What is the best online games site?

In terms of Best Online games sites, it depends on what kind of content are you looking out for. Is it Casual Flash games that you are looking out for? or is browser based RPG's or are you looking for specialized content?

In my opinion below are some of the best sites in terms of Casual Online Games, in no particular order.
Some really nice addictive flash games in the genres of Romance, Car, Cricket, etc. They also have a different type of content called Naughty/Funny games which are not available anywhere else on the web.

Some of the best collection of games suitable for adults and kids. Quick, casual and snacky games.

Miniclip does not need any introduction or explanation in terms of content. They are king and the first movers in the online flash games business.

-Girlsgogames.com, agame.com, etc. (Spil Group)
The masters of SEO, these sites have some of the best games categorized into different genres according to their sites. A huge collection of sites around the globe featuring games specifically for that region.

Some of the best collection of boys & puzzle games you will ever see.

-Kongregate.com (recently acquired by GameStop)
The best platform to see new games by talented developers because of their developer awards program.

Some of the best Parking, Shooting & Cricket games you can find on the internet.

The kings of online browser based MMORPG's

I think you'll be mesmerized and spend enough time playing games on these portals so I wont mention anymore.

I head the Indian Business Alliances Segment & also lead the analytics part for Games2Win a Top20 Online Casual Games company so maybe the answer could look biased.

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  2. There is my top 5 online games sites list based on content and safe for kids:

    1. KBH Games
    2. Paco Games
    3. Friv Games
    4. Silver Games
    5. Crazy Games

    This sites are much better than old famous Addicting Games, Armor Games, Kongregate Games because they updated regularly with new games and more loyal to users.

  3. A number of gaming platforms are available that provides modern gamer an opportunity to play their favorite games online. Each site offers a specific list of games to play. You can choose to play any game from the list as per your interest.

    If I talk about my interest in games, online rummy games are on the top of the list. The skills, strategy and amazing cash prizes involve in this game make it more interesting. It’s an amazing experience to play your favorite card games online with lakhs of players all across India.

    There are a number of online rummy websites where you can play rummy online and other variation of Indian rummy games to earn real cash money. But I mostly play Indian rummy games at Rummy Passion, India’s most loved online rummy site.

    My reasons to choose this online rummy site:

    • It gives me an exciting time to play rummy games online with a user friendly interface, high-quality graphics and smooth game play.
    • One of the foremost reason why I opt for this online rummy site is that it standout in terms of credibility, trustworthiness, fair play and vibrant gaming experience.
    • Multilingual customer support is the most favorable aspect for players.
    • Multiple banking/payment options, that are quick, simple and completely secure.
    • Offer lucrative bonuses and promotions.
    • Offer a reward scheme named as Passion Rewards Club, in which you can earn loyalty points for playing cash rummy games at Rummy Passion and these points can be redeemed for exciting prizes. Isn’t it amazing?

    I also mention some of the sites where you can play casual online games like puzzles, shooting games etc.


    2. Kongregate

    I hope you'll be mesmerized and enjoy your time while playing games on these portals.

  4. According to my experience, most of us don’t prefer to download games and install them on PC because downloading games for PC from the unauthorised website might include some malicious software and in the result PC performance will go down effectively. So in such condition, playing online games by visiting popular online gaming websites is the most appropriate way.

    There are countless of Free Online Gaming Sites available on the web that allows you to play online games for free without registration and any distractions. Some most popular and best online games sites are:

    • Kongregate  
    • MiniClip
    • Addicting Games
    • Armor Games
    • Newgrounds
    • Crazy Monkey Games
    • PopCap
    • Yahoo Games
    • Bgames

    If you want to grab some more best Free Online Game Sites to play online games for free then See the List of Top 50 Online Gaming Sites to Play Online Games for Free ↓

  5. There are many online games that could compete for the most coveted tag called as Best Online game by you. Online Card games are not missing that mark by a long shot. Though they are not adventurous with 3d enhancements and ultra graphics as you see with other action games, they do not miss the bus on entertainment and a value for money. Card games like Rummy, Poker have been making steady inroads into Indian Market. Emergence of online sites like Deccan Rummy are some of the manifestation of this card game culture. Let me list some of the advantages of playing online card games

    1. Card games provide us an ultimate opportunity to win real cash
    2. Easy to learn and Play
    3. Free to play, just pick a rummy site and register for free
    4. No download required,
    5. Can be equally gripping like real card games saving the burden of having other accouterments
    6. Plenty of offers and Promotions
    7. Chance to play with talented players all over India
    8. Tournaments conducted at regular intervals
    9. Can be played in smartphones, laptops, Tablets … These are some of the advantages of choosing card games over other games that has been mentioned here.
  6. There are so many good sites for online gaming that I couldn't be partial by pointing out only one. Here is the list

    Kongregate – Kongregate: Play free games online
    Armor Games – Play Free Games Online at Armor Games
    Addicting Games – Free Online Games at Addicting Games!
    Newgrounds – Newgrounds.com – Everything, by Everyone
    PopCap – PopCap Games – Home of the World's Best Free Online Games
    Crazy Monkey Games – Free Internet Games @ CrazyMonkeyGames.com
    MiniClip – Games at Miniclip.com – Play Free Online Games
    Foreseegame – Play Online Prediction Games and Win Cash & Discount coupons on foreseegame.com
    Free Online Games – Free Online Games (FOG.COM)
    Yahoo Games – Yahoo Games – Play Free Online Games

  7. There are various games available on the online sites. You can also prefer many online platforms for playing different games. Most of the people choose that platform which provides you different games and that also in one place. According to me one of the best online platforms is Slither.io games. Here you may get many games which are different from other games.

    If you want to play different games than it would be the perfect choice for you. Some of the games this online platform provides you as like Merger thirteen, Jump up, Starbound, Hyper gunner, and many more games are there which you acn play. You will get this online game platforms easily by searching in the search engines.

  8. Online games are the best sources of entertainment. Due to easy control ,graphics and advancement in technology it became more popular in the world. It needed internet connection to play online game. Any one can play online game from any part of the world.

    The best online game sites are as follow –

    1. Pogo
    2. Miniclip
    3. Addicting Game
    4. Kongregate
    5. Armor Games
    6. PCH Game
    7. Fog
    8. Big Fish Game
    9. Shockwave

    I choose the site Rainbow Riches to play the online game. Because it give better platform for entertainment. In this there are lot of online game to play.

  9. Split Second : Velocity is a nice multi-player game which can be played a million times. The best thing about Split Second is that its not like a conventional racing game  and you would never get bored out of it. Check this out:

    and this :

  10. Taking a break in your day to play some free internet game is an incredible approach to simply take a period out from the world for a short time. These free web based recreations can unwind you, get your mind working, or just basically allow you to have a ton of fun and enjoy a reprieve from the everyday.

    but there are many types of online games are available. My favourite one is io games Which i used to play in my free time to keep my mind cool. you can play io games in “Gazpo.com” it is best site to play this type of game.

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    If you are looking for fun games to play while bored then GameTab : Flash Games For Chrome extension is for you. Just click the extension and play a random fun flash game. It has a large collection of games and new games are added frequently.

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    Have fun 😉

  12. There are number of online games sites are available. Some most popular and best online gaming sites are:

    • Games at Addicting Games
    • Play Best Free Games Online, New Game – Zapak
    • Kongregate: Play free games online
    • Play Free Online Games
    • Professional MMO Game Services by Mogs
    • Games at Miniclip.com – Play Free Online Games
    • Big Fish Games

    • There are several websites available on Internet where you can play games online. I use to play solitaire daily in my free time and like the new version of it.

      There are many solitaire games available as like spider solitaire, Free cell solitaire, Klondike solitaire,games,etc.

      In solitaire, you have to deal with cards, numbers and you also have to apply new or different strategies to play this game in a better way. This a very interesting game you can play it offline also.

    • Online game is a video game hat is either partially or primarily played through the Internet or any other computer network available. Online game buzzer are ubiquitous on modern gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobile devices, and span many genres, including first person shooters, strategy games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

    • Some of the best games to play online are:

      Coaster Racer 3
      Formula Racer 2012
      Bob the Robber 2
      Graffiti Time
      Wonder Rocket
      Stuck Bird 2
      Drift Runners 3D

      and… many more.
      These are very interesting games, I have played all these games. Most importantly, all are freely available online. So you should try these games in your spare time.

      • Entertainment is the way to be  stress free and relaxed . Online gaming became so popular in recent  year because it is easy to have fun and learn new skills.
      • I have recently come to a website i.e., silkrummy. com  which looks very genuine and it really provides you good money.
      • Online games help you to get a real time experience.
      • The best sites which I use to play are
      • poker,
      • Rummy Online
      • grand theft auto
      • 2048
      • solitaireetc..,
    • There are countless free online gaming website and everyday new websites are launched.
      Here's are some sites =
      1. EvoGames Live: http://www.evogame.gq/
      2. Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/
      3. Miniclip: http://www.miniclip.com/
      4. Games: http://www.games.com/
      5. Yahoo Games: http://games.yahoo.com/
      6. IPlay: http://www.iplay.com
      7. AGame: http://www.agame.com/
      And Counting….

      These 7 website are the most popular gaming websites available on the web. For more such gaming websites chech out EvoGames Blog. It contains a list of all gaming websites.

    • My favourite online game website is Play Top Games

      They offer a great selection of educational games for kids, and also awsome story games for adults like Governor Of Poker 3 .

      They also have the games in all languages like italian, german or french. And they are all mobile friendly.

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