How is the drop year for repeaters at Brilliant Pala? What is the daily routine?

The drop year could and will become either your most productive or your worst year. All depends on you.

The routine is quite simple. Your class timings depend on your hostel. Nearby hostel students have classes from 7.30 till 2pm. Whereas the 8.30 and 9 am batches have regular classes of total 6 hours. we can go to the library in the slotted times. Girls and boys have seperate times so as to reduce rush in the library. Ans if you get your food coupons in the canteen thwn mister you had a very lucky day 🙂

If you are in a hostel then after coming back you relax for sometime and after having tea most probably go about doing any chores like going out to buy books or something( i used to sleep till supper).

After supper we start studying and then after some late night chit chat we go to sleep and the cycle repeats next morning.

This was my routine but you can do anything you want except on Saturday and Sunday beacuse on monday we have the weekly test and we have to rattle our brains.

Work hard study harder and always perceive your goal and if you are true to your goal then your hardwork will be repayed.

Wish yo

Which is the best institute in Chandigarh for gate(me)?

THE GATE ACADEMY provide comprehensive and rigorous coaching for the GATE exams. Our student centred guidance focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This has enabled us to achieve a proven track record of GATE toppers from our institute.


Proven track record of GATE toppers
2 out of around 10 GATE applicants clear the GATE exam every year? Despite the stiff competition, students of THE GATE ACADEMY maintain a far healthier success rate of significantly above 50%. In fact, more than 148 of our students have made it to the top 100 All India rankings.

Student-centric approach<
THE GATE ACADEMY helps budding engineers to discover, reach and exceed their intellectual potential. The intense focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our modules.
Experienced faculty
The faculties at THE GATE ACADEMY are from IITs /IISc and GATE toppers. Faculties are very passionate and highly experienced. Faculties well understand students problem and they put in their best efforts to solve the problems.

Best Quality Education
THE GATE ACADEMY provides quality education. GATE exam is based on concepts so it is very important to teach concepts properly. THE GATE ACADEMY gives in-depth knowledge of concept that not only helps in securing well in GATE exam but also helps in maintaining a good level of understanding while pursuing their or PSU jobs.

Exclusive Online Courses
THE GATE ACADEMY provides online courses like correspondence course, tabGATE, homeGATE, usbGATE etc. These courses are designed by IIT/IISc GATE experts. These courses are specially designed to save travelling time of students. In live online courses like homeGATE you have the option to interact with faculty to ask instant questions or doubts. With all online courses you get mock test and post GATE guidance for free.

GATE focused books
THE GATE ACADEMY provides exclusively designed GATE focused books. Students get other reference books easily but GATE focused books are not easily available. THE GATE ACADEMY team really work hard to design content of these books, so that students can prepare as per the GATE syllabus.

Affordable Prices
Courses are available in very reasonable prices. Such affordable prices make GATE coaching easy to afford for all segments of students.

Special test are conducted across all centres of THE GATE ACADEMY in India. Toppers are being provided with scholarships for GATE coaching.

Student Support Team
THE GATE ACADEMY has a support team which is established to provide support to students. Students are welcomed with all sort of queries. From technical queries to basic doubts they can get in touch with to support team and get solutions immediately. THE GATE ACADEMY knows the importance of students time so proper support is provided to save students time.

Post GATE Guidance
After GATE results are out, students have lots confusions and questions to ask. So, every year THE GATE ACADEMY provides guidance and tries their best to answer all the questions and doubts of the students. Post GATE guidance program is conducted by IIT/IISc faculties and GATE toppers where they answer all the doubts related to eligibility, IITs, PSU jobs & other options available etc.

Can you make a jailbroken iPhone more secure than stock?

Sure! Once you have complete control over a device, you can do what you wish with it. This includes making it more secure. However, in practice, most people want to jailbreak to add something or to change something that will, as a side effect, make the phone less secure. Now “less secure” can mean different things based on your threat model. Are you trying to protect against state attackers? Identity theft? Opportunistic financial theft? It can make a big difference in how you secure a device.

To jailbreak a phone you need to find or use a security hole in iOS. Those holes are getting fewer and harder to use. Apple’s iOS and phones are really pretty secure things and with the trust store and 2FA and other less public changes they have gotten more so.

But, if you want to really make a phone secure it’s very easy. Turn off wifi, turn off cell data, and remove the sim card. Or if you’re not willing to go that far, leave in the sim card and just use it as a phone without any internet connectivity.

The trick is to have a secure device that’s still connected. And this is a topic worth of a high level of study and analysis and many hours of work for many people and involves some choices and tradeoffs. These tradeoffs are often what people who jailbreak their phones object to and are trying to get around. So they typically reduce security. It’s pretty unlikely that a person jailbreaking a phone will end up making it more secure with their changes, no matter their threat model.

What is the meaning of the Punjabi song 'kande utte utte kande utte' by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan?

I will do my very best to make it as easy as I can for you to enjoy.

I am very sorry, you do not know deep Punjabi to enjoy the full lyrics of this song, I will do the best to translate as much as I can. I have vested interest in this song/story/ and lot attachment of my own.


This song is in fact based on as we know on a true story of Sohni and Mehiwal, we also know at until my generation that “ love affairs” and pre marital affairs were taboo, in our Punjab, falling in love for young couple was no…no….no, but love is/was blind and defied all odds. Some couples lost their lives, some suffered all their lives. In such cases most of the time girl was most of time was married off and the guy was left alone to suffer and in some cases got killed. In some cases both got killed, most of time in it was most dangerous thing to do. Regardless, true love is/was there and it defied all nonsense, though the end point was very painful in most of the cases.

Therefore meeting your beloved openly was out of question, this girl Sohni used to meet her soul mate at night when everyone was sleeping, the only problem was she had to swim across the river “ Chanab” on a pitcher under her belly, this acted like a inflated rubber tube. Her cunning sister in law (brother’s wife) was jealous about this affair. One night this woman replaces the solid pitcher with an unbaked basically a clay pot, the idea was that Sohni in darkness will not know, and when the clay will dissolve in the water she will drown in the river.

A tribute to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,

This clan most likely one of the very best on the earth, in Punjabi singing, Nusrat sahib has sung the same song in Qawali form. When they sing I believe even the angels in the paradise must drop everything on their day to day life and listen to these qawalis and songs. Rahat sahib started singing qawalis, and later on go on to song version, reason modern generation is not too keen in qawali version.

Now to answer your question.

Sohni is standing on bank of the river ( "kande utte utte kande utte")

She is waiting for the signal from Mahiwal from the other bank, to show up, so she could swim across to meet him as promised. I will give you heart rendering meaning of this song, in version of Sohni’s self questions and self answers. I wish I could sit beside you and translated word for word, translating in English will not be the same.

  • She knows her sister in law has replaced solid baked pitcher with a clay one, she knows she may not make it.
  • She is waiting for Mahiwal to give signal, his every minute of delay is unbearable for her.
  • She knows this may be the last time she sees him,
  • She knows that night is very dangerous night storm/rain/
  • She says to herself I am dead serious to see him, I promised him I be there.
  • She begs her Almighty not to drown her,
  • She jumps in the river knowing fully well that she may not make it,
  • As expected she drowns
  • When she is drowning , Mahiwal jumps in to save her,
  • It is too late both were drowned in the Chanab,

FYI, most of these legendary stories ended up in tragedy, Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Mirza Sahiba,

In modern times Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi, ( although he denied that the tremendous pain in his poetry is from this kind of affair), regardless he died very young, but left a legend of poetry mostly based on this theme. One of the greatest poet of our time called Virah da Sultan ( king of separation) Every major and huge singers of India have sung his poetry, no one ever could fill that gap, when he died at the age of 36, due tremendous amount of alcohol consumption.

There was another heart breaking story was Shrimati Amarita Pritam and
Shri Sahir Ludhianavi,

Other well known story of our modern times and failed love story of Shri Dev Anand and Shrimati Suriya Jamal, she never married and he put all his efforts in be something bigger than life, he was very brave and moved on at least from the outside, she did not take well, never married. What a waste of two lives, at least one per sure.

I know at least three 100 percent true stories in Punjab it happened more or less in front of my eyes in the late 60s and early 70s, where three girls from separate families separate stories ( I knew all of them extremely well) wanted to marry interfaith, these three committed suicide by pouring kerosene oil on themselves and burnt to death, one was full qualified doctor, she did not die right away, she lingered on for a few days, I knew her extremely well, in fact I visited her in the hospital, before she breathed her last.

This kind of pain can only be soothed either by death, alcohol, or merge yourself so much in work and that you do not feel the pain. Well, this is/was the very dark side of our culture, of many faiths, caste system and economic differences.

Regardless I hope you get some meaning out of this song, as you know the timing have changed, society is more willing to bend, and in reality in modern world no one gives two hoots.

These kind of stories, poets wrote lyrics, music directors composed one of the best music, world famous singers sung these songs, however these genres I believe are on death bed, due to change in mind set and due so many reasons due to some extent liberal society and excellent ways to communicate through modern methods. This is just a shadow of the old time, in modern times there are no Sohnis and Mahiwals, email/text/phone cuts that drowning and finding a new Sohnis and Mahiwals now there are songs : which stress the need to move on for example (Tu nahi aur sahi aur nahi to aur sahi….which literally translates if it not you then someone else or some else….. To me it is just past and great creation but in a few decades people may find total unrelated to present time frame, and these songs/lyrics no one will remember ever. In modern times the definition of everything is changing, the new generation is very smart, much smarter than the previous one.

with best regards


Is it a good idea to invest in stocks under Trump's Presidency?

Sure seems that way right now. Trump is certainly giving investors hope for a YUGE payoff on his promise to energize the economy.

However, the bond market has lost something like 40 *billion* dollars since Trump won, as bonds don’t offer the same protections against inflation, taxes and the end of Quantative Easing that’s expected. However, depending on how fast inflation rises, or how many companies follow Carrier’s blackmail script and get tax breaks in exchange for not outsourcing (even if they never truly intended to) and the subsequent downturn in jobs, manufacturing and consumer spending and confidence, you could see a stock market stall or crash that will make 1929 look like a slightly bearish afternoon.

Don’t you just love our unpredictable new president?

What are the differences between an undergrad in the US and the UK?

‘I’ve heard UK schools tend to be more intense and focused on just one thing’.

This is true!

Like Leif said, in the UK we focus (usually) on one subject area for the entire 3 years we’re at university. You apply to take a certain subject, so you have to prepare for that by taking the relevant classes beforehand. Humanities tend to be more relaxed on this, but if you want to take, say, a degree in chemistry, you need to have an A-level in chemistry (the classes/exams you take when you’re 17).

This allows us to perhaps be more thorough, and become more specialised than many US students, since we spend all of our time on our subject area. That’s not to say we can’t take modules from other areas, to an extent we can; an ancient history major can take a module or two of English literature, if that’s what they want to do, and they have enough ‘free credits’ to do so. Again, it gets more tricky with science because you really need to come from the science background.

Occasionally you’ll find a dual-honours student, who may take something like ‘History with French’. I think it’s fair to say that usually if they’re dual honours, it’s that they’re taking a language along with another subject, though I’m sure that can vary. Another which seems fairly popular right now is PPE, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

So, these things can be done! You won’t find someone floating into university and randomly selecting biology modules, history modules, and Chinese modules, though. You have to enter in a specific mindset.

As I haven’t attended a US university, a question to those who have; when you apply to go, it’s just applying to the university, right? So is it just as ‘easy’ to go and get an English degree, as to get a chemistry degree — since you’re applying for the university rather than the subject itself (over here, chemistry may require higher grades than English, for example). What about medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine? Do they follow that same route, or do you have to apply to them specifically?

Which is the best private university for BBA in Bangladesh?

First of all It is quite difficult and probably incorrect to give a specific name to it. Since, we all know Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton and all other Ivy Leage Colleges are what makes the best tier but its difficult to pinpoint THE best.

Sorry for the interruption. As per my understanding, North South University would probably rank up as the top in case of your answers. Next in the line can be considered the follows: BRAC University, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology and BUP (Bangladesh University of Professionals) not necessarily in that order.

My previous relationship haunts me, what should I do?

  1. Speak out

Ring your close friend or take her/him to a cafe/beach tell them everything what ever you feel (Trust me this definitely works). Split it out the each and every bit of it. How you feel after the breakup. What exactly you feel about your Ex.

2. Learn to accept

There are certain things you can’t change in your life. Accept that he/she is not a part of your life anymore. You have to give up on certain things to get the best in your life.

3. Forgive

Your Ex would have done things which would have hurt you badly. Just forgive that person and let it go. We need to be Good/Bad at times to make peace with our life.

4. Do something new

Join a course. Be it dancing, singing, or any form of Art do join it. keep yourself occupied. Or Join a new course which can help you in your career.

5. Focus on work/Education

This gives you the positive vibes for your life. People will start giving credits to your work. You will be recognized in your work space. Promotions and increments will fall into your bucket.

6. Keep yourself surrounded with good people

Your actions and thoughts in a day will have the reflection of the people around you. Cheer up people, Thanks them, Congratulate them for their efforts and works. Be a giver, give your time and love to people who are in need.

7. Join a NGO

Serve the society, its time for you to give back to society. Volunteer for a NGO in weekends, Beach clean up, City clean up, Volunteer in an Old age home, or any form of Service. This keeps you mentally and morally high!.

8. Stop watching romantic movies

This makes you to chew the thoughts of your Ex and the day you were together. You need to stay away from this romantic films and songs .

9. Go for a trip

This is the heaven, I always believe the life teach us many things when we step out of your door steps.

10. Never get into another relationship

Never heal your past with current love. This never happens. This is not the right medicine for your thoughts and pain. You will endup in choosing a wrong person. I do understand you need someone to hold you on. But its time for you to stand alone and heal your wound like a lion.