Who is the most overrated Indian actor?

When was the list time you saw a good Salman Khan movie?

His last five movies are

  • Ek Tha Tiger, grossed 199cr.
  • Bodyguard, grossed 148cr
  • Dabangg, grossed 144cr
  • Ready, grossed 123cr
  • Wanted, grossed 95cr

Total= 709 Crores.

709 Effing crores? What is the industry smoking? Not ONE of those movies are worth a dime, and the only thing worse than his movie selection is his acting.

It's saddens me to see someone like Salman Khan get the sort of attention that he does, based on movies which just insult our intelligence. Neither he nor his movies, are frankly worth anyone's time. If only people would seek out alternatives, instead of consuming this utter garbage that he's been churning out year after year.

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  1. Varun Dhawan

    “At the launch of his movie Varun Dhawan was asked about the plot of the film.And this is what he had to say, "Have you seen Inception? Understood it? Liked it? Then you will like Dilwale. There is lot to our film. There is a plot, story and is logical and is a full on 2015 film which has lot of twists and turns." Okay then!”

    Now a actor who doesn't know the difference between the types or genre of films that he can compare two films one a brilliant serious sci fi and other a illogical comic genre with baseless plots and twist . I don’t have to say anymore how unworthy that actor might be to work in a industry where many talented actors don’t get to see a one minute role because they don’t relate to some big name in Bollywood .

    Edit 1: To all the people commenting that my answer proves he is dumb but he is still a good actor you all should know that if you are in a profession you should know atleast basic of that. Comparing his movie to inception was a rookie mistake you should know how are films divided into genres.. and people talking about badlapur yes it was a good movie because of nawazuddin , talking about varun he gave same expression in the whole movie and to all his fans please see dilwale, mai tera hero and student of the year to see how talented he is ….

  2. There are a lot of names in this list which just keeps on lengthening because with each passing day, a lot of nonsense actors enter Bollywood than useful and talented ones like Irrfan Khan,Nawazuddin Siddique , Kay Kay Menon , Rajkumar Rao , R. Madhavan or many more. These guys make us feel the very realm of acting but very few people praise them for their priceless roles and their hard work. This is the biggest difference between Hollywood & Bollywood and why B is not even able to parallel H. Everybody is just busy wasting money on worthless and entirely crap movies and their actors and these include:

    1.) Salman Khan:

    He happens to be the Bhai in Bollywood but the one without any feelings and,no doubt,is one of the worst actors ever. God knows how this man would've come into Bollywood if it were not because of his father. There is not a single movie where this man performed well ignoring a few. And he happens to be followed by so much people on social networking sites and all others. I think that whoever is a fan of this guy doesn’t even understand the meaning of acting. Stardom doesn’t mean a man is good actor or a person rather it just hides the wrong deeds. People seem to forget this man’s evil face so easily.Whatever money this guy earns seems to be a waste.His movies like PRDP, Ready have to be among the worst movies in Bollywood.

    2.) Varun Dhawan:

    This is the actor who appears to be full of talent but its just his habit of over- exhibition which kills his act every time. In each of his films, you can easily spot this man’s over-acting even when it isn’t necessary. Needless to say, It was a sin to compare Dilwale to Inception , 2 totally opposite movies, while one was masterclass of acting by Leo the other was just shit. If an actor doesn’t know which movies to compare between, one should take his existence in this field into serious consideration.

    3.) Arjun Kapoor:

    The platform was already set for this dude to enter Bollywood with such a wide range of links in his family but it seems he was made for something else. Acting is simply not his are of interest. Struggle was almost out of his dictionary with such a set-up. Even a person who is watching his movie may even consider him to be inferior as compared to him, just imagine how terrible his performance was- a great example is GUNDAY.

    4.) Ram Charan Teja:

    An exact mirror image of Bachchan jr. A man who is just opposite of his father Chiranjeevi. He can do an entire film with the same expression . I don’t think any other person in India could do that. Its just that he is not interested here. Even his cousin Allu Arjun does the job a lot better.

    When we come towards the actresses, no doubt, the winner is

    1.) Sonam Kapoor:

    One has to cry after seeing this woman’s movies because of the crap he just saw. Entirely horrible is the only way to explain her. I think words ain’t been invented yet to describe how bad this girl acts. I seem to have a headache every time I see her. I would rather switch off the TV than watch her movie.

    2.) Katrina Kaif:

    She is no less than Sonam except the fact that she is a lot more beautiful and has a great figure than her but that doesn’t account for her acting. I seriously think this girl should be used only as a body double for CRYING ROLES and nothing else. Even after living so many years in India, she couldn’t learn Hindi- just imagine how dull she is. Even a Donkey would be a fast learner than her.

    3.) Sonakshi Sinha:

    She is the only existing BULL in the entire Bollywood perhaps. She is okay if you offer her the roles of SASU-MA or all those old-aged roles but not HEROINE, not even in my dream because the immediate next moment I would die of cardiac arrest. Even PC Jewellers would be regretting why did they sign contract with her when the entire Bollywood was there.

    EDIT 1: Thanks folks for such an amazing feedback, a century of upvotes , Woah!!!!

  3. There is absolutely no doubt that Salman Khan is the most overrated Indian actor. In fact, this is an understatement. Most of his movies are just absolute crap and lousy bull-shit. They are just an action-packed motion of his idiosyncrasies and over-the-top action with out-of-the-world dialogues and bizarre dance-steps, which only his crazy die-hard fans can ever enjoy & digest, let alone appreciate.

    SK’s stunts are nothing but crazy circus chores. His constant shedding of his shirt and baring his body is a macho symbolism of a fading and aging star. His facial profile has undergone all combos of cosmetic changes – nose, hair, teeth, chin, etc, to keep his ever-green image from sagging. His awful constipated emotions & hopeless hamming simply sucks. Even his silly comic acts of ‘farting’ is music to his fans' ears. His vulgar gyrating of torso and hip thrusts draws shrill whistles and cat calls – all signs of a star whose best days are long over – but surviving on the hype of Sallu Bhai !

    Salman Khan has only grown old, but never grown up as an actor or as a man. But with his fanatic fan following and box-office show, he can afford to care a damn !

    PS: Awaiting tons of down-votes by the ‘Sallu Bhai Army’ & collapsing of my answer.

    Thanks for the A2A.

  4. None other than Salman Khan.

    Believe me, I can prove that.

    Reasons why he is not a good actor:

    1. He needs several elementary acting lessons. (remember the pause in his dialogs in Dabang and many other movies.)

    2. He and few other like him are raping bollywood by making movies like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. All he does is cashing his identity of a macho man named Prem who is so well cultured. Whereas we all know what kind of human being he is in real life.

    3. When Indian cinema is going through a phase of transition, he is busy making senseless masala movies which have no connection with reality.

    4. All he cares about making a movie with an item song, few senseless action scenes, an actress 20 yrs younger than him. And then earning another 200 crores to make another similer stupid movie.

    5. When bollywood tries to stand up on its feet by making few sensible movies Masaan, Titli, Raman Raghav and likes, he again releases a stupid movie and makes all these movies look like ants because all that attracts people is the box office collection.

    Reaons why he is not a good human being:

    1. Everyone knows who drove the car that night. He never accepted that. Instead he has been able to shake it off.

    2. Everyone knows who killed buck. He is facing charges.

    3. Everyone knows his temper (stories about Aishwarya and Vivek aren't just stories).

    4. He does all that being human nautanki just to hide his sins and to fake what he actually is.

    5. People in bollywood don't respect him, they hate him but are scared because they know that he has connections.

    I know how and why his movies earn this much and the biggest reason is the audience. Our audience is still the same old emotional fool who love living in utopia while world is changing fast. We have this very bad tendency of forgetting things and forgiving sins of people just to give them another chance to do the same thing over and over again.

  5. Rajinikanth…

    I know am gonna get a lot of negative comments for this post. But its true he is really overrated.

    He is the most overrated Indian actor than anyone else.

    He is a good actor, i agree with that. His style is very good. But not as good as Kamal , Sathyaraj and Mammootty. He is 65 years old and still he acts only as hero, Not even in a dad role.

    Rajini never did a role like this…

    or like this

    Am born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, All my people use to say that he is the best guy in the society. But i really don't know what he has done to this people. Some of his movies are also overrated. Anbe shivam is the best movie in Tamil and Kamal is the best actor but he is not treated as like Rajini by tamil people.

  6. This answer is extremely simple.
    The answer is :…………..every popular Bollywood actor!!!!!!!

    Of course I don't mean every popular actor. I mean just most actors who are largely popular. This list is just a sample of overrated actors in Bollywood.

    1.)Arjun Kapoor
    he is horrible in acting. He can't even stay in character for 1 minute. He is a disgrace to all the movies he had acted in. The personification of waste in film. He is being pushed only because his family. He is absolutely expressionless and talentless.

    2.) Alia Bhatt
    She is the worst actress of all time. She can't stay in character even if her life depended on it. If she has to play a struggling woman in a role, she acts like a spoilt daughter of a rich man. Like Arjun Kapoor, she is constantly pushed into our throats by A-star directors.

    3.) Varun Dhawan
    His acting is more rediculuos than his impersonation of the rock. People consider him to be multi talented, but he is just good at dancing. Every thing has to be spoon fed to him. He acts like a stupid dumbass even if his role is different from one. Convincing him to act is like telling a baby run a mile.

    4.) John Abraham
    This guy is a hunk. He has a good body but seriously lacks in acting skills. Watching John Abraham in a movie is basically wasting a couple of hours of your life. The guy's Hindi skills are extremely poor. He is just a model not an actor.

    This guy's movies are just painful to watch. He plays some random roles which I don't even understand. He was also pushed because his father was the greatest actor of all time. He can't play a role seriously.

    Even God won't be able to teach her Hindi. When will she stop playing a role of a forgeiner. Can she get over herself for one day. She is a great example of how Indian directors sometimes prefer beauty over talent.

    This guy pisses me of. Just like the rest of the mentioned actors ,when can he stay in character for once in his life. He has had some prior expirience in acting school, but still lacks in basic acting ability. This guy never speaks in a movie but stands like a total idiot.

    These following examples show how much Bollywood pushes pretty looking celebrities with acting backgrounds instead of people like Kunal Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, sharman Joshi, krk, madhavan, etc.
    As I said this is just a sample not the full list.

  7. Please read the full answer 🙂

    As soon as I saw this question first name that came to my mind is Bhaijaan

    Salman Khan

    Yeah this muscular man. He has the most blind fan following anyone can ever have.

    His movies work at box office because:

    1. He has Huge fan following
    2. Chartbuster songs, item song
    3. 6 pack abs

    But I can barely see some good acting by him these days.
    So as an Actor he is most overrated.

    Edit 1:
    The question doesn't demand for this, but I want to add something to this answer.

    I want to add one of the most UNDERRATED actor (According to me).

    I'm talking about Sunil Grover. Yeah that GUTTHI from Comedy Nights with Kapil And Dr. Mashoor Gulati from The Kapil Sharma Show.

    He's one of the best comedian in our country right now. And I think he's even better than Kapil Sharma. Yeah, I mean it.

    Give him any role and he'll perform it whole heartedly. Be it a common woman, bhojpuri bhabhi, a naughty student or a doctor. He suits best with everything.

    ​His comedy timing is just amazing. But don't know why people don't appreciate him. Somewhere because of Kapil's stardom, He goes unseen.

    I hope for his great future ahead.:))

    Image courtesy: Twitter

    Edit 2:

    Many people here are saying that SUNIL GROVER's show was flop so he can not be compared with Kapil Sharma.

    Let us try to understand why the show MAD IN INDIA (Sunil Grover's show) went unnoticed .

    By the time MAD In India was on AIR, Comedy Nights with Kapil(=CNWK) was well established and Gutthi (character played by Grover in CNWK) was not very popular because all the lime light was on Bittu Sharma (character played by Kapil).

    And one can't deny the fact that Kapil Sharma is an exceptional host. But when it comes to newly started MAD in INDIA , it was hosted by Manish Paul, who is equally good host . But those days even he was involved in some flop movies and shows, which decreased his case. Hence even the host was not accepted by the audience.

    And even channel plays an important role. Star plus is not known for giving Comedy platform.

    ANd not to forget that he was called again by Kapil on CNWK after his show went flop. This shows his importance.

  8. Aamir Khan is a perfectionist and takes great pride in doing good work is well known. But today, we will take a look at Mr. Perfectionist’s worst films of all times.

    Mela (2000)

    All everybody wants to know, why he did this film? The film is indeed a ‘fair’ of confusion, bad writing, excessive hamming, and what not? People had apparently stopped going to real melas after watching this film.

    Love Love Love (1989)

    It was such a melodrama that no one showed any love to it.

    Isi Ka Naam Zindagi (1992)

    This film was set during British era and current times, with only one problem. The film had no story.


    9 Worst Films Of Aamir Khan, The Films That Can Cause Serious Brain Damage

    84 Silly Mistakes In Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’ In Under 8 Minutes!

    Aamir Khan’s Tough Two Years Training For ‘PK’

    5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Did Not Even Make It To 11th Standard

  9. Katrina Kaif: This lady here….She can be the best actress if only her beauty can guarantee her acting Skills.

    Some of the strange awards she has won among other common awards in movies,

    Best On-Screen Jodi (SHared with SRK)

    Most Entertaining Dancer

    Style Diva of the Year

    Entertainer of the Year

    Style Icon of the Year

    Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance (genre specific award)

    Sabsey Favourite Heroine

    The Most Stylist Actress

    not only her mistake, there are some really strange awards in India.

  10. John ‘Hulk’ Abraham

    Girls would hate my answer, for sure. Afterall, John is one of the few actors in bollywood who sizzle on the screen and off it. From the long locks in Dhoom, to the Hulk sized body in Dishoom, he has certainly come a long way. 'The sexiest man alive' according to People's magazine. A football enthusiast. So why do I feel he is overrated?

    Well, the harsh truth is the question – overrated actor, and not overrated celebrity-model. From Dhoom to Dishoom, he has come a long way in bollywood. Only if you count the number of years as a long way. Well, altering the length of your hair is not a 'long way' in the film industry. Putting all your efforts in the gym (I'm not even talking about steroids) and trying to look chiseled. Is that all an actor needs to do to stay in the industry for more than a decade? Probably yes, because we (the audience) have created a demand for such action figures.

    A cursory glance at his filmography – Dhoom, Karam , Zinda, Kabul Express, No Smoking (standing ovation!), Force, Race 2, Shootout at Wadala, Madras Cafe, Rocky Handsome, Dishoom. No, I'm not saying these movies are bad. Some of them are quite good actually. But, the bulk of his films have been action oriented (which isn't a bad thing). What is bad, is his same expressionless/straight/wooden face for all types of scenes in all his movies. No wonder Kareena Kapoor spoke this on Koffee with Karan.

    Not all actors can dance, but they try to give their best shot atleast. Take for example, Saif Ali Khan who is not one of the best dancers in the industry. In Race 2, Saif looks energetic in the songs, whereas John can barely move his body. This is just one of the many reasons I feel that JA doesn't even try to move out of his comfort zone i.e. doing nothing.

    If you search John Abraham movie stills on Google, all you get is a monster holding a gun with an expression as if he's shooting a wall. Come on, you need to show emotions even while killing someone! Remember Sanjay Dutt from Vaastav holding a gun? Damn!!

    However, not everything is wrong with this guy. He looks best in multistarrers for instance Dostana, Desi Boyz, New York (and Race 2, Housefull 2 upto some extent). But for solo movies, he's better off producing them, rather than acting (read starring) in them.

    And did I talk about him being a football enthusiast? Well, 'Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal' is how you destroy the power of cinema. One of the many reasons why football in India never really takes off.

  11. 1. Salman Khan –

    No acting. Does nnonsense movies most of the times and still his movies do well at box office because huge and fixed fan base . No matter how bad his film is his fans will watch that film in theatres, some watch more than once. And media made him legend for no reason.

    2. Shahrukh Khan –

    Overacting. I used be his fan . But after some back to back hits , success went in his head and media made him King of Bollywood for no reason . And today he thinks whatever he do in his movies, people will watch and appreciate (happens as he too has big fan following ) . Today he does nonsense movies and considers himself King of Bollywood. To name a few flops from last some years –

    1. Ra.one,
    2. Fan,
    3. Happy New Year,
    4. Jab Tak He Jaan,
    5. My name is Khan
    6. Dilwale
    7. Chennai express.

    Also nowadays he is behaving cheap and arrogant and egoistic .

  12. Originally Answered for Who is the most overrated Indian celebrity?

    Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan –

    These two so called ‘Actors’ of Bollywood, born to elite Bollywood Director-Producers Families. Varun Dhawan used the resources and money of his father very well and went to US to study and Arjun Kapoor couldn’t pass his school exams otherwise he would have also used his father’s money very well to get a US degree. Though Arjun Kapoor didn’t wait for the result of his school exams but Indian Cine lovers eagerly wait for his film where he plays IIM Student. I don’t say that if an actor (Or any celebrity) can’t pass school exams, he/she can’t perform well but the choice of the films of these guys shows there maturity. I am not against Star Kids as well. There are other actor/actress like Ranvir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor etc. and their parents do not involve in the film in terms of Production or Direction but for these two guys their parents or brothers keep making films, just to keep them in the limelight. Main Tera Hero, Tevar, Dishoom etc. are made by their family members. Even the name of these film are as funny as their gesture in this picture.

    Many of their movies are of baseless stories, they contain nothing but their overacting, dance steps and some stupid action scenes.

    Read My other Travel and Cinema related writings on Quora Blog Roadnama.

  13. I know many of his fans would feel offended, still I am risking putting up this answer.

    Mr. Salman Khan. I believe he is the most overrated actor in the country currently. The over-confidence reflects from his attitude and acting or the way he portrays himself onscreen. He just doesn’t seem convincing as an actor, and convincing power is the only thing an actor needs to have. He might have been a good actor back in 90’s but now in 2016, I am really disappointed that his movies and acting abilities are praised at the box-office tremendously. Like 200 C r+ profits and business in India. Woah! This is such an irony in a country like ours.

    But seriously, the dialogues, the dance moves, the songs, the screen play given to Mr. Khan is already such that it doesn’t require much of his effort, then too he ruins the essence of it.

    I am just not against masala Indian movies, but genuinely movies without any sort of logic or science is an over do for me. Mr. Khan is a part of such movies, ruining them too.

  14. You know what.. The question is wrong. All Indian actors are overrated. The right question would be, who's the most underrated Indian actor.

    Anyways, to answer your question. I'd pick Rajnikanth. This dude has no acting credentials whatsoever, just style and some tricks.

  15. Sorry if someone going to hurt from my words.

    How do i forgot our mega star Badass…. sorry BADSHAH


    Sometime after seeing this pose i like to vomit.

    On what basis he selected script.if you follow his movies all have same drama. Since he is mega star all movies revolve around his character.

    Being youth icon,he is not able to quit smoking openly.

    Sorry to say even saas bahu daily soap create unexpected better angle in story than his movies. The person so proud about his publicity that he not able consume failing of Ra one.

    Another choreographer turn director turn actor

    Farah khan

    I swear….Made for each other

    This lady done really great work with him. They both have socially assault audience.

    I am not here to judge but his movies never made any impact on society.

  16. I am really shocked why no one mentioned RANVEER SINGH. It is just Bhansali and Deepika Padukone who have acted as his backbone and is accelerating his career.He is comparable to Varun Dhawan in Overacting. People will say that in Bajirao he showed what acting is.I dont think so.People even said that Varun Dhawan was watchable in Badlapur. People say all kinds of things. He is a much hyped actor who gains much of his publicity through his Unique hairstyles and old age mustaches and yeah his No-holds-barred attitude.But that doesn’t make him a good actor.

  17. SALMAN KHAN- He doesn’t know about acting and dancing. He has a great fan following who helps his movies to achieve that landmarks – “100 cr club”

    KATRINA KAIF – She is the worst actress in bollywood. She is hot looking and a great dancer which gives her big budget movies.

  18. Salman Khan by all means. Among actresses, Katrina Kaif. They are lazy people who got in on NO TALENT at all. They don't even work in the direction of improving themselves.

  19. For me, it's the tamil actor.. no…wait.. the tamil HERO Vijay or fondly called thalapathy by his fans.


    1. Apart from a few good performances in the 90s and a couple under AR Murugadoss, there's nothing much to speak about his acting skills.
    2. He is a good dancer, but what's the point of dancing and having your Facebook page named ACTOR VIJAY.? Rather change it to DANCER VIJAY.
    3. Terrible script selection – apart from the aforementioned instances, there's nothing really much to talk about.
    4. Remakes – not that remaking is a crime, but remake it to be notch ahead of the original(Papanasam for instance) . More importantly Vijay rose to superstardom after the success of GHILLI, a remake of Mahesh Babu's OKKADU and further elevated his stardom with POKKIRI, again a remake of Mahesh Babu's POKIRI. So he didn't have much to think as he chose to remake blockbusters.
    5. Using cinema as a medium for political ambitions :Most of his recent flicks are noticeably the building blocks of his much hyped political entry. He may go up to great extents to peddle lies or might just end up creating non existent news to just catch the attention of the ordinary chap.
    6. His immature fans – Almost all of the online fans of him and his rival actor Ajith Kumar are highly immature and silly people who call an ant an elephant. What's worse is that they indulge in some unhealthy abuses against each other and may end up physically harming each other. Since Vijay is aiming at an entry into politics, Vijay fans are online blowing up bubbles out of nowhere.

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