Where, in Bangalore one can find counterfeit shoes?

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If we want to know about wages, which is more appropriate to use, median wage or average wage?

Both serve a purpose. The issue becomes what you are trying to determine.

Lets take the following incomes as a demonstration set.

$50,485, $13,791, $14,074, $88,544, $32,027, $92,238, $47,125, $13,128, $1 million.

Now the median income here is $47,125. This number represents the number at which half the salaries are about it and have the salaries are below it. In this case four each, $13,791 $14,074 $32,027 $13,128 are all below the median number. $50,485 $88,544 $92,238 and $1 million are all above that number.

In terms of the average of all nine of these incomes, that number is $150,156.89. This represents taking the entire pool of money and assigning an equal number of dollars to each income in the list (nine in this case).

The problem that a lot of people found it using an average when it comes to incomes is a small number of large incomes skews the average. If we remove the single $1 million income the average (minus the $1 million) then comes to $43,926.50. You can see that you with a income range between $13,128 and $1 million the average is three times that all of a income ranging between $13,128 and $92,238.

So it depends on what it is that you are trying to determine. Since your question is speaking in terms of wages it is probably wiser to speak in terms of the median. This number places you right smack dab in the middle of all income earners. While an average, because of the size of the incomes at the top end of the ladder will skew your data above the middle of all income earners.

You can see this by looking up these two data for which ever country you have a primary interest in. Look up the median for that country, and look up the average for that country. Then you decide which to use based on what it is you’re trying to determine and the disparity between the two numbers.

Should I go to college or focus on building a business?

It depends on how much experience and/or knowledge you currently have and what your business plans for the future look like.

For a complete answer, I would have to know factors such as your current age, your living conditions, what continent or country you are currently residing in, what the costs of education are, and so on.

These factors would help determine what the best option is.

A good reason to go to college (or university) would be to prepare yourself for whatever venture you are intending to start. Although you don't need a degree to be successful, as you can educate yourself by using various means, going to college can provide you with a safety net to start out with.

This will obviously depend on the overall cost of college, whether you pay for it yourself or get support from your parents, and so on.

Another factor would be your current experience and knowledge.

A good reason to focus on building a business if you have a solid idea to work with, a good foundation (capital, knowledge, expertise, …) or simply feel like taking the plunge.

To illustrate with a personal example: I first got my degree before starting my own business, because I didn't know what I wanted to do yet. College gave me enough time to work on myself and find out what I really wanted to do.

Initially, I wanted to go for multiple degrees (Master’s, MBA), but I soon realized it was completely redundant for me when focusing on starting my own ventures.

How does George Bailey's new batting stance help him in your opinion?

Lol. Maybe it opens up the field a lot more. I don’t how he plans to play to the leg side, though. Pick-up shots are easier, I suppose. Playing straight and with a side-on stance constricts playing attacking shots to some extent. For instance, with a normal stance, you can’t pull across the line with a good balance. He has developed this over the last BBL I guess, so that explains why he wants to play a lot more boundary shots. Maybe this helps him roll his wrists over the ball a lot better. I don’t know what the experts feel, but I believe it increases the risk of him chasing the widest of deliveries. But he can cut a lot more freely and very close to the body. I don’t know why I feel this isn’t entirely a new stance for Bailey. He does play with a closed stance, with his hips facing the mid on fielder. This the reverse of an open chested stance, much like how Gautam Gambhir plays. But this is extreme.

What are the reasons behind the poor performance of India in Olympics?

There are several reasons for this. Let me list some of them:

  1. In India, we mostly worry about the work or do the work when the deadline approaches or when there’s someone behind us holding our neck. The same is with the sports. No one including the officials and ministers give a shit about the preparation of sportsperson until a big event like Olympics comes on. They don’t even try to take care of the funding a player requires, the infrastructure and coaching and all. When the Olympics or world championships approaches, they suddenly start caring about the players and their facilities. Poor foresightedness, I will say is one of the most prominent reasons for debacle of India in Olympics.

Picture credits: TVF Qtiyapa

2. This is one of the example which instills a lot of confidence, inspiration and motivation in Indian athletes:
She took part in 42 kilometer marathon. At each 2.5 kilometer, our country was supposed to have arrangements of water, glucose and energy drinks for her. But what she got was some water bottles after 8 km, that too from Rio organizers!

Picture credits: storypick

3. One more incident:

Many athletes and coaches have complained that India's chief medical officer Pawandeep Singh's standard response to most complaints of injuries has been a dose of Combiflam. He is a radiologist and son of vice-president of Indian Olympic Association.

Most of the time he was found hanging out by the pool, spending his afternoons drinking and enjoying instead of helping. He has the responsibility of taking care of the health of the Indian athletes.

Vinesh Phogat, O P Jaisa and many other athletes have to face problems because of lack of good doctors.

Year after year, govt. changes and so does the officials but the condition of our athletes remains same. Nepotism, favoritism, and negligence on the part of our government and officials is always there.

I did not study for JEE in 11th and 12th. I scored 76% in 11th and expect around 90% in 12th. Should I take a drop?

Keeping in view the fact that you are going to give your JEE in april 2017, you are at a very good position to prepare and perform. Hence DON'T drop your year.

The path ahead will be full of hardships but satisfaction if your statement ‘ i am very serious ’ is true.

Things you can(should) do :

Assumption: You dont know about the topics in depth but have at the least some idea about them.

  • Collect hand written class notes(JEE coaching notes) from a reliable friend ( the notes should cover the entire syllabus taught at the insti).
  • Go through the notes. Understand each and every line written.
  • Though the topics might be unfamiliar , dont worry as to how you will understand the details. Read the notes with full patience and devotion until you make some conclusion about it.
  • You can seek help of the teachers and friends be it on internet or in your school. Mind you, even some of the coaching faculty members may answer your questions even though you dont belong to their insti.
  • Given the fact you have to give your board exams : you should give required time as per your needs.
  • After having done with the notes: you are already won half the battle in very less amount of time. You are clear with the theory and have practised some questions as part of the notes in the form of illustrative example.
  • Considering reading notes(covering theory) will take complete december, use january for solving questions. Solve as many problems as you can.
  • You can use february for boards preparation. Go through the NCERT books with full energy as it will help you a lot in jee mains which will be scheduled just after your boards.
  • After your mains exam you will have 2 month prep time which you can use to revise and strengthen your topics. Do full justice to this crucial time.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • JEE is NOT a tough exam .
  • You are intelligent and honest.
  • You have taken control of your life at a very accurately calculated and right time.

Some personal tips:

  • You dont need to solve every question because if you understand any topic you have the ability to solve any question based on it .Therefore 1 topic is equivalent to many questions.
  • You can use any reputed coaching's module for solving questions. This will provide you exposure to quality questions in easy and efficient way.
  • Devote all your time to self study.
  • Seek help of your parents and school principal to ease out your school burden.
  • Decide you study time and rest time.
  • Get completed with you notes( 11th and 12th ) by december end. This will give you amazing boost. Questions to be solved in january and as a part time in feb.
  • Get your remembering(cramming) stuff be done in december with regular revision in jan and feb.

Why did Google choose altitude 2.90 meters for Street View cameras?

My instinct suggests that it's a conflux of:

  1. Vehicle height restrictions observed globally that would not require permits
  2. Vantage point that would be within any interpretation of “expectation of privacy” from surveillance of private property from public places
  3. A vantage point that would be high enough to overlook the majority of typical obstructions but not so high that the perspective would be “odd” and hard to visualize for casual users.

This what my gut says. I'm sure lawyers and UX guys would have plenty to say. I would love to observe that workshop!

Why do you like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Reasons why I like Cristiano Ronaldo –

Hard Work. Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of ‘Hardwork beats Talent’. Back in 2012 when Leo Messi was dominating the world, he had already won 4 Ballon d’or at age of 23 while Cristiano at that time has only 1. But he keeps on working, he work hard everyday, he keeps on pushing and today he has 4 Ballon d’or at age of 32 (5th one is loading), which shows his dedication, persistence towards his GOALS.

Humanity. Apart from being a ‘Great’ footballer, Ronaldo is also a very kind person. He has donated millions of dollars to many charities. He had also donated his golden boot to a charity, which he won back in 2012.

He refuses to get Tattoo on his body because, he is a constant blood donor.

Motivator. Cristiano Ronaldo always motivates me, whenever life hit him hard, he always replies with Goals, Goals and Goals. He helps me to stay motivated, to keep working hard despite having difficulties. He also motivates his team members also one of the great example of it when, helps his nation to win EURO CUP 2016.

From tears of pain,

to tears of joy

Sportsmanship. Ronaldo shows great sportsmanship during the game, many many times.



and many more.

Fans. Ronaldo is a very humble person towards his fans.

Here is his say,

Cristiano Ronaldo is perfect example of a player as well as a human, I admire him alot!

P.s For me Ronaldo and Messi are best in the world, what ronaldo can do messi can't do & what messi can do ronaldo cant do!

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I'm an introvert, less energetic, not excited by anything and have low confidence. What should I do?

I was exactly the same person as you when I started the college. It’s a difficult phase and the only way to tackle it is to get out of your comfort zone. Just being an introvert is not bad. Just know many successful peoples were introverts. It’s an epic freedom to live in your own world. But we can’t always be self content with ourselves. We need to socialise to have a break from our self.

Here’s some of the things you should do:

Make new friends.

Focus on your passion. At the moment you might not feel passionate about anything, but eventually you’ll get there. Until then focus on whatever interests you and makes you happy.

Read lots of books.

Travel a lot.

Develop new hobbies.

Hope you find these helpful and doing OK.

PS: I recommend you to read Quiet-The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking By Susan Cain.