What is the best online games site?

In terms of Best Online games sites, it depends on what kind of content are you looking out for. Is it Casual Flash games that you are looking out for? or is browser based RPG's or are you looking for specialized content?

In my opinion below are some of the best sites in terms of Casual Online Games, in no particular order.
Some really nice addictive flash games in the genres of Romance, Car, Cricket, etc. They also have a different type of content called Naughty/Funny games which are not available anywhere else on the web.

Some of the best collection of games suitable for adults and kids. Quick, casual and snacky games.

Miniclip does not need any introduction or explanation in terms of content. They are king and the first movers in the online flash games business.

-Girlsgogames.com, agame.com, etc. (Spil Group)
The masters of SEO, these sites have some of the best games categorized into different genres according to their sites. A huge collection of sites around the globe featuring games specifically for that region.

Some of the best collection of boys & puzzle games you will ever see.

-Kongregate.com (recently acquired by GameStop)
The best platform to see new games by talented developers because of their developer awards program.

Some of the best Parking, Shooting & Cricket games you can find on the internet.

The kings of online browser based MMORPG's

I think you'll be mesmerized and spend enough time playing games on these portals so I wont mention anymore.

I head the Indian Business Alliances Segment & also lead the analytics part for Games2Win a Top20 Online Casual Games company so maybe the answer could look biased.

What would cause a person's hair to become greasy?

Make sure you apply hair product into hair that will adsorb into hair quickly. Usually hair product that doesn't adsorb into hair that well will weigh hair down and can causes excess oils.

If hair is greasy, you should use a dry shampoo, and resort to hair products with a light amount of oil, shea butter, avocado, etc. Usually if hair is greasy you'd have to wash your hair twice in one session to make sure the shampoo fully lathers into your hair.

What do you think is the ethnic or National origin of the surname 'Nyhan?'

IME, on the telephone, in conversation with native English speakers, it has been mistaken as an Asian name on a number of occasions, particularly when the 'h' is stressed.

In face to face conversation with native English speakers, it has been mistaken as Germanic or Slavic.

My partner is a native Russian speaker and she says it sounds distinctly English, as do almost all non-native English speakers.

Is 3D printing very popular in the United States? Are there any books that teach DIY 3D printing?

Popularity is hard to define. The adoption rate is still very low among the general population, but public awareness that 3D printing exists is high and rising.

There have been several books published about DIY 3D printing (there's even a 3D Printing for Dummies). If I had to recommend one, it would be "Getting Started with RepRap: 3D Printing on Your Desktop" by Josef Prusa. Prusa is well-respected in the DIY 3D printing community, and unlike many authors in the space, he wrote his book about understanding the process rather than about the state of the art. As far as building your own machine, you'll want to stick with the internet – the current plans and best practices for that have been moving much too quickly for books to keep up. Your best resource is going to be the RepRap website and forums, and of course Google. If you want to keep up with the latest news on 3D printing, 3Ders and 3D Printing Industry  are two of the best sites to follow.

Who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Iron Man?

The closest comparison I can think of is, many years ago in a comic, Iron Man went up against Prince Namor, the Submariner. The Submariner's strength level is equivalent to that of Wonder Woman (Namor has battled the Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, and the Fantastic Four to stalemates). In the aforementioned battle, Namor tossed Iron Man around like a rag doll and ripped apart his armor like a sardine can. I picture Wonder Woman doing the same thing to Iron Man. And WW has weapons Namor doesn’t have, namely her indestructible bracelets, tiara, shield and armor (all forged by Hephaestus), and her magical sword and lasso. Her sword alone, which can cut Kryptonians, would slice through Iron Man’s armor like it was made of aluminum foil.

What does heat mean when I rent an apartment?

This depends upon the building. When I moved to MN from the southwest, I assumed this would be good (heat included). I found that the building gets quite warm since it is heated w/a big boiler. Having a basement apartment, this isn't important to me but the tenants on the third floor have to keep their windows open quite often. One tenant can't even have fish because this means that the unit has wide temp sweeps. She is from Florida so if anyone would need the extra heat, it would be her.

You might want to ask the other tenants how it works out, if you are able.

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Who all are doing algorithmic trading in India and how?

It is done by FIIs or HNIs.The fees for this type of trading is around $2500 to $ 3000 per year or Page on more.so it is difficult for an individual investor to afford.

Algorithmic trading – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Please check the above link for details.

What are some stories of people who have benefited from USC's famed alumni network or 'Trojan Family'?

For USC graduates to fully benefit from the famed "Trojan Family Network", they must engage and participate in one of the many USC Alumni Clubs both here in the US and around the world.  There are 19 Alumni clubs in California alone, 25 in the US outside of California and 22 internationally to a total of 66 worldwide.  These numbers only explain the depth of the official USC Alumni Association and not all of the individual schools, departments, athletic support groups, fraternity & sorority, etc. events that go on constantly around you whether you are aware of them or not.

So almost no matter where you end up after your college days at USC, you can easily find and engage with your fellow USC alumni.  “Lifelong and Worldwide” is our official motto.  I have explained to people that once you graduate from USC, then the real fun begins as you are taught to be a Trojan for Life and thus that unique college experience at USC follows through your career and your entire existence. 

Now success has never attacked anyone, so you just don’t finish with a degree at USC and wait for people to call you with special opportunities such as a job or date.  It
is rare but I do know USC Alumni that for no good reason, don’t take advantage of what USC has to offer after graduation and that is simply foolish.

You have to actively be willing to participate and involve yourself with the tons of opportunities and events that literally happen daily here in Southern California and also around the world, just less frequently everywhere else.  Every USC Alumnus has their own personal story about how they apply for a position and found out during the interview process that the owner of that company also went to USC.  I know that I have many of those.  It is also no accident that they at very least got an interview as that is the most common benefit of being a member of the Trojan Family Network.  It is not a guaranteed job offer but at least you are going to get a shot or a second look and that more than we could ever ask for as USC Alumni. 

What is hard to explain clearly is the wall or barrier that almost completely comes down when you know that you are talking to a fellow USC Alumnus.  The first thing I ask is "Where are their season football seats in the Coliseum?" and "Where do you tailgate on campus or at the Coliseum for home games?"

In my own international travels and also being a USC Student aboard in Italy in 1991 and Asia in 2004, I have seen firsthand how the USC Family comes together to interact and support our own members.  I have engaged with other USC Alumni in faraway places as Colombia, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, China and South Korea, and these events were not part of the official USC Alumni clubs.

Some of my other stories of benefits that came to me personally as a direct result of being part of the USC Trojan Family Network:

  1. A USC alumnus gave me the name of his former USC roommate who was an Architect.  I got a summer internship working on the architectural design team for what was then the largest Architecture & Engineering firm in the world at the time called DMJM, now AE.com.
  2. During another Summer I was an intern building inspector for FEMA and during my inspection of the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena, I was not getting much cooperation from the guy showing me around.  That was until I noticed his USC class ring and then the whole conversation changed around and he could not wait to show me everything especially those areas off limits to guests.
  3. I got my first job out of Architecture school working for Walt Disney Imagineering designing parts of Euro-Disneyland in Paris as a direct result of meeting a USC alumnus that worked there, when I helped him jump his car with a dead battery.
  4. When I was trying to make my transition from an Architect to work in the Real Estate Development field, my first huge break came as a result of meeting a woman who husband was a Trojan and that lead to my successful career change.
  5. I was trying to put a deal together with a broker in Colorado who happened to a member of the Trojan Family.  I had only talked to this guy over the phone for a few weeks but he explains that he was coming to back to LA for a visit and to attend a fundraiser and would I live to go with him?  The event was at the Playboy mansion.  Fun, fun night.
  6. I was at a USC Sports support group dinner in Orange County and we were closing the event out when I started to chat up the guest speaker, a USC Football legend named Craig Fertig.  He asked me since I used to work for Disney, if I had ever been to their secret Club 33 at Disneyland?  I explained that I had not and then he arranged to let me use his passes.
  7. My then girlfriend and I were looking to rent an apartment right at the beach in Playa del Rey while I was in the middle of graduate school at USC.  The landlord’s son was just about to graduate from USC also.  We got the apartment and a great deal on the rent and stay at the building for almost a decade with a great ocean view.
  8. I recall being at a bar in Newport Beach next to the marina in Orange County and I randomly met these other Trojans and within an hour, I am on their very nice and fairly large boat putting around the marina with a cocktail in my hand.
  9. One of my closest USC friends happens to be a commercial pilot for a major airline, so not only did I get a free ticket and all of the booze and snacks I wanted for a trip to NYC to watch the Trojans play football but he was the actual pilot flying that plane.
  10. I could never count how many meals and cocktail hours were comped by some other USC guy when he found out that I was a Trojan also.

So yes, USC Trojan Family membership does have its privileges.  I know I have more stories but I will go with these for now…