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If you have knowledge about cryptocurrency, you can start trading with them to make some good profits. I trade using Ethereum everyday and it helps me make some good money. To know how to invest in Ethereum in india read the following article.

  • Ethereum in India | How to Buy, Sell, Invest and Trade Ethereum in India
  • How Much Can You Make Mining Ethereum : Beginners Guide

If you have no knowledge about cryptocurrency. Read a few books on Ethereum trading and cryptocurrency. Once you understand the concepts you can start trading.

How does the brain of micro organisms or insects work?

A brain is an organ in multicellular organisms is a “central control” for sensory collection and analysis, motor control and coordination of the organism’s body, and a place for organization and maintenance of such complex functions and behaviors as sleep, memory, internal organ coordination, hormone delivery, and so on. A brain is composed of a large number of specialized neurons along with a number of support cells.

No microorganism has a “brain” by any accepted definition of the term. As a single cell, it does not and cannot posses the multiple types of cells that go into making a brain. Stimulus and response in microorganisms is very simple; especially when compared to multicellular organisms that have a brain. Stimulus and response takes place at the interface between the external and internal aspect of the microorganism itself—at the membrane. More specifically, the single-called microorganism senses the environment by use of complex molecules that reside on, in, or sticking through their outer membrane. When stimulated by the environment in a particular manner, specific receptors begin a signaling chain that takes place through the membrane and into the cell. Inside the cell, the signaling process determines the response the cell will make to the external stimulus (or stimuli).

Insects, while they do have a “brain,” and have much more complex chains ofninformation flow than a microorganism, have a more distributed nervous system with respect to control than does a human, for instance. Most insects have a rudimentary brain in their head capsule, but most also have bundles of nerves known as ganglia (singular = ganglion) that operate as more or less independent and simplified “brains” that are generally in charge of sensing and/or controlling one aspect of the insect’s body. The vast majority of the “brainwork” of an insect is accepting input from external sensors—various eyes and light sensors; antennae; vibrisi [little sensory bristles]; chemical sensors found around mouthparts, on the feet, or other places around the body; and tympanum [if they posses these “ear-like” membranes], and then responding appropriately to the input. Vision is received and processed predominantly in the small brain inside the head capsule, but the sense of touch may be distributed among various ganglia throughout the body. An insect may “feel” a touch on its hind end and a local ganglion will quickly respond by causing the rearmost legs to move so the insect jumps away from the touch. No thought processing is involved and the brain in the head may be totally unaware of the stimulus/response event until the eyes pick up that the insect is moving through the air.

Neither microorganisms nor insects can “think” as you use the term to describe the cognition and behavior that you do as a human. Your brain is vastly more complex than the brain/ganglia system of an insect, as an insects brain/ganglia system is vastly more complex than a microorganism.

What are LSI Keywords?

What are LSI keywords? Everyone seems to be talking about them…

…and for good reason.

It's the way search engines decide which pages are relevant to a given search query.

In this article I'm going to show you everything you need to know about LSI keywords and how to take advantage of them:

1. What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are keywords semantically related to your main keyword. A lot of people think that LSI keywords are synonyms. But this is incorrect. LSI keywords are simply words that are frequently found together because they share the same context.

For example, 'apple' and 'itunes' are LSI keywords because they share the same context and are frequently found together. But they are not synonyms.

Here are some examples of how LSI works.

Let’s say your page or blog post is about Cars (thanks to Nikolay for this example).

You could be writing about any of the following 5 meanings of ‘Cars’:

  • Cars the vehicle
  • Cars the animated Disney movie
  • CARS, the Canadian Association for Rally Sports
  • CARs, the Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • (The) Cars, the American 1970s music band

How does Google know which meaning of ‘Cars’ is relevant for your page?

Google will be looking for LSI keywords on your page to decide which is the correct meaning:

  • If it finds the words: 'vehicle', 'used', 'new', 'buy', 'sell', 'dealers', 'repair', your page is probably about cars, the vehicle
  • If it finds the words: 'film', 'movie', 'produced by', 'directed and co-written by', 'motion picture', 'Walt Disney', your page is most likely about Cars, the movie
  • If it finds the words: 'association', 'rally', 'sport', 'championship', 'Canadian', your page is probably about CARS, the Canadian Association for Rally Sports
  • If it finds the words: 'aviation', 'regulations', 'administration', 'aerial', 'aerodromes', 'airports', your page is most likely about CARS, the Canadian Aviation Regulations

Here’s another example (thanks to Fedingo Marketing for this one):

Let’s say your page or blog post is about Apple.

How does Google know if you’re referring to the fruit or the company?

It looks for LSI keywords:

  • If your page contains the words: 'baked apples', 'red apple', 'green apple', 'apple nutrition', 'fuji apples', 'honeycrisp apple', 'eating apple', your page is probably about apples, the fruit
  • If your page contains the words: 'itunes', 'apple hulu', 'apple news', 'apple stores', 'apple iphone 5', 'apple new ipad', 'apple stock price', 'discount computers', your page is most likely about apple computers

So why did Google start using LSI keywords?

Good question!

2. Why Does Google Use LSI Keywords?

There was a time when the only measure Google had for relevancy of a page to a given search query was keyword density.

As we all know, keyword density was horribly abused and spammed.

So Google moved away from keyword density and began looking at LSI keywords.

The reasoning was this:

A legitimate page about ‘Apple computers’ will likely contain a host of other words that are related to Apple computers (such as 'apple stores', 'apple iphone 5', 'apple new ipad', 'apple stock price', 'discount computers').

On the other hand, a keyword-stuffed page about ‘Apple computers’ will probably just contain that one keyword.

So LSI keywords provided Google with a way to sort the sheep from the goats.

But there’s another reason Google started using LSI keywords…

Latent Semantic Indexing helps Google to better understand the meaning of a search query and the meaning of a web page.

And that allows Google to improve the match between what people search for and what they find in the search results.

3. Hummingbird and LSI Keywords

In August of 2013 Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm, sometimes called the semantic algorithm.

The Hummingbird algorithm focuses on synonyms and improves Google’s ability to understand the context of a web page.

Hummingbird is particularly interested in searcher intent.

Whereas previous algorithms focused on individual words in a search query, Hummingbird looks at each word within the context of the whole search query.

In other words, the Hummingbird algorithm is trying to understand meaning – it helps Google match user intent with search results.

The Hummingbird algorithm helps Google match user intent with search resultsCLICK TO TWEET

But how does this help me rank higher in the search results?

4. How Can LSI Keywords Improve Your Ranking?

Here are three ways LSI words will improve your SEO:

  • Google is now looking at total context rather than keyword density. This means your page will rank higher for your main keyword because Google better understands the context of your page.
  • Let’s say you’ve reached the limit for keyword density on your page – anymore repetitions of your keyword and you risk a Google penalty. With LSI keywords, you can safely keep adding closely related keywords.
  • LSI keywords are closely related to your main keyword – they're 'keyword variations'. That means your page is going to come up in the search results for your main keyword as well as for those keyword variations.

Source : What Are LSI Keywords – 7 Things You Need To Know

Is it right for a teacher to make a formative a summative?

Is it right? No. Students need to know how a class is going to be run. They need to know how grades are structured. This is especially important because that grade isn't just a message to students or parents about how a student is doing; grades are used as metrics to decide who gets into college.

A better question is as to whether it is allowed. In this case, the answer devolves to whether or not the teacher was explicit about this information. Was it written down? Was it in the course syllabus? The answer is likely “no.”

Your best course of action would be to talk directly to the teacher. Failing that, talk to your parents and get them to advocate on your behalf. If the teacher is unwilling to resolve the problem, you can escalate it to a counselor, then administration, and then the district office.

On the other hand, even one summative assessment shouldn't completely decide your grade. Is it really worth going to all the trouble? Only you can decide.

In a traditional Tamil Brahmin marriage, the daughter sits on the lap of her father while tying the knot. What is the significance of this tradition?

Unlike what others mentioned it has little to do with keeping the bride from running away. Our weddings are long and holding the bride for 5 minutes doesn’t change anything. Again, young wedding were the norm in other cultures too and they were not keeping the bride in their lap. Did they have runaway bride epidemic? We have to get beyond the silly explanations and look for deep cultural and emotional significance underlying that.

In many world cultures, there is a big role for the bride’s father. In European cultures, the father usually leads the bride to the groom. In the past, it was a sign of patriarchy – of passing the responsibility of the lady’s protection to the new man in her life. We don’t need to get Freudian, but daughters develop a deep affection to their fathers and it is an emotional bond they try to recollect in that one special occasion.

The Tamil Brahmin custom of having the daughters sit on the lap of their father is quite related to that emotional bond. It is not merely that the daughters were young [almost everywhere in the world, people married young], but it is one last bonding with their father.

It is a time they can recollect the bond with the most special man in life and then connect with the new special man in life. It is a beautiful, emotional spectacle.

We have many such rituals that makes the wedding a lively spectacle far more fun than a mere legal contract.

And in various cultures this bond between the bride and her father can be teary eyed.

When do we need to have a higher number of hidden units than number of input units and vice versa?

Usually for a given problem the deep-learning network looks like this:

But for visual recognition tasks, you might come across networks like this one:

As a rule of the thumb, a higher number of hidden units (layers) is okay if your input dimension is small (as in not thousands or unbounded), but I would prefer to go with depth to precisely counter the increase in hidden units. According to Universal Approximation Theorem (Universal approximation theorem – Wikipedia), your training loss should decrease if you increase the number of hidden nodes (you should gain accuracy, to any degree you want), to the point that you will be over-fitting. Your network will start “memorizing” the data that you feed it, becoming a big lookup table. You don’t want that. You want your model to generalize well to unseen data, which means it should memorize patterns and distributions and not training data.

So the best approach is that after you tune your deep neural network, do some hyper-parameter tuning, the number of hidden units per layer (breadth) and number of layers (depth) should be some of the hyper-parameters you would want to automatically explore.

What are some Excel shortcuts to audit the financial models?

Following are some Excel 2013 shortcuts for auditing financial models:

Trace immediate precedents: ALT + M + P

Trace immediate dependents: ALT + M + D

Remove tracing arrows: ALT + M + A + A

Evaluate formula: ALT + M + V

Track changes: ALT + R + G

Zoom to selection: ALT + W + G

Go to precedent cells: CTRL + [

Go to dependent cells: CTRL + ]

Go back to original cell: F5 + Enter

“Go to”: F5

We, at invexstar[1], provide complete financial modeling services including building and auditing financial projections, valuation models, M&A models, LBO models etc.


[1] Spreading the power of spreadsheets

What can I do when my friend ignores me?

Hi Navodya, from what you have written, you have treated your friend unfairly. You have ignored her more than once. You are the person who started this unfriendly behavior toward her. She is reacting to your bad behavior and she has had enough of it and is now done with you.

You can try to write a letter, but it sounds like you do not understand what you did wrong. If you cannot explain what you did wrong and apologize to her for your bad behavior, you will make it worse. Your apology must be sincere and humble because it was you who started the trouble in your friendship, not her.

If you are lucky, she will give you another chance. You may have lost her friendship forever because it is unacceptable for a friend to treat another friend like you treated her. You were rude and insensitive, even if you were going through a difficult time. That is no excuse to repeatedly ignore a friend when you see them in public.

In the future, treat all your friends with respect and kindness. You cannot suddenly ignore people that care about you because it suits you. You have to tell people WHY you're not talking to them. Otherwise, you will never have any true or lasting friendships. Write her a letter of sincere apology and hand it to her personally. Best wishes~

What is the function of renal vein (kidney)?

Renal veins carry Deoxygenated blood away from the kidneys. Renal veins separate into two parts as the blood vessel enters the left and right kidney,these veins branch off the inferior vena cava, one of the major blood vessels in the human body. Karma Ayurveda provide Ayurvedic Treatment Renal Kidney Diseases with the use of holistic medicine with no side effects in affordable price.