My Aadhar card has not yet been received. What should I do?

Note normally an aadhaar card is mailed to your registered house address in 10 to 15 days.

In case you havent still received your aadhaar card after 1 month, you will have enroll for aadhaar card again.

First check if your e-aadhaar card is available on the UIDAI website or not.

In case your aadhaar status shows, ‘rejected’, or ‘not found’ or ‘cannot be processed’ then you will have to enroll for the aadhaar card again.

You can contact your nearest aadhaar card center or can just enroll for a new aadhaar card.

To know more about aadhaar go to : Aadhaar card help

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  1. Applicants will have to re-enroll under three conditions:

    • if their status on the e-AADHAAR website says 'rejected'
    • if it shows 'not found'
    • if enrolments were done prior to April 1, 2012 and the status shows 'cannot be processed due to technical reasons'

    You may also contact your nearby AADHAAR card center regarding the same. To contact nearby AADHAAR card center click here: Locate Nearby AADHAAR Card Centers.

  2. Alongwith the aadhar enrollment acknowledgment/receipt in original, visit the Zonal Office of Municipal Administration Department under whose jurisdiction your home address is administered and enquire about your Aadhar card status at the Aadhar enrollment counter. They would provide the reason for rejection of your enrollment and would suggest ways to rectify errors, if any, for further process without you repeating the biometric process.

  3. You can check the status and even download the e-aadhaar card from aadhar website.

    You need to have your Enrollment I'd or Aadhar card number.

    Following details required for download:

    • Enrollment id / Aadhar number
    • Full name
    • Pincode
    • Mobile number

    You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number and after providing that you can download e-aadhaar card.

  4. checked the enrolment being No.0821/88222/695222 28072017 11:30:19 which provided on 28.07.2017 so par we not get ‘Aadhar No. while checked this status we

    shown the following status;

    ‘This enrollment is under manual check and Aadhaar generation may be delayed. Please check again after a few days.’

    Hence pl. see and conclude as early as possoble.


    Thanking you

  5. Check the status of your application.

    If it says ‘in process’ or ‘dispatched’, you will have to wait. Alternatively, you can try downloading it online (E-Aadhaar). This is the link.

    However, it is says ‘Rejected’, ‘Not Found’ or ‘Can’t be processed due to technical reasons’, you will have to apply again.

    In case of any confusion regarding the procedure, there are articles related to it in, etc.

  6. First Track your adhaar from official site. If it says processed & sent ,then visit to post office . If not then download e-adhar which is equivalent to original one. Even i didn't got original from 2013 & using colour copy of e-adhar. Not faced a single problem from LPG connect to Passport to bank account.

  7. It means somehow your enrolment was not completed or your enrolment package has not reached to UIDAI through the operator which enrolled you. Advice for you to go at enrolment center and enroll again, dont worry if you are already enrolled and record has not reached 2nd enrollment will be canceled while checking.

  8. Give a call on Toll free number @ UIDAI i.e 1947.

    You can give a complaint, matter can be sort out easily and speedily against URN alloted by Aadhar customer representative.

  9. Following the suggestion provided by the site response, you may re-enrol yourself at any of the Aadhaar enrolment centres. The new enrolment or the earlier one (if it was inordinately delayed for some reason) will be processed and the other will be rejected.
    In general, wait for a month or so and check the status again and then go for re-enrolment only if it still says that the enrolment has not been received for processing.

  10. If you are getting this message than please check if you have enrolled for Aadhaar Multiple times, see if you are having all the Acknowledgment slip of Aadhaar Card. And check the status of it one by one and if any one status is being showed than download it online by following How to Download E-Aadhaar Card Letter ?

    And if all of them shows rejected message than walk in to the Aadhaar Center and enroll yourself again for Aadhaar Card.

  11. Everybody is only talking about failed enrollment.

    You should first download e aadhar from the website and check the details. If the changed details are present you have to wait at least 3 months for aadhar card to arrive by post.

    If after that you still did not receive the card, call uidai representative (1947 or toll free number given on backside of the card (e aadhar) ) . Only they can provide with correct answer.

  12. First check your adhar status online from adhar website

    from site you will be able tondownload soft copy of your card…

    Go to any adhar centre with soft copy and with in few minutes they will give you coloured hard copy of adhar card and they will charge you only 30Rs for it..

  13. Do one thing first don’t check the status, try to download the card from that portal. If that doesn’t work visit the enrollment center once again tell your issue they will definitely help you out.

  14. This clearly means that your enrolment data has not been uploaded on UIDAI server by the Enrolment Agency. You should go and get the re-enrolled.

  15. in UIDAI website- there is e mail address for help- make a complaint there quoting enrollment number-if they want you re enroll do so

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