What are some examples of your own artwork?

I’m may not be the best artist, but I’d like to believe that I’m among the most adventurous and versatile! Warning: very long, very image heavy post…

To start, I’m a big fan of sketching as a method of observation and thinking process. It is almost a reflex by now.

Sketching the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Sketching the famous Eames House in Los Angeles.

Sketching the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona.

Sketching some diagrams and notes during my visit to a Ruth Asawa exhibit at the Hauser Wirth Schimmel Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s such a fantastic way to get around the ‘no photos allowed!’ rule 😛

Sketching my family at the Getty Center in Los Angeles while they sketch the artwork… haha.

With that said, I’m also very open to all sorts of art. I really mean, all.

This is a simulated image of clutch pencils. I studied the object forms, modelled them in 3D, applied materials, created lighting, and rendered it. This was my first time modelling and rendering digitally – it was really fun! In hindsight, this image isn’t super well done. The material for the silver bits is somewhat off (it should be more rough and textured).

A self-portrait, sculpted out of clay. I keep this in the basement because it’s a little creepy to have your own head on display in your room… but it’s not really any less creepy to walk downstairs in the dark and stumble upon a head, haha. This was a really fun project, and taught me a lot of about the process of carving, forming, joining, and detailing clay. It also taught me to be (mostly) unbiased, but objective in documenting how I look 🙂

This is work-in-progress shot of a pillar at my high school that a group of us painted together. The figure skater depicted is Joannie Rochette, a Canadian who won the bronze during the Olympics 2010.

Two one-minute life drawing sketches, overlaid on each other. I had tried to develop many styles of quick sketches, and this one so far is my favourite.

An ink illustration of a strawberry patch. I was quite detailed with my hatching here.

The reverse here. This was doing with a scratchboard technique, where you use a traditional pen (nib only, no ink) to scrape away from the black film attached to the board. This was difficult as it trained me to think in negative space. This fantastic woman, by the way, is of course Madam Marie Curie.

A hidden image illustration. Look for the two hidden things, and let me know when you find them!

I made a silk painting, and then I framed it in some card stock… and then I realized I had a whole pile of fabrics painted and dyed in different techniques, so I put them in a book! And learned some simple bookbinding along the way. The “recipe” is included, so feel free to try it out 🙂

A storyboard that I wrote and drew did in ink and watercolour. With the help of a few friend I shot this and screened the short feature in class. It was really cold while filming hahaha.

Life drawing of a model, using pencil crayons. Pardon the poor image quality, this is an old photo. I love the way I treated the lighting here, but that left hand and the facial features… terrible!

Oil pastel. I won’t lie, I drew this from an image on a post card. I believe the original was in oil painting, but it was really beautiful and I wanted to capture it in my own way.

Another one, still with oil pastels. At this point I really fell in love with oil pastels and how rich they can be!

Sketch of a hutong, in pencil.

And down an alleyway.

Back to some more ‘weird’ stuff! Haha. I started to experiment with appropriating other artists’ famous works for the purpose of critique. This one is meant to show that despite this woman ‘wearing’ her emotion for all to see, we don’t really know her, and we don’t see her face. She is starting to bare herself, and perhaps turning her head around.

Some process work, in case you are interested in house I start these projects. Here, I compile reference images, composition tests, colour swatches, and a mock up.

This is the remains from a technique called silk screening. You stretch silk over a frame, fix it in place, making a ‘canvas’. Then, you use a masking liquid to paint you design, the positive space, which would have been the green-ish areas in the image. Take care to have nice sharp corners and edges for a beautiful image, and don’t make things too detailed – it will become difficult later! After the masking liquid is dry, use the copper liquid, pour it, and use a card or squeegee to smoothly cover the entire canvas. Once that is dry, you can wash off the masking liquid, and all that’s left will be the copper liquid covering all of the negative spaces! Now, you can use this as a template to ‘print’ many different cards, posters, t-shirts, and so on!

This one was one of the first gradient prints I made.

Drawing the Sydney Opera House at night, at night, haha. Pens and shading markers.

Finished product. Worked in some typography and designs, to suit the style of the opera house.

Drawing my professor on our end of term project so that she will give us bonus marks hahahahahaha. Unfortunately she didn’t give us bonus marks, but did end up using this image as her Facebook profile photos for a long time. I’ll take it!

That’s it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed/learned something/see something you want to try for yourself! There’s are a lot more projects that I haven’t documented yet. Let me know if you want to see some more, I’d be happy to share. Hope this inspires you to try new things! Art is in everything; don’t limit yourself 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity to share my artwork.

    I like to paint with watercolours but prefer the rich finish of an oil painting. So I started with waters and transitioned into oils. Besides the two mediums I also enjoy making computer generated renders for architectural projects.

    • Water colours:

    Eye of the tiger, Its original in a way that I got various sources of cat eyes and fur patterns and came up with this.

    This is an original composition, no title. You can see, as it is composed of different elements, it does not look realistic.

    This place is in Aarey Milk colony, Mumbai. This was painted directly from a picture I clicked which makes it more believable.

    • Oils

    This was my first oil painting. Though its not an original as the subject was taken from a website. The subject pops out by the use of colours. The background has a tinge of turquoise(cool) where as the body shows hints of brown (warm) making it stand out.

    (have made more but don’t have good pictures at the moment)

    • 3D renders (elevation design, 3d modelling and renders)

    Sometimes, very rarely, I get a chance to design elevations and render them too.

  2. I work primarily with charcoal and microtip black pen. These are few of my favourite sketches:

    1. The Merchant of Death
        Inspired from the awesome game series – Darksiders.

    2. Game of Thrones and Sherlock – characters
        I am a huge fan of both Sherlock and Game of Thrones, and I have sketched many characters from these two shows. I am sharing only my best sketches of the characters I have sketched until now here.

    Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

    Sean Bean as Eddard Stark

    Martin Freeman as John Watson

    Other character sketches can be found at:
    Vivek Kannan | Facebook
    Vivek Kannan | Facebook

    3. Afghan Pathan, PEN SKETCH
       The following sketch was directly drawn with black pen.

    4. The Blue Pegasus, Acryls on Canvas
        This is by far my most favourite artwork. Though it wasn't only me behind this wonderful painting. It was a collective effort of the members of Department of Arts&Deco of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, and it was displayed during the national annual cultural fest of the campus Pearl (BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus).

  3. Here's a few I pulled off an old hard drive:

    1 Gal. Chinese Food Box. This is a one gallon sized Chinese food box I made out of Bristol board and a bent clothes hanger. Student work from around 2001.

    Hot Dog Bang-Bang. These are stills from a video in which I cored out hot dogs, inserted firecrackers, and blew them up. From around 2003?.

    A Proposal For a New System of Linear Measures Based on the Length of a BIC Lighter. Proposal for a measurement system with the "BIC" as it's base unit. Maybe around 2004-5.

    A General Inventory of CVS From Memory. I tried to recall all the contents of a CVS Drugstore in an itemized list. Two handwritten volumes. 2007ish.

    Sounds Grown Men Shouldn't Make. Sound installation with headphone stations where gallery goers could hear an assortment of sounds I made (with my mouth). 2009.

    Holy Water/Holy Air. Blessed infrared hand dryer and holy water filled font. (Terrible slide I know). From around 2004ish.

    Hostess Cherry Fruit Pie. Wall painting in acrylic back in my old dining room in DC. Around 2005-6.

    Mike-and-Ike. Another acrylic wall painting I did in my dining room back in DC. The Hostess painting flanked it on the wall to the right (not yet painted when this slide was shot.)

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a Videobook. A book on digital video: me reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull in its entirety. 2008?.

    Febreze Scentstories. Some installation shots of an interactive project where folks could free write in reaction to a Febreze Scentstory of their choice. 2008ish.

    If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now. Programmed solar message center alongside commuter rail line in downtown Baltimore, MD. Part of an art fair. 2005?.

    Wrigley logo paintings w/out text. Some early college painting from around 1999-2000. Oil on plywood.

    EVERYTHING IS FINE. Protest piece in front of White House a weekend after a big demonstration against the looming Iraq invasion. 2003.

    China Pizza Chicken King. Installation shots of gallery to fictive fast food franchise conversion. 2003.

    Envy. Each member of an arts collaborative I was involved in wore an entire bottle of Gucci Envy cologne to an art opening (not our own), reeking of Envy. 2003.

    Below are some random little drawings I have framed in around me and apparently never documented and saved to a hard drive. Here are some poorly lit, iPhone pics I just shot a second ago.

    Mrs. Fearnow's Delicious Brunswick Stew. Goauche and colored pencil on Arches block. This is a tiny little drawing not much bigger than the original can label. Around 2009.

    Mr. Goodbar. Watercolor on Arches block. Maybe around 2008.

    F-22 Testing. Watercolor on Arches block. Around 2007.

    I went through a little digital drawing phase after getting a smartphone and waiting around airports and the like. Here's an example.
    Jumbo slice, 2010.

    Time Management. I tracked all the hours a worked, was in school, and asleep during my 28th yr, using Excel. The spreadsheets were printed out and displayed on the gallery wall. Here is a close up of some of the pie charts by category. 2008. Other was all untracked time which ended up being a surprising large amount (almost exactly half).

    Some random colored pencil sketches from uniform catalogs.

    Intellectual Property. An interactive proposal show where gallery goers could propose ideas for installation/show ideas for a gallery space. These proposals for the space were displayed in the space. 2007.

    Proposal application form, pg 1/4.

    Optional cut-n-fold scale model of the space that applicants could use to create 3D mock-ups of the space. The model formed a folder for the paper application materials.


    Enjoy. An installation in a student show where a mini-fridge resupplied with Coke cans, sanded and polished clean of all Coca-Cola branding was placed on the floor behind a wall painted with only the "Enjoy" of the Coca-Cola logo. Viewers were allowed to take and consume a Coke without having to consume any Coca-Cola marketing. 2000-1ish.

  4. I love to indulge in art as well as crafts. Here are some of my works…

    Greeting card- acrylic paints and quilling

    Portrait of Andrew Scott (as Jim Moriarty). I am a huge fan of his :p

    Fun to write my name – acrylics 

    The gift for my best friend

    This is done on cartridge paper with soft pastels.

    A 2D design made by overlapping zodiac symbols.

    butterfly cover​- soft pastels on cartridge paper

    Water colours

    Oil colours on canvas

    I made this cover for a project on Rajasthan. The paper pieces were first cut,then each of them was stuck with a double sided tape to give the 3D effect.

    Soft pastels

    The still life I made in my class.

    Matchboxes still

    Acrylics on stone


    Tissue paper holder made out of a waste CD.

    The project of Indian tsunami of 2004.

    A greeting card. Each paper piece separately stuck with double sided tape. 

    A birthday wishes holder. ( For my friend)

    Greeting card- quilling and some meticulous white pen work on black sheet

    A get well soon card

    Save trees

    Graphic on trekking

    Cultural fest graphic

    English project on idioms. This opens up by detaching the Velcro under the flower in the middle.

    Greeting card

    Maths project.


  5. I started drawing and painting last year, around the end of November . I haven`t got any training or art lessons. Depression starts knocking at my door and the realities of life started slapping my face. Insomnia and sadness aren’t really a good combination while you are trying to face the burden right in front of you. One night my husband went home with drawing sets and he asked me if I want to learn or maybe just to spend the time with him making fun of ourselves , cause he doesn’t know anything about art either. So we started following some sketches and I was so surprised cause I was able to draw something a bit decent. After few weeks I started experimenting with my paintbrush and different colors. I paint and draw not because I want to but It helps me release my pain, sadness and frustrations in life. My husband kept buying new paint sets, it is his way saying “ Have a good day or You just paint instead of crying your eyes out.” After a year I was able to draw and paint without art lessons but just simply trying to paint what I want in life and how many things, people and situations in my life that I should focus on instead of feeling bad about the world. Art has helped me in many ways. Every time I hold my paintbrush I feel safe, my paintings and drawings might not be that good but It changed my idea about life .Your life isn’t designed by others but by you ! I don’t know if you will like them but I hope my story will help others overcome their burdens , frustrations and sadness by trying to discover the answer right inside of your heart and by trying to listen to people around you who love and care about you than just listening to your heartaches and pain inside.

  6. Usual parties on weekends did not exite me as much as doodles, drawing, crafting or sketching would excite me.

    When I was in school/ college, I practiced mehandi a lot. At that time, as soon as my exams over, I used to put the heena on my hand. And that's how I celebrated my happiness of exams being over.

    I grew up and I got art is somewhat closer me and gives me more happiness.

    Drawing those endless pattern, coloring, crafting, doodling, making greeting cards became like my hobby.

    And I started exploring that more and the result is here


    ArtVilla (@ourartvilla) • Instagram photos and videos

    (check instagram and facebook page, this page belongs to me and my sister.)

    Here the glimpse of my some artwork :

    Durga mata doodle, I drawn for the occasion of dussehra

    My all the time favorite – Krishna

    Ganpati mandala

    Doodle for the occasion of Diwali

    Girl and moon

    Cute puppy

    Scenery zentangle

    Some random doodles

    Mom baby zentangle

    Some of my mehandi art

    Baby sketch

    Disney girl sketch

    Nature shading

    Ganpati Painting

    Minion crafting

    Fish on papercraft

    And there are many more…..

    You can see all my artwork on our page.

    I believe, the earth without art is just eh.

  7. I'm not very good at making capital A Art. But I like doing illustrations and visualising stories.
    Right now I'm trying to work on a project – a series of pics related to the 5th great battle of Beleriand (I've read The Silmarillion 14 times, so it's only logical I'd try something like this one day).
    I've managed only 3 decent pictures so far – but there will be more, I hope.




    And – being a huge wuxia fan – I sometimes try wuxia illustrations as well.
    I'm also one of the few people out there whose favourite characters in Return of Condor Heroes are the Quanzhen taoists. Zhen/Yin in particular. (Recently I've realized I've probably drawn Zhen Zhibing and Zhao Zhijing more than any other wuxia character. With the exception of Hua Manlou – but unfortunately I've been very unsatisfied with all my attempts at Hua Manlou, so far.)

    A rather old one of Ximen Chuixue (I'm more of a Gu Long fan, actually)

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  9. I liked to draw as a kid but lost interest around ten or eleven. A few months ago, after about 15 years, I picked it up again. This was ~ October 2013. I started out with, at best, the skills of my younger self, but with continued practice things are really coming along.

    My favorite so far

    My first sketch, a quick attempt at a female face. Nailed it…

    After some practice with the individual features

    After more practice

    Next I tried to throw in some color (pencils) in a sort of unconventional way – This one might be tied for favorite.

    Along with female faces I really like drawing eyes – first attempt

    With a lot more time and a good tutorial

    After more practice and some graphite/white pastel experimentation

    Also did a dog eye with some color pastel craziness in the fur

    Plus a skull and alien for kicks

    My current work in progress – not much time in but I like it a lot so far

    I plan to go in with colored markers sort of like I did before with pencils, after base shading is done.

    Learning to be more technically proficient has been fun but I've really enjoyed the process of finding my artistic tastes and style. Apparently I like black and grey realism, a bit of unconventional color, along with some gestural lines – something I didn't know about myself three months ago. But, of course, the journey is ongoing. So far my biggest inspiration is David Walker.

  10. I've made better art but here's a small project I recently completed which I'm proud of, as it was made with a team I headed up as CG supervisor consisting of only a few people, in a time frame of a couple of weeks and little pre existing pipeline, and for a very small fraction of the cost of a typical effects heavy commercial.

    The system we built simulates every individual fiber, of every thread, many millions at once… weaving themselves into the final shape. The studio, Royale, then gifted this system to the public, free to use. Very cool.

    There are a lot of issues with it, but it stands out to me as an example of how far a small motivated team can take things, from building an entire pipeline and writing the underlying software for the effects to a finished piece to showing in front of audiences in no time flat. I consider the work 'personal' despite it being a collaboration I could have not achieved singlehanded.

    Most of the stuff on my reel is feature film work which may be far more impressive, but this small team collaboration represents the best result given the most daunting challenges I've yet faced.

  11. Sharing on behalf of my brother Rishabh Sharma (yeah, I managed to find him on Quora :P)

    'Hidden beneath the rainbow of silence'(charcoal & water color)

    Stuck in the moment(Charcoal only work)

    Charcoal & water color

    Independent? (Charcoal only)

    Divine love of shiva & shakti(Charcoal, water color & color pens)

    P.S.: I'll update soon if these paintings are the original ideas or borrowed.

  12. I am a self taught artist and I love drawing since childhood, I love making portraits and birds. Here are few examples of my own art.

    Patrick Adams ( Mike Ross from Suits) – Colored Pencil work

    Stay PAWsome – Colored Pencil work

    Bee- Eater Bird – Photo Ink Watercolors

    Woodpecker – Pencil colors

    Classical dance form on Wall – Acrylic colors

    Colored pencil work

    Pencil Sketches

    If you liked my artwork you can check more on my Facebook page:

    Sunita Varma's Art World

  13. So, a bit of background—I’m mostly self-taught, up until last year. I mostly do digital art on Paint Tool Sai, charcoal, and watercolor—or, at least, those are my favorites, but since I’m in art classes, oftentimes our medium is determined by the assignment. I did all of the below for school.

    Digital project on Sai. You might recognize a bit of this; I used a portion of the sky/top part as my avatar on here.

    Digital project on Photoshop.

    Charcoal onions and garlic. However much I hate drawing onions and garlic, I kinda like this one just because I love charcoal.

    And acrylic mangoes! I do acrylic a lot, too, but it’s not really my favorite, but I do love these mangoes.

    This is totally not an excuse to show off. Nope. Not at all.

    (Note: my signature is indeed on all pictures.)

  14. Sites: Babatola Oguntoyinbo, http://facebook.com/babatola

    Year of the Boatman (2017) | 24″x80″ Acrylic on Wood | View Process Photos

    DECOY: It’s Not What You Think! (2017) | 32″x80″ Acrylic on Wood | View Process Photos

    Assemble Your Crew (2017) | 6.75' x 2' Acrylic on wood | View Process Photos

    Duel: the History of Warfare (2013)
    Process pics slideshow: http://babatola.com/slideshow/?f

    Solar Flare Surfer (2014)
    Process slideshow: http://babatola.com/slideshow/?f

    Drone (2012)
    Process Pics: http://www.babatola.com/process….

    Dually Noted (2010)

    Sine/Cosine (2006)

    At the River's End (2009)

    Numidian Horse – On Foot (2012)

    Icebreaker (September 2014)
    Acrylic on Wood 29"h x 24"w

    The Origami Goose (2016)

    Acrylic on wood. 17"x24"

  15. Well in any case I do not consider myself a pro in drawing but yes drawing has always been my passion and I do have something to share with you all. Hope you all like it.

    I am purely self taught. I am into realism and I like to draw portraits, figures and some stuffs like that.

    1.Charcoal-graphite drawing of David Beckham

    I have been drawing since I was a child but never took drawing seriously.The big move came in January 2016 when I started to challenge my capabilities with pencils. I started a charcoal-graphite portrait of David Beckham.

    Just simple A3 sized drawing sheet with the usual gradation of charcoal and graphite pencils. Unfortunately I did not complete this portrait but yes I did took an inspiration from this effort of mine and started to invest more time in drawing.I am hopeful that I will finish this someday.

    2. Charcoal drawing of Iron Man

    This I would consider as my first big finished thing and this drawing took me months to finish.

    Drawn on A3 sized 130 gsm paper. The charcoal set I used was Cretacolor’s black box( a set of 20).

    3. Graphite drawing of Hulk from Avengers

    This drawing I started inmediately after finishing the Iron Man. I finished this drawing rather quickly than the previous one as I was getting quite familiar with the monochrome medium. Again I used A3 sized 130gsm paper and this time the graphite pencils I used was Staedtler Mars Lumograph(set of 20).

    4.Color pencil portrait of Enma Watson

    Well my preference of medium over the years have usually been graphite and charcoal as I have always loved monochrome and somewhat disliked colors. But recently I started ,actually dared to try some colors. So I have started a color pencil portrait of Emma Watson.

    I started this portrait in December 2016 and I do think that this will take a lot more time to get completed.

    This is drawn on Strathmore 300 series drawing paper and I am using Prismacolor Premier color pencils( set of 132).

    Just one year and I do have my own improvement story. I dont maintain an art portfolio as such but yes I do like to share my artworks on Instagram( which is rather a more easier platform for my works to reach people).Here is the link to my Instagram profile:

    Aman Anupam (@aman_anupam) • Instagram photos and videos

    Hope you all have enjoyed my works. Please feel free to comment and DM your thoughts on my drawings.

    Thanks a lot for your patience!!!

  16. 1. Something using dry colours…

    2. During Teacher's Day celebrations at school (2010)
    a. for the junior school teachers :
    b. for the high school teachers :
    NOTE: Poem written by my friends, so equal credit goes to them :p

    3. During Farewell celebrations at school :

    4. And the last one…
    Technically, it's not only my artwork and belongs to every student of Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls (class of 2012).
    In picture : Kashika Kapoor
    NOTE : Oops! Couldn't find another picture. Well, this was completed. But it was a big failure as its support was too weak. Anyways, this 'artwork' would remain the closest to my heart because it really had me and others on our toes for many days.

    PS- Special thanks to Swadha Banerjee for everything.

  17. Vector Artist and Illustrator here…

    I draw ebony goddesses, which are high in levels of melanin, posing with dignity and righteousness, accompanied by bold and fluid colors and also “being one” with their surreal surroundings (space, nature, etc). My artwork has a strong Afrocentric vibe to it, so in my artwork you will see women rocking afros, dreadlocks, sporting the ankh symbol, adinkra symbols, tribal patterns, the science of melanin, all this with some tints of individualism, as I emphasize on the moral worth of the Black Woman (one of the most attacked, criticized and suppressed group).

    For my works I use Inkscape 0.48

    –ixnivek–Vector Illustration by Kevin Philippe



    Shop – Society6

    Hope you enjoy them!

  18. Thanks for the opportunity. I like vibrant colors and my arts represents my moods most of the time. I hope you like it.

    Check out my YouTube channel Humaira Thasneem for the speed paint of these arts.

    This is ‘Galaxy star girl portrait’ I did, double page spread art.

    This is ‘Mermaid love’ with blue eyes and koi fishes on Lake.

    This is ‘Unicorn girl’ one of my favorites.

    This is ‘Wash away’ portrait of a girl, my last painting from my sketchbook ‘painting emotions’ which I thought is a great ending to my series.

    This is ‘Foxy girl’ or ‘Firefox’ as my nerd husband would say.

    I hope you like it and check out my YouTube channel for the speed paint of these arts.

  19. Vietnamese man (identity unknown), Prismacolor pencil and black acrylic paint on A3 paper. Reference image by Etienne Bossot.

    I'm most proud of this piece.

    I'm a self-taught part-time from Australia, living in Vietnam. I've recently taken up coloured pencils and watercolours, after a lifetime love of art. I'm working to develop my own style through experimenting with techniques and mediums. I'm satisfied with my ability to replicate, but acknowledge I have much to learn.

    You can see more of my work on Instagram and Facebook.

    I'd also like to share my current project – a series of watercolours paintings which will be auctioned to raise money for the conservation and protection of endangered animals. Prices will start at $45 USD but I hope bidders will be encouraged to dig deeper 🙂 Please excuse the mixed quality of he photos, and my thinly veiled attempt at publicity.

    And I'm painting the planets in our solar system (including everyone's favourite dwarf planet, Pluto). So many projects, so little time! These large planetary studies have really helped me to relax on the photorealism and create my own textures.

    If you are reading this, thank you for indulging me and taking the time to look at my work!

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