What is the greatest honor?

The greatest honor in life is the gift of immortality bestowed upon you by the "world". This gift might be in exchange of something as profound as an invention or some idea that you have left for the world. Or it can be something as simple as being a phenomenal parent, or a dutiful child, or a caring spouse, depending on what the word "world" means to you.

Basically if you have done something good in your life for some one that will be forever remembered by him with a smile on his cheek, then consider the greatest honor of life has been bestowed upon you.

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  1. The greatest honor is to be called as a good human being by others. One can be perfect in any role which he is performing by practice and hard work. But to be a good human being one needs to be good at heart and soul, and it can't be practiced it has to be innate and developed gradually. You can't be artificially good and hence it is difficult to put mask of being a good human being. And hence one commands highest honor when he is called as good human being by others.

  2. To Die In Battle? Probably not for everyone

    It's a lot simpler in my view:

    To Do Right, To Those Who Have Done Right By You.

    Fuel the positivity. You receive goodness and you give goodness.

    (When you get better at it, expand your kindness to even strangers)

  3. One of the greatest honors is to receive public recognition (such as the Nobel Prize) from recognized experts in your own field. They understand what you have accomplished and what it took to achieve. Their recognition is worth more than the praise from countless chowderheads who neither know nor appreciate what you do (It's still nice to get recognition from them also however).

  4. My younger sister and I used to be ememies once upon a time but now though we still fight we are something like soul sisters
    She thinks I am her best person in the world
    That I am the most funniest and the most awesome from the people she knows
    I think its an honour to have such a sister <3

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