Why did Google switch so late from Dalvik to ART?

Writing a compiler is no easy task. It took Apple years to the beta  announcement of Swift compiler. And Google has been working on ART 2  years before the first public experiment of ART in 2013. Android needs at least 2 compilers/interpreters to compile from Java code into bytecode, then from bytecode to native code, so those would take a lot of effort if Google write their own compilers right from the beginning. If Android run native code like iOS then things would be much simpler because there were already a lot of compilers available, but that case you can't see any other architectures other than ARM to power your smartphone.

For  the first phase Google still rely on the Java compiler to transform Java code into Java bytecode until now, then they convert from Java bytecode into Dalvik bytecode (dex) by their own tool. Instruction converter is much simpler than a compiler because they just need to convert from an instruction set to another. Google is experimenting the Jack and Jill compiler to compile from Java code directly to Dalvik bytecode, but they're still long from officially used, and of course they must have been developed  internally long time ago.

In the next phase the bytecode will be compiled to native code by the Dalvik VM. First versions of Dalvik VM is just an interpreter, which simply converts each bytecode one-by-one (maybe a little more than that, but that's the idea) without optimizing, so the performance is very bad, but extremely easy to implement. Android 2.2 introduces the use of JIT compiler, which optimizes some commonly used code in runtime. It took more time to develop a JITer because it's more complex.

As JITers must run during program execution, they'll have limited capability due to limit in CPU, memory usage and running time. That's when AoT compiler has its advantage. They compile the program only once and never have to optimize the program again, therefore free some memory and CPU to applications. They have more time to optimize the program, but more optimization means that they'll be much more complex and take a long time to write.

Am I being controlling if I feel like breaking up over how my girlfriend thinks? Why?

Yes, you are being controlling. No, you are not justified to feel that way. None of the things you mention directly affect you. If it was 'away 6 months of the year', that would have an effect on you. The nature of the 'backbreaking' work, the growth opportunities, etc: none of them directly affect you, so you have no right to gripe.

You're saying 'my opinion on what should motivate you at work is the only valid opinion, and I will look down on anyone in a similar situation who thinks differently'. And that's not a good attitude to have.

Finally: if you both thought identically, there would be no point in there being two of you. Respect her opinions and appreciate what she brings to the relationship.

Does StubHub's exclusive relationship with many professional teams constitute an illegal monopoly?

Is is legal for a professional team to decide who can and cannot sell tickets for their home games? I am not a legal scholar, but I would say no. Why? They are selling a non-essential good and that good is a limited right to view an event at a specific place and time. They have also set the price of the goods based on a value they have determined, which by most measures is in line with market pricing for that good.

But lets get specific. Since I am from the SFBay and the San Francisco Giants are playing in the World Series, lets use them for an example to get to the root of what I think you are really asking.

First, StubHub is a ticket resale platform. They facilitate the sale of tickets that were previously acquired by another party. StubHub is the Giants official "fan-to-fan" marketplace. This is a marketing relationship. The San Francisco Giants selected StubHub as the "official" platform for fans to buy and sell tickets among one another. These tickets would not be available for resale if they have not been first purchased from the teams own ticketing platform operated by Tickets.com, or through a season pass program.

Second, despite the marketing relationship with StubHub, secondary market tickets are also available from sellers on a number of other platforms, including TicketNetwork and TicketsNow. I would also note that no team, Giants included, sets the prices on secondary markets, the sellers do and the prices they set are largely based on what a buyer is willing to pay.

Third, its a good thing that the Giants have this marketing relationship with StubHub because, as a general rule, if their fans follow along en mass, it puts a ton of supply in one place. Tons of supply = lower prices. With resold tickets, that's not always the case (they are an unusual commodity). However, I found that the lowest priced ticket is currently $587 on StubHub; the lowest price on TicketNetwork, which is a pretty big competitor was about $750, fees included.

I hope that is helpful.

Would you feel rejected if someone did not want to kiss on the first date?

It is a little bit of a blow. It usually takes a guy quite a bit of working himself up just to take the risk. Especially if he likes you a lot. To me a kiss seems pretty harmless unless you're just not into him. Which you said you are so you may be giving him a little bit of mixed signals. He probably thought you liked him enough to take a chance.

Does listening to music while you work help you to be more productive?

There's plenty of evidence that would suggest that yes – having music on in the background can improve performance.  Whether you're working out in the gym or zoning out and coding – music can create an environment that facilitates your intent.

Music doesn't enter your mind and physically change you – the old idea of the "Mozart Effect" where just listening to the music made you smarter is nice but nonsense.  Music influences your emotions and it is your emotions that affect your performance.

Having said that – studies show that the rhythmic nature of music clearly helps in physical activity – the body likes a pattern to work to and studies have shown that this rhythmicity can make you push yourself harder and longer than if no music was present.

When it comes to more cerebral work, as Chase Smith alludes to – it is a very personal issue.  Studies by Anneli B. Haake show that perhaps the most important factor in whether music enhances performance is whether you have control over it.  Performance of office workers subjected to music that they disliked actually got worse.

When it comes to what music is best, it is all about you and your personal experience.  A lot of people recommend classical music, particularly the baroque composers like Bach & Handel, but they can be a bit opaque for modern tastes.

I personally don't like to have music with lyrics when I'm reading or writing, I find that the words get in the way of my cognition.  For that kind of work I listen to anything from Zoe Keating to Daft Punk, Sigur Rós to Solo Piano – anything that isn't too repetitious and preferably long form.

I think the place to start is to identify what kind of mood you want to be in and then select the music that you associate with that feeling.

How is Xiaomi able to offer such high specifications at an extremely low cost?

Thanks for A2A. first of all i urge you to look at this http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/10/xia…
then coming back to your question Xiaomi operates in economies of scale see how cheap is labor in china then they got the government incentives and more interesting thing that they don't have to spend much on marketing inside their own market people just want to have one because it's a lot cheaper how? less production and operational costs means more chances to offer at lower prices

Should I ever tell her?

Remember one thing ' it's now or never'. However she's just been out of a relationship, you wouldn't wanna be a rebound.Give it sometime and let her know how you feel, if it goes well then GREAT, if it doesn't?  Then atleast you tried.

Who can translate this paragraph into English?

Concerning the matter of your question, having searched our archives for "A meeting of nuclear scientists held on July 21 at the Lake Biwa Hotel", we've found the (document) materials and we'd like to introduce (the materials) to you.  As concerns "A meeting of nuclear scientists held on August 9 at the Lake Biwa Hotel", it's unclear whether the site was the Lake Biwa Hotel, but documents have been found with the gist of such a meeting, so we'd like to introduce (them) to you.  However, concerning any meeting(s) from  July 21 to August 9, the details of the minutes/contents of those meetings are unclear, so we cannot confirm whether any of the discussions or announcements you asked about were held.