! I leapt out of my desk reading The Marriage of Heaven & Hell. I traveled to the Tate Museum in London just to review the original plates. He conceived of the imagination as divine. He conceived of God as the original artist, and the act of creation as a form of worship and prayer. Like Milton, he embraced Satan as an antihero – evil as the necessary opposite of good.
  7. That has become the foundation of my personal approach to spirituality. Science is corrupt and inherently flawed, limited in scope. It stuns me how others do not recognize it has become the new religion. It serves a purpose, but it cannot capture all truth. And institutional religion is also corrupt and inherently tyrannical.

    The only thing in life worth a damn is art.

    If it captures my imagination, it’s true enough.

    That makes me happy, and I don’t force it on others.

    What else matters?


[1] James D. Watson – Wikiquote

Did anyone implement unit testing with real APIs using Jest in ReactJS instead of mocking?

In the places I’ve worked, I’ve seen it done. The choice to use real APIs was a deliberate one. In this case, these tests were integration tests. Testing against a fake API wouldn’t detect breakages with either system if they become subtly incompatible.

Some things to keep in mind if you choose to run integration tests:

  • Setting up a real API with test data can be tricky and unreliable. Running the tests twice in parallel could cause spurious failures without carefully planning a way to isolate each test run from the others.
  • Cleaning up any data that you create with your test suites is important. Failing to clean up could mean that your first run passes, but subsequent runs don’t. Values that don’t get reset in the API could cause different code paths to run, even if the tests still pass, leading to inconsistent test coverage.
  • Real APIs fail. DNS fails to resolve, connections get dropped, and plenty of other problems can pop up unexpectedly. A failure that’s unrelated to your code could cause you to waste substantial amounts of time debugging an issue that you never find or can’t fix.
  • Changes that need to be deployed to your API first or the client first can cause spurious and confusing failures.
  • If your API is not idempotent, or has side effects that you don’t control (such as manipulating data owned by a third party), running your tests could wreak havoc. A bad commit that, say, accidentally deletes too much data via that API could cause actual production issues.[0]

That all said, be aware of what you’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with hitting a real API, but you should be careful that you’re actually testing something useful and you’re aware of the potential problems and risks.

[0] At one of my previous employers, I saw a bad integration test run on one developer’s machine wipe out the entire company’s QA environment thanks to an unfortunate change to the test fixture management code.

Can you explain the Gun laws of America to a child?

What you should be doing is teaching your child gun safety:

Photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR/Flickr

As an overprotective modern parent who gets nervous when my kids ride bicycles to a friend's house, I would not teach my children to hunt if I thought it were dangerous. Better they have a gun in their hands, than, say, a skateboard. Hunting and shooting have low accident rates precisely because we place so much emphasis on gun safety. Although hunting should be fun, teaching kids to be safe shooters doesn't call for much sense of humor. Treat the topic seriously, and children will respond to the gravity in your voice.


Young boys, especially, find guns fascinating. Keeping guns forbidden and mysterious only increases their allure. Let your kids handle your guns with your permission and under your supervision. Show them how to check whether the chamber and magazine are empty. Let them point the gun in a safe direction. Teach them now that the only time they are ever to touch a trigger is when they want the gun to go off.

Take them to the gun club, where they will see targets smashed to bits. Show them the bloody holes your guns put into the animals you bring home. A friend likes to impress new shooters with the power of firearms by shooting a cantaloupe at 10 paces with a 12-gauge. The distinction between real and toy guns will be as clear as the difference between real and toy cars.


Owning a BB gun can teach children good safety habits or bad ones. Kids of my generation roamed the woods with Red Ryders and no parental supervision. There's a better way. Give a child a BB gun a year or so before he or she is ready to start shooting .22s and 20-gauges. Store it with your guns and make a point of treating it like a real gun—which it is. Let your young hunter bring it along, unloaded, on short hunts with you. Insist that he carry it with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Pack a few BBs along for some safe target shooting at the end of the day.


The more often you take your children shooting, the more practiced they'll become in handling guns safely. At the range, insist that muzzles point up, down, or downrange—always. Keep control of the ammunition yourself, and dole out shells one at a time. Kids will be scrupulously careful about muzzle control until they fire a shot. In the excitement of hearing the gun go off, they will turn to you, swinging the gun, or drop it down so it points at their toes. If the gun is empty, it's a teachable moment, not a potential tragedy. Insist on eye and ear protection, and emphasize its importance by always wearing it yourself.


Your first real hunts should be for squirrels, waterfowl, deer, turkeys, or doves, sedentary hunts where the game comes to you. Leave your own gun at home. Sit right with your hunter, whispering advice and giving the go-ahead to take the safety off and shoot. Save upland hunting for last. It requires walking with a loaded gun for long periods as well as split-second shoot-or-don't-shoot decisions.


You're trying to instill lifelong safety habits, and nothing you say speaks as loudly as your own actions when you and your child hunt together. Handle your own guns with extra emphasis on safety. While we're at it, boats, ATVs, tree stands, and motor vehicles can be just as deadly as guns if used carelessly. Your young hunter will learn all about them by watching you.

How to Teach Your Child Gun Safety

Can a good truck carry passengers in India?

Actually yes it is my our India and believe me or not everything is possible in India .

We Indians have a solution ready to any and every problem and if we don't..we have an alternative for it.

Most famous example is “Jugaad”.

So, yes a goods truck can carry passengers in INDIA

Peace out….