How should Jennifer Lawrence react to recent events? Will she just ignore it? Will it affect her career? How will she handle this situation?

I think it will have no material impact on her career.  It may very well be causing her enormous personal and emotional distress, though, and I think that's important.

The reason I think it will have no material impact on her career is that she is beloved both as an extremely talented actress but also as someone who comes across as a very normal, real, and funny person.  The most common reaction to the leak is outrage at the leaker and sympathy for her plight.

So, how should she react to it?  First, through a dignified and firm statement released through her publicist.  That's been done.  Second, of course she's going to be asked about it in an interview context – so she should be ready with one of her classic funny lines.

She has nothing to be ashamed of here.

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  1. I disagree with Jimmy Wales. It will have material impact on her career – and a very positive one.

    Regardless of Lawrence' celebrity status, not everyone knew her. For example, I've never heard her name. After the leak, she became much more known and popular.
    Given that her career is directly tied to popularity, she will benefit from it.

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author) explained it well in his book "Antifragile". Some careers are fragile and can be destroyed by PR events, such as politicians or executives. Some careers are antifragile and will benefit from PR events, such as singers, actors, artists.

    So, how should she react to it? Well, the best would be to be open-minded and honest. She should prosecute those who violated her privacy, but she shouldn't try to delete pictures everywhere – in accordance with Streisand effect they would proliferate even more. She should own to them, acknowledge her sexuality and go on with her life. Hopefully she won't get stressed or depressed for too long, and realize that the leak is not the end.

  2. It won't harm her career in the slightest, because her career is built on her talent and determination, and sustained by the love of legions of fans.

    Her public reaction is perfectly pitched. As for her private pain, her friends and family will hopefully bring her comfort.

    Bear in mind that most young actresses are expected by directors to take their clothes off, with the result that an internet search can bring up nude images of many actresses.

    The British politician Glenda Jackson was a brilliant actress before entering politics. She appeared naked in at least one film. This makes her the only member of our Parliament that there are publicly available nude images of (as far as I know, as I've never been tempted to verify that).

    It hasn't harmed her career in acting or politics one bit, and she is widely respected by people of both Left and Right, and her constituents.

    Ms Lawrence will come through this just fine, I predict.

  3. It's entirely up to her, how she chooses to react. She doesn't have to say or do anything. On the other hand, she certainly has the right to be angry.

    I don't think it will hurt her career.

    It's not a scandal that she has a female body, as half of all living humans do (and those of us in the other half have an even weirder-looking one). It's not a scandal that she has pictures of it that, to our knowledge, she may have intended for no one else (or only a significant other) to see. (Or, more to the point, it's none of our business why those pictures existed.) What is offensive and criminal is the violation of her privacy.

  4. When I read about this episode, I thought of something I read some years ago. One of the Gabor sisters, Zsa Zsa or Eva, was starring in a Broadway play. Moments before curtain time, she was on stage but topless, as her dresser adjusted something about her costume.

    A confused stage hand raised the curtain too soon. There stood the actress, in full view of the audience, bare-breasted.

    Completely unfazed, Miss Gabor gave the audience a confident smile and a nod. The audience burst into applause.

    The curtain went back down and was raised a few minutes later, at the proper time. The show went on. The incident was mentioned in the media and then forgotten.

  5. The is no "should" to this. JL may choose her response.  Not that it matters but I think her response is admirable and that this will not harm her career.  The real question for me is what this incident means for the rest of us and our choices. I cringe when the mainstream press, while decrying the incident, still refer to it as a leak rather than a malicious theft.  Leaks are a way of describing the media's legitimate access to otherwise private or confidential material.  This incident definitely demonstrates the dark side of absolutely protecting websites from responsibility for the material that others publish on it.   Whether or not that legal protection is appropriate, I choose to observe that websites who do carry this material or provide access or links to it participate in this shameful incident. Like Eldridge Cleaver observed, "you're either part of the solution or part of the problem."

  6. I think she's lovely, I love seeing her in movies, interviews and whatnot; plus, she's hot! However, I don't think this really "affects" her or any of the other girls, for two major reasons:

    1. Many photos of nude celebrities have been out there even before the Internet was on; and it's not like she or any of the other ladies actually filmed "porn" or even softcore; they were simple private pics/vids that just happened to be leaked. I can't recall any careers destroyed by the appearance of nude pics. *

    2. This "celebgate" is just the newest thing for this week. Last week everything was about the ice bucket challenge (as for me, I almost forgot that existed), and I see that the flooding of those videos has stopped now that there's something else to talk about. Next week: who knows? North Korea's missiles again, journalists' beheadings, Bill Gates dying, another Nicki Minaj butt-video? I hope none of that really happens**, but you get the point. Nowadays these things come and go really quickly. This will pass, too (except for the pics in people's hard drives, which eventually will simply become collector's items).

    Nevertheless, it can be really annoying to know that your supposedly super-safe account on iCloud is not as safe as you thought. If I was her, I would be angry for just that reason, because there could be more sensitive info in your accounts than just some pictures (credit card numbers, passwords, personal letters, etc.).

    * If you think about it, words are far more damaging to a celebrity's career. Talk bad about a director, a producer, an ethnic group, etc., and you have to give many apologies.

    ** Well, to be honest, I do long for another Nicki Minaj butt-video 😛

  7. The simplest answer: if she continues to take photos she would not like made public, either do not use an iPhone or similarly connected camera, or else make sure to disable any functions which upload the photos to a publicly accessible venue, no matter the assurances of security and privacy. This of course extends to any other computer to which the photos are transferred from the camera.

  8. She should drop the mic.

    Take her money and her Oscar and go home. Get out of LA (and New York) and go get a degree. Apply to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, the University of Kentucky or wherever. Pick a challenging non-drama related major, pledge a sorority, the whole bit. Come back in four years if she still has the acting bug.

    (NOTE: I am assuming she successfully fulfills any existing contracts; I'm not suggesting she walk off during the middle of a scene or something). 

    The hacking thing is the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few years the bar on her is incredibly, ridiculously high. What happens when she's in a box office bomb? Don't believe it can happen? Google Serena, which is apparently so bad it won't even be released in the U.S. This year, that'll get swept under the rug by the success of the Hunger Games but sooner or later she's going to bomb and bomb big.  It can happen to anyone but there is so much heat on her if she has one misstep it'll be front page news.
    Also, things will inevitably go wrong with her personal life; some ex-boyfriend will get jealous and bad mouth her in the press; she'll pick up a DUI; she'll wind up in rehab. Maybe non of those things will happen, but history doesn't suggest you can be as famous as she is for very long before things start going awry in a very public way.

    To say nothing of the fact that stories about being drunk, liking junk food and falling down are getting old fast. She's already, IHMO, treading pretty close to becoming a caricature of herself whenever she shows up in public. And it'll only get worse as the points I mention above start to rack up.

    Non of this is because she's a bad actress or a bad person (in fact, she appears to be both a good actress and a good person), but it's just the nature of getting really famous and successful at a very young age. Like I said, she's set the bar for herself incredibly high and it's going to be impossible to get up both the quality and quantity of films she's done since 2012.

    She's completely "won" the Hollywood game. She's beaten the odds with the critics and at the box office. She's got enough money to take care of herself and her whole family forever. So instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop; instead of biding her time until the next hacker, stalker or paparazzi make her life a living hell, she should walk away with her head held high and seek out a non-Hollywood endeavor to conquer. The business will still around in 4 or 5 years and she still won't be 30.

  9. Hire an IT security consultant ?
    The story's not out yet, but people are talking about client-side issues, weak passwords, and a general lack of awareness about how things like iCloud actually work rather than a server-side compromise. So perhaps, along with the bodyguards, personal trainers, live-in chefs and chauffeurs, celebrities need someone to take them by the hand and teach them how not to get burned by their technology.
    (The 2014 movie "Sex Tape" with Cameron Diaz nicely explains the problem)

  10. The recent events would have possibly caused her enormous emotional distress. As for how she should react, that's for her to decide.Its her life!!
    However, this frenzy will just pass. People, will just forget this.
    As for her career, it will, in no way, be negatively impacted.
    There's a french phrase – "Succès de scandale", or "There's no such thing as bad publicity" 😛

  11. Dignified and let it go, I would suggest. She is not the 1st to be hacked or had stuff published about her in this way. Am am sure she will not be the last. As they say in the media. Yesterdays news is history. We only have to  look at big storeys that flare up and hog the lime light for a week or 2 till its milked, then suddenly disappear again just as fast.  A few months from now it will be "what Jennifer Lawrence photo's ".

  12. You know, she didn't leave much to the imagination playing Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past. That character is for all intents and purposes, naked, with blue paint.  (I don't mean that in any kind of negative way.  I  thought she did great in the role)

    She seems to be handling it fine from a career and PR standpoint.  My concern would be how it affects her personally.  I imagine there are a lot of feelings of humiliation, violation, lack of privacy that go along with something like this.

  13. I think she's handling it well. It must be frustrating, though, trying to find all the copyright infringements on the Internet. A copyright attorney compared it to the arcade game, "Whac-a-Mole."  Eliminate one mole and tons of others crop up.

  14. I don't support people's posting other people's pictures on the 'Net without permission, and I haven't seen these pics, but if the concern is that they depict nudity or sexual activity, I wish people would relax and not freak out so much. She has a right to be pissed that someone posted pics of her without permission, but so much of the ferment around this issue seems to be people's underlying sense of shame and embarrassment about the human body and sex. Big deal.

    Re: what effect it'll have on her career–the publicity can only be good for her career. Almost any publicity is "good" publicity for a performer. If it has a titillating aspect, better yet.

  15. It's not gonna affect the way people see her! Lawrence is known for her vibrance and happy-go-lucky this nude pic issue will be behind her sooner than we think it would.. And for three-four days now all i have read about is people's anger towards the hacker so if anything its gonna affect that person and not JLaw..

  16. If I were a celebrity and had kept nude selfies on my mobile phone which subsequently got stolen and published, I would have these concerns:
    1) Limiting the emotional damage to myself (embarrassment);
    2) Limiting long term damage to my reputation.

    To achieve this, I would first and foremost do nothing to keep the story alive, so it blows over as soon as possible. People will soon forget.

    If I were asked about it, such as in an interview, I would acknowledge that taking nude selfies and keeping them on something as easily lost or stolen as a mobile phone was not such a smart move, and leave it at that. That would be the best way to (re)gain respect.

    I wouldn't paint myself as a victim. Even though I would be justified in doing so, I wouldn't want to distract from the message that I take responsibility for my own mistakes (having nude selfies on my mobile). I wouldn't want other people to keep painting me as a victim either, especially when they make this into much more than it really is. We're talking about short term embarrassment here, not sexual assault.

    I appreciate that Jennifer Lawrence didn't set out to publish her pictures and was the victim of theft. However, adults (and that includes women) are expected to take reasonable care to keeps themselves out of trouble, even if the trouble is not their fault. Don't wander into a bad area alone at night. Don't cross a busy road without looking. Don't keep confidential information on your mobile phone if you don't really need it there.

  17. First this will hopefully affect her handling of her phone. Maybe she realizes that technology can be used in wrong ways and no intimate moments should be on your phone.

    She did obviously not choose the way of keeping quiet, what in my opinion made the whole thing even worse. Threatening companies to take the pics offline was the right decision, but she could have done it more in the background.
    The next option the could try is going out and talk about it. A promotional campaign can turn this into good, increase her coverage/range.

  18. Very slowly. She's made it to the top in very little time in a very competitive field (just search IMDb – Movies, TV and Celebrities for actresses that look like her). So many people wanting her to fall. So since this is entirely somebody else's fault, she doesn't have to bring it up. When she comes up with something to say and/or the news has waned, she'll say it.

  19. My answer may appear sexist or even portray me as a sad, vouyeristic person, but according to her public image, she should do one thing:

    Jennifer Lawrence should pose for Playboy.

    The fact is, Playboy is a prestigious erotic magazine, and their photographers are lauded as bringing the art of nudes to perfection. This should be accompanied by her statement, that for all the people, that are so anxious to grab her nudes, should at least have them done right, not be satisfied with her amateurish attempts. While cute on their own, the quality is atrocious and this is not the way she woould like to say in our memories. maybe finishing with: "I don't need this, but apparently, a lot fo you do."

    And she would pull it off. We are all well informed about her shenanigans, from peing in the woods, painting the toilet seats blue with her body paint, talking about various bodily functions (including her voracious appetite) and inadvertedly making an ass of herself – heck, we love her for that. So, we percieve her as an open, devil-may-care person with no problems about her body image.

    Edit 7.2.2015: Apparently, she followed my advice, but with Vanity Fair 😀

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