How to open a Facebook account without a user ID and password

I am of the opinion you do not understand the term “user name” or “password”.

These are not any kind of legal documents, they are totally random and you “Make it up”. Both of them. You may use a “diminutive” of your given name for a user name and a word, phrase or date you would find easy to remember for a password.

Example: If your given name is Muhammad .. that is three syllables Mu-Ham-mad you could use one or two of those syllables as a “user name” or if any family members or your significant other has a “pet” name for you, you could use that as a “User name”. The “user name” is how you logon to your facebook page.

A suggestion I have found that makes my passwords nearly impossible to crack, is to open a favorite book to a random page and the first 8 letter word I focus on becomes my password with the page number. I keep my “user names” email address and password for EVERY site on which I have an account on 3×5 cards in a card file, that way if my computer doesn’t remember the log in, I have it written down. Making it unnecessary to keep such “trivialities” in my head! Like Albert Einstein once said about his own phone number “Why should I keep it in my head when I can just look it up?”

What is the cost and software requirement to build an instapage clone?

I need more information about your requirement below is my information

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How to sue in a high court for the contempt of a court order

Generally you do not sue in a higher court.. In the US.. if you have a court order that is continuing and not being followed you file a motion in the court that issued the order for contempt so the court can issue additional sanctions to enforce its own order. After all the issuing court is the one that has the most interest in enforcing its own orders.

What is the price for making an app for a logistics booking business?

Hi! Doubless, it’s really hard, if not impossible, to estimate the cost of custom software development by a glance on the customer’s requirements. Each project is unique and requires an individual approach. But, in general, the overall cost of a project depends on the following factors:

– Scope of work for software development

– Key performance indicators (KPIs) for software development

– Software development security and other issues

– QA processes for software development and testing

– Maintainability of software development life cycle

firstly you should decide the main requirements and purpose of the fleet managing system.

For example, fleet management software could reduce paperwork, save fuel using real-time GPS technology and make each trip as efficient and profitable as possible.

It could be integrated with the features that will improve your driver and fleet productivity. For example, our team offers integration with financial systems and interactive mapping. We can integrate Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yandex maps, as well as OpenStreet Map, to make geo-tracking the most convenient for you. Our team has great experience in creating vehicle tracking solutions with up-to-the-minute speed and location updates.

I can show you an example of our work in logistics area. Our customer requested to develop an easy-to-use logistics app that would speed up cargo processing, provide real-time information on freight tracking, remove paperwork and replace bunches of paper documents with electronic data, and finally reduce mistakes caused by invalid/omitted information. Sharing TMS and WMS information in real time should be one of the key features for this supply chain management application.

Our team developed a warehouse and transportation management system for third-party logistics (3PL) companies. More here –…

My History book tells that a modern army is better then a big army, is this true and could you give some examples (also when its not true)?

This is true. Look at Israel. There have been countless wars between Israel and Arab states.

For example, the Six Day War. The Six-Day War also known as the June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was fought between June 5 and 10, 1967 by Israel and the neighbouring states of Egypt , Jordan, and Syria. Israel didn’t have a big army, they had a modern army. And they were able to wrap the war in just six days, even after being attacked by two countries at the same time, at two different locations.

You can read more about it:

Six-Day War – Wikipedia

Why did my ex block me again after 4 months of our break up?

He probably doesn’t have feelings for you, although it’s impossible for anyone including you to know what’s in his heart.

He’s blocking you after you deleted things. You delete, he blocks.

It’s over. It would be good to ignore what he does. There is no meaning.

Is there any positive message or wisdom for common good in JK Rowling's Harry Potter books?

It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

This, to me, is the single most important thing JKR struck upon.

Every day, you can reinvent yourself. You can choose to be better. You don’t have to follow any path laid out for you, because you have a choice. You always have a choice.

Heroes and villains are empty categories, because very few people are so easy to define. The gray area exists precisely because our ability to choose makes us dynamic, complex individuals. Every character in the series is colored in so many shades of gray, as is every person you’ll ever meet. As are you.

Love, too, is a choice. It is an incredibly powerful force, that connection between people, but it is a decision that you make. People will do practically anything for love not because they have to, but because they choose to put someone else before themselves.

And, perhaps most importantly, if you let yourself or someone else down, you don’t have to labor forever beneath that burden. If you make mistakes, make wrong choices, you are not defined by them.

Every day is is brand new, and so are you.