How important is this gas deal that Russia and China has signed worth $400 billion for China or Russia?

The deal demonstrates, yet again, to the world, that Obama Talks… and Putin Acts.

Russia just neutered any attempts by the West to leverage its vulnerability to energy pricing — by adding a huge new customer, China.

So kiss off Crimea, Ukraine, and anything else Vlad wants to annex.

President Obama's (and then-Sec. of State Clinton's) reset with Russia, and "pivot" to Asia, have been massive failures. 

Putin has eaten Obama alive, again and again, militarily and diplomatically.

Now, we see:
+ An Asia with a Russia-China energy axis
+ America evacuating the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Asia
+ Iranian sponsored terrorism on the march
+ Al Qaeda ascendant again (killing our ambassador, storming our embassy)
Bang-up job, Mr. President.
And Syria?  Assad used chemical weapons, and actually GAINED more power there.


While America's Dear Leader takes selfies at Mandela's funeral, hops from scandal to scandal (IRS, Benghazi, V.A, Fast and Furious, Obamacare rollout…), and holds "beer summits," Vladimir Putin has taken territory, re-militarized, expanded Russia's power, and dramatically built a power axis (Russia-China) to rival the West. 

One might say, geo-politicaly speaking, Mr. Putin has been a better "community organizer" than Mr. Obama.

The gas deal he just cut with China is just the latest example of his global humiliation of America and its president.

I'm going to incorporate my current business, and exchange software I've been developing for years for stock. If I sell some of that stock in a couple months, will that qualify for long term capital gains rates, or do I have to wait a full year after incorporating?

I'm not a lawyer.  But as I understand it, the clock starts from when you get the stock, assuming you file a Section 83(b) election with the IRS within 30 days of receiving your stock.  So it would be short-term capital gains if you sold your stock in less than a year.

How bad could it be if I packed a bag of grits in the luggage when traveling by plane?

Oh please !!! The only thing wrong with carrying grits on is they may get a hole in the bag and get all over your clothes. Btw I love grits! You don't know what you're missing! Cheese grits with sausage! Shrimp and grits! Rainbow trout and grits. And grits, eggs and country ham!!  I know what it's like to miss them . I lived in. NYC for 8 yrs! I couldn't wait to get grits and country ham!! I had to drive to Virginia to find some!

What are some examples of smart technology?

Smart is the trendy word today. Smart Technology, Smart Home or even Smart City.

If you look at todays “SMART” solutions, they all have something in common:

  • Automation
  • Sensors (re-active to environment or human actions)
  • AI (in some cases)

I see smart technology as equipment that is improving human lifestyle by un-noticely automating or performing tasks.

How to install R-3.0.2 on Windows 7

To install use ‘R-3.0.2-win.exe’. Just double-click on the icon and follow the instructions. If you have an account with Administrator privileges you will be able to install R in the Program Files area and to set all the optional registry entries; otherwise you will only be able to install R in your own file area. You may need to confirm that you want to proceed with installing a program from an `unknown' or `unidentified' publisher.
After installation you should choose a working directory for R. You will have a shortcut to Rgui.exe on your desktop and/or somewhere on the Start menu file tree, and perhaps also in the Quick Launch part of the taskbar (Vista and earlier). Right-click each shortcut, select Properties… and change the `Start in' field to your working directory.
On some systems you will have two shortcuts, one for 32-bit with a label starting R i386 and one for 64-bit starting R x64 (see Should I run 32-bit or 64-bit R?)
You may also want to add command-line arguments at the end of the Target field (after any final double quote, and separated by a space), for example –sdi –max-mem-size=1G. You can also set environment variables at the end of the Target field, for example R_LIBS=p:/myRlib, and if you want to ensure that menus and messages are in (American) English, LANGUAGE=en.
It is also possible to install from an MSI file, which will be of interest only for system administrators. For how to build the MSI file, see the `R Installation and Administration Manual'.

What are some 'must try' drinks?

Ginger shandies.

3 bottles chilled hoegaarden beer
1 bottle ginger beer
1 thinly sliced lemon
Mint sprigs

Combine the beer in a pitcher with a strainer lid, with 3/4 of the lemon slices and mint.

Serve on the rocks with a sprig of mint and lemon slice in each glass

Try them at your next summer BBQ

Moving to NYC for the first time from San Francisco – Is it possible to find a studio or private 1-bedroom apartment under $2000 south of Central Park?

You most likely have to use a broker, unless you have lots of free time and knowledge of NYC. And no your own place under $2000 in that area is unlikely.  It exists, but like winning the lottery (the nice ones anyways), so unlikely especially for someone who doesn't live there. If you already live there and can casually look for months you can turn up good places. Everywhere is safe, get ready to look at lots and lots of very pricey crappy apartments, keep at it and don't give up hope.  Ask for help if you have friends, use a broker, good ones do exist. If you have to move right away I would recommend finding somewhere temporary so you have time to get acquainted and not feel pressured before you sign a lease.   You will also need some verification of employment, tax records, showing that you make 40X one months rent, and be ready to write a check for 3 months rent to secure your spot (so carry these around if you go looking basically), plus 12-15% of a years rent for the broker. Isn't NYC fun 🙂