What is Flipkart's business model? Do they maintain inventory or do they get from supplies upon orders?

Flipkart used to work on the inventory model once upon a time when the government of India had no interest in the functioning of Indian e-commerce and Flipkart was growing at a break neck speed. Then suddenly they woke up in 2014 and released a circular stating that FDI is not allowed in B2C(Business to Consumer) ecommerce business though it is allowed in B2B(business to business). By this time Flipkart had already raised huge investments from the foreign investors which suggests that Flipkart was about to fall in the mesh of Indian bureaucracy. So, to save itself Flipkart changed itself from B2C(online retailer) to B2B.

How it did that?
To align with the policy of Enforcement directorate Flipkart adopted marketplace model. In a marketplace model, any vendor wishing to sell its product online can do so after registering with the e-commerce portal. The e-commerce portal doesn’t hold any immediate inventory rather it relies on the decentralized vendors for supply. So earlier when you ordered book from Flipkart you were actually buying from it now it’s another way round. Now if you order anything you are actually buying it from a vendor who is registered with Flipkart and located at some part of India. In the entire process Flipkart just plays the role of intermediary i.e. they virtually they converted themselves from a shopping store to shopping mall which is a B2B model and which saved them from the wrath of Enforcement Directorate. See how easily our laws can be manipulated to save crores of rupees.

What happened to its own inventory?
We all know it by the name of WS Retail and surprisingly it is also registered as seller on Flipkart.

How has Plato changed your life?

1. Reading Plato's Symposium in high school, I realized that I was taking literature too seriously. From the first discussion of how the crowd of elevated minds assembled are a bit too hung over to party that hard again and would rather water down the line and talk about love to the closing scene with Alcibiades wandering in drunk off his ass and hitting on Socrates, I was dumbfounded that so much philosophy that has stuck in popular culture could come from such an irreverant source. That realization was one of the reasons I continued to pursue it even as I worked on my CS degree and had so much fun doing it. Talking about literature becomes a lot more fun when you realize that the authors weren't taking themselves totally seriously, either, and that even the elevated stuff often boils down to sex, drinking, and miscommunication.

2. Plato's Republic in combination with Aristotle's Poetics gives you basically everything you need to know to understand Western literary movements between then and now. Seeing those dots connect was a huge gamechanger in how I thought about literature; it turns out that the Romantics look a lot different from how they did in high school when suddenly they're engaging in a milleniums-old argument about what poets contribute and what makes worthy poetry. Even Derrida is still largely ultimately talking about Plato. Crazy.

3. The Crito and Phaedo taught me a lot about logical argumentation that has helped both in understanding later philosophy and logic and in modern conversational style and lecture. Socrates is the best at debating and teaching. Kim-Giám's answer points to a lot of how that works.

How does one try to get one's sexual needs better met in a relationship without engaging in behavior that could be construed as harassment or abuse?

For some reason, you've ruled out the best answer to your question. You wrote:

"Also,  if you try to have a conversation and say 'I would like to have sex  more, because I feel unsatisfied' then you might get accused of treating  the person like a sex toy who should have sex with you whenever you  want, without regard to their feelings."

The response you imagine is pretty dramatic. For such a response to occur, either the request is being made very, very badly, or the person responding is reacting to something else, like past history, bad assumptions, insecurity, or a desire to manipulate.

Bring up the issue respectfully and maturely. If your partner is respectful and mature, the conversation should go okay. Mind you, that doesn't mean you find a solution that works for both of you. Sometimes, there is no compromise that makes both parties happy because their needs are just too different. But there's no reason for it to turn into a fight.

I am entering my final year in engineering(ECE) from a private engineering college. I absolutely have no idea on what to do with my future, as I have totally lost interest in Engineering. What should I do?

First of all don't be frustrated many people find themselves in such positions, you need to actively find your alternate interests and research about the career opportunities in those fields.
The few options are:-
1. Since you have mentioned you have "no interest" in this domain the option of M.Tech/ MS  is completely ruled out.
2. Next option with you is see if you have some inclination towards management studies . Prepare for CAT/XAT and do MBA. (This is an easy way out)
3. If you like software development; work in this domain to strengthen skills , prepare for interviews get a decent paying job. Enjoy 🙂
4. Try to do some non -technical internships mostly in marketing /business development/ Content development . If this interests you try to look for a full time opportunity.
5. Have some innovative ideas and friends who can code START UP!!
It will be an interesting journey with your own rules.

Microeconomics: Under what conditions does quantity demanded increase when prices are increased?

This is something called a Giffen good, which is a specific type of inferior good. There has never been a empirically documented example of a Giffen good, but theoretically, here's an example of how it would work:

Imagine you are very poor, maybe a migrant worker in China. Most of your money is spent on food and housing. Let's say you spend 50% of your income feeding yourself.

Of that 50%, you are spending 60% buying rice and the remaining 40% buying meat. On a per dollar basis, rice provides more calories than meat, but meat tastes better.

You are quite poor, so you are just barely meeting your caloric needs. Now let's say that the price of rice has increased. Per dollar, rice still provides more calories than meat. If you shifted your consumption to more meat and less rice, as one would with two normal goods when the price goes up, you would no longer have enough food to survive. So instead, you must purchase more rice instead of less. You are taking from your meat budget and moving it to rice in order to survive.

So in short, because the price of rice went up, you were forced to buy more of it. Also note that if your wage increases, you will buy less rice, since you can now afford more meat. Thus, rice is an inferior good.

Again, this is all theoretical. There has never been an empircally documented case of a Giffen good. Some thought that potatos were an example during the Irish Potato Famine, but further research didn't bear this out.

What happens when a wife is older than a husband?

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

If you are in love with each other, you can adjust and live happily; then this will never create an issue. If you both are matured enough to make your relation successful then her age is not a big deal. Forget about what society says, what rules (LOL) they have made and blindly we follow them saying it the way we have to behave as everyone else does.
We can see successful copules having same age, or the age difference vice versa (wife > hsuband or hsuband > wife).

But, you need to check if you have more age difference then will you be fighting due to differences in opinions. It may happen we have conflicts with our older brothers, sisters or even mom dad (hope she is not that old) as they have some different opinion or outdated one. It shouldn’t be a case in your relation then I can’t see any other issue here.

Age is j