What does heat mean when I rent an apartment?

This depends upon the building. When I moved to MN from the southwest, I assumed this would be good (heat included). I found that the building gets quite warm since it is heated w/a big boiler. Having a basement apartment, this isn't important to me but the tenants on the third floor have to keep their windows open quite often. One tenant can't even have fish because this means that the unit has wide temp sweeps. She is from Florida so if anyone would need the extra heat, it would be her.

You might want to ask the other tenants how it works out, if you are able.

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  1. When English is not your native language, sometimes our shorthand way of speaking can be confusing.

    If this is a small apartment building the landlord might have said “I provide (or I pay for) heat and hot water”. Then, yes, heating to keep the apartment warm, and hot water because he has a central boiler that provides the hot water to the apartments.

    Try to clarify it with the landlord. Most of our buildings had individual electric hot water heaters in each apartment, but we supplied the heat. Some apartments had electric heat as well as electric hot water heaters, and the tenant paid the electricity for both heat and hot water. Our largest building we provided both heat and hot water to the individual apartments.

    Therefore, I suggest you talk to the landlord to be absolutely clear on what your expenses will be.

  2. “Heat” in a rent contract means that your apartment will be nice and warm , and you will not freeze in your home during the cold days of late fall and winter.

    It can be very expensive to warm or heat an apartmen. But the landlord will pay that expense…that means you do not pay to have your apartment warmed during winter.

    Both gas and electricity are needed to warm or heat your home. Both cost money. This money is paid by the landlord. You do not have to pay extra to keep your home warm, the landlord pays, that is what it means to be included in the rent.

    However, if you want to have lights in your home, and TV, that electric bill is NOT included in rent, that one you need to pay yourself in addition to the rent.

    For example, in my small 2 room apartment, during hot summer days, the air conditioning is going on constantly and the electric bill can be as high as $288 dollars in one month. I pay that money, not the landlord, or, AC not included in rent…Bu heat, is

  3. That is a rather odd way for the landlord to tell you what utilities are included in the rent.  I would suspect that the entire building is served by a common water and gas service with no way to determine individual unit consumption which is why he is paying for these services.  Individual units however are customarily metered separately for electricity, giving the utility company the option of shutting off service for non payment.  He is most likely referring to the heat to warm the apartment during cold weather.

  4. Heat is a system to keep your apartment warm during winter. It usually uses gas so the landlord is referring to the gas cost, which he will pay on your behalf.

  5. The heating system is probably gas so he is saying he pays for that. If the heating system was electric it would be part of your electric bill and you'd pay for it.

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